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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Monday Night Raw- 20/6/05- Boise; Idaho

We see a highlights package of the goings down from last weekís main event as Edge, Christian and Tomko took on the team of Chris Jericho, Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels. We see the finish of the match in which Eric Bischoff once again screwed Shawn Michaels, distracting the referee, allowing for Christian to pass Edge his Money in the Bank briefcase and for Edge to smash HBK in the skull with it to score the victory for his team. We then see the SHOCKING ending to Raw in which Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair all received horrific beatdowns from their opponents. We see the first assault in which Shawn Michaels was delivered with a vicious spear before Eric Bischoff rubbed salt into the wounds, kicking Michaels in the gut before Tomko launched Michaels into the barricade on the outside as the Raw GM looked on glowingly. We then see the brutal chair shot from Christian to a helpless Chris Jericho after a pathetic slap to the face from Jerichoís rival Edge. The footage ends with the disgusting attack on Ric Flair in which Edge and Christian delivered a horrendous con-chair-to Flair, smashing his skull in both sides before collapsing to the mat, seemingly unconscious.

We then go to the usual introduction video and pyro

Jim Ross: We are just SIX days away from what is sure to be a HUGE night at Vengeance. Tonight we welcome you all to the Idaho Center, Boise Idaho for what is sure to be a blockbuster Monday Night Raw!

The Coach: You better believe it baby boy. After what went down last week I cannot WAIT to see what goes down here tonight. Hey if weíre lucky J.R, we might get Flair, Jericho and Shawn Michaels finished off once and for all!!

Jim Ross: How you can sit there and say that after what happens is beyond me Coach. I hope that tonight those three pieces of garbage, Edge, Christian and Tomko get whatís coming to Ďem here tonight.

The Coach: The only thatís headiní those guys way is a handshake from myself and some of the guys in the back after what went down last week. A BEAUTIFUL moment.

ĎIím Backí

The music of the Raw General Manager hits and out steps Eric Bischoff, perhaps the mastermind of next week, to big heat from the Idaho crowd.

Jim Ross: Well this man is every inch as pathetic as Edge, Christian and Tomko are. Eric Bischoff was in a few peopleís eyes the orchestrator of what happened last week, barking out orders to take down Shawn Michaels.

The Coach: Eric Bischoff did nothing wrong last week J.R and you know it. If you were runniní this place, god forbid, would you want your superstars disrespecting you like Shawn Michaels has? NO, no you would not J.R so Eric Bischoff is simply stamping his authority on Shawn Michaels, rightfully so might I add.

Jim Ross: Quite the good Samaritan arenít ya Coach? Eric Bischoff is abusing his power and I hope that at Vengeance, whoever it is that Shawn Michaels faces, I hope he defeats them and puts to rest this feud with our General Manager.

Bischoff has a mic in hand, smiling broadly as the crowd pour heat on him.

Eric Bischoff: Ladies and gentleman, that is NO WAY to greet the General Manager of Monday Night Raw now is it?

More boos for the GM as a ĎYou Suckí chant begins.

Eric Bischoff: Now I know that a lot of you arenít happy with the way Raw ended last week and Iím out here tonight just to clear up a little something for everybody regarding last week. And that is that I had absolutely NOTHING to do with what happened to both Chris Jericho and Ric Flair.

Strong boos again as the majority of fans donít buy it.

Eric Bischoff: People have been talking, theyíve been blaming me, claiming I orchestrated what happened at the end of last weekís show. ME? Can you believe that? As much as I donít like Ric Flair, as much as I donít like Chris Jericho that was ALL the doing of Edge, Christian and Tomko. Now Shawn Michaels on the other hand? Ha. THAT was all my doing.

Bischoff again smiles devilishly as the crowd shits on him.

Eric Bischoff: It is about damn time that the Heartbreak Kid showed me some respect around here and hell who knows, maybe last week fixed that firmly into him once and for all. And if it didnít? Well Shawn needs to realise that be it tonight or be it at Vengeance, mark my words, itís gonna happen.

Bischoff scratches his head before continuing.

Eric Bischoff: Last week was a statement of intent on my behalf and it was a statement of intent from three more REAL superstars around here. See Edge, Christian, Tomko what they did last week was something a string of guys sittiní back there could only dream about doing.

Heat again for the GM who points backstage.

Eric Bischoff: So when superstars come to me, they step foot inside my office and they whine, they complain about not having a match or about not getting an Ďopportunityí, from now on theyíve only gotta look at what those guys did last week to see that if you want an opportunity around here, you go out there and make your own.

Bischoff pauses before carrying on.

Eric Bischoff: So uhhhh where do we go from here you ask? Thatís been a question thatís crossed a lot of peoples minds over the last seven days and itís something that I canít give a definitive answer to. But, after clearing up last week, what I can do is let you all know exactly what is gonna go down here tonight in Boise, Idaho.

Pop for the mention of their home town.

Eric Bischoff: Tonight(smiling broadly again), tonight we will see the continued decline in the career of Shawn Michaels as he goes one on one with one of the men who decimated him last week, that man being the Problem Solver, Tomko.

J.R. quietly says ĎWowí. Itís not that big J.R is it?

Eric Bischoff: Also tonight, unfortunately i couldn't do anything about this so i apologise to you all in advance. We are gonna have to sit here and listen to the old man around this place, Ric Flair via satellite from his home in Charlotte. Good olí J.R over there is gonna be interviewing the Nature Boy just six nights before Christian finishes what he started last week.

Massive pop for the mention of the interview, however strong heat for Bischoffís end point there.

Eric Bischoff: Furthermore we will see the Ďface-offí here tonight between Triple H and Batista in the middle of this ring. Both men will get the chance to air their views ahead of this Sundayís big World title showdown and to make sure things donít spiral out of control, being the genius that i am, I'm making sure that there will be a strong team of security at ringside.

Heat for the mention of security.

Eric Bischoff: And finally tonight we wiÖ.

ĎBreak the Walls Downí

A VERY nice pop meets the music of Y2J Chris Jericho who looks in no mood for fun and games tonight as he heads down to the ring in casual clothes.

Jim Ross: Well we uh, we werenít even sure if Chris Jericho would be here tonight folks after what happened last week but as you can quite clearly see, not only is Y2J here but it would appear he wants answers from Eric Bischoff.

The Coach: Whatís the question? Jerichoís got nothing of any importance to come out here and interrupt our General Manager like this, nothing. If I were Jericho Iíd have learned by now that getting on the wrong side of Uncle Eric is a bad, BAD move.

Jericho eyes up the GM, mic in hand before beginning to speak, as the crowd delivers a nice ĎY2Jí chant.

Chris Jericho: Yíknow Iíve been listeniní to what youíve been saying Eric and youíre right, itís been a week where people have had a lot of questions runniní through their mind and Iím no different. So my question to you here tonight is simple. Do you really believe anybody here in this arena gives a damn about a single word cominí outta your mouth?

Pop for Y2J.

Chris Jericho: I mean come on Eric. You come out here week after week and itís the same old routine isnít it? How are you going to piss these fans off here tonight? How are you going to be a thorn in Shawn Michaels side again? And the answer is simple, no..body..cares.

BIG pop for Jericho.

Chris Jericho: I am sick of you comin' out here and runniní around like youíre some kinda big shot Eric. You are NOTHING but a piece of dirt Eric, always have been, always will be and the sooner somebody puts you in your place and hey hereís hoping itís Shawn Michaels at Vengeance, the better.

Pop again from the fans as Bischoff laughs.

Eric Bischoff: Chris, look I get it. I do. I mean youíre bound to be bitter about what happened to you last week and youíre bound to be bitter about the fact that every single thing that Edge has been saying these past few weeks, every single thing that Christianís been saying these past few weeks, they are all true. You are DONE being on top here in the WWE.

Bischoff smiles slyly as ever with Jericho even smirking at that comment.

Eric Bischoff: Hey, last week was proof enough and that was only a small taste Chris. At Vengeance Edge is gonna finish you off once and for all, believe me on that. Iím getting really, REALLY sick of guys like you, guys like Shawn Michaels thinkingí you run this place. Newsflash Chris, I RUN THIS PLACE!

Heat for the GM.

Eric Bischoff: Now you may actually be right about these people not caring about what I have to say and Iíve got NO problem whatsoever with that. Because the reality is that whether these people care or not, they have to listen to what Iíve got to say because I am the man in charge around here.

Continued boos for the GM.

Chris Jericho: There we go again Eric. Itís all about you isnít it? Youíve gotta take the spotlight around here havenít ya? You may well be in charge Eric but for once how about you listen to what these fans actually want?

