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Re: Resident Evil Mafia: Game Thread

Night 4

After being discovered during the day, the Mercenaries plotted revenge this night, with one of their finest Veterans setting off to do the kill. TheLadderMatch was out and about, ever vigilante for zombies and not taking heed of the man behind him. This proved to be fatal as a knife the size of an arm swiftly removed his head before his corpse was burnt. TheLadderMatch was:

Spoiler for TLM:

Congratulations! You are Joseph Frost, the Cleanser. You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated.
Joseph Frost was a member of STARS, and a EX navy SEAL and Gulf War veteran. Becuase of your decorated history you have a pretty good knowlege of dealing with the enemy and as such you are a cleanser. This means every night you can target someone and they will be protected from any mafia role they may be targeted with. However this role will not stop any mafia kills on your target.
Good Luck

Meanwhile, the mafia were happy to have survived a day without another loss to their ranks, so they sent Wesker out, hoping to finally get a kill this night. His target was WordsWordsWords it seems, who stood no chance as Wesker rushed him, punching a hole through his chest at the exact same moment HUNK sent a bullet into WordsWordsWords' skull. With no doubt whatsoever that Words was dead, both parties left satisfied, while the town discovered the next day that Wx3 was:
Spoiler for Words:

Congratulations! You are Sheva Alomar, the investigator. You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated.
A member of BSAA and partner to Chris Redfield in the uroboros saga, Sheva is quite adept at reading a situation and judging people. Thanks to this you can PM me a name at night and I will tell you the alignment of your target.
Good Luck

Alcoholic was out minding his own business around Racoon City this night too, with his near death experience only a few nights prior still fresh on his mind. However it seems that it did him no favours, as he promptly had his head caved in by a sniper bullet. Alcoholic slumped to the floor lifeless, was he to be yet another town casualty on this poor night? Alcoholic was:
Spoiler for Alco:

Congratulations! You are Jack Krauser, JOAT and Mercenary aligned. You win when all threats to your team have been eliminated.
A former special agent with Leon Kennedy and Umbrella officer under Albert Wesker, Krauser is experienced working for both sides, but now he is only out for himself and has joined a team of mercenaries working to take over this town. To help with this you are a "Jack" (get it) of all trades and have four one-shot abilities you can use at night. They are:

Good Luck

A good night for the mafia then, with some long overdue good fortune coming their way after some poor previous attempts. However can the town keep up their track record of hitting scum during the day?

Day 5.

15 (i think) alive, so that's 8 for a lynch. Go crazy

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