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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Man, have I been waiting for this post! Let's dive right in!

A big part of why I couldn't wait was for Christian! Having him come out wearing the exact same thing as he wore last time was a nice touch, and having him look like hell really does paint the image that he's completely retreated into his own mind. That said, I have very mixed feelings about this. First off, I did love the fact that Christian was so difficult to understand, that he spoke in riddles that only he could possibly understand. Given how you're building him, it's perfect. Now, I understand why you did this, it was the right decision, but I HATE the fact that Christian was cut off by Paul-E before he could explain what's going on in his head in more clear terms. It makes you want to hear more, which keeps people reading, but that's it, I WANT TO KNOW!!! Now, how the segment ended, that's where my beef is with this. Having Paul basically set up Christian seems kind of... I don't know, it didn't feel right. Unless Heyman is turning heel, it leaves a sour taste in my mouth, because he's suppose to be a (for the most part) neutral owner, so having this set up... it didn't feel right. I'm looking forward to Lashley-Cage though, that's going to be great, but I feel like the Lashley Run-In really hurt this segment. I'm definitely hoping that Lashley loses this match, though. Lashley is very vanilla right now, but Christian is potentially the brightest star in the future of this thread!

As expected, the Yin VS Yang match was great! I kind of figured that Helms was going to go over with how you've been building him, but Mysterio put up more of a fight then I expected, to be perfectly honest. I dig how you had Mysterio go out, since you announced he's going to be off TV for awhile, and this sets up a potentially great come back feud with Helms, which should be freaking killer, especially if the Cruiserweight title is involved. I feel a little iffy about Danielson getting his hands on Helms. Don't get me wrong, I loved it, but I feel like the anticipation would have increased tenfold for their match if Helms would have snuck away unharmed. That said, the fact that Helms still has the Cruiserweight title redeems this, because at the end of the day, Danielson didn't get what he really wanted!

Before I even get into the segment, I still imagine Manu as looking like a pizza man. Just thought I'd share that. As for the segment, it wasn't particularly breath taking, but it got the job done. One thing I really loved was that both of them weren't the typical Samoan savages. Having Manu play the savage and Siaki play the cooler headed guy... it kind of reminded me of A.A.E. and Umaga back in the day. Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for them! Again, I really do think that American Made- Sons of the Dungeon- Samoan Fight Club can become AOW's version of Hardyz-Dudleyz-E&C, only with a much more technical flair to it!

After the WGTT-Mercenaries segment, I'm positive that Heyman is turning heel. I'm kind of seeing an "Immortal" situation here, only much better booked (Already I can tell you'd do this leaps and bounds better then TNA did). As far as the tag situation... I still don't like the fact that the Mercenaries are the number one contenders completely out of nowhere, but the possibility of a triple threat tag match for the straps... now, that's cool! As far as the title bout at Tag Team Halloween, I just really hope that you don't make the same mistake as every wrestling promotion in history has made and take the tag titles off a legitimate team to build up your main feud. It hurts the division so, SO bad! Hmm... The Mercenaries are planning something with Masters and Doane? I could see this ending very, VERY well!

...and already I'm regretting the last statement. Unless this ends with Low Jack VS Hooliganz with it being a guaranteed triple threat at World Ablaze, I'm just not feeling it. I have faith in your judgement with this, but I'm feeling sort of iffy about this right now.

The $50,000 challenge was good for the second week in a row. While I do feel that eventually the matches being so short will run stale, for the time being, it's great! Since Storm is going to be going off TV soon to help developmental (If memory serves me right... speakings of, still can't wait to hear what other names you pick up for the Developmental territory), I think that one last big match with Hassan would be a good way to send him off.

Short, sweet, to the point- How an interview with the Sons of the Dungeon should be! The Miz bit legit had me laugh out loud, other then that, it was basic, but that's good, in this case. The Harts (with the exception of Owen) were never known for being all too charismatic, they let their actions talk for them, and that's how your building them!

The contract signing... holy shit! That was hands down the BEST segment you've ever posted in this thread! After I read the no physical interaction bit, I was iffy about this, but Jesus tapdancing Christ on a fucking pony! Everything was perfect! The way Jericho taunted the authority, RVD's pride and ego motivating him, Heyman's fear of Chris giving away the numbers, Chris tricking RVD into blindly signing the contract, the initial swerve of RVD losing power, the swerve of RVD getting that power back, AND HBK'S RETURN?!? Dude... I don't even think I can properly commentate on how brilliant this was! I'm a guy whose known for having a big mouth and being very vocal about everything, but... well, I'm speechless! All I can say is GODDAMN!!!

All in all, while I was very iffy on a few things, you MORE then made up for it! That final segment was strong as hell, and it has caused me to over look some of the looming concerns that I had. That said, I'm hoping that next episode redeems some of the mistakes made here, but for right now... dude, pat yourself on the back! SEGMENT OF THE YEAR!!
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