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Futurama Mafia: Game Thread

Forget the 20th century, this is the 30th century baby. With robotos, aliens, flying cars and spaceships, life sure is grand for the citizens of Earth. Or is it? A dark force looms on the horizon. "This planet should be ours. These mindless morons can't do anything for themselves, and they need guidance. It's up to us to do what is right. We need to take control. If you join me, life will be quite...pleasurable for all parties involved."

Life in new New York seemed to go on without much fuss. Nobody knew of the looming threat, until a body fell from a business building, and landed on the ground. A crowd gathered around the fallen body, which had a tape recorder sewn onto the chest.

The body was examined, and it was discovered to be:

Congratulations, you are Sal, Earth Aligned
You're a man of many occupations, but not for this game. You're the innocent bystander, and win when all threats to town have been eliminated.
Someone hit the play button, "You idiots have dragged this planet down for long enough. It's about time someone stood up and took control of this place to rescue it from the depths of despair. We're taking over, and there's not a thing you can do about it. Muwhahahahaha!"

The body quivered, and a voice spoke out, "Yo, saves the planet alls youse"

1. Be active, I'll replace lazy bastards
2. Don't communicate outside the thread, unless you're able to do so by your role PM. I'll modkill anyway who is seen doing this (eg Lawls in the catbox)
3. Phases will generally be 24 hours at most, pending activity.
4. Don't quote your PM. Paraphrasing is allowed though.
5. You can role/character claim whenever

3. BkB Hulk
14. Doddsy King Kenny
16. Evolution
23. Beer.
26. Rawlin

1. Rush
5. CM Dealer
6. McQueen
18. Alcoholic
17. Lawls
20. Hiplop
7. WordsWordsWords
4. Haystacks Calhoun
10. Josh
25. Postage
8. UnDeFeatedKing
2. Kiz
22. Rising
13. scrilla
12. TheLadderMatch
19. Emarosa
11. Leeroy!
24. Shepard


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