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Re: Resident Evil Mafia: Game Thread

Night 2.

Following the loss of a fellow Umbrella member during the day, the mafia were out for blood this night, with the godfather sending Wesker to find Postage. He found Postage moping around outside, seemingly upset by someone. When he went to strike though he couldn't seem to hit the target, and the next thing he knew Postage was gone, more bad luck for the mafia it seems.

Meanwhile, Roy no wait Rigor was observing the zombies from afar, their infection fascinating to him. He seemed so engrossed however he didn't hear the sound of a man entering the room, nor the knife sliding into his back before he found himself thrown to the zombies himself. Roy no wait Rigor was found the next day, and he was:

Spoiler for Roy:

Congratulations! You are Osmund Saddler, Bodyguard and Umbrella aligned. You win when all threats to the mafia have been eliminated.
Osmund Saddler was the leader of a cult operating in rural Spain known as "Los Illuminados" , during this time he allowed himself to become infected with the Las Plagas virus and can transform himself into a beast like form. Because of this you have the ability to send me a name each night of whoever you'd like to protect (presumably a scumbuddy) and they will be protected from any kill attempts that night.

Good Luck

Meanwhile, Alcoholic was returning back to rest after a midnight stroll, not knowing that he was in the sights of a sniper in the distance. A shot rang out, but at the last second he was knocked to the ground by something else, somehow with his life still in tact.

HUNK was prowling around the city too, killing some zombies to keep himself sharp. Laughing to himself as he spotted the undead corpse of Beer, he found his focus shifting as he saw his target for the night in the distance. He took aim and ended the life of his target, dan_marino. Dan was:
Spoiler for Dan:

Congratulations! You are Leon Kennedy, the Tracker. You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated.
First introduced in Resident Evil 2 before being the full main protagonist of Resident Evil 4. I need a tracker and Leon needs a role, so yeah. PM me a name each night and I'll tell you if they visited anybody.
Good Luck

A mixed night then it seems for the town, with the mafia losing yet another member, but the town losing a vital role in their fight against Umbrella. What will the day bring?

Day 3.

23 alive, so that's 12 for majority. Sending out night results now

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