Big cheer.

Chris Jericho: How about instead of feeding your own little ego, you start making this show about entertainment again rather than about the man in charge? This is Monday Night Raw, not an episode of ĎThis is Your Life: Starring Eric Bischoffí.

A few laughs there amongst some cheers as Bischoff rolls his eyes.

Chris Jericho: These people come here week after week to watch us go at it inside this ring and a lotta the time they arenít seeing it, they arenít getting their moneyís worth. Yíknow what takes place when that happens Eric donít ya? People start complaininí. People start goiní to the higher ups. People will eventually spread the word to a certain Chairman of the Board.

Pop there for the subtle mention Vince.

Chris Jericho: And when that gets back to him, itís gonna go full circle isn't it? Itís gonna be YOU who takes the blame and itís gonna be YOU Eric who gets a taste of those two infamous little words that come right out of Vincent Kennedy McMahonís mouth. I donít need to tell you what they are now do I Eric?

Bischoff looks a bit nervy now here.

Eric Bischoff: Look Chris I get what youíre doiní here and well youíre somewhat right. But before I was so rudely interrupted by you, I was actually informing all these fans about the action that they would see here tonight and if youíd have let me finish youíd have found out that YOU will also be in action here tonight.

Nice reaction for that.

Eric Bischoff: I think itís time that you learned a little lesson Chris. Much like Shawn Michaels is learning, much like Batista learned last week too, you do not cross Eric Bischoff. So tonight Chris youíre gonna step inside this ring and youíre gonna go one on one with another guy who along with Edge, along with Christian is gonna take your spot around here and become the future of this company. You will go one on one with.. Mark Jindrak.

Bischoff grins like a prick and laughs as the crowd boos that announcement.

Chris Jericho: You really think Iím supposed to be worried about Mark Jindrak? I got a request for ya Eric, go back up that ramp, behind that curtain, walk through the hall and you find Edge for me. When ya find him, you tell him that he better watch closely what I do tonight to Mark Jindrak, because on Sunday heís gonna suffer the exact.. same.. fate.

Jericho shoves the mic into the chest of Bischoff whoís still smiling as Jerichoís music plays over the speakers.

Jim Ross: Statement made folks from Chris Jericho. Y2J not in the mood at all for Eric Bischoffís games here tonight and another huge match now set here tonight as Jericho will do battle with Mark Jindrak!

The Coach: Jerichoís underestimating Mark Jindrak J.R and itís gonna come back and bite him where it hurts later on tonight. Jindrak is a MAJOR player here on Monday nights baby boy, believe me on that one.


We head immediately to what looks like a fancy bar with a people drinking beer and shooting some pool before the camera cuts to the outside and we see the ever so cocky duo of Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth walking down the street. Both men are wearing jeans with Doane wearing a blue shirt and Nemeth a white one.

Ken Doane: Hi Iím Ken Doane.

Nick Nemeth: And Iím Nick Nemeth. Weíre here in Boise Idaho, the home to Monday Night Raw this evening and we figured that weíd take a look at what the nightlife is all about around here.

Ken Doane: See we like to live our lives to the absolute maximum. We like to dress nice, experience the finer things in life and as you can tell by our previous videos weíve shown you, we like to go out and have ourselves some fun. We like to be.. perfect.

The duo then smile at one another before entering this bar we were shown before. The pair look around and survey the surroundings, grinning before heading towards the bar.

Nick Nemeth: Nice place huh?

Ken Doane: Pretty sweet I gotta admit, looks right up our street man.

We take another look around the bar and see a group of men chuckling together with one another before they see Doane and Nemeth and begin to whisper. Nemeth orders drinks in the background as Doane looks over at the group of men.

Ken Doane: Nick I think we got ourselves some trouble makers over here.

Nemeth sighs.

Nick Nemeth: What is wrong with people? I mean címon, they must know who we are by now. Theyíre pickiní the wrong freakiní guys to mess with.

Nemeth looks angered and heads over to them but Doane stops him.

Ken Doane: Look just leave it for now alright man. Weíre here to enjoy ourselves and have a good time, itís what we do.

Nick Nemeth: Youíre right, youíre right. Iím sorry.

Ken Doane: Folks at home, next week weíre gonna be makiní our Raw debuts and I, we promise you that weíre gonna be bringing perfection to your Monday nights.

Nick Nemeth: See we liÖ

?: Excuse me guys.

Nemeth is cut off by a small, stocky man with another man stood behind him as Doane and Nemeth.

?: Uhm hi, my name is Chris. Myself and my friend were just wondering wh..

Ken Doane: Next week buddy. We were just letting all the good people know exactly the same thing you were wondering.

Chris: What about next week?

Nick Nemeth: Weíre making our debuts on Monday night Raw next week, like ya didnít know. Look if thatís not what you wanted to know then Iím guessing itís autographs you guys want so if you just give us a moment weíll get them right to you. Can I get a pen please barman?

This Chris and his friend look at one another excitedly.

Chris: You guys are wrestlers then huh? Your autographs would be great but uh..thatís not what we were lookiní for if ya catch our drift.

Doane and Nemeth look at each other.

Nick Nemeth: I donít catch a damn thing shortstack, so you better spill whatevÖ

Doane looks like heís seen a ghost and pats Nemeth on the chest.

Nick Nemeth: What?

Ken Doane: L..l..look around.

Nemeth joins Doane in looking around and they realise that the bar is FULL of men with not a woman in sight.

Nick Nemeth: Awww you stupid son of a..


Chris: So what do ya say huh? You wanna come back to our place?

Nick Nemeth: Oh no he didnít. He didnít justÖdid he? NO! Ken PLEASE, tell me he di.. No.

Ken Doane: Look weíre not.. we donít swing that way alright man. Come on Nick, letís get outta here.

Chris: You sure? I mean you sure do look it in those shirts.

Doane then smashes this guy in the face with a huge right hand!! The guys friend then gets in their faces but Nemeth lays him out with a right hand as the entire bar comes to a halt and stare at the duo.


?: Iíd sure like a piece, the rougher the better.

Nick Nemeth: Why Ken? Why did you just say that?

Nemeth looks on the verge of tears as Doane screws his face up and the pair leave and we rejoin them outside.

Ken Doane: Look forget all about that. Boise is definitely not the place for us and thank god weíre not making our Raw debut here tonight. But next week you at home and the Raw locker room need to buckle up...

Nemeth doesnít respond holding his head in his hands.

Ken Doane: N..N..Nick itís uh, it's your part man, come on.

Nick Nemeth: Iím sorry, Iím sorry, deep breath Nick come on.

Nemeth takes a deep breath before continuing.

Nick Nemeth: I'm ready, i'm ready. And Raw superstars, boys and girls at home, you'd better get ready also cos Nick Nemeth.

Ken Doane: And Ken Doane

Nick Nemeth: Are ready to provide you ALL with the platform

Ken Doane: For perfection.

Doane puts an arm around Nemeth as we see a fading shot of the two from behind but Nemeth shoves Doaneís arm off of him.

Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth: Coming to Raw: Next week.

We cut back ringside asÖ

ĎYeah weíre Cominí Downí

The music of the World Tag Team Champions hits and out step the Dudley Boyz to a nice ovation.

Jim Ross: Well at Vengeance our tag team champions will be in for a heck of a tough ask as they defend the gold against not just one but TWO other tag teams as the Arabian Entity members, Sonjay Dutt and Daivari chase them down as well as the ever dangerous Basham Brothers.

The Coach: Iím tellingí ya J.R the Dudley Boyz havenít got a chance of leaving Las Vegas still with their belts in hand. We will crown NEW champions at Vengeance, my only trouble is calling which team itíll be!

ĎArab Americaí

The music of the Entity hits and out step all four members, Intercontinental champion Muhammad Hassan, The Great Khali and the Dudleyz rivalsí, Daivari and Dutt.

Jim Ross: Well like we said Dutt and Daivari will get their title opportunity this Sunday but the other two members of this group will also see title action at Vengeance as Muhammad Hassan puts his Intercontinental championship up for grabs alongside The Great Khali in a two on one handicap match against Shelton Benjamin.

The Coach: The Entity could walk out of Vengeance with a cabinet full of gold J,R! How great would that be huh? Can you imagine Hassan Intercontinental champion, Dutt and Daivari Tag Team champions? That is a MOUTHWATERING prospect!

Jim Ross: I wouldnít go so far Coach but I gotta admit itís a strong possibility.

