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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Oblivion Feedback

Nice way to start the show with Van Dam picking up a needed victory. Would've perhaps liked to have seen a bit longer with Doane really testing RVD, though i get that Van Dam's gotta look mighty strong.

Good stuff with Foley and Heyman here. Liked how Heyman put it forward that it's Foley working for him, good stuff. Torrie's definitely got an interesting story going on here and i love the way you've got Jericho manipulating her, it's brilliant and this was no different. Great line at the end about her not being able to walk away until Jericho says. Can't wait to see what you do with Christian next week.

Very nice little set up from Hassan for this 5 Minute 50k challenge. Very unique and looking forward to seeing it.

Great way of showcasing two new teams here. Giving them 15 minutes to just go out and do their thing. Good job here and i'm looking forward to their feud kicking on in the coming weeks. Pleased to see American Made win here though.

Or maybe we won't see where this feud heads lol. Nice impact from this new team here and intrigued what route you go with them now. Possible three way feud, we shall see.

Sadly Sydal never stood a chance against Hassan here. Glad to see you continuing to build Hassan up nicely and i'm sure a match with Punk beckons soon.

Really enjoyed the Danielson-Helms stuff here. The fact Danielson went the whole hacking route was great and something i didn't expect. Liked his end paragraph about how it's what happens inside the ring that matters. Should be a good one next week.

I'm really glad you chose to main event with Joe and Finlay here. It deserved the main event slot and it certainly didn't disappoint. Some brutal stuff here as expected and clearly the cage spot was the highlight. In a weird kinda way i'd rather it didn't actually happen as this was kinda the main thing that separated this from a usual Last Man Standing match. On the whole though this match definitely worked well and it's fitting you gave it to these two, any others and it may've disappointed. Great job on the whole here, first off for thinking this up and secondly for pulling it off. Right man won to boot.

Overall it was no doubt an enjoyable show as ever. My only problem was i'd have liked to have seen some more interaction from Jericho and Van Dam. Maybe something from the tag champs as well but your tag division definitely went up a notch tonight. Joe/Finlay was great, Hassan's new challenge will be interesting and the Christian/Torrie/Foley/Jericho dealings moved forward nicely. Very much looking forward to the next show as it promises a lot and i'm sure you'll deliver.
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