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Re: Futurama Mafia: Game Thread

Night 1

After a rather lacklustre day, the townsfolk were on edge - the dark force still loomed, and they were no closer to knowing who, or what, it actually was.

McQueen was busy working in his lab. He heard a knock on the door, and an old woman came into the room. They embraced for a moment, then McQueen staggered backwards, and collapsed, a knife sticking out of his back. McQueen was:

Spoiler for McQueen:

Congratulations, you are Professor Fransworth, Earth Aligned
Your role is Inventor. You are able to invent 3 crystals and send them to different players. These crystals are a healing crystal (bodyguard ability), seeing crystal (investigation ability) and Doomsday crystal (killing ability). Once sent, you cannot invent them again. You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated.

CM Dealer ran in to the lab to discover what had happened, but was joined by someone else. Poor Susie didn't even see it coming, as a bullet entered into his head. CM Dealer was:

Spoiler for CM Dealer:

Congratulations, you are Scruffy, Earth Aligned
Your role is Watcher. Each night, select a player, and you can see who visited them. You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated.

A small crowd had gathered around the carnage, and discussions were starting up. Hiplop decided to take a drink, although he noticed it was rather strange. He felt really ill afterwards, like something was wrong with his drink.

He decided to get it checked out, and made his way towards an office. He entered the office to discover a Alcoholic firing a torpedo into Rush, caushing Rush to explode into several pieces. Rush was:

Spoiler for Rush:

Congratulations, you are Dr Zoidberg, Earth Aligned
Your role is Doctor. Select a player to heal each night, from either an attempted kill, or poisoning. You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated.

Suddenly, Alcoholic stopped. He screamed, "Oh no. You were good! Self-destruct initiate!!!" and he exploded into a million pieces. Alcoholic was:

Spoiler for Alcoholic:

Congratulations, you are Robot Santa, Individually Aligned
Your role is Serial Killer. Each night, target a player whom you’d like to kill. You win when you are the last remaining person in the game.
N.B – due to a fault with your software, you recognise Zoidberg as good. Should you kill Zoidberg, you will self-destruct, so be careful with your selections.

A chaotic sequence of events for the town on this night, and as sunshine slowly crept in through the windows, Hiplop was running out of time.


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