Match One: Tag Team Match

Muhammad Hassan and The Great Khali vs. The Dudley Boyz

Haasan starts things off for his team along with D-Von Dudley as the fans rally behind D-Von from the get go. D-Von starts things off quickly for his team as he takes the fight to Hassan with a series of right hands, sending Hassan off balance. Irish whip from D-Von as Hassan comes bouncing back and D-Von delivers a nice big back body drop. Early cover from D-Von, 1..2..kick out. D-Von doesnít let Hassan rest though as he goes right back to work on the Intercontinental champion, bringing him to his feet before twisting the arm of Hassan and delivering a vicious clothesline to the Entity leader. D-Von shouts ĎCome oní as Hassan gets right back up. D-Von goes for a right hand but itís a block from Hassan who begins to deliver right hands of his own, building momentum now.

Hassan then whips D-Von across the ring, following him also and delivering a vicious high knee to the gut, sending D-Von tumbling. Hassan then locks in a sleeper hold to the fallen Dudley who is now in real trouble. The crowd rally behind D-Von who tries to fight out of it but Hassan shrieks, clearly using all his effort to wear down his opponent. On the outside we see Sonjay Dutt and Daivari telling the crowd to be quiet, to which they just boo the duo as Khali stands menacingly on the apron.

Eventually D-Von manages to claw his way up to his feet and delivers a few elbows to the mid section of Hassan. Hassan eventually loses grip as D-Von now delivers a kick to the mid section and connects with a thunderous DDT out of nowhere!! Hassan falls down to the mat but D-Von canít find it in him to make a cover and falls down also. D-Von decides itís not worth a cover and instead struggles towards his corner before tagging in Bubba to the match. On the other side of the ring though, Hassan has done the same thing and tags in the giant Khali!!

Bubba charges at Khali delivering rights and lefts, going in strong on the big man but itís to no use as Khali doesnít budge and shoves Bubba off of him before laying him out with a head butt, sending Bubba spiralling. Khali then brings Bubba up to his feet and delivers a vicious chop to the skull of Bubba, who seems to stand no chance. D-Von sees his partner struggling and decides enough is enough and re enters the ring, throwing right hands at Khali but again he doesnít seem to budge. Bubba, now back to his feet, joins his partner in the onslaught and both men take an arm of Khali and whip him slowly across the ring. Khali rebounds and the duo connect with a double clothesline but it doesnít bring the big man down, only sends him aback. Hassan now enters the ring and takes down Bubba from behind with a clubbing shot. D-Von now turns his attention to Hassan and sends him backward with a right hand but is soon turned around by Khali who grabs D-Von by the throat, hoisting him and planting him with a massive double handed chokelsam!! Cover by Khali and thatís all she wrote, 1..2..3.

Winners: Muhammad Hassan and The Great Khali(7:14)

Hassan and Khali victorious but immediately Sonjay Dutt and Daivari enter the ring and begin hammering away at the Dudleyz. Dutt and Daivari looking to get any advantage they can ahead of this Sunday as they batter down Bubba and D-Von.

Jim Ross: The Entity getting their hands on the World Tag Team champions here tonight!! Will there be anything left of the Dudleyz come Vengeance?!

The Coach: No J.R, this is sheer dominance and I love it!!

The crowd soon begins to roar however as we see Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas sprinting down the ramp!!

Jim Ross: Shelton Benjamin!! Charlie Haas!! Coming to the aid of the Dudley Boyz!!

Benjamin and Haas take out Daivari and Dutt separately, tossing them over the top rope! The duo then turn around but Muhammad Hassan has already hightailed it out of the ring to big heat from the crowd as Benjamin and Haas stare down the seven foot giant Great Khali. The crowd rises expecting Khali to come to blows with the Worldís Greatest Tag Team but they are disappointed as Muhammad Hassan demands that Khali leave the ring. The big man looks hesitant at first but eventually leaves to heat from the crowd as all four members of the group head back up the ramp, looking scared of the threat that Benjamin and Haas pose to them.

Jim Ross: Well Coach so much for dominance from this group, so much for showing no fear and not backing down. From what I saw right there the Arabian Entity are VERY MUCH backing down from Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas.

The Coach: I donít blame em J.R. I wouldnít wanna get injured just six nights before I put the Intercontinental championship on the line. Smart, very smart ploy from Hassan and Khali.

Jim Ross: Oh come on Coach, you and I both know that Hassan wants absolutely NOTHING to do with Shelton Benjamin here tonight and again come Vengeance.

The Coach: Weíll see exactly what Hassan wants at Vengeance and it ainít gonna be pretty cowboy.

We then cut backstage and join Todd Grisham whoís standing by ready to talk to us.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentleman please welcome my guest at this time, the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels.

HBK comes into shot and is met with a huge pop from the crowd.

Todd Grisham: Shawn last week you were on the receiving end of a brutal assault at the hands of Edge, Christian and the man you face tonight, Tomko. How much do you put on their shoulders as to what happened last week and how much do you put on the shoulders of Eric Bischoff?

Shawn Michaels: Thatís a mighty fine question ya ask there Todd. In all honesty as much as Iíd like to put all oí this on Eric Bischoff, I canít quite do that. See he mayíve carried out the orders, he mayíve instructed those guys to do what they did last week but that donít excuse the fact they went along with it and that donít excuse the fact that they then went on to do exactly the same thing to Chris Jericho and to Ric Flair.

Pop for the mention of those two.

Shawn Michaels: Eric Bischoff is a coward Todd. You and I both know that and all of these people here tonight know that. I didnít believe that anybody could stoop to that piece of dirtís level but hey, Edge, Christian, Tomko, bravo guys, ya did just that.

Michaels sarcastically applauds.

Shawn Michaels: Iím used to Eric Bischoff and his shenanigans, I really am but last week those three guys, they got on the wrong side of the Showstopper and I ainít gonna take that lightly. So tonight when I go out there and face Tomko, that kid better be ready for the fight of his life because good olí Aitch-Bee-Kay is gonna kick his teeth firmly down his throat.

Nice pop for Michaels there.

Todd Grisham: You mentioned how youíre used to what Eric Bischoff has in store for you. With there being just six nights now until Vengeance and you still not knowing who you will face, what exactly are you expecting from Eric Bischoff and his choice of opponent for you this Sunday?

Shawn Michaels: Todd to put it simply Iím expecting the unexpected. See as much of a coward Eric Bischoff is, as big a piece of garbage that man is, the one thing I canít deny about him is that heís smart. So this Sunday I know that whoever it is Iíve gotta come up against, it ainít gonna be easy, thatís for sure.

Michaels pauses before continuing.

Shawn Michaels: I know just how big this match is on Sunday, it could make or break my career. Since Wrestlemania, only two things have been on my mind Todd and they are a rematch with Kurt Angle and the World Heavyweight title. At Vengeance I know, I know deep down that Iím walking outta Las Vegas as the new number one contender and I am walking out one step closer to one of those things and that is becoming the World.. HeavyweightÖ Champion.

Big pop for that prospect as Michaels walks off and we head back ringside.

Jim Ross: Fighting talk from Shawn Michaels folks. We know just how big the consequences are for HBK come Vengeance. He wins and he will get that World title opportunity, he loses and he becomes the property of our General Manager, Eric Bischoff.

The Coach: Itís game over Sunday night for Shawn Michaels, mark my words J.R. Mark my words!

ĎBorn Naughtyí

The music of William Regal hits as Regal and his protťgť Mark Jindrak step out to immediate heat as we get set for action.

Jim Ross: Last week these two men disgusted me with their actions Coach. They hatched a plan along with Triple H whereby they would take out Batista, so long as Triple H helped them take out Big Show. Jindrak and Regal held up their end, beating down the World champion, allowing Triple H to finish the job off whilst the Game left Big Show needing hospital treatment and a severe head injury, following a brutal assault backstage.

The Coach: It was shocking to see Big Show in that shape J.R but I got a feeliní that come Vengeance itís only gonna get worse for the giant. Mark Jindrak could end his career on Sunday.

Jim Ross: Folks when we come back this monster dubbed ĎThe Protťgťí Mark Jindrak will be in action as he goes one on one with Y2J, Chris Jericho. Donít go anywhere!!


We return with Jindrak and Regal waiting in the ring beforeÖ

ĎBreak the Walls Downí

The music of Y2J hits for the second time this evening and down comes the man himself, Chris Jericho to a nice ovation.

Jim Ross: Well a rough week last week for this man Chris Jericho and here tonight despite being battered and bruised Eric Bischoff forcing Jericho to not only compete but to take on Mark Jindrak, a man who has made a big impact of late in dominating the Big Show.

