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Re: Resident Evil Mafia: Game Thread

Night 3

Following the death of yet another Umbrella member during the day the mafia swore to strike back this night, again with Wesker their weapon of choice.IMPULSE again seemed the target, and Wesker had him in his sights. Charging at him Wesker readied to punch a hole right through the target, but instead found himself attacking a new man, one who repelled the attack with all that was left of his strength. Will this target be able to take any more kill attempts though?

Meanwhile HUNK was still about, keeping himself amused by shooting the zombie forms of dan_marino and DR JUPES. However he soon found his target for the night in his sights, and within seconds, SexyLitee was dead. This seemed to please another visitor for SexyLitee this night who appeared to have similar interests at heart. By the time day came SexyLitee's corpse was being devoured, but his ID lay at his feet for him to be identified. He was:
Spoiler for Sexylitee:

Congratulations! You are Carlos Oliveira, the Gunsmith. You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated.
A member of the crack Umbrella mercenary team sent into Racooon city, Carlos develops a strong bond with Jill and even fights against Umbrellas own creation the Nemesis to escape Racoon City with his life. Thanks to your millitary training you're capable of PM'ing me a name that night and you can check to see if they hold a gun (killing role/non town)
Good luck

Rush was then seen walking the streets of Racoon City, doing his best to keep safe and avoid the zombies. In the distance a motorcycle was heard and a pink blur appeared on the horizon charging for Rush. But as Rush's death appeared imminent a large figure appeared and dragged him out of line from his attacker.

sXe was disappointed at missing his target and prepared to head back to the station for the night when in the distance a pair of Golden Lugers fired off, one of which struck him square between the eyes; ending his life in a second. sXe Maverick was:

Spoiler for sXe:

Congratulations! You are Claire Redfield, the Jack of All Trades. You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated.
Sister to Chris Redfield and a major character in most Resident Evil games, Claire Redfield is a pretty multitalented gal. Because of this you are the JOAT and have 4 one shot night actions. They are:
Good Luck

UDK was then out collecting supplies for the fellow townmembers, the previous night's events still a blur to him. Satisfied he had enough to provide help, he stepped outside the store he was in and was met with a sniper bullet to the heart. UnDeFeatedKing was :
Spoiler for UDK:

Congratulations! You are Steve Burnside, the Skitzo. You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated.
A prisoner on Rockford island and close friend with Claire Redfield, Steve Burnside can be egotistical at times and rush into things without thinking. Because of this you can target somebody at night and will perform one of four randomly chosen acts to them:


Be careful who you pick as you may protect a mafioso or even kill a powerful townie.

Good Luck

*Note - Instead of doing nothing he'd actually black out and protect his target as T-Veronica Steve

An exciting night to say the least for the town it seems, but not a productive one sadly. Can they continue their good fortune this day though?

Day 4.

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