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Re: Resident Evil Mafia: Game Thread

Night 1.

The night was tense following the accusations and sudden death of a townmember during the day and everyone was on edge. IMPULSE in particular was wandering around the police station, unaware he was being stalked by one of Umbrellas most devious men who had crept up without being heard. However, as Wesker pulled out his knife and charged at IMPULSE he found his targets switched, and as he prepared to kill the new one he found himself sent hurtling back. Grumbling and cursing he left, vowing to do better next time.

Meanwhile, DR JUPES was outside the station, looking shifty as ever and studying the zombies outside the police station. Little did he know he was being crept up on by a grizzled vet. The man slid up behind the good doctor, cupped his mouth, slit his throat before throwing him over the gate to be devoured. The body was found the next day and DR JUPES was:

Spoiler for JUPES:

Congratulations! You are the Merchant, the inventor. You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated.
As a merchant you have a lot of items on offer, and you can choose one of three one shot abilities to give to any player you wish on a night. They are:
A gun with one bullet (one shot kill)
A tazer (one shot roleblock)
A bulletproof vest (one shot nk immunity)

However this ability comes at a cost. You are riddled with a post restriction. You are incapable of saying any players name, and must only refer to people as "Stranger" E.G- I think that Stranger is looking scummy but the Stranger over there has played pro town so far. You can use a players names to vote once per post but that's as much as I'll allow. You may also use any other phrase the merchant says if you really want to go gung ho with this
Good Luck

The deaths for the night were not over however, sadly for the town. HUNK was on the prowl and had spotted possibly the easiest kill he could want. He crept up on him before noticing a chandelier above his head, so shot that and crushed UnDeFeatedKing. UDK's body was mangled almost beyond recognition, but the town just managed to recognise his body when they found it. UDK was:
Spoiler for UDK:

Congratulations! You are Tofu, Vanilla townie. You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated.
You're Tofu, literally. You are a piece of Tofu and as such don't have a role. You can still scumhunt though and try your best to aid the town.
Good Luck

So a poor night for the town with two members down, none of which who were members of Umbrella corp. Will the day yield better results?

Day 2

26 alive, so 14 for Majority. Phase'll probably last a bit over 24 hours max. Sending out night results now

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