The Coach: Just when Jericho thought it couldnít get any worse, along comes Eric Bischoff and Mark Jindrak ha ha! I fonly Jericho woulda kept his nose outta the bossí business a few weeks back and he wouldnít be in this situation right now! Mark Jindrak is gonna take out Jericho tonight and he is gonna take out Big Show at Vengeance!

Match Two: Singles Match

Mark Jindrak vs. Chris Jericho

As soon as the bell rings Jindrak explodes onto Jericho, charging at him and delivering a big knee to the gut of Jericho, winding the former Undisputed champion as he continues to deliver knee after knee to the mid section before dropping Jericho with a big left hand. Jindrak then stomps away at Jericho who is holding the back of his head whilst Jindrak continues to punish him. The Protťgť as heís now known then locks in a chinlock on Jericho, wrenching away at him, looking to weaken Jericho as much as he can in the early going. The crowd start a ĎY2Jí chant but it doesnít seem to do much as Jindrak just applies a stronger hold with William Regal smirking on in the background.

Jindrak eventually lets go of the hold and holds his arms spread out, soaking in the heat of the crowd as Jericho gets back to his knees. Jindrak immediately heads over to him but is greeted with a right hand to the gut as Jericho tries to get back up. Another right hand from Jericho and another, this time right to the jaw of Jindrak, finally knocking him off his game a notch as Jericho now works his way into the match. Jericho grabs Jindrak by the back of the head and hoists the big man up into the sky before delivering a nice suplex, met with a pop from the fans as Jericho scurries over to Jindrak. Cover from Y2J, 1..2..shoulder up from the younger star.

Jericho gets himself on top of Jindrak and begins laying into him with strong right hands before the referee stops Jericho from disqualifying himself. Jericho finally retreats and takes a step back, allowing Jindrak to return to his feet. The big man does so and turns around as Jericho charges flat out at him but Jindrak sees him coming and doges it as Jericho goes charging right into the turnbuckle. His chest rebounds off it as Jericho shouts out, he bounces back and turns right into the waiting Jindrak who delivers a massive kick to the skull of Jericho, sending him flying. The sound was heard by all in the arena who ĎOoooohí wondering if Jerichoís teeth went flying there. Jindrak goes for a cover now, 1..2..kick out at the death from Jericho much to the fans relief.

Jindrak pounds the mat, clearly frustrated at not being able to put away Y2J. Jindrak then gets out of the ring and heads towards Lilian Garcia telling her to move with Lilian looking frightened by the intensity of Jindrak. The Protťgť grabs a steel chair to boos from the crowd and heads back inside the ring. Jindrak steps through the ropes only for the referee to plead with him not to use it and the two begin arguing. This though allows for Jericho to strike from outta nowhere!! Jericho nails Jindrak with a beautiful dropkick, sending Jindrak tumbling over the top rope and to the outside once again.

Jindrak lands hard on the outside as Jericho exitís the ring also, heading right after his opponent. We see William Regal tending to Jindrak but he soon gets out of dodge as Jericho is hot on his tail. Regal retreats as Jericho heads over to Jindrak. Y2J delivers a knee to the jaw of Jindrak before bringing him to his feet, grabbing the arm of Jindrak and tossing him shoulder first into the ringpost!! The fans give a nice pop and begin a ĎY2Jí chant as Jericho smiles slyly. Jericho immediately heads over to Jindrak and brings him to his feet before tossing him back inside the ring before following suit.

Jericho instantly rolls Jindrak over and goes for a surprise cover, 1..2..shoulder up from the big man as Jericho looks disappointed. The veteran then takes a moment, sitting against the ropes, allowing Jindrak to return to his feet. The big man does exactly so and Jericho grabs the back of Jindrakís neck before hurling himself up and looking to send Jindrakís face into his knees on the way back down(code breaker) but Jericho fails as Jindrak manages to use all his strength and shove Jericho off of him. Jericho spins away and Jindrak charges at Jericho but Jericho ducks it! Jericho goes for a kick but Jindrak catches his leg, Jericho though connects with an ťmigrť taking Jindrak down! The fans pop big but the cheers soon turn to jeers as we see EDGE making his way down the ramp!

Edge, briefcase in hand smiles as he casually struts down to the ring and William Regal begins to smile also as J.R questions what is going on here. Jericho rolls over for a cover but Regal gets himself up on the apron, distracting the referee. Jericho has the cover but itís no use as Regal continues taking the attention of the official. Inside the ring Jericho gets up and looks furious, heading after Regal but heís spun around by Edge!! Edge looks to hit Jericho with the briefcase but Jericho responds with a right hand to a HUGE pop! Jericho knocks Edge off balance but from outta nowhere is given a thunderous big boot by Jindrak, now back to his feet also!! Jericho spins around and WHAM!! Right into a briefcase shot from Edge!! Cover by Jindrak, Regal still has the refís attention but now holds his hands out and steps off the apron as the referee sees the cover. Jericho is out of it. 1..2..3. Itís over.

Winner: Mark Jindrak(9:20)

Jim Ross: Mark Jindrak steals one here tonight! Chris Jericho didnít stand a damn chance, it was more or less three on one out here for god sake! And now look, aw, címon. Enough is enough.

Edge has Jericho lined up now, ready and waiting to connect with a spear before the crowd begins to roar as down comes Big Show!! Show sprints down the ramp with an angry look on his face and takes down Edge with a thunderous right hand as William Regal charges at Show but the giant grabs Regal by the hair and tosses him over the top rope as he turns his attention to Jindrak and the young superstar doesnít hold back, smashing a left hand at Show and the two trade blows with Show beginning to get the upper hand. Show knocks Jindrak off balance into the ropes but BAM! A low blow from behind by Edge!! Show falls to his knees but Edge immediately hightails it as Y2J is up and heads after Mr.MITB. Edge scatters out of the ring as Jericho grabs onto the ropes, clutching his head following the briefcase shot. Jindrak meanwhile has decided enough is enough here and escapes the ring on the opposite side, wanting nothing more to do with Big Show or Chris Jericho here tonight.

Jim Ross: Mark Jindrak, Edge, William Regal. They all want absolutely NOTHING to do with Chris Jericho or the Big Show. But in six nights folks that is exactly what theyíre gonna get! Big Show and Jericho will be, pardon the pun, out for Vengeance when we enter Las Vegas Sunday night!!

The Coach: I hate to break it to ya though J.R but they ainít getting it! Jindrakís too strong, Regalís too smart, Edge is too damn good!! Jericho and Show mayíve gotten the last laugh here tonight but it donít matter tonight baby boy, all that counts is at Vengeance when Edge DEFEATS Chris Jericho and when Mark Jindrak SLAYS the giant.

The final image before we fade away is of Mark Jindrak helping William Regal to his feet and up the ramp with an angry duo of Jericho and Big Show looking on whilst Edge hovers at the top of the stage, clutching his Money in the Bank briefcase.


We return and head backstage to see Todd Grisham who is waiting to talk to us.

Todd Grisham: Joining me at this time, please welcome, Christian.

Heat immediately as a smirking Captain Charisma comes into shot with Tomko standing beside him.

Todd Grisham: Christian tonight we will hear from your opponent this Sunday at Vengeance, Ric Flair. After what you did last week to Ric, what do you believe he will have to say here tonight on Raw?

Christian: Whatever old man Flair has to say tonight, I quite frankly couldnít care less. See last week myself, Edge, Tomko here, we proved to the world what Iíve been saying time and time and TIME AGAIN. I proved that Ric Flair is nowhere near my level and that I am the man around this place now. Guys like me, like Tomko, like Edge we are the ones that are carrying this place on our backs and yet we donít get anywhere near the recognition that we deserve.

Heat for Captain Charisma.

Christian: Last week maybe we began to change a few peopleís minds on that. But come this Sunday I know for a fact Todd that those who have yet to change their minds, those poor, lost souls out there. They are gonna have NO CHOICE but to change their minds.

More heat.

Christian: They will have no choice because I will prove this Sunday that the dark ages of Ric Flair walking around Monday nights as Ďthe maní are long gone. Simply put, there is a new sheriff in town, there is a new role model for our young fans around the world to look up to, to admire and that man is Captain Charisma, that man is ME.

Christian has a smug smile on his face.

Christian: I represent what is a new generation of superstars on Raw, of superstars in the entire WWE. As the years go by thereís only gonna be one name on peopleís lips when you talk about all time greats in this business. There is only going to be one man that is looked at as the absolute pinnacle of the industry. The legacy, the name, the image of Ric Flair will fade to the back of everybodyís minds because the one man I talk about as the real torch bearer Todd is the man you look at standing right in front of your very eyes.

Christian is intense here and takes a deep breath as the crowd drown him in heat.

