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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Oblivion Feedback

I, like yourself, also like a match kicking things off, so I appreciated the way we got things underway tonight, although the few brief words from young Kenny were fine too. Certainly gave a glimpse of a cocky attitude, although he was promptly shut up by Van Dam. The way 'RVD' has been pushed in the thread means Kenny had little chance of victory, although he was certainly presented as compettitve throughout the match. The Great~! Liked this, it was a nice touch to have Wight out to watch on, and you did well to resit any interference in the match, the presence of the man alone was enough to keep Van Dam guessing throughout the match. The ending was well put together, I'm also a fan of Kenny missing that leg drop, it's a real big momentum changer in a match, and the nod from 'RVD' towards Wight as he finished things off was a nice touch to send Wight home to the champ with. Overall, this ticked all the boxes, Doane would have benefited, Van Dam got a solid win, and we had a bit more interaction between Van Dam and Jericho/Wight. Solid stuff.

I've noticed you do this most weeks were we don't hear from the commentators until after the first segment. Certainly something different, so props for originality. Also liked the little nudge towards Jim Ross, a man who would have been a fine choice for Styles' chair had you gone that way.

Hmmm... very intriguing situation between Heyman and Foley here. Heyman was almost, dare I say, heeling it up a bit here. Giving the euphoria he kicked off the thread with, this was certainly a departure from that. Worth keeping an eye on how this plays out. Oh hey, Christian's back. That crazy sunnova gun. Looking forward to see if you pick up the Lashley situation again, as it went on pause in a pretty brutal way. Ah Jericho, what a heel. Really liked the way this played out, with Jericho almost holding Christian's career in his hands. A real strong bit of story development here, could easily go in several ways with Christian, making him one to keep an eye out for next week.

While I like the idea of this challenge in principle, I can't help but feeling that with Punk banned from it he's gonna wind up handing somebody a win over Hassan to cost him the cash. A good idea in theory, but I'll need convincing this is the right way to go. Interested in seeing how you're gonna handle it.

Makes sense to have the Sons and AM debut against each other given the duelling video promos we've seen over the weeks, and this was a real good match, and another strong showing for your developing tag team division. Certainly an interesting dynamic that you've gone with the Americans as the heels and the Canadians as the faces, but it works better in terms of in-ring action. Some nice spots, although I didn't know why you ended the hot tag run by Smith with that clothesline then cover, only to then quickly come back with the belly-to-belly for the cover. Just seemed like an unecessary part of the sequence. There was a better way of working into the suplex imo. But apart from that, the action was all good, and the heels get the win, although I'm sure this is far from over, with the teams trading wins back and forth like you did for TWGTT and The Hooligans. JBL was rather epic afterwards too btw.

And jesus, here's another new team. Three debuts in one night may be perhaps a bit of overkill, and God knows how you're gonna fit them in, but this was pretty sweet for the two Samoan guys. Perhaps a bit too similar to the real life debut of The Usos given the situation, big splash spot and people involved, but impactful nonetheless. Tag team division is looking real strong right now.

90 mins is all good with me. More chance to develop things on the show.

Natural that Hassan would win the challenge in the first week, although Sydal gave it a real good try. Still saying Punk to cost Hassan the cash at some point, but it won't be for a few weeks imo. Although the fact Hassan had to use the briefcase to win didn't sit well with me. I'd have rather Sydal made a mistake and the match ended clean to give the challenge a real solid foundation to go on from. My only gripe with this was that, the rest was fine.

Aw man, Digitized by the Dragon! That was gold! Amazed you wouldn't have run with that. I'd have had Bryan wearing a t-shirt with said slogan and everything. Opportunity missed their buddy. Anyway, really liked this. Given the way the title match went between the two, it was natural that the rivalry would continue, and this was a great way from Bryan to get back at Helms. Danielson really shown here, you presented a strong confidence mixed with a sense of humility in his character, such a stark contrast to Helms' persona. Rematch down the line please, perhaps even with a killer stipulation.

Dont't call it a comeback~! Freakin' a! What a match! Really just absolutely brutal stuff, and the cage falling apart was nuts. Some real good pshycology too with Finlay working the knee to then have it cost Joe briefly towards the end. As for the ending, you're one crazy bastard dude. Using the ropes and a broken cage as a gallows in just... wow. Amazed that Finlay won tbh, thought this was for sure a Joe win, but surely there's nothing more from these two? I mean, who on earth could you top this? While I'd love to see you try, this has to be ending, and a great one at that.

Overall, another really good show. Was perhaps a bit crazy that for a supposed 1 hour show we had roughly 58 mins of action (did I miss an announcement regarding an extension to the show?) but we'll overlook that to say the action was spot on throughout. Really enjoyable, and the main event was a real step up for the progression of the thread. Good stuff man.

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