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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Before I get to the actual content of your post, just a heads up, don't worry about feedback for me. Obviously I'd appreciate it, but if you're a little strapped for time I don't mind. I don't follow your thread in hope that you follow mine, I follow it because I enjoy. Anyway...

The network having a problem with the ending to Finlay/Joe makes sense. Finlay as the number two heel is even better, it all sounds good to me. I'm sort of happy to see you're at least mentioning it is a little early for a PPV. Also, the hype on your weekly shows for the PPV really does need to improve. It has been almost non existent to this point. I like the idea of Regal and D'Lo (he owns) coming in, although I wouldn't want Regal to be an on screen authority figure. That's WWE's bit, use their talent differently, please. More signings is alright, as is Mysterio and Lance 'DA FUCKING MAN' Storm being written off.

The tag team showcase is something I am really looking forward to, because tag team wrestling is epic. We need more bookers to realize this pronto. Another little thing, 'General Manager' in terms of wrestling is really only a WWE term. I don't like the idea of a new company borrowing the term, tbh.

Helms little segment was pretty solid. I don't get the insinuation that Danielson is dumb because he doesn't eat meat though. I thought you could have worked in a better insult then that, especially from a character like Helms. His match with Mysterio on Oblivion should be a show stealer, as should the match at World Ablaze. On a side note, and in attempt to stir up some competitiveness, I wonder who's Helms/Danielson will be better. Yours or Imac. That is all.

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