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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Wow, thank you very much, gentlemen. All the feedback is very much appreciated. Small notes on the actual thread in that I've changed the roster on the opening post to accomodate the two new tag teams (but not yet the unnamed third one), as well as adding an 'AOW Originals' section for new match types with a brief summary of their rules as well as links to their innagural matches. A show archive should be in construction, too.

But all that takes time and that's something I don't have a whole lot of right now. But again, thanks for all the feedback and Stoj, you should be getting some feed in the coming days after relapsing back on the booking wagon (and I too need to get caught up with Legend). As for the tag team champs (which are the WGTT, btw ), I actually had a segment in the show with them but I cut it out for time constrains. They'll be more apparent in later editions. But enough chatter. Good bit of news and notes to get to...

Originally Posted by The Informer
~The A.O.K.O. Match has been declared a complete success, with the match giving AOW Oblivion its highest rating in the company’s young history, just a notch above the pilot episode. The feeling is that the match set a whole new bar for AOW and its competitors, as well as being the conclusion of the Joe/Finlay blood feud, with Finlay being strongly considered for the spot of the #2 heel in the company following this, however, Finlay’s character may come under fire. FX has garnered several concerns on the ‘noose and gallows’ ending, making note that if AOW wishes to continue doing things of the sort on a consistent basis, they may be forced to bump Oblivion’s rating to TV-MA and push them back into a later timeslot, but most notes indicate that this was an ‘isolated incident’ and things like this will not be common on TV programs. The A.O.K.O concept will most certainly be used exclusively on PPV’s following this anyhow.

~Speaking of PPVs, the huge risk involved so far in giving AOW a PPV this early doesn’t seem to be paying off. Ticket sales are fairly slow, and there has been very marginal hype for the event on television. How AOW goes about fixing this may have an effect on the card as a whole.

~As previously noted, AOW is in close contact with William Regal, who is still under WWE contract until late December. The company has also kept close ties with D’Lo Brown and Al Snow, feeling all of these men would make for road agents as AOW continues to try and leave the Hammerstein more often. Regal will undoubtedly be an on-screen authority figure who competes should he defect.

~Also as previously noted, Rey Mysterio is to be written out fairly soon, potentially this coming edition of Oblivion. Also potentially being written out is Lance Storm, who will spend the next few months ironing out the OVW prospects in development.

~Speaking of the OVW prospects, AOW has signed another former Spirit Squad member in Johnny Jeter to an OVW contract. OVW also signed talent George Murdoch, who competes in Deep South Wrestling by the ringname “Brodus Clay”.

~aohdubya.com exclusives

Originally Posted by aohdubya.com

Exclusively on aohdubya.com, Mick Foley has released a statement regarding AOW’s impending time extension on October 31st, saying that because of the wave of new teams and explosive tandem talents, it will be a showcase of the tag teams, the concept being that every tag team in AOW will compete that night! This means everyone from the AOW Tag Team Champion World’s Greatest Tag team will be in action, their self-declared “#1 Contenders” The Mercenaries, all the way to the newest tag teams of the Sons of the Dungeon and American Made!

We’ve also received note that the team of men who assaulted the Sons of the Dungeon in their debut will introduce themselves and clarify their attack on this coming edition of Wednesday Night Oblivion.



Also exclusive here on aohdubya.com, Gregory Helms has posted a video response to the comments made against him by the Cruiserweight Champion via “Digitized by the Dragon” or “Rudely Interruptive Segment”, as Danielson declared it.

Spoiler for Watch Helms respond:
We see the all-too familiar frame of Helms’ webcam, but we don’t see Helms. All we see is his dimly lit desk with the Cruiserweight Championship atop it before the camera is shifted revealing the face of Gregory Helms, sitting on his desk with an unusually calm demeanor.

Gregory Helms:
Y’see that, Danielson? Y’see that? Look again in case you didn’t see it. You can accuse me of…what was it called last week…‘tampering with evidence’ to get my Cruiserweight title shot. But this is no illusion, boy. That’s what you claim is YOUR Cruiserweight Championship. You claim to be the true Champion.
~Helms looks over his shoulder to glance at the title

Gregory Helms
I’ll give you props on finally learnin’ how to use a computer. I didn’t think people who only eat rabbit food would know how t’even turn one on. But it doesn’t matter what you say, Danielson. I am Gregory Helms and I am the true Cruiserweight Champion. But you raised a good point, Bryan…I haven’t done what you’ve done so far in AOW. I haven’t faced Rey Mysterio. And technically through terrible officiatin’, I haven’t beaten you for the Cruiserweight Championship.
~Helms shakes his head and lifts up the picture of his leg being underneath the ropes as the ref makes the 3-count at September’s Supershow.

Gregory Helms
That is why I have talked to Paul Heyman and have repealed my title shot request against you that was supposed to happen this week on Oblivion…and instead I’m facin’ you for the gold I rightfully deserve at World Ablaze!
~Helms jumps into an extreme close up for that line

Gregory Helms
An’ in the process, Danielson, I WILL prove that I am the true best! Yes, you did face Rey Mysterio in your debut match in AOW. But you lost to him. So this week, I will prove to you that I’m that much damn better than you when I face and defeat your buddy Rey Mysterio this week on Oblivion. And I’ll do it under the same rule you lost to him under – Yin v. Yang rules. Because this company needs a brighter future than you.
~Helms calm disposition has disappeared, now back to his more familiar bitter self

Gregory Helms
Then I’ll go on to embarrass you in front of the whole world at World Ablaze, Danielson. Just like you embarrassed me in from of the whole world at the Supershow. So Rey Mysterio, get ready. ‘casue I ain’t your friend. You’re another guy whose shadow I’ve been in since I set foot in an AOW ring. And Danielson…you be ready come World Ablaze when you find out the true Champion is in possession of the title as I speak. An’ both of you get ready to be mangled, twisted, and hacked…by…Helms…

Hopefully I return all feedback in a timely fashion, but actual show preview should be posted in the next few days so I can get the show up on the weekend. 'til then fellas.


AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair
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