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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Monday Night Raw
Monday 27th October 2008
Live from the Allstate Arena
Rosemont, Illinois

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

Batista is in the production area on his cell phone and the WWE Champion in his street clothes tonight with his title is resting against one of the huge production boxes.

Alright sweetheart, I’ll see you soon. Love you, bye.

Batista snaps his cell shut just as Randy Orton & Darren Young (also in their casual gear) walk towards him, quickly changing The Animal’s mood.

Great, what d’ you want Randy?

Randy Orton: Let me guess huh Dave, Stephanie right?

Batista: Not that it’s any of your business but actually it was my daughter, and like I said last week there’s nothing going on with me an’ Steph. Why can’t you or Hun’er get that in t’ y’heads?

Randy Orton: Look Dave you’re right. Whatever’s going on or not going on between you an’ Stephanie, that’s not my business, but let me ask you something. . . How can you be so sure you can trust Stephanie? If nothing has happened that may well be for a reason. All I’m saying is Dave you don’t have t’ trust me but can you honestly say you can trust her? Think of what Hun’er has t’ gain by all this. He wants the W-W-E title as much as we do, maybe even more an’ we know what he’s done before t’ get it an’ keep it. Just think about that. He’d do whatever it takes t’ get either or both of us out of the picture an’ you know it, an’ we both know Steph’s not as innocent as she makes out. I mean how do you know their marriage is in trouble an’ this isn’t one big charade t’ put you in the middle an’ lower your guard huh Dave? Has it never crossed your mind that it may be a possibility? Just think about it Dave. That’s all I’m gonna say.

It looks like what Orton’s said is registering with Batista and The Viper sees that, then turns away with his rookie, leaving The Animal to ponder it some more. His cell phone rings again and he looks at the screen. He looks at it, clearly thinking about whether to answer it, and he does.

Hey Steph, what’s up?

The camera zooms in on the WWE Champion and clearly his mind is all over the place.


‘The Game’ Triple H
is walking through the back, breathing slightly heavily after his match when he stops and appears to see something that he doesn’t like. His face goes red and he breathes even heavier as the camera cuts to a shot of Batista with his back to the shot hugging someone in the distance. Triple H loses it and storms over. Batista doesn’t hear him coming and The Game pulls him away, spins him round and nails him with a right hand, sending him to the floor and glares down at him in anger.


The Game turns his head expecting to see Stephanie but it’s not, it’s Batista’s daughter and she panics, kneeling down to check on her dad. The Animal sits up with a face like thunder and then we hear someone run over and club Triple H down to his knees. It’s Randy Orton & Darren Young and they stomp all over The Game. Orton then drags him up and tosses him in to one of the production boxes with Batista looking on in shock, as does his daughter. The King of Kings is barely moving on the floor and Orton turns to Batista, then nods his head at him. The Legend Killer slaps Young on the arm then walks out of the shot as a confused & angry Batista then looks across at a groggy looking Triple H coming round as the show comes to a close.

*Cut to the Arena*


Jim Ross:
Good evening ev’ryone an’ welcome to Monday Night Raw, live t’night from the Allstate Arena in Rosemont Illinois, an’ King we’re now just thir-teen nights away from the Survivor Series.

Jerry Lawler: Oh we sure are J-R. It’s so close you can feel it. I can’t wait.

Jim Ross: Well t’night you might get a sneak preview of how things are going t’ pan out thirteen nights from now as we’ve got no less than three matches here this evening with Survivor Series implications. . . It might be Ted DiBiase going one-on-one with The Undertaker in just under two weeks but t’night it’ll be his rookie Ezekiel Jackson who’ll be the one going at it with the dead-man. We’re also going t’ see Christopher Daniels take on Gregory Helms an’ you can be sure their tag team partners won’t be far away as they prepare t’ battle it out for the world tag team titles at Survivor Series.

Jerry Lawler: Oh yeah, an’ we found out exactly how Daniels felt about that last week an’ how he got to Helms an’ Matt Hardy. That’s not gonna be pretty J-R, trust me.

