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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

Wrestlemania 22 Card:

World Heavyweight Championship:

Chris Benoit (C) vs Chris Jericho

Jericho returned at the Rumble and entered number 1. Benoit entered 2 and both were the final two in the match with Jericho winning. At No Way Out, Benoit won the elimination chamber match for the title and right after it, Jericho hit him in the head with a chair and said that he picks Benoit at Mania. I was going to give Jericho the title and have Benoit win it back after a long feud at Summerslam but Benoit has gotten busted for steroids 3 times in the last few months and after fineing him and giving him a last chance twice and him saying he will clear up, i think i will give Benoit a month off and write him off with injury.

WWE Championship match:

Edge (C) vs Angle vs HBK

Edge cashed in MITB at New Years revolution beating Cena like in real life but then, entered a feud with HBK. After Angle returned from an injury, he got put into the mix after winning a 20 man no. 1 battle royal on raw. HBK beat Angle on raw in a cage match and was given a title shot in a triple threat match. I'm not sure who i want to win this yet but it will either be Edge or Angle.

Streak Rematch

The Undertaker vs Randy Orton

Not much story behind it, Orton wanted a rematch and they started a feud again. Taker will win.

30 Minute Iron Man No. 1 Contender for a title of their choice match

Cena vs Triple H

After Cena lost the title, and lost his rematch at the Royal Rumble, he wanted one more shot but HHH said that he deserved a shot as much as Cena. This sparked a feud between the two that will have the winner become the rightful No. 1 Contender for any title they want. IDK who will win.

Street Fight

Rey mysterio vs Batista

Not much story. Just a feud between two former friends. Batista will win.

Elimination Match for the US Championship

Bobby Lashley (C) vs William Regal vs Finlay

Lashley won the title and went on a monster streak for a few weeks beating everybody until Finlay beat him in a match. They started to feud and then Regal faced Lashley. After a distraction from Finlay, Lashley lost to Regal. The following week, they had a rematch and Lashley left the ring to beat on Finlay and Regal hit him with brass knuckles and Lashley got counted out. These two wins gave Regal a spot in the match. Regal will win.

Smackdown Tag Team Titles

MNM (C) vs Londrick

Both have been feuding for a while. Londrick will win it.

Raw Tag Team Titles

Be Cool (Miz and Carlito) (C) vs ShowKane

Masters and Carlito had beaten ShowKane for the belts and were gonna feud but then Masters got busted for steroids for the third time and was suspended and i had to bring up Miz from development to replace him. Be Cool will win.

Cruiserweight Championship Ladder Match

Kid Kash (C) with JBL vs Funaki vs Jamie Noble vs Psicosis vs Super Crazy

Kash teamed up with JBL as his manager/business partner and has dominated since. Just a match get get more guys on the card and to build up Kash/JBL more. Kash will win

Money In The Bank Ladder Match

Shelton Benjamin vs Booker T vs Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy vs Ric Flair vs RVD

Benjamin has been pushed well by me and is super over and I am going to have him win the briefcase unless something happens last minute.

In all I have 10 matches with 6 being for titles. 3 (maybe 4) new champs will be crowned. Tell me what you think and if you like who i have winning each match. thanks
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