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Re: Resident Evil Mafia: Game Thread

Day 7.

After a few poor mislynches the town decided to trust the late Steven Lawls and go after RUSH, despite him claiming Chris Redfield. Would this be a smart move for the town. As they hung Rush and prepared to throw him to the undead hoard they checked to see who he really was. Rush was:

Spoiler for RUSH:

Congratulations, you are Chris Redfield, the neighbouriser. You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated.
A focal point in the RE series, Chris heads into this outbreak with a host of experience. However you seem to have lost your sister, Claire and you must find her. Every night you can PM me a name and while you're looking for her you cannot be killed. Once you find her you get a little perk.*

Good Luck

*Would've got a choice of Kill/Cop

Turns out the town struck out again

Spoiler for Split:

Congratulations! You are Albert Wesker, Ninja and Umbrella aligned. You win when all threats to the Mafia have been eliminated.
Power-hungry, knowledgeable and infinitely cunning, Albert Wesker was a man who sought power and domination over the entire human race, all for his own gain. Wesker went as far as injecting himself with the dangerous T Virus to gain incredible strength and speed for himself. Thanks to this you are able to move incredibly and if you perform any night actions (such as a kill) then any trackers or watchers will not be able to see you that night.

However you also have another role, unbeknownst to your scum buddies. You are a Usurper and your win condition is only fulfilled if the godfather dies as well as all other threats. When he dies you become fully immune to all night kills and will appear innocent upon all investigation. You will also gain one kill that will bypass any and all protective roles.

Good Luck

Night, roles.

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