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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Gotta admit, I like the update post! First of all, having a statement about the network being upset over the finish of the AOKO match, and hearing that "World Ablaze" is struggling gave the BTB a new dimension of realism, and I highly appreciated that!

I'm kind of hoping that you use not only Regal, but Snow and D'Lo as occasional on-air talents once you hire them (If you hire them and aren't just putting us on, that is!), especially in the case of Al. I always thought these two were vastly under rated, and I'd like to see them in the ring every now and again! This statement is also valid with Lance Storm. Don't get me wrong, Storm's main concern should be with Developmental, but I freaking love Lance to death as a wrestler!

I don't know too much about Jeter, but I am excited to see Brodus being picked up! I think that, in due time, he could be a monster heel, and I think that Clay-Joe could be an amazing feud! Two big, pissed off dudes going at it! I'm not usually a huge fan of "Big Man VS Big Man" matches, but something about those two tells me that I could change my mind when it comes to them! Looking forward to seeing what other names pop up in developmental (If I may throw a name out there, I'd kinda like to see Trevor Murdoch. I'm interested in seeing what you could do with his character, since neither WWE or TNA did shit with him)

I do dig the fact that you're giving the tag division a HUGE rub with the tag show! I think that it could be really good, and could really establish what the future of the division will look like!

As always, loved the Helms bit! Helms VS Mysterio should be a great match, I'm just hoping that it doesn't end with Bryan interfering (I always hate it when good matches are ruined by lack luster endings, and I'm sensing that this is going to be a good match!)

Looking forward to the actual preview, mate!
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