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Re: Should i ask this chick out ?

Originally Posted by Cole Phelps View Post
I was planning on returning in a week or two but i have a serious problem i think my internet friends can help me with. I'm on my phone on my lunch break eating subway and i only have 8 minutes so ill keep this short and sweet. As alot of you know im a virgin shocking i know anyway theirs this chick at work i think wants a bit of cool phelps but im too scared and too much off a coward to just man and talk to her however i also think its time too grow some balls because i aint gonna get pussy acting like a bitch. I know it seems so simple just talk to her right but as alot of you know including walls and mankycaant. I smoke alot of weed and dont leave my house much so im embarrsed about my lifestyle plus i dont have a licence so i basically come across like i do on here a fucking loser anybody got any advice ? I need help i have mental issues also yesterday i reached my goal of no drinking for a month im so proud
LOL at "not getting any pussy"? Can't get lamer tough guy line than that. Stop buying into this pussy bullshit and see it from a general perspective. What's the point in talking like a tough guy anyways? It's not like it will get you any more "pussy" that way.

If anything it will make you more delusional about the whole thing. Stop buying into peer pressure. That's the first thing.

Now second thing is you need to stop frequent visiting this place and hearing more tough guy talk that will not bring you any closer to talking to this chick.

Third is you need to stop smoking weed man. Clean up your act. If you know weed is the problem. Stop using it today. Don't listen to what anyone else here says. Today get rid of the weed. No remorse. No second thoughts. Just Do IT.

Now moving on. After you done with the things I told you, you need to build up your confidence. That's all that matters from there on out. Be confident but also don't put up any tough guy acts that are not normally part of your life.

Don't worry about cars or licenses or anything. If you do all that and it still is not a success that means it was not meant to be. Move on to another girl you like.

Seriously dude you already knew the answer what you need to do before you asked it. You just need to find this inside you. Look inside yourself and discover yourself. And that's all I had to say about that.

Good luck brother.

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