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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Opening up with Christian is an extremely smart choice. In my opinion, his angle is where the money is at in this thread, at the moment. He hasn’t been around for a couple of weeks now due to his suspension, but the change in his personality has just been so good. I really hope you hit hard with this promo, as it’s basically the first time we can hear just what is inside his head. By the way, props on Christian’s entrance. A lot of people always just have the basic “walks through the curtain, steps into the ring”, but the extra bit of detail was perfect for the character Christian is playing. Wow. Promo really started off with a bang, with the whole bash in other wrestler’s skulls. That was brilliant, straight away just making Christian seem like more of a sadistic/mentally unstable guy. The white coats comment falls into this as well. Flowed along well, and I enjoy the whole ‘bigger picture’, and how Christian had to stop Lashley. Again, very intriguing, although there was a little part where Christian had a mini dig at the fans, saying “not that you care about me” or something along those lines, it simply wasn’t needed. You’ve got this twisted, demented, obsessed, focused, insert other adjectives as you see fit, and you had him take a moment to address the fans. It was just a little statement but it took away from the intensity of the promo, which is what is making the whole thing gold so far. In all honesty, I didn’t really dig Melvis’ moon thing in his promo, so after reading his feedback, I was a little doubtful but I enjoyed it here. It just fits with Christian’s whole routine really well. Christian finally gets to the point, ready to speak of his discovery… and he gets interrupted. Brilliant. As a fan, I kind of wanted to know, but as a booker, this is the smart way to go. Again, I loved the description of Christian as a rabid dog; IMO he’s standing has gone up in this thread even more after this. Heyman (rather heelish) sets up Christian for Lashley, and B Lash announces an I Quit match. That one is going to be enormous. After this segment, it actually looks lijke Christian knows what he’s talking about. You’ve done well, you’ve built a great angle, and this promo delivered in spades in building interest, and advancing the angle ever so slightly. Besides the one little dig at the fans I didn’t enjoy from Christian, this was a BEAUTIFUL way to start the show.

As I mentioned in the preview, Helms/Mysterio is actually a match I’m really excited for. The beginning of Helms trying to get at Mysterio as soon as possible makes perfect sense, although I think he got Rey down and began working on the leg a little to abruptly. The match had only been going for like less than a minute. That aside, it’s obviously the right thing for Helms to go for Rey’s bad knee. The tease of the 619, leading to more damage to Rey’s knee was written well to. All the action on the outside flowed pretty smoothly, with the Sunset Flip Powerbomb being a nice spot to end the sequence. I enjoyed the 619 but Mysterio being unable to capitalize. You’re really milking the injured knee, which again, is a good thing. The rest of the match flowed along pretty well, and this is actually a fairly good win for Helms. It was a solid enough match to, nothing to complain about. The attack afterward was nice, brining out Danielson, which just adds more tension to their feud. Well booked segment.

A decent enough interview from The Samoan Fight Club. at the name, by the way. Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of two bad Samoan guys who just love to fight, but it’s just so gimmicky. Also, the whole “first rule of …” was classic. It seemed a little awkward in the middle though, when Siaki mentioned not minding if they lose, then a few sentences later, he goes on about how they are there to compete. It made sense, but it just didn’t flow very well. Reading it I had to take a double take to make sure it made sense. But yeah, don’t make these guys to gimmicky; otherwise it’ll ruin an opportunity to build some mystique after last week’s debut.

The bickering between the two teams was alright early, although Haas’ bit was a little dodgy. Constantly asking what’s that supposed to mean was just annoying. Ugh, really bland stuff from Haas. With that being said, I guess it adds some tension between the two teams. Foley and Heyman’s animosity towards each other was on display well, and tbh, the matches announced for tag Halloween all have the potential to steal the show, especially Jericho and RVD/WGTT. Doane and Masters wanting to make an impact was a little random, also thought they should have at least been addressed, instead of Foley just brushing them off. It makes them seem like more of a joke, than the future of wrestling. I am intrigued to see what sort of plan The Mercenaries have for them though. In all honesty, whilst booking wise it was good, I wasn’t really a fan of this segment. It really seemed to drag.

at Joey Styles being cocky to JBL. Good stuff.

