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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Cue the random musings.

To say I've had a sporadic interest in this thread (and the section in general, guilty) would be an understatement, but I think I have the basic gist of what's going on. Jericho, Heyman, Big Show/Wight as a monster of epic proportions, Foley, Hacked by Helms, Danielson... Joe and Finlay killing each other... something like that. The shows I've managed to read have featured an excellent control of language, however, as well as good booking as far as I've seen; not to mention you've clearly got the agenda to keep every element of your show with an innovative storyline attached to it, and you're working within the boundaries of a brand new company quite well. I would agree with whoever it was (I'll assume Stoj from memory) that maybe you've got a PPV a little speedily, but not only is it not the worst of BTB crimes, but you've countered it with some good realism in the above notes, what with the ticket sales being below-par, etc.

In terms of the show itself, from what I can see, the Torrie Wilson angle is nicely done. One of the things (cue rambling) I love about good storylines, wrestling or otherwise, is particular flaws with certain characters and how others exploit them. Torrie's naivety/over-trusting nature is one of these, and you've made good use of it here. Similarly, the Christian character development is stellar - the 'man on the moon' promo gave me chills when I first read it, though I find it slightly annoying I've used a similar metaphor in my latest Orton promo for my next show, so I feel I'll just offer the disclaimer that I'm not plagiarising, when you see it. Regardless, I think the Christian angle is deliciously mysterious, and I can't wait to see what he does to get himself back on the show. Very intriguing; very involving, even.

The A.O.K.O match was brutal, no doubt. The ending was sick in its own way, but you wrote it so believably that it was easy to become immersed in it as a reader; I found it easy to 'root for' Joe as the face, and it makes his narrow loss all the more powerful. Finlay as the number two heel would certainly be refreshing, considering he's rarely in such a highly-ranked position on the ladder in most BTBs - I'm also a big fan, so I welcome it. Will be interesting to see what you do with both men when they return, especially if they go their own ways after such a bloody feud.

Your tag team division is looking pretty meaty, too. Plenty of talent to use in this 'Tag Team Halloween' concept, which follows the theme you've got going of several unique gimmicks for the new company, yet none of them are too over-the-top or conversely, cliched, like the WWE often manages to do. That show should be terrific considering you've got some brilliant match-ups on tap, and you're clearly interested in keeping the division fresh by bringing in guys like Afa and Siaki, too. Excellent stuff.

Don't want to forget the World Title scene, of course; looking for a big promo in this contract signing between RVD and Jericho on this next edition of Oblivion. I also hope you play on this Jericho-Foley angle, too; maybe a theme related to how Jericho can't focus on his title match with RVD because he's so wrapped up with Foley's management skills? I suppose it would give you freedom in the future to give the belt to RVD and get a Jericho-Foley feud going in the ring in some kind of brand new gimmick match where they can bash the hell out of each other. Of course, that's just one possibility, so I look forward to seeing how the entire storyline branches out towards (and in the aftermath of) World Ablaze.

Told you my random thoughts would be twice as random as yours. Hyped for the show.
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