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Re: Resident Evil Mafia: Game Thread

Night 5.

Following the death of the Vig the town went into this night with low expectations and fearing for their lives. One of the people fearing for their life was IMPULSE, who again found himself in the mafia's sights. However as Wesker approached him and went to attack he found his targets again switched, before his new target found himself protected from death. Muttering to himself, Wesker left disappointed yet again.

Meanwhile BkB Hulk was out and about, still feeling sore from being unexpectedly attacked the other night. Little did he know however that both HUNK and a Mercenary were after him. First he found himself shot in the kneecaps, before a knife was thrown in his back, leaving Hulk to bleed out. BkB Hulk was:
Spoiler for Bulk:

Congratulations! You are Ozwell E Spencer, Godfather and Umbrella aligned. You win when all threats to your mafia have been eliminated.
Lord Ozwell E. Spencer was the president of Umbrella, a major bio-weapons manufacturer hiding behind a medicinal fašade. A man of great wealth and power, he was of British nobility. He has a vision to remake the world and lead it into a new era, as the world's current state was less than ideal to Spencer. To help achieve your goal you may choose a member of your mafia to perform a kill each night. You also aren't viewed as a threat under investigation and will come up as town when reviewed. Finally you are immune to lynching and dying at night, however because of your frail state you are only immune to one attempt of each.

Good Luck

Spencer it seems wasn't dead yet though, as his body was discovered by Wesker. Overjoyed that he could be saved by one of his most faithful servants, this joy soon turned to fear as Wesker picked up Spencer and ripped out his spine. Now Wesker seems more powerful and dangerous than ever, how do the town plan to cope?

Day 6.

13 alive makes 7 for a lynch

The Split is 9/2/1/1

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