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Re: I hate Chris Jericho

Originally Posted by ice_edge View Post
Well since my thread was deleted in raw forums I guess we can take it here instead:

"He's a horrible wrestler(Jericho), a horrible talker. The guy has zero charisma, his music sucks also (he'll never make it in that industry.) Having second grade wrestling skills doesn't necessary make him "Best In The World".

He's nothing more than a second grade heel that never drew anything.

All he ever did was leech fame and glory from The Rock. He never had any material of his own and always stole from The Great One.

All he does now is sit in those radio boots and whines how his mommy didn't fed him his favorite food pasta and bolognese each day and how Punk stole his gimmick.

It's as if he had any rights to gimmicks to begin with.

And his 2007 run? Well that was the year faces failed in general. It was so bad that it made Khali's face run look like gold.

His 2008 heel run was a failure. He drew no money to anything and that storyline he had with Michaels drew on for far to long. No one wanted to be talked to sleep about your 12 year old hair cut issues Jericho.

Right now you're nothing more than a 40 year old has been who has been living in the past for the last year or so. You simply don't know what's cool anymore Jericho. So go back to your Fozzy and continue to fail in music industry.

Let the guys like HHH who know exactly what they are doing continue to draw and make Vince money."
Let me guess, he crushed your favorite wrestler so now you gotta troll. This is the biggest fail in IWC history. But nice rant. Completely false and idiotic, but I applaud the effort.
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