Jim Ross: I’m sure it won’t. The same can be said f’ when Kofi Kingston takes on The Miz’s rookie Heath Slater, an’ after the last couple o’ weeks it looks like Kofi’s getting back to his best, an’ that’s not good news f’ Team Miz. I wouldn’t want t’ be Mister McMahon t’night, or J-B-L f’ that matter after the sickening stunt they pulled last week. One man you don’t want make angry is The Big Show an’ god knows what kind of mood he’ll be in when he arrives later on.


A ton of heat breaks out in the arena as The Miz, dressed casually tonight walks out to the stage in not one of his better moods along with his rookie, Heath Slater who is ready for action.

Lilian Garcia:
This contest is scheduled for one fall. Intr’ducing first being accompanied to the ring by The Miz, from Pineville West Virginia, weighing in at two hundred an’ sixteen pounds, Heath SLA-TER.

Slater has his game face on, looking very serious as he and his mentor walk down the ramp giving the booing fans dirty looks all the way before getting in the ring and doing the same as they step inside there too. Mr. Hollywood shakes his head disapprovingly at the fans as he walks over to Lilian Garcia and asks for her microphone, getting it while giving her a frosty look too. He rejoins his rookie in the centre of the ring as his music cuts, bringing out the boos that clearly get to him.

The Miz:
If you losers would shut your damn mouths I’ll be able t’ say what I came out here t’ say.

*Major Heat*

The Miz: Y’know what? I couldn’t care less about any of you pathetic losers or what you think. All I care about right now is Survivor Series an’ beating Shawn Michaels an’ his precious little team he so happily put t’gether Friday night. . . Shawn I know you’re watchin’ wherever you are t’night but you can wipe away that smile you had on your face. In fact I’ll personally take care of that in two weeks when my team including Heath here embarrasses yours.


The Miz: That’s right Shawn, I said we’re going to embarrass you. The fact you were practically gloating about your team the other night’s just going t’ make it even more satisfying than it already will be. I just hope that I have the pleasure of being the one to eliminate you. You might now it Shawn but the rest of us all know The Heartbreak Kid died a long time ago an’ right here you’re looking at the future of the W-W-E. Shawn Michaels might still be clinging on but not f’ long. It’s time someone pushed you over the edge and we all said goodbye t’ you once an’ f’ all, an’ finally that person’s come along, and his name is THE MI. . .

“S.O.S., I hear ‘em callin’. . .”

Kofi Kingston
runs out to the stage to a big pop with a microphone in hand, hitting both sides of the stage and getting he crowd going even more. The Miz & Slater look in angrily, not at all happy to see Kofi settling in centre stage and staring down at them as the music is cut by the guys in the truck.

Kofi Kingston:
Miz, did you take a bang t’ the head or somethin’ the last couple o’ days? You’re out here tellin’ these fans you seriously think Shawn Michaels is on his last legs an’ you’re gonna finish off one of the greatest this business has ever seen at Survivor Series, seriously? Man you’re a bigger idiot than I gave you credit for.

*Big Pop*

The Miz: Like I care what you think Kofi. You’re just as worthless as ev’ryone sat out there. . .

Kofi Kingston: . . . Give it up Miz. You’re crazy if y’believe that. F’ whatever reason you actually believe you’re this huge megastar, you’re not even in Shawn Michaels’ league, an’ guess what? You never will be.


Kofi Kingston: You can f’get all about that an’ winnin’ at Survivor Series, just like that rookie of yours can f’get about winnin’ t’night.

Kofi drops his microphone on the stage and heads off down the ramp staring at the pissed off Mr. Hollywood & Slater as “S.O.S.” plays again with the fans cheering for Kofi, and the Jamaican Sensation slaps hands with the ones in the front now as he makes his way to the ring.

