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Re: i$e's Magical Music Megapost

Originally Posted by Svart View Post
Nice list. If you're interested, I wrote a few articles in a similar vein, although I worked with 5 albums per article. Genres I've touched on include: hip hop, doom metal, post rock, dark ambient and neofolk/martial industrial among others. Definitely check it out if you're looking for some interesting but obscure music.

Five great albums 1
Five great albums 2
Yeah, some really nice stuff on here.

Originally Posted by NoGimmicksNeeded View Post
Just got back from the Crocus gig. Seriously, if you like pg.99/Orchid/whatever, based on that set, you NEED to hear their LP (think it's getting released February? although one of them was saying the bass sounded like shit in the mix, but whatever). I get on with most of them but don't get on with one member of the band at all, and based on that I was kinda hoping they'd started sucking, but... wow. What a set.

Also check out Hospitals, they put on a great show, and their tape which has been sold out forever is still on sale at shows, so that was a pleasant surprise. They're on mediafire anyway.
Hospitals are sick. What's your beef with one of the members? Is he a dickhead or something? Anyways..

Week 3 Inductees

1. Yndi Halda - Enjoy Eternal Bliss

Genre : Post-Rock
Year : 2006

This is one of those albums that I intended to listen to way before I did. I listened to a TON of post-rock around the time this came out and I just couldn't bring myself to listen to another album. Big mistake. An epic, sprawling album of soundscapes and emotional highs that matches GB!YE at their best. Acquire.

2. Pianos Become The Teeth - The Lack Long After

Genre : Hardcore
Year : 2011

Continuing this years amazing run of new music is PBTT. It kind of reminds me of travels by Defeater; a melodic hardcore album with one of the best vocal performances I've heard in a long, long time. If you're into emotional stuff, try this.

3. Fleetwood Mac - Rumours

Genre : Rock / Blues / Progressive / EVERYTHING
Year : 1977

I'm so sorry for not including this in my original essentials list. How embarrassing. One of the best records ever. Highly influential.

4. In Pieces - Lions Write History

Genre : Post-Hardcore
Year : 2005

Underrated album that not many seem to have heard of. Legit song-writing ability along the lines of bands like Thrice & Thursday. Great vocal range and some tight as fuck drumming.

5. Radical Face - Ghost

Genre : Folk / Indie
Year : 2007

Man, this is such a sick album. Guy might have the best vocal range in the world (although it's certainly really good), but he's an absolute monster of a songwriter. 'Welcome Home, Son' might be my favourite folk track of the last five years.

6. Purplene - Purplene

Genre : Indie
Year : 2004

An album nobody seems to have heard yet I consider it to be a downbeat indie masterpiece. Supremely emotional songwriting along the lines of Antlers. It would be great if some of you checked this out cos' I could talk about it all day.

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