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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Ah, sweet. Worked out for me leaving Wrestling Forums for a few weeks. I come back, you've a ball of shows posted, I read them all and review the latest -- and another pops up straight away. Lovin' it, bro.

Again, like the last show, brilliant opening video package. Sets the right tone heading into Oblivion each week. The Ken Doane promo was weak in my opinion, especially since it was at the start of the show. Maybe would have had Van Dam come out a cut something before hand, maybe about his title shot. Would have been a better idea. The match is self was good, and y'know I love my RVD shit. So I was pleased he went over. He needed that win and I would have lost it if Kenny from the Spirit Squad beat my main man I'm gunning for in this thread. I want him AOW Champion -- note to board of managment, MAKE IT HAPPEN. Anyway, on a more serious note, match was well written and I enjoyed it. Simple indimidation from Big Show. I dunno if you have a Wellness Policy in AOW, because unless Van Dam was too high of smoking the ganja and too paranoid to figure it out, he should have seen this. Yet he didn't, he was like -- "ugh... what's going on, man?". Is he smoking the weed? I won't report you if you tell me he is.

Again, even though Jericho wasn't directly involved, liked I said my last review, the whole "worthy man" thing? I love it, bro. Great aura to Jericho in this thread and he's one of my favourite workers. Good commentary from JBL and Styles, too. I like that combination.

And yet another segment involving Jericho that had me glued to the screen reading. "One.. step.. ahead". He most certainly is. Maybe, eh, maybe just hold out on that RVD title run for... maybe just a few more... eh... maybe just a little while longer. Alright dude, I say this once more and then I'll leave it be -- but take that bleedin' belt off Hassan, shove all his stupid money up his arse and send him back to the indies.

This clears up my confusion. Nice to see the video package from last week subconciously got me prepared for this one. Nemeth and Swagger (Hager) make a good team, in my opinion, in WWE -- but with you're slight repackaging their even better. So a good team choice to break in the "Sons of the Dungeon" Kidd and DH Smith. At first, after reading the match, I was thinking.. okay, feck your video package, these lads just got buried. But thinking back on the match, they did fairly well, put up a good offense and that... so hopefully this leads to a rematch, where Kidd and Hart Smith go over. They'd wanna be going over, too. Otherwise, they'll end up looking weak, dude. I know you gotta have your boys win, but if SOD are gonna be a main stay in the tag division which is already loaded nicely, do them a favour and put them over against the other lads next week. On the bright side, the "you're a terroist" lines from Bradshaw had me cracking up. Joey Styles... hah, a bloody terrorist. What will you think of next?

You really know how the right the 'oul video packages, don't you? Perfecto dude. You manage to write them in a non-wrestling type way but being able to link them in with each other. It's f'n brilliant, if you ask me, bro. Nice to see an extension to the hour and half mark. But let me keep this next segment review peice short and sweet... I only read the next match because I saw Sydal and wanted him to beat the shite out of Hassan. He didn't. This made me angry. This whole Gregory Helms lie gimmick is good. Seems like at this stage he's actually believing them. Mad man. Stealing the title was cool, I must say. I like that angle style. It'd be nice to see Helms with the title though, I dig his gimmick.

The main event. The match gimmick is cool, man. I like it. Nice to also see Finlay in the mian event and Joe. Big match for TV, though, but I suppose AOW is in it's formation years to it's to be expected. Cool shit free on TV is what draws them in at first. Then water it down, slowly over a couple of years and big up ppv's. Wow... you really went for it with this match. One of the best matches I've seen on a weekly BTB show in my time -- quality and quantity wise, as well. I'm not gonna do that bullshit match re-cap thing, why would I? That's bullshit and doesn't help you. We both know what you wrote and I'm telling you it's good. The chair and ring bell shots, "USING THE RING ROPE AS A NOOSE AND THE CAGE AS A GALLOWS!!!" -- that line was kinda eerily perfect to describe what was happening at the time, the downed cage -- all that shit was hot. Great main event and I love the new gimmick match. Keep it, bro. Hopefully you feel the right time to whip it out again is soon enough, don't want to have to wait long for another one.

All in all, another very good show. Keep up the good work, man. Getting more familiar with the thread now, following all storylines and stuff -- loving it and it'll be hard not to keep looking out for your shows.
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