*The Opening Match*
Kofi Kingston
vs. Heath Slater w/The Miz

As you would expect, Kofi started the match on fire, but that came to a grinding halt after a distraction from The Miz brought Slater in to the contest. Slater looked impressive, staying on top of Kofi until The Jamaican Sensation caught him with a raised boot after being whipped in to the corner. Slater ran in to the raised boot and in a flash Kofi pulled himself up to the second rope. The dazed rookie then turned round with his mentor panicking on the outside, rightly so as Kingston set off a big pop as he jumped off the ropes for a diving crossbody, landing on top of Slater and hooking the leg for a cover.

Slater kicked out though and showed some resilience, but as the match entered its closing stages, Kofi was full of momentum, and after coming close with the Boom Drop, he was getting ready to end it with the Trouble in Paradise. The Miz though had other ideas and jumped up on the apron to distract the Jamaican, and he did just that. With Slater picking himself up, Kofi ran across at The Miz who jumped down before he was pushed, pissing off Kofi no end.

As Kingston then turned round, Slater charged at him but Kofi ducked his outstretched arm and nailed him with the Trouble in Paradise. The fans were cheering all around the arena as he hooked both legs for the cover to pick up the win to a big pop as Miz drove his fists furiously in to the canvas on the outside. He could only look on in anger as Kofi celebrated his win, posing for the fans on the second rope, enjoying seeing Mr. Hollywood all wound up. Slater rolled out of the ring as Kofi then jumped down and stared intently at The Miz with the awesome one staring right back with a face like thunder.

Winner: Kofi Kingston by pinfall.

*Cut Backstage*

The Intercontinental Champion, Sheamus (in his ring gear), Raw’s team captain for the Battle of the Brands at the Survivor Series is engaged in what looks to be a serious looking conversation with Raw’s Head of Authority, Eric Bischoff when Cody Rhodes & Joe Hennig walk in to the shot. They too are in their trunks and have T-shirts on too, both looking very pleased with themselves as they catch the attention of Sheamus & Bischoff.

Cody Rhodes:
Well good evening gentleman. Did you by any chance catch what we did on Smackdown last Friday night?

Eric Bischoff: As a matter of a fact I did.

Cody, still grinning like a smug son of a bitch turns to the very serious Irishman.

Cody Rhodes:
So was that enough for you to make the decision we said you should last week and put us on Team Raw for Survivor Series.

Sheamus: Well fellas. . .

Eric Bischoff: . . . Wait, what’s this? You said they could just have a place on the team?

Sheamus: T’ be fair Mister Bischoff I just told dem t’ go show me why I should choose dem t’ be a part of. . .

Eric Bischoff: . . . Okay hold it right there. I’m the one who makes the decisions about who represents my brand, just like I decided who’d be team captain. I can still change that decision too if I feel like it.

Sheamus: Wait just a minute. You know I’m da man f’ da job.

Eric Bischoff: That may be so but the bottom line is this is still my team. It’s my show you’re all representing. I’m the one who’ll decide who I feel are the right people t’ make sure we beat Smackdown. It just so happens that what you guys did the other night is just what I want t’ see from my team. I want people I know want this and aren’t afraid t’ go an’ do what you did. That took some guts, an’ f’ that guys if you still want t’ be part of Team Raw then you’re in.

Cody & Hennig turn and look at each other, smiling & nodding before looking back at Bischoff with Sheamus unsure of what to make of goings on and being put in his place.

Cody Rhodes:
We’d very much like to be part of Team Raw.

Eric Bischoff: Great because we’ve got less than two weeks t’ get ourselves ready. The work starts t’night. What I need t’ do is make sure all of you are ready an’ that means you’re all going t’ be in action t’night. Cody, Joe you’re gonna be taking on two more members of Team Raw later on in John Morrison an’ Carlito.

Cody Rhodes: That’s fine with us. We’ll show you what we can do not just t’night but at Survivor Series.

Bischoff turns to his captain, still not best pleased.

Eric Bischoff:
Now I know you’ve wan’ed t’ get your hands on Carlito for a while now but t’night I’m gonna give you the next best thing, his brother Eddie, an’ that champ’, that’s gonna be next. You ready t’ lead by example an’ show the rest of the team what it takes t’ get the job done?