Christian: So tonight whatever it is that Ric Flair has to say, it really, really doesnít matter. Last week was the final time that you will ever see Ric Flair stand inside a Monday Night Raw ring and tonight? Tonight will be the final night you EVER see or that you ever hear Ric Flair again on Monday Night Raw. Because at Vengeance, as much as you and all these moron fans donít wanna believe it, Iím takiní the torch from the Nature Boy, cos thatísÖ HOW I ROLL!

Christian pats his chest as Tomko smirks and the duo leave to heat as ever.

We return ringside as the number one contender to the Womenís championsip, Victoria and stand inside the ring as we get set for some tag team action.

Jim Ross: Welcome back ringside folks and as you can see Victoria and Molly Holly already stand inside the ring, all set for action here tonight!

ĎTime to Rock and Rollí

Womenís champion Trish Stratus makes her way down to the ring, accompanied by her partner for the evening Christy Hemme, both greeted with a nice pop.

Jim Ross: Well in Las Vegas this Sunday night Trish Stratus defends her Womenís championship against the psychotic Victoria and folks it is more than likely gonna get real ugly as these two go at it in a No Disqualifications match.

The Coach: Nothing those two women do can get ugly J.R. NOTHING. I have to admit J.R that as much as I love Trish Stratus I just canít see her walking outta Vengeance still with that Womenís championship in hand. Victoria is simply too strong in the No Disqualification environment.

Jim Ross: Itís certainly gonna be the toughest test to date for the Canadian beauty but if anyone can prevail I with the odds against them, itís Trish Stratus.

Match Three: Tag Team Match

Victoria and Molly Holly vs. Trish Stratus and Christy Hemme

Molly and Trish start things off as Victoria wants nothing to do with the Womenís champion here tonight. Trish dominates from the get go, pushing Molly back time and again with right hands. The fired up Womenís champion then irish whips Molly across the ring into her own corner with Victoria right up close with Trish who delivers some more right hands on the helpless Molly. Trish then gets a HUGE pop as she lays out Victoria with a right hand also, sending her off the apron and down to the outside. Trish then looks down and shouts something to her rival but this allows for Molly to make her mark and she delivers a strong kick to the gut of Trish, followed by another before an uppercut sends Trish backward.

Molly then grabs the hair of Trish before launching her half way across the ring, letting out a screech whilst doing so before heading right after Trish and stomping away at the back of her neck. Victoria is now back up to her feet and attempting to make her way back up on to the apron. Molly applies an armbar to Trish out of nowhere and looks to finish this one off. The hold is locked in on the left arm of Trish who writhes in pain as Molly shouts ĎCome on Trish, tapí. Trish worms her way towards the ropes, reaching out for her target and she gets there just but Molly refuses to break the hold which angers Christy Hemme on the outside who enters and pulls Molly off of Trish before attempting a right hand but Molly ducks it and lays Christy out with a right hand of her own!

The shot sends Christy tumbling down to the mat before she rolls out of the ring. Trish is now gingerly back to her feet as Molly tags in Victoria who instantly makes her move on Trish, grabbing the Blonde Beauty by her hair and looking to toss her around like a rag doll but Trish claws back and uses all her strength to fend off her rival, spinning her round and delivering a shot to the ribs before launching Victoria shoulder first through the ropes and into the ringpost!! The impact is heard all round the arena as Victoria looks in agony. She rolls backwards, roll up from Trish! 1..2..shoulder up at the death from Victoria!

Christy is now back to her feet and on the apron, calling for the tag, desperate to get herself into the match and Trish obliges, tagging in her rookie partner. Christy comes flying into the ring and lays into Victoria, greeted with a nice pop from the crowd as Christy points at Trish, seemingly saying this is for you but that split second causes her to lose all focus as Victoria hammers Christy from nowhere with a clothesline! Cover from Victoria, 1..2..Trish breaks it up!! But now Molly charges at Trish! Molly and Trish trade blows now on one side of the ring whilst Victoria regroups on the other. Victoria eventually sees Molly and Trish, deciding to make it 2-on-1 she heads over and they double team the Womenís champion, resulting in a double clothesline sending Trish spiralling to the outside, landing hard on her shoulder as Molly follows after her, not allowing Trish a route back into things now.

Inside the ring Victoria like a hunter hunting itís prey stalks Christy who makes her way to her feet. Victoria then decides enough is enough and finishes off the redheaded diva with a thunderous Widowís Peak. Cover, 1..2..3.

Winners: Victoria and Molly Holly(5:40)

Jim Ross: Victoria showing exactly why she is one of the most ruthless competitors around. An absolutely vicious Widowís Peak to a helpless Christy Hemme and ya gotta believe that if Victoria hits that come Sunday she will be leaving with the Womenís championship.

The Coach: I believe it anyway. She can hit the Widowís Peak, she can use a steel chair, she can do whatever the hell she wants to J.R! Victoriaís bringiní home the gold on Sunday!

We then cut backstage and see the World Heavyweight champion walking down the corridor in a slick suit, all set for his Ďface-offí with Triple H later on tonight. The crowd meet the champion with a nice pop and the cheers continue as we see Shawn Michaels appear into shot for the second time this evening!

Batista: Howís it going man? I saw what went down last week, pretty hard to watch. Bischoff needs to be put in his place, Iím bankin' on you being the one to do it this Sunday Shawn. Not a doubt in my mind.

Shawn Michaels: Thanks big man, I appreciate it but thatís not what I wanted to talk to ya about. See I was hoping Iíd bump into ya cos you saw it for yourself what happened to me last week Dave. Thatís gotta be enough to get it through to you that you do not wanna get involved with Eric Bischoff and his little games.

Batista looks puzzled.

Batista: What do ya mean Shawn?

Shawn Michaels: You know exactly what I mean. Last week ya called out Eric Bischoff for his actions in the past. Eric ainít gonna take that lightly Dave. I did ya a favour last week when I came down to the ring and dealt with Bischoff personally. If I hadnít done what I did last week, then he would have you right next to me on his hitlist right now and Dave believe me, you donít want that, especially while you hold that World Heavyweight title.

Batista: You think I canít handle Bischoff? Shawn I can handle my own battles thanks and thatís exactly what Iím gonna do tonight and what Iím gonna do this Sunday at Vengeance.

Michaels shrugs his shoulders.

Shawn Michaels: Hey, hey, I got absolutely no doubt that youíre gonna get the job done against Hunter on Sunday but Iíve got my hands full with Eric Bischoff right now and I know exactly what he will do to make your life a living hell. Trust me, you donít want that, which is why Iím warniní ya here and now big guy, keep out of Bischoffís way. Keep yourself focused, keep your eyes firmly fixed on that World title and leave Bischoff to me.

Pop as Michaels points into his chest while Dave nods his head.

Batista: Shawn I know that youíre in a tough spot right now and I get that this Sunday you got a lot ridiní on your match. BUT that doesnít give you the right to tell me what I should or should not be doing. If Eric Bischoff wants to get in my path, I say bring it on. Iím not gonna back down from a challenge, be it inside or outside of the ring.

Pop for the champion now as Michaels holds his hands up.

Shawn Michaels: I admire your attitude Dave but Iíll leave with this thought. Think about where I was before all this stuff with Bischoff and think about where I am right this second. My future rests on what happens this Sunday night, my career could go down the drain Sunday night and Dave you really, really donít wanna be in that predicament.

Michaels walks away as Batista nods his head looking intrigued by what Michaels has had to say.


We return and join a shot of J.R and Coach ringside.

Jim Ross: Welcome back ladies and gentleman to Monday Night Raw and at this time we are all set to speak to the Nature Boy, Ric Flair who was subject of a heinous assault last week at the hands of rival Christian, Edge and Tomko. Letís take a look.

We see a replay of the shocking attack last week on Flair, with a slow-mo of the con-chair-to shot before we cut back to a sombre looking J.R and Coach.

Jim Ross: Well it gives me great pleasure to say that live via satellite we can now speak to the man himself, Ric Flair.

Flair appears on the titantron, met with a loud ovation as Naitch is in a shirt and tie from his home in Charlotte.

Jim Ross: Ric, a tough seven days no doubt. My first question is real simple, how are ya feeling after what happened last week?

Ric Flair: Iím feeliní about as good as I can do right now J.R. For a guy coming off of a severe concussion Iíd say Iím in pretty good shape right about now ha ha.

Flair raises a smile, in a slightly sombre mood it seems.

Jim Ross: Itís good to hear that youíre doiní well Ric. And I hate to ask but itís gotta be done, what and how do you feel about that assault that took place on you last week?

