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Re: ROH on SBG Discussion Thread

EDIT: Sorry for the double post. Forgot I was the last who posted.

Episode 6 in the books. Highly enjoyable episode. Commentary was great all night. Video quality was much improved. First show with 3 matches!

Roddy/O'Reilly was pretty good. O'Reilly sold Roddy's strikes well and I liked truth on commentary. Seems like Kyle has toned down the weird intensity poses and that's great because he looks like he needs to take a shit most of the time. Like Shirley said, if he sticks around for a while I can definitely see him being a main event player. Post match stuff was great. Really gets the faction warfare thing across as a focal point and could set up plenty more matches in the future. Strong & Elgin vs. Future Shock NEEDS to happen and I'd love to see Davey/Roddy go at it in some sort of stipulation match. Fight Without Honor, Last Man Standing(or Lights out match, whatever you prefer), even a Steel Cage match. Good stuff to start the show. ***

Inside ROH made me laugh. Haas made the WGTT promo weird as hell and as soon as they showed Coleman & Alexander I busted out. It's just weird, with Caprice's hair I feel like I'm watching Koko B. Ware in an 80s movie or something and then with Coleman standing there with his hand on his shoulder it was just... odd.

The Sicilian Psycopath vs. Alex Silva was fine for what it was, which was a squash obviously. Silva has a great look and while he's still very young and seemed pretty green, who knows, maybe we'll see him back in the coming years. Ciampa continues to impress me on every level. Busted out a new move or two I haven't seen from him. Future champ for sure. *3/4

I'm getting pretty tired of seeing Briscoes/ANX, but this was another good main event. Little better than their match from a couple weeks ago and it had a somewhat creative finish. Oh and Nigel's commentary. Hilarious stuff. ***

Next week:

Official announcement of Davey's opponent at Final Battle
Proving Ground: Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team vs. Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander

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