Sheamus: Y’can rely on me boss, make no mistake about it. Not only am I gonna destroy dat little punk t’night, at Survivor Series I’m gonna make sure we destroy Team Smackdown, especially after what dey did here on Raw last week.

Eric Bischoff: Now that’s what I like t’ hear guys. Good luck to you all t’night an’ don’t let me down.

Cody Rhodes: Oh we won’t boss, we guarantee it.

Bischoff nods happily at them as Sheamus turns round and walks up the hall. He too then walks off leaving the smug duo of Cody & Hennig standing there smirking, happy to be a part of Team Raw for the Battle of the Brands at the Survivor Series.

*Commercial Break*

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

“It’s a shame that they lost their head. . .”

Looking extremely pleased for himself, the Intercontinental Champion, Sheamus walks out to the stage to a chorus of boos. The heat amuses him and he just carries on down the ramp with his title draped proudly over his shoulder.

Lilian Garcia:
Please welcome the W-W-E Intercontinental Champion and the captain for Team Raw at the Survivor Series. . . SHEA-MUS.

The Celtic Warrior enters the ring with a wide smile on his face before going to collect a microphone from Lilian Garcia. He then walks back in to the centre of the ring and his music stops, bringing out the boos even more, but they still don’t bother him one bit.

Like she just said, whether you people like it or not you’re lookin’ at de captain of team Raw for de Survivor Series. If f’ some reason you’re actually havin’ trouble wit’ dat den jus’ t’ink it t’rough f’ a second. Who else could possibly do a better job dan me? Not only am I de Intercontinental Champion, I’m de undefeated Intercontinental Champion. Dat means I’ve never lost a match. No one’s ever beaten me. What more could y’want? How many people in de locker room can say dat? Dare’s only one man f’ dis job and you’re lookin’ at ‘im.

*More Boos*

Sheamus: An’ wit’ me in charge dare’s no doubt dat’s gonna happen, even wit’ Carlito we’re still gonna win, not dat we need ‘im or anyone else. I could beat Smackdown all by m’self. Don’t y’think it’s funny dat we don’t even know who’s on team Smackdown or anythin’ about dare team? Y’know, not dat I blame dem, I t’ink dare runnin’ scared of team Raw an’ more importantly me. Like Bischoff said last week, if. . .when we beat Smackdown, it means good t’ings are gonna happen, an’ let’s face it, I’m unstoppable. I’m. . .

“I’m comin’. . . no one can stop me, no one can hold me. . .”

To the shock of everyone in the arena, especially Sheamus, Smackdown duo, M.V.P. & Ron Killings walk out to the stage to a big pop. Sheamus can’t believe his eyes as he watches them walk down the ramp in a good mood, joking amongst themselves before entering the ring with M.V.P. holding a microphone. His music cuts and Sheamus looks pissed off to hear the crowd cheering, much to the amusement of the Smackdown boys on tour.

I don’t know what de hell you fellas are doin’ but if you haven’t noticed I’m kind o’ in de middle of somethin’ here.

M.V.P.: Yeah we noticed, just like those people up there snorin’ away. Keep quiet an’ really listen dog, you’ll hear it.

Sheamus: Is dat some kind o’ joke? You tryin’ t’ be funny are y’fella? Well let me tell y’somethin’; you’re not. . .

M.V.P.: . . . I’m sorry y’didn’t like it but we’re actually here f’ a reason, an’ it ain’t t’ stop all these people fallin’ asleep listenin’ t’ you. See while we were tryin’ t’ stay awake back there we heard y’talkin’ ‘bout how Smackdown’s runnin’ scared of facin’ team Raw an’ of course you at Survivor Series, but in case you ain’t sure we ain’t Raw guys, we’re straight from Friday nights; we’re Smackdown guys. Now I can’t speak f’ the whole of Smackdown, but Sheamus we ain’t the least bit scared of you or Raw.

Sheamus: Well y’should be.

