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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Oblivion Feedback

Starting things off with Christian was a decent call as I think everybody wants to see what route you go with him from now. Very strange, yet captivating stuff from Captain Charisma. A Nexus bigger picture storyline eh, let’s hope you actually reveal it lol. Christian was very well written here, this man on the moon schtick we saw a couple of weeks back , now continuing on is something new and refreshing. Was certainly hoping for that reveal but wasn’t stunned to see Heyman come out and stop things. This now definitely makes me think there is something big here, I thought it may just have been Christian going off the rails but now this has me very interested. Didn’t like the Lashley thing at all if I’m being honest, kinda ruined things somewhat. Lashley arrives but then instead of going on a complete rampage, which I expected after what Christian did to him, he takes him down then just grabs a mic? Didn’t really work for me. The way he spoke on the mic after was a bit awkward also, although Lashley is awkward on the mic in general. I quit match should be a heck of a contest and I really can’t see which way you go with it, hopefully the bigger picture come to light then.

Helms/Mysterio was as good as I expected it to be. Your match writing never lets you down and there was some nice action throughout here, particularly from Helms with the mid-air drop kick, the turnbuckle power bomb and the Shining Wizard seemed brutal too. Right call in having Helms win. Aftermath was nice also as Helms probably puts Mysterio on the shelf now for some time and Danielson finally getting him a piece of Helms, albeit Helms managed to escape with the title still was a smart move.

Really liked the Samoan Fight Club promo. I thought it was great the way you had two such contrasting characters in there with Siaki the calming figure and Manu, almost ravenous it felt. Your tag division is certainly picking up in a huge way as of late.

WGTT and Mercenaries segment felt a little lacking up until the announcements in my opinion. It was just like school kids bickering in the teacher’s office, along with the teachers bickering lol. WGTT vs. Jericho and Van Dam next week should be a beauty and I think we may see an addition to the tag title match at World Ablaze with one of the other contenders forcing their way in.

Maybe not! Great stuff from the Mercenaries along with Doane and Masters here. They most certainly made an impact with that and the tag team Halloween special next week is really taking shape. Can certainly see these teams all going at it next week in some way, shape or form.

Good win for Hassan here as expected. There aren’t too many guys who you can feed to Hassan though in under 5 mins without making them look a little, tiny bit weak so not sure how long this continues before Punk either wins the challenge or costs Hassan against someone else.

Nice short and sweet stuff from Sons of Dungeon. Rematch with American Made next week should be a good one.

Contract signing time, should be a gooden. Loved the Jericho line to Heyman about him being from Canada haha. Really strong stuff from Jericho, loved how he will not defend it against somebody unworthy, was a nice play on his character. Him threatening to reveal financial aspects was great, the looks on Foley and Heyman’s face I can clearly imagine. I was pleasantly surprised by Van Dam here, must say. I know he’s tough to write but I thought you did a good job with him and the whole wanting to fight, to wrestle rather than talk about who’s worthy. Top stuff from Jericho continuing on with the whole business and failure stuff, really captures you with that kinda talk. RVD=AOW, nice take on it from Van Dam. Haha loved Foley pulling one over on Jericho there, stipulation choice should be nice. Wow, Michaels as special guest referee just adds even more to this thing come World Ablaze now and with the stipulation still to come, it’s gone up a huge notch here tonight. Great segment.

Overall it wasn’t one of your best shows BUT the closing segment had me hooked and was thoroughly enjoyable. Jericho was absolutely on the money and this feud with Van Dam is really building steam. Michaels now inserted could be seen as a hindrance but I think it just boosts it as he has been involved from the get go. Tag division is still getting better, week after week with so many possibilities available to you. No major complaints on the whole and you continue to excite with each and every show, good stuff.
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