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I am bringing this thread back to life because I have just finished watching Breaking Bad. The first thing I will say is that it is definitely the best show on television right now. On top of that, I would say it's one of the best dramatic shows in history. Although, I found Skyler and Marie annoying at times, they eventually grew on me. I thought Skyler was great in season 4. She fully understood that it was important to stick to their story (not having much money, Walt turns to gambling and suddenly makes a lot of money...it becomes an addiction which causes issues in their marriage). She was very smart about the situation because she knew that straying away from the story would arise suspicion. I thought that was an excellent idea. She did seem to be a little bit more level headed than Walt at times. As for Marie, I found her annoying for a couple of seasons but I actually started to feel sorry for her in season 3 when Hank would take his frustration with his temporary paralysis out on her. I can't imagine being in that situation! It surely must be difficult for your significant other to treat you horribly because of his own issues. The fact that even the most annoying characters can eventually become likable shows that the writing and acting on this show is top notch.

In terms of my favorite seasons, I would say that season 4 was definitely the best. Following season 4 would be 2, 3 and 1. I thought season 1 was great even thought there weren't many episodes. I enjoyed the episode where everyone sits down and discusses Walt's condition very much. Season 2 was also great for many reasons. We see Jesse fall in love and deal with his significant other's death AND we see him at his worst. It was very difficult to watch Jesse inject heroin into his system. It was also hard to watch Jane over dose while Walt watched. We know that Walt could have tried saving her but he didn't because he feared that she would tell the cops about his profession. Although Jane was pretty unreasonable at times, she was a drug addict after all but Walt didn't care for that. He wanted to protect himself at the expense of her life. Another aspect that I enjoyed about season 2 was that Skyler figures out the truth and leaves Walt. I wasn't expecting it at all and I thought it was very well done. This season was pretty flawless. Not to mention that we are introduced to the superb Gus!

I enjoyed season 3 very much because we learned a lot more about Gus's character and we saw how cold hearted he could be. Getting his drug dealers to kill the kid on the bicycle was definitely disturbing. We also got to see how strong Jesse and Walt's bond was in that season. Although, they started off wanting nothing to do with one another, Walt had Jesse's back when Jesse encountered the two drug dealers by running them over and shooting them. However, Walt's need for staying alive and protecting himself arose again when he had Jesse kill Gale. I found that scene very difficult to watch because essentially, Gale wasn't a bad person. Sure, he cooked crystal meth similarly to Walt but he didn't have any bad intentions. This death eventually led to great acting and memorable moments with Jesse in season 4; therefore I am not complaining. My only issue with this season was that it was a little inconsistent at times and I wasn't too fond of the Mexican twins. I didn't find them to be particularly interesting.

Finally, season 4! This season was perfection. Aaron and Bryan's acting was phenomenal. Here are two scenes that perfectly describe how terrific they were!

I loved how he used "a dog" to describe killing Gale and how it affected him.

Walt is in danger and he knows it. He starts laughing like a mad man! Absolutely loved it! Also, notice how he is coughing again. Is his cancer coming back?

Back to season 4, it was great to see Jesse recover from his "partying from morning to night" phase. I loved seeing Jesse associate himself with Gus and Mike. Their scenes in Mexico were great! I also thought that Ted's death was pretty hilarious (running and tripping). Great humor there! Moreover, Gus's death was very well done. I found the half face (terminator style) pretty hilarious though. Of course, the best part of the season was finding out that Walt poisoned a kid. He manipulated and lied to Jesse simply to get him to assist him in killing Gus. I understand the logic behind it but risking the life of an innocent child is wrong. It's interesting to see that Walt doesn't seem to have many morals anymore. I am excited to see what how his character will be in season 4. Will we see Walt vs. Jesse? I certainly hope so!

<3 ~JT~

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