M.V.P.: Maybe but the deal’s this fella, you wanna know somethin’ bout what you’re up against at Survivor Series? Well look no further. An’ while we’re at it, you wanna know who our captain is? Here I am boys an’ girl. Look no further than M-V-P.

Sheamus: You’re havin’ a laugh right fella? You’re tellin’ me you two are de best Smackdown has t’ offer? It was only a few weeks ago I was watchin’ No Mercy an’ you guys embarrassed America in dat flag match, an’ if you’re seriously tellin’ me you’re my opposition, dat embarrassment will be nothin’ compared t’ the embarrassment you’ll have after de Survivor Series.

Killings doesn’t look too happy and asks MVP for the microphone, and Smackdown’s team captain hands it to him.

Ron Killings:
Y’wanna talk bout No Mercy huh? Fine. Yeah we were embarrassed alright, not just f’ us but f’ them. It was one bad night but it’s a night we ain’t ever gonna let happen, but y’know what they say right Sheamus? What don’t kill y’makes y’stronger an’ at Survivor Series we’re sure as hell gonna be stronger. You might be all that champ but if y’think f’ a minute y’can beat us all by y’self you’re gonna be in f’ a whole world o’ hurt. You ain’t gonna beat us all by y’self punk. The only thing you’re gonna do if y’keep runnin’ y’mouth is piss off ev’ryone on y’team. Us, we’ve got each other’s back no matter what. . .

Sheamus: . . . Good f’ you. I’m happy for ya but de fact remains Ron, I’m undefeated an’ still will be after I beat you an whatever else Smackdown losers y’have at de Survivor Series. It’s nothin’ personal fellas, it’s jus’ de way it is.

Ron Killings: Not personal huh? Well neither’s this.

Killings snaps and smashes Sheamus in the face with the microphone to a big pop. M.V.P. looks stunned by it but smiles as he sees Sheamus rolling around on the mat with the ticked off Killings staring down at him. Smackdown’s captain likes what he sees and steps towards Sheamus as the Intercontinental Champion moves up on to his knees. M.V.P. pulls him up and stomps him in the gut then sends him spiralling down with the Playmaker to another decent pop. He & Killings slap hands laughing and “I’m Comin’” plays again when Carlito & Eddie Colon run down the ramp and slide in to the ring with Sheamus writhing about on the mat.

The Puerto Ricans stare right at the Smackdown superstars who hold their hands up and back off, leaving the ring to the surprise of The Celtic Warrior as he sits up. He’s shocked to see Carlito standing there and his tormentor in recent weeks turns round and offers him hand up. Sheamus just stares at him in shock and then grabs Carlito’s hand who pulls him up but quickly lets go and slips behind him, BACKSTABBER! The crowd cheer again as Sheamus hits the deck again. Carlito & Eddie smirk, as do M.V.P. & Killings on the ramp as “Cool” plays with Carlito enjoying seeing Sheamus on the mat.

*Cut to the Arena*

*Match #2*
Non-Title Match
Eddie Colon w/Carlito
vs. Sheamus

The Celtic Warrior was fired up for this one from the get go, and with his rival and fellow Team Raw member, Carlito watching on from his brother’s corner, it seemed to fire him up even more. Carlito’s presence gained the attention of the Intercontinental Champion but it didn’t make any difference to the contest as the captain of Team Raw dominated Eddie Colon. Just as it looked like Eddie may make some sort of comeback, the Irishman ended it in a flash, shoving him down to the mat as Eddie went looking for a monkey flip. Sheamus just watched on as his opponent picked himself back up, and he exploded out of his corner, taking the Puerto Rican’s head off with the Brogue Kick.

Carlito was looking massively concerned for his brother as the menacing Irishman turned his head towards his rival before dragging the helpless Eddie back up to his feet, setting him up for the High Cross. The younger Colon sibling couldn’t escape and was sent crashing in to the canvas with Sheamus coolly making the cover to pick up the comfortable win. He was then passed his Intercontinental title and had his arm raised as Carlito entered the ring to check on his brother. Sheamus stayed cool and simply glanced across at him smirking with his title draped over his shoulder.