Flair sighs.

Ric Flair: You know, seven days is a long time J.R. Iíve had seven days to think about what went down and to make my mind up about exactly how I feel about the whole thing. Iíve had all kinds of emotion runniní through my head. Iíve felt angry, Iíve felt hurt, Iíve felt surprised, Iíve felt.. Iíve felt..happy.

Flair begins to giggle a little, met with a pop from the Boise faithful.

Jim Ross: Ha..happy? Ric what exactly was there to be happy about?

Ric Flair: I thought that might take ya back a little there but itís real easy to understand. Last week was a turning point J.R. Perhaps even a turning point in where my future goes from here. See since the Nature Boy came back at Backlash and I got involved with Christian, Iíve never really taken things too seriously y'know?

Flair huffs and puffs a bit.

Ric Flair: I wanted to retire at Backlash, i really did. Iíve wanted to retire since then too but every time I wanted to do exactly that, Christian stopped me in my tracks. At Backlash it was through actions that he stopped me. The next time I stepped inside the ring, it was through words that he persuaded me not to. He persuaded me because I could see just how desperately this kid wanted to take me on, to go toe to toe with the man.

Flair digs his thumbs into his chest

Ric Flair: And it was at that moment that I thought to myself, ĎRic you gotta do this. You gotta give this kid the opportunity heís craviní. Christian wants to take the torch, he wants to be the leader of a new genertation and I respected that about him. Heck, back in the day that was my aim too. I agreed to Christianís request, I agreed and I simply left it at that, thought no more of it. Christian attacked me the moment I accepted and yet it still, it still didnít quite light that fire inside of me.

Flair pauses before continuing on.

Ric Flair: I wasnít bothered by what Christian did, I was still all for giving him the chance to face me at Vengeance. The plan for me was, head to Las Vegas, give Christian what he wants, have one more moment in the spotlight, go out and tear the ROOF OFF OF THAT ARENA!!

Pop for Naitch who works himself up.

Ric Flair: But when all was said and done, win or lose, I would leave it at that. I would walk away after Vengeance having given Christian that opportunity he wanted, that opportunity he NEEDED. Last week though? Last week J.R everything changed in that one moment when Edge and Christian smashed my skull in with that steel chair.

Flair shakes his head looking slightly emotional.

Ric Flair: I remember waking up in a hospital bed with my head feeling like it was being smashed against a brick wall OVER AND OVER AGAIN! I remember the pain that I was in, that i still am in and I remember exactly what that SON OF A BITCH did to me and it ATE ME UP INSIDE J.R!!

Nice pop for Flair.

Ric Flair: That was the moment I realised the fire was lit again inside oí me. That was the moment when I realised that at Vengeance Iím NOT going to be walking in, doing my job and then walking out. NOT A CHANCE. At Vengeance the Nature Boy, WOOOO, is gonna walk in, KICK CHRISTIANíS ASS ALL OVER LAS VEGAS!! When it's over with I am still gonna walk away, but now? Walking out is NOT ENOUGH for me now. Iím gonna leave Vengeance Sunday night but 24 hours later Iím gonna be right back here on Monday Night Raw and Iím gonna KICK CHRISTIANíS ASS ALL OVER AGAIN, WOOOOO!!

MASSIVE pop for Naitch.

Ric Flair: That J.R is why Iím happy. Iím happy, Iím thankful for what Christian did because at Vengeance youíre all gonna get to witness the Nature Boy, the SIX-TEEN TIME, WOOOO, World champion at his very best. Christian, my message to you is real simple kid. Thank you.

Flair nods his head.

Ric Flair: Thank you for bringing me back to the place I wanna be in and thank you for giving me the opportunity to RIP YOUR HEAD OFF SUNDAY AT VENGEANCE!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

Flair then rips his mic off and leaves the room as we return to a view of Coach and J.R who looks shocked.

Jim Ross: Wow. That was as intense and as fired up as Iíve seen Ric Flair in a long time. Christian may well live to regret his actions last week on Raw Coach.

The Coach: Flair looked MAJORLY fired up there I gotta say but can he really J.R? Can he really defeat Christian this Sunday night? I donít think so.

Jim Ross: Well folks this Sunday it is indeed Vengeance, live from the Thomas&Mack Center, Las Vegas, Nevada and what a night it promises to be. Some absolutely HUGE matches with major repercussions to follow this Sunday night. One of those match ups will see the Intercontinental Championship on the line as the leader of the Arabian Entity Muhammad Hassan defends his title against Shelton Benjamin. However this will not be a straight one on one match up, this will be a Handicap match as Hassan has the giant, seven foot three behemoth Great Khali by his side whilst Shelton Benjaminís partner Charlie Haas is banned from ringside. Benjamin has it all to do this Sunday.

The Coach: Shelton Benjamin, as gifted, as talented as he is inside this ring doesnít stand a chance come Sunday J.R Hassan is too damn good on his own, let alone with The Great Khali by his side!!

Jim Ross: Also at Vengeance we will see the Womenís championship on the line as Trish Stratus puts her gold on the line against Victoria in a No Disqualification match.

The Coach: New champion J.R, simple as that. If Victoria doesnít walk Sunday night with the Womenís championship in her posession then Trish Stratus is really gonna have struck the jackpot in Las Vegas.

Jim Ross: How about this one? The ĎProtťgťí, the dangerous Mark Jindrak takes on the Worldís Largest Athlete, Big Show in a huge grudge match. Jindrak has taken out the Big Show on more than one occasion, can he topple the giant once again when it matters?

The Coach: Absolutely J.R. You forget about a crucial factor baby boy and his name is William Regal. Big Showís as strong as they come but when you mix the ability of Mark Jindrak along with the brains of William Regal, you find yourself a winner right there.

Jim Ross: The World Tag Team championships will be up for grabs in a Triple threat match as the champions Bubba Ray and D-Von, the Dudleyz put their gold on the line against the Basham Brothers and the two other members of the Arabian Entity, Sonjay Dutt and Daivari.

The Coach: The Dudleyz have struggled in a big way to deal with these two teams in recent weeks and I donít see that changing Sunday night. My only question is, will it be the Bashamís or will it be the Entity who leave with the titles?

Jim Ross: A match of absolutely huge consequences and we donít even know one of the competitors yet. Shawn Michaels will face an opponent of Eric Bischoffís choosing with the outcome going a long way to deciding Shawn Michaels future. If Michaels is victorious he will earn a World title opportunity. If Michaels is defeated he becomes the property, yes you heard me correctly, the property of Eric Bischoff.

The Coach: It is gonna be a BEAUTIFUL moment Sunday night when HBK becomes Eric Bischoffís SLAVE. Shawn Michaels is gonna regret the day he crossed the boss J.R.

Jim Ross: Another major confrontation this Sunday will see Y2J Chris Jericho go one on one with Mr.Money in the Bank, Edge. These two have gotten into a heated rivalry ever since Wrestlemania and at Vengeance theyíll finally come to blows.

The Coach: Itís Edgeís opportunity at Vengeance to prove just how damn good he is J.R This match is a major moment in the career of Chris Jericho too, Jerichoís done it in the past but as Edge has rightly said itís about the present and itís about the future. And the future is Edge.

Jim Ross: And of course, as we just witnessed, another rivalry thatís become hugely personal, hugely intense is Christian and Ric Flair. The Nature Boy has put off retirement to give Christian this match, to give Christian this opportunity that he so badly desires and Captain Charisma is vowing to take the torch from Naitch at Vengeance.

The Coach: Itís happeniní J.R. Donít even try to deny it. Ric Flair is DONE. I donít care what he had to say just now, how intense he was, Christian is the man around these parts now and long may that continue. This Sunday he proves it.

Jim Ross: And how about this for a main event? A Wrestlemania rematch, Batista defends the World Heavyweight title against his former friend, his former mentor and now long term, heated rival, the Game, Triple H.

The Coach: Itís about as personal as youíre gonna get. Triple H, Batista they will go to war this Sunday but when itís a matter of war, thereís only one winner and itís the Cerebral Assassin. Mark it down J.R, the soon to be eleven time and the NEXT World Heavyweight champion, Triple H.

ĎJust Close your Eyesí

Itís the music of Christian that hits, however Captain Charisma doesnít appear as only his Problem Solver does, Tomko, greeted with small heat.

Jim Ross: A dangerous individual right here folks who could well further the downward spiral here tonight that Shawn Michaels is currently on. Tomko was an integral part of the three man assault last week, alongside Edge and Christian in which they decimated Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair and Chris Jericho.