The attack on Hooligans and Low Jack was nice, making an impact and what not I guess. A little sudden for this to happen straight after the backstage segment, but I have no real issue with it. Now maybe Low Jack can feud with Doane and Masters, whilst Hooliganz now have something with both teams in the title scene. Smart stuff again.

Not going to really bother to mention what Hassan said, because it was just basic introducing the challenge stuff. Although the constant mentioning of CM Punk every time Hassan opens his mouth is smart. I marked a little for Lance Storm accepting the challenge; I’m actually a fan of his. He’ll be getting jobbed out, but at least the match will be smooth. Storm mentioning Punk to Hassan was alright, being the veteran of the locker room and what not. I was really surprised to see Storm got so much offense, and a little disappointed to see Hassan look so weak. Not the smartest way to go about things, considering Hassan is clearly the more high profile star. I also like the added element of Hassan being distracted by the Punk chants. Anyway, decent enough match for the crappy amount of time it got, but I feel as if Hassan was a little hard done by in the match, to be honest.

The Miz continues to bag Torrie Wilson, but at how he just got carried off screen. Not much to say about Sons of the Dungeon interview. Nothing special, but I guess it did the job of hyping tag team division and their match next week.

Nice commentary hype for Oblivion going to 90 minutes, and PPV was hyped a little as well. Having a video package just adds to how important it is.

A quick comment that I realized when reading that commentary to, no mention of Joe or Finlay is a crime. I understand they both aren’t here due to almost killing each other, and that’s fine, but the commentators should have at least discussed the match in detail or something. It was probably the best match in the small company’s history so far, AOW’s version of Foley/Taker HIAC, yet there’s barely a mention. I really feel like you messed up a little with this.

Red velvet for a contract signing, a little extreme, but I like the idea of it being made a big deal. Heyman’s introduction for both was alright, although saying Canadia is just cringe worthy. It set up Jericho’s first line, which is obviously a take off from that night in WWE, think it was Survivor Series when Jericho yelled out to the fan. Honestly though, it was a pretty bad attempt at a joke, and it’s just not needed. This is a serious, heated situation, there’s no need for those sorts of pointless antics here. Besides that, Jericho’s speech was okay in the beginning, but I didn’t like how all his attention was on the management and the company numbers. I understand it’s a huge part of his character, but he’s here for a contract signing, how about he actually mentions RVD a little? I never thought I’d say this, but once Foley, Heyman, and Jericho stopped, and RVD of all people began speaking, the segment picked up. His “I mean business” approach is what was needed, because I wasn’t feeling anything that happened before it. RVD’s rather laid back and you portrayed that well, although there was a party where he said “pardon me”. No sarcasm or anything was mentioned, so umm yeah; just don’t have RVD say pardon again. It’s almost too formal for his laid back character. Jericho’s cracks at ECW and RVD were nice, although again, I feel Jericho’s giving to much attention to management. Heyman obviously got pissed off, so the threat of stripping Jericho of the title was a nice touch. Jericho’s bit, whilst again I don’t think is the right situation, but he’s bit about the bad decisions and what not was pretty good. RVD’s outburst was once again probably the strongest part of the segment so far. Yuck at Jericho calling Robert, and even worst when Foley called Jericho Christopher. Clever to have Foley give RVD the opportunity to choose the match stipulation, really turning the odds against Jericho. Shawn Michaels as special ref just adds to the explosiveness of this match, considering he doesn’t like both of them. Definitely a nice twist to end the segment. Honestly though, everybody seems to have loved this segment, whereas I didn’t like how Jericho constantly ignored Van Dam and spoke to the management. Not enough heated dialogue between the two, and it made the main event of the first ever PPV get over shadowed by Jericho’s hate of Heyman and Foley. So yeah, segment was still okay, but I thought there a few faults, and unlike others, I think Christian’s promo was easily segment of the night.

Overall, a pretty good show. A few things here and there that I didn’t like, but from a booking standpoint not much was wrong, except Hassan barely hitting a move on Storm. Christian’s promo was epic and I still believe he’s the most entertaining thing in this thread, at the moment. Contract signing was okay, but just felt there were a lot of issues. The in ring action was alright, and I know it’s only an hour show, but I have to mention that only two matches for a wrestling show isn’t that great. Despite the issues, you’ve probably got the most unpredictable/entertaining storylines going, at the moment, so keep it up. You’re still giving everybody a good read.

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