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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Chikara ~ Young Lions Cup IX

1) Young Lions Cup 1st Round 4 Way Elimination ~ Green Ant vs Kobald vs Will O'The Wisp II vs Robbie Eagles - **3/4

2) Young Lions Cup 1st Round 4 Way Elimination ~ Jakob Hammermeier vs Obariyon vs Gregory Iron vs Chase Owens - **1/2

3) Johnny Gargano vs Matt Jackson - ***1/4

4) Young Lions Cup 1st Round 4 Way Elimination ~ Archibald Peck vs MK McKinnan vs Milo Shizo vs Mat Fitchett - ***1/4

5) Young Lions Cup 1st Round 4 Way Elimination ~ Tadasuke vs Nick Jackson vs Sean South vs Mark Andrews - *3/4

6) 12 Large Summit ~ Hallowicked vs Sara Del Rey - ***

7) 12 Large Summit ~ Fire Ant vs Vin Gerard - ***

8) Young Lions Cup Semi Finals ~ Green Ant vs Jakob Hammermeier - *

9) Young Lions Cup Semi Finals ~ Archibald Peck vs Tadasuke - *1/2

10) Ultramantis Black vs Pinkie Sanchez - **1/2

11) 12 Large Summit ~ Claudio Castagnoli vs Icarus - ***1/4

12) Matt Jackson/Nick Jackson vs Obariyon/Kodama - ***1/2

13) Young Lions Cup Finals ~ Green Ant vs Tadasuke - **1/2

For the most part it was just a fun show. A different kind of fun. Not the usual super awesome Chikara level of fun, but fun nonetheless. Matt Jackson had quite the night. Hallowicked vs SDR was sadly underwhelming. Much more grounded than I would have figured. Mantis & Pinkie's match may have only been 5 min, but boy did they make it work. Really was into it. The speaker spot was AWESOME. <3 Mantis. Per usual it was always cool to see the young indie talent around and this one was no different. Nothing to really go out of your way to see, but I'd say owning would be fine. I'd watch again. Too bad there was no Countdown Showdown thanks to the weather causing this to be compressed into one LONG show. Over 3 hours, btw.

Oh and Chikara pulled a rare HORRIBLE booking decision and gave Tadasuke the win. What the hell. He's garbage. Only thing he did was one hell of a punch to the face in the finals. Still annoyed by the decision.

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