The Coach: Tomko can go J.R. Ainít no doubt about it, Shawn Michaels found that out first hand last week and heís gonna find out again here tonight. HBK is gonna get a little look at what his futureís gonna be this Sunday night.

ĎSexy Boyí

The music of the Showstopper then hits to a massive ovation as Shawn Michaels struts his stuff, heading down to the ring.

Jim Ross: Eric Bischoff has made it his mission here on Monday Night Raw to make the life of Shawn Michaels a living hell and this Sunday he could achieve all that and more if his representative defeats the Heartbreak Kid.

The Coach: He WILL achieve all that and more this Sunday. Shawn Michaels can no longer get it done on the biggest stage J.R and this Sunday is as big as they come.

Match Four: Singles Match

Shawn Michaels vs. Tomko

Michaels and Tomko circle the ring momentarily before locking up and the big man Tomko uses his strength to gain the early advantage, forcing Michaels back into the corner before letting his grip go and delivering some hard right hands which Michaels eventually fends off and begins to unload on Tomko himself. Right after right before a strong clothesline takes the big man off his feet. Tomko is straight back up as Michaels whips him across the ring, running to the opposite side at the same time. Both men bounce off the ropes and Michaels knocks Tomko down with an elbow to the face. Early cover from HBK, 1..2..Shoulder up from the Problem Solver.

Michaels hoists Tomko back to his feet and nails a forearm to the face followed by another before whipping the big man into the turnbuckle. Tomko smashes into it and Michaels charges right at him, looking for a clothesline but is met with a HUGE big boot from Tomko!! Michaels is sent backwards before spinning round right back into the path of Tomko who almost knocks Shawnís head off with a thunderous clothesline!! Cover from Tomko, 1..2..kick out by the Showstopper. Tomko tells the referee to count faster before beginning to stomp away at the fallen Michaels. The big man, perhaps surprisingly is now heading towards the top rope. Tomko sits himself on the top, waiting for HBK to stir before making his way upward. Michaels now back to his feet turns around into a flying Tomko who goes for a clothesline from the top but Michaels senses it and dodges the bullet, avoiding contact before spinning Tomko round and lifting him up before delivering a nice scoop slam.

Michaels tries to rally the crowd who get right behind him as Tomko gets to his feet, a little too soon you feel as Michaels waits ready for him. HBK begins to connect with some vicious sounding knife edge chops to the bare chest of Tomko as you can almost feel the sting of the impact. The chops force Tomko back towards the ropes as Michaels now looks to whip Tomko across the ring but Tomko uses his strength to hang on as Michaels continues to look for it but itís to no aveil as the big man uses his momentum to pull HBK in and over the top rope onto the outside crash landing on the outside. Michaels lands hard with members near the front of the crowd cheering HBK to get back to his feet as Tomko heads down the steps and after Michaels. The big man sizes Michaels up and slaps HBK across the face much to the crowdís disapproval as Michaels, up to his knees, wriggles his jaw clearly in discomfort as Tomko now picks Michaels up to his feet, clutching HBKís neck. Tomko lifts him up for what looks like a suplex but Michaels counters it, delivering a hard elbow to the back of Tomkoís head. Michaels now lifts Tomko up and delivers a suplex of his own!! Tomko lands nastily on the back of his neck right on the hard outside as the crowd deliver a nice pop and HBK rolls back inside the squared circle.

Tomko looks like heís not gonna make the count but we then see the camera turn as down comes Eric Bischoff from the back to big heat from the crowd. Bischoff comes charging down the ramp with Michaels eventually turning and seeing whatís headed his way. HBK seems to sigh as Bischoff rushes toward Tomko, helping him back to his feet as the refereeís count is now up to 8. Tomko is up now and Bischoff pushes him towards the ring as the big man makes it by the count of 9 with Bischoff smiling in his usual manner. Michaels immediately begins stomping away at the Problem Solver before bringing the big man to his feet. Michaels hitís a nice uppercut but Tomko from out of nowhere delivers a vicious head butt sending Michaels to the mat. Tomko brings Michaels up now and whips the Showstopper across the ring. Michaels comes bouncing back, Tomko ducks down looking for a back body drop but Michaels jumps over him!! Michaels runs the ropes once more but Eric Bischoff holds him back!!

Bischoff then looks like heís seen a ghost as Michaels turns around and goes to nail him but Tomko comes charging with a big boot!! Michaels ducks it and Tomko connects with Bischoff!! The Raw GM goes tumbling to a HUGE pop!! Tomko looks down at what heís done in shock before turning round right into some SWEET CHIN MUSIC!! Cover, 1..2..3! Michaels wins it!!

Winner: Shawn Michaels(10:36)

Jim Ross: Shawn Michaels showing the HEART, showing the DESIRE, the WILL to win here tonight and Iíll be damned if Shawn Michaels repeats that Sunday night and doesnít walk away victorious. Eric Bischoff will need to pull one outta the bag come Vengeance!

The Coach: Tonight does NOT matter baby boy. Shawn Michaels mayíve got the win here tonight but at Vengeance itís a whole different story. Eric Bischoff will not be beaten J.R! I guarandamntee it!

We see Eric Bischoff looking up the ramp at an angered HBK who grits his teeth whilst staring down the Raw GM.


We return and head backstage to join Todd Grisham who is standing by ready to talk to us.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentleman, please welcome one of the three teams involved this Sunday in the World Tag Team title contest, The Basham Brothers.

Doug and Danny appear to minimal heat with smiles on their faces.

Todd Grisham: Doug, Danny we saw earlier tonight both the Dudley Boyz and Sonjay Dutt and Daivari, your opponents at Vengeance get into pretty heated territory. I was just wondering why did we not see anything from you guys during all of this?

Doug Basham: The reason you didnít see us anywhere near that earlier tonight was real simple, we arenít stupid. The Dudleyz, Dutt, Daivari, they can do whatever the hell they want here tonight, doesnít bother us. The more they beat the hell outta each other, the better for us.

Danny Basham: This Sunday a lotta people are ruling us outta contention and I gotta be honest, although it hurts us a little, it also suits us. The more people underestimate us, the more we go under the radar, the greater itís gonna be when we walk outta Vengeance as the NEW World Tag Team champions.

Doug Basham: Todd we guarantee that this Sunday, the reign of the Dudley Boyz as the focal point of tag team wrestling comes to an end and we guarantee that the Basham Brothers are walking outta Las Vegas with the World Tag Team titles sitting around our waists.

The Bashamís walk off and we head back ringside as..

ĎTime to play the Gameí

The music of the number one contender hits and out steps Triple H to big heat as the Cerebral Assassin, dressed casually in a t-shirt and jeans, bottle of water in hand heads down to the ring with security following behind.

Jim Ross: Well this is going to be intense folks and I wouldnít be at all surprised to see this thing get out of hand right here as Triple H and Batista will Ďface-offí just six nights before their huge Wrestlemania rematch at Vengeance. You see the security heading down behind Triple H and they are here by the demands of General Manager Eric Bischoff who has vowed not to let things spiral outta control here tonight.

The Coach: A smart move by the boss right there. Eric Bischoff doesnít want his main event going out the window because Batista canít control himself. I mean y..

Jim Ross: Wait, Batista? Triple H was the one who damn near took our World Championís head off last week with that sledgehammer and you wanna blame Batista for wanting a piece of Triple H?

The Coach: Youíre damn right I do J.R. Eric Bischoff has brought security out here for Batistaís own good. He doesnít wanna see Batista get his ass handed to him by Triple H.

Jim Ross: Oh címon.

Trips takes a mic with security surrounding the ring on the outside. The Game grins as the crowd boo the former 10 time champion.

Triple H: Yíknow last week I think I finally cracked it. And in saying that, I donít mean Batistaís skull.

Trips smirks with Coach laughing and the crowd continuing to boo.

Triple H: No, y'see last week I think that finally the message hit home and finally Batista realised exactly what heís in for come Sunday night. Last week when I smashed that sledgehammer across Batistaís skull, he got to experience first hand exactly what I mean when I say that this is war.

Heat for the Game again.

Triple H: See the games are over between me and Dave. Weíve had a long history and this Sunday it all comes to a close when I walk out of Las Vegas as the eleven time World champion. The time for talking is almost done and I can assure you all that last week was a turning point in this whole thing.

Trips scratches his chin before continuing.

Triple H: Last week I agreed a little deal with William Regal and with Mark Jindrak. We agreed to scratch each otherís backs if you will. I held up my end of the deal, Jindrak and Regal held up theirs. Iím not sure anybody in Boise would understand me but that is what you call smart.

Big heat for that.

