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Stone Cold vs The Rock War

Ok since I really don't want this to be part of Jericho thread I'm making this thread. In either way this is what IWC do daily anyways. This war will never end. So let's all just bring it.

This is to the response to the dude who said that Austin 3:16 made Austin. Here you go fella.

"Bullshit sunny. If it wasn't for the guys like HBK, Bret, Vince and just about anyone who thought that screwjob was a good idea you wouldn't have Stone Cold Steve Austin today.

Not to mention all the leeching WWE did from ECW it's amazing that they are not sued today (If only Paul E could).

Stone Cold Steve Austin is nothing more but a one of the best gimmicks and storylines in WWE. Nothing more here to grab under that tree.

Sure he has mic skills. But are they really that better than everyone elses? That can be argued but I can't see how you can fairly argue that Stone Cold was nothing more but a fabrication of a lot of fucked up events that took place during the 90's. Stone Cold was just that sunuva bitch that reaped the rewards after everything was said and done and all the smoke was cleared and dust put out of the way.

Also thank Jake The Snake that he was sucha screw up during that KOTR otherwise no one might even know who Stone Cold is today.

Not to mention you need to thank Bischoff also. Thank him and NWO for actually giving Vince that kick in the butt that he needed to create Stone Cold.

Did I mention Paul E? If not for this guy Stone cold would have never developed mic skills needed to begin with to be great.

So all you did hear is you came down here and proved nothing.

Rock would been great as long as you gave him the mic. He is one of the few who can put himself over. Right now he's the guy who could most likely bury stone cold so bad I doubt he would ever recover..ever again.

Wanna do some more cute Stone Cold comebacks? Bring It. I'm ready for them ."

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