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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Okay, before I start this review, I just want to warn you that I am insanely tired, so if it isn't up to the "quality" that most of my reviews are, my apologies! Anywho, let's get this started! Again, I'll be reviewing as I read!

Huh... wasn't expecting for RVD to be Doane's opponent at all! Kind of bummed out that Doane lost the match cleanly, especially when Wright could have interfered and given Doane a cheap- but needed- victory. Either or, I'm trusting your judgement on this one. Still hoping that Masters and Doane become a team in the near future!

Having Heyman and Foley bicker backstage about Foley's "Power" could definitely lead to something very interesting in the future, and I'm hoping you do a bit more with this! I wouldn't mind seeing Foley as a heel authority figure like he was in TNA (Only I hope that, unlike TNA, you'd actually take it seriously!). Having Torrie come in and stir the pot a bit more between Paul and Mick was good, but also having her quickly calm things down was very believable! I'm really excited that Christian's coming back next week, and I'm interested to see what he does or says, and especially interested in seeing him interact with Torrie! Still my favorite storyline you have going on right now, bud! Having Jericho kill the moment for Torrie was also really good, very well written, makes me despise Jericho even more! I really am hoping that this eventually turns into Christian VS Jericho. Their feud over Trish in 2003-2004 was one of my favorite feuds that WWE had in the past decade, and I think that you could make Christian-Jericho one of my favorite BTB feuds, as well!

The 50,000 dollar challenge that Hassan issued is very interesting! Reminds me of something that Ted DiBiase would have done back in the day! While I can imagine Punk somehow sneaking his way into the challenge, I'm hoping that you don't do that... at least not for awhile! As long as you don't have it blow off too early or too late, this could be very interesting to see!

Now, I knew that Sons of the Dungeon and American Made were going to face off at some point, but I have to admit, I'm shocked to see you give the match away so soon! I think that waiting and letting tension build up between the two until a bigger night, like World Ablaze, would have been a better build, but I'm not complaining! That was one hell of a match, but I almost feel that having the Sons go over pretty clean kind of buries them a bit. That said, I know that you know how to construct a good story, and I have a feeling that this is far from over, so I'm looking forward to seeing what the future holds in store for these teams! The attack by (What I assume to be) this third Samoan team was actually a huge shock for me! Kind of looking forward to seeing what Siaki and Afa's intentions were... personally, I'm hoping that the three of them have a giant feud, kind of like the Dudleys, Hardy's and E&C back in the early 2000's!

Having Sydal take Hassan to his limits was a good way to kick off the $50,000 challenge. Despite losing, I don't feel that this buries Matt that badly, but it does wonders for Hassan! The cheap win definitely helps to NOT hurt Matt while building Hassan's character! Great way to kick off the angle, I could see this as a good way to debut some new talent, if you have any lined up!

While I'm thinking about it, I think that having an updated roster post after World Ablaze could benefit us, the readers, a little bit! Quite a few names have come into AOW since the debut, and at times, it gets kind of hard to remember who is or isn't on the roster, who is or isn't teaming up, whose in what division, ext. I mean, if you have more names lined up to come in, don't bother quite yet, but it would definitely help me remember the rosters a bit more!

Man, having Danielson hack Helms actually made me laugh out loud! Anyway, I cannot wait for their match! The build has been really good, but I think that their match at the 90 minute debut should probably be the blow off between the two. I can't really see how this could go on after the match unless Helms won, but I don't wanna see the Cruiserweight title (Or any title, for that matter) change hands too much. I don't believe in the "Titles are a prop" mentality, and I think that titles should have a level of credibility to them, so seeing it change hands so soon would kind of bum me out!

Jeez, brutal fucking match! I have to say that the cage falling apart spot was the best part of the match, mostly because we got an "OH MY GOD" out of Joey (No offence, JR, but that's the best line in announcing history!). I'm really shocked that Finlay won this match, and because of that, I don't think that this is quite over! I don't see how you could top this match unless you had the two face off in some kind of crazy Japanese style death match (Which I would LOVE, mind you)! The match flowed pretty well, so I'd definitely like to see it come back at some point (Not too soon, of course! Matches like this should only be broken out every great now and again), you did a damn good job!

All in all, pretty good show! It felt a little bit shorter then the last few shows, but that could be because I'm so out of it! Also, it could be because I'm as tired as I am, but I wish you would have put an "Announced for next week" thing at the end of the post. Looking forward to next week's show, hoping I don't have to wait such a long time for it to be posted (I understand how hypocritical that statement is, if people pay attention to how much I update my BTB).

Peace, Love,
Brandon Brownson
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