Triple H: Sometimes ya gotta do, what ya gotta do and last week I did exactly that. I agreed a deal with two men, one of the smartest guys around in William Regal and one of the most dangerous guys around in Mark Jindrak. Those two did exactly as I had hoped and they softened up Dave Batista.

Heat again as Trips nods.

Triple H: I coulda allowed them to finish the job off if I really wanted to. Those two guys there and then coulda finished Batista off, they coulda finished his career but I didnít want that. No. I will be the one that finishes Batista off once and for all. Donít believe me? Last week was proof enough. That sledgehammer shot was the moment when Batista realised, gosh Hunterís got me here. Hunter is too smart for me, heís got himself some help tonight, god knows what heís got up his sleeve come Vengeance. And you know what Dave? You got every right to be worried about what I have in store for Vengeance.

Trips looks intense now as the crowd start a ĎYou Suckí chant.

Triple H: Thatís what I have always done and itís what I will continue to do. Dave said it himself, I always, ALWAYS find a way and this SundÖ

ĎI Walk Aloneí

The arena erupts as it appears Batista has heard enough and this face-off looks set to kick into gear as the Animal heads down to the ring.

Jim Ross: Well we saw earlier tonight the World champion looking a little battered, a little bruised but he certainly didnít seem to be phased by what went down last week here on Raw. Batista is as ready as heíll ever be for Vengeance and I think Triple H needs to realise that.

The Coach: Heís got guts J.R. I ainít denyiní that but as gutsy as Batista is, heís stupid too. Batista is too stupid to realise that Wrestlemania he had his night, lighteniní donít strike twice baby boy and at Vengeance BatistaĎs fairytale is over.

Batista eyes up security who keep their sights set on the World champ. The Animal already has a mic in hand and steps through the ropes with Trips backing away slightly. The champion and challenger donít take their eyes off one another, looking on intensely as Batista paces the ring.

Batista: First off let me start by saying his whole thing Eric Bischoffís arranged for tonight is an absolute piece of crap. A face-off? Hunter all I wanna do is TEAR YOUR FACE APART!

Big pop for the champion there.

Batista: Let me congratulate our General Manager on getting something right though and thatís getting security out here cos believe me, if they werenít out here tonight, you wouldnít even make it to Vengeance.

Another nice pop for the champion.

Triple H: Alright enough of the crap Dave. You and I both know why security is out here and itís to stop me takiní your head off your shoulders like I did last week. Howís that headache now huh?

Batista turns his head and grits his teeth as Trips smirks.

Triple H: I got a whole lot I wanna say to you tonight Ďchampí and believe me I think itís best you listen to it. Youíve been runniní your mouth a whole lot lately Dave and I got my concerns about it. See back in Evolution it was I who did the talking. It was me who told all these people that I am that damn good. But not only did I do that, I went out there and I backed it up by kicking peopleís assses every.. single.. week.

Trips is a bit fired up now.

Triple H: People didnít call me the Game without reason, they didnít call me the Cerebral Assassin for a joke Dave. They did it because I was and still am to this day exactly that. You on the other hand? Dave what have you done? Honestly, what in the hell have you done around here?

Heat for the Game as Batista looks on intently at his rival.

Triple H: You may be the World champion big man but youíve held that championship for five freakiní minutes. FIVE FREAKINí MINUTES. Last week you stood here and said it pissed you off to see me handed the World title. Really? I mean Dave, you wanna go around runniní your mouth about me and what Iíve done in this business? Let me tell ya, you start runniní your mouth when youíve won that thing ten times. You start runniní your mouth when youíve beaten the VERY BEST there is to offer. Guys like Mick Foley, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker. I could go on and on and on but the facts are real simple to understand. I have beaten them ALL.

A few boos but also some cheers for the Game after mentioning some of the WWE greats.

Triple H: You beat me at Wrestlemania. You won one battle. Good job man but a battle just ainít good enough Dave, not for me and it canít be for you either. Sunday will prove to you exactly why war settles the score around here and it will prove to you exactly why I am the very best in this industry and why you are NOTHING but a fluke champion.

Coach yells ĎTell Ďim Hunterí as Trips stops and allows Batista to respond.

Batista: Are ya done? Can I get a word in now?

Trips nods his head looking pleased with his work.

Batista: Not for one second have I begun to believe Iíve even started getting on the same path as some of the guys you mentioned just now. But for you to call me a fluke champion and for you to tell me that I canít run my mouth just because Iíve not been on top for as long as you have? That donít sit well with me Hunter.


Batista: I donít give a DAMN how many times youíve won this championship, I really donít because it just means that youíve lost it that many times too Hunter. I know that youíre gonna go down as one of the very best that thereís ever been in the WWE. I know that and I respect that. What I donít respect is the way youíve done what youíve done. The way youíve accomplished what youíve accomplished.

Trips raises his eyebrows slightly.

Batista: One of the prime examples of that Hunter is what I said last week and you can say all you want that you deserved it but NOBODY deserves to be handed a World title. Whether itís you, whether itís Ric Flair, whether itís Hulk Hogan, NOT ONE PERSON deserves to hold this just like that(Batista clicks his fingers, whilst pointing also at the title).

Very big pop for the Animal.

Batista: This championship(holding the belt out in front of him) means EVERYTHING to me, it means EVERYTHING to the guys in the back and on nights like that and on plenty other nights when youíve stolen this championship, youíve lost a whole lot of respect. Not only from me but from the superstars in the back, from Hall of Famers, from the fans watching at home. You lost a lÖ

Triple H: I am sick of heariní this Dave. That championship means everything to you, it means everything to the guys in the back but Dave it means EVERYTHING TO ME!! Thatís why I do whatever it is I gotta do to get it around my waist. I live to be the World champion and I donít care how the hell I do it but if Iím holding that World title all I know is that I DO NOT GIVE A DAMN WHAT ANYBODY THINKS OF ME.

Trips scowls as Batista gets heated also and the walk towards one another with the tension rising.

Triple H: This Sunday Dave I am going to do whatever it takes to get that(pointing at the title)back where it belongs. At Vengeance, you are gonna learn that nobody and I mean nobody wins the war with me. Iíve said it before, Iíll say it again, you are nothing but a fluke champion Dave and when we leave Las Vegas Sunday night, youíre gonna realise that your luck? Itís just.. run.. out.

Now nose to nose.

Batista: My luck ainít runniní out on Sunday but Hunter, your luckís not runniní out Sunday either. Your luck iss runniní outÖ TONIGHT!

Batista drops his mic and lays a right hand on the Game to a huge ovation!! The Game though fights back and the two men explode on one another as security step inside the ring, looking to break these two up!


The Coach: I told you Batista couldnít control himself J.R!! Triple H acted like a thorough professional out there and Batista had to get physical didnít he?!

Security is fighting desperately to keep the two men off of one another with each man now having around 6 security guards on them to keep them away but it doesnít work as Batista breaks free and charges at Trips, knocking him down with a clothesline!! The fans go wild as Batista now on top of Hunter, hammering away with right hands! Security eventually get him off and take him away to the corner with the rest of the guards helping Triple H up to his feet. Trips though doesnít back down and breaks away from his security now!! Triple H jumps right on Batista and begins to nail the champion with right hands of his own!

Jim Ross: In just six nights Vengeance, Batista, Triple H, the World Heavyweight championship!! The war is on!! Who will strike lucky in the city of sin this Sunday?! YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!!

The show closes with both men now finally dragged away from one another, both mouthing obscenities at the other as one set of guards drags Batista up the ramp, away from the ring as the fans start a ĎBa-Tistaí chant.

Current Vengeance Card: June 26th 2005: Las Vegas; Nevada

World Heavyweight Championship
Batista(c) vs Triple H

Chris Jericho vs Edge

WWE Intercontinetal Championship: 2 on 1 Handicap Match(Charlie Haas is banned from ringside)

Muhammad Hassan(c) and The Great Khali vs Shelton Benjamin

Christian vs Ric Flair

WWE Women's Championship: No Disqualification Match
Trish Stratus(c) vs Victoria

World Tag Team Championships: Triple Threat Match
The Dudley Boyz(c) vs The Basham Brothers vs Sonjay Dutt and Daivari

Shawn Michaels vs ?
(If Shawn Michaels wins he becomes Number one contender to the World title; If Shawn Michaels loses he becomes the property of Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff)

Mark Jindrak vs Big Show

As ever all feedback will be greatly appreciated and returned. Really thankful for the feedback for Smackdown imac, appreciate it. This show is a bit promo heavy compared to matches but with the PPV next up i felt that'd be best. There will be an official Vengeance Preview once Smackdown is posted.
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