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Re: Resident Evil Mafia: Game Thread

Night 6.

Drunk on power after taking over from Spencer, Wesker felt stronger than ever tonight and decided he'd channel all his power into eliminating one of the biggest thorns in his side. He decided to seek out IMPULSE and charged at him with all his might, punching a hole straight through him before breaking off his head. However when he looked at the head of his target, he was shocked to see that it was actually, StraightEdged. StraightEdged was:

Spoiler for SE:

Congratulations! You are Luis Sera, the Watcher. You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated.
An ally met by Leon Kennedy during the Las Plagas outbreak, Luis at first claims to be a cop but in actuality is a scientist who worked for Osmund Saddler. Thanks to your experience in biochemistry, you're good at making observations and you can PM me a name each night of who you would like to watch. I'll then tell you who visited them that night.
Good Luck

Enraged by this Wesker decided he wanted more this night and went after Postage again. However as he attacked Postage seemed to sense the danger and ducked before kicking Wesker in the nuts and running.

Meanwhile, the Mercenary leader was out looking for blood, knowing his reward for clearing the town was still there. His target tonight was Hiplop, who was seemingly too occupied fighting off zombie Lawls to hear the a gun fire and a bullet fly through his heart. Lawls then jumped upon Hiplop and began to devour him. Hiplop was seen amongst the walking dead the next day, and he was:
Spoiler for HIPHOP:

Congratulations! You are Billy Coen, the Miller. You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated.
Billy Coen was a former US Marine Corps Lieutenant-turned death-row inmate that escaped into the Arklay Mountains, meeting up with Rebecca Chambers and working together to stay alive. However your reputation as a death row inmate hangs over you and if you are investigated then you will appear mafia aligned.
Good Luck

Finally HUNK was out for blood again, pleased at himself for avoiding detection for so long. Tonight he had King Kenny in his sights and decided to go for a more personal approach. However as he crept up, planning on breaking Kenny's neck he found himself tackled to the floor by somebody. As the two rolled along the floor a gunshot rang out and HUNK stood up, his foe dead. He was Rawlin and he was:

Spoiler for Rawlin:

Congratulations! You are Barry Burton, the elite bodyguard. You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated.
A member of STARS Alpha team and an all around nice guy, Barry Burton is good at popping up at the right time and as such you are capable of protecting anyone targeted for a kill at night. If your target is indeed chosen then you will kill the person attempting to kill them. Sadly you will make the ultimate sacrifice in doing this though and will die yourself. If the person you choose to protect is Jill Valentine though, the first time you save her you will protect her and kill her assailant, but keep your life. Any attempts to save her after this will result in your death as if she was any other player however.
Good luck

As HUNK rose to his feet however, he noticed the bullet fired hadn't been his, but it had been fired by Rawlin. Dumbfounded at being defeated, HUNK chose to shoot himself in the skull rather than become one of the the undead hoard. When he was discovered the next day the town found that HUNK was really scrilla:

Spoiler for scrilla:

Congratulations! You are HUNK, the Serial Killer. You win when you are the last man standing.
Once an Umbrella Security Service commando, who was the leader of the ill-fated Alpha Team in the employment of Umbrella. Cold, silent, and devoid of emotion, you are a ruthless operative. You have decided you don't care who you have to kill to get away from this outbreak alive, so long as you are still breathing at the end that is all that matters. Each night you may PM me a name of somebody you wish to kill.

Good Luck

So a mixed night for the town then, with three of their own down but the threat of HUNK finally eliminated. Will the day bring even more good news or not?

Day 7.

8 alive, 5 to lynch

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