Winner: Sheamus by pinfall.

*Cut Backstage*

Todd Grisham is standing by at the interview set.

Todd Grisham:
Ladies an’ gentleman my guests at this time are one of the teams that will be competing for the world tag team titles in just under two weeks from now at the Survivor Series. Please welcome Christopher Daniels an’ Kaval.

The camera zooms out and there stand Christopher Daniels & Kaval with both men looking extremely serious and Daniels is dressed to compete.

Todd Grisham:
Guys, last week you made it perfectly clear how you felt about having to compete in the triple threat match at Survivor Series. . .

Daniels pulls the microphone towards him and away from Grisham, staring right at him.

Christopher Daniels:
. . . Well Todd, clearly we didn’t. I f’ one felt that I couldn’t have made it any clearer than I already did. It’s not as if it’s difficult to understand this situation we’ve found ourselves in where you knock out your opponents to progress t’ the next round. We’ve done that ev’ry step of the way. We earned our spot in the final at Survivor Series, bottom line. Now I know our opponents might be popular with those fans out there but the facts remain the same, as much as the fans an’ Eric Bischoff might want them in the final, they don’t deserve t’ be there.

Daniels lets go of the microphone and leans back, but Grisham still looks slightly uncomfortable.

Todd Grisham:
Well with that said and I’m sure some people would agree with you, in just a few minutes you will be going one-on-one with one of those men you’ll meet at the Survivor Series in Gregory Helms. Would it be right to assume that you’ll be looking to prove your point t’night?

Christopher Daniels: Well Todd it looks like I may have underestimated you. It appears that you actually have understood what we’ve been talking about. To answer your question, when I get in that ring with Helms in just a moment, I’m going to show him, Matt Hardy, Rey Mysterio and even Eric Bischoff that they don’t deserve to be in that ring with us. Helms can run his mouth as much as he wants, it won’t change a thing. He’s going t’ get an indication of how Survivor Series is going t’ go. He’s going t’ lose t’night just like he will in two weeks when it matters when we beat him again to become the new deserving World Tag Team Champions, but if f’ some reason that doesn’t happen, there’ll be hell t’ pay.

Daniels looks straight in to the camera meaning every word he says with Kaval doing the same.

*Video Promo*

Team Omega (Matt Hardy, Gregory Helms & Shannon Moore) are shown walking through the halls of the arena with Helms dressed to compete, all wearing Team Omega T-shirts as he prepares to take on Christopher Daniels coming up next after the break.

*Commercial Break*

The Women’s Champion, Melina is walking through the corridor and stops at the door of Eric Bischoff. She’s not the same cheerful looking Melina, and as she is about to knock on the door, Eric Bischoff opens it with the both of them looking surprised to see each other.

Eric Bischoff:
Melina, what can I do f’ you?

Melina: Well I wanted to talk to you about this crazy woman who keeps coming after me an’ the rest of the divas. She’s done it two weeks in a row and you must’ve seen what she’s done to Kelly Kelly an’ Gail Kim.

Eric Bischoff: Y’know as a matter of fact I have. It’s hard not to.

Melina: Look Eric, it might not be my place but I felt like I had to come here as the Women’s Champion an’ ask you what you’re going t’ do about it to make sure it doesn’t happen again before things really get out of control.

Eric Bischoff: Well as it happens I have done something about it but you might not like it. You know like ev’ryone does around here that I strive t’ make Raw the best show it can be, but seeing her dominate those divas you just mentioned, well it made me take a look at the diva’s division. See f’ a while now the diva’s division has been missing something. I know she’s been critical of you Melina but what Mia Rain said was right. There’s been no one really stepping up but this woman, she’s made ev’ryone sit up an’ take notice. She sure made me sit up, an’ like you said I need t’ do something about it, an’ I have. I’ve signed her to a contract, an’ her name by the way is Kong, Queen Kong. . .

Melina: . . . You’ve signed her?

Eric Bischoff: I sure have. She’s the most exciting thing to happen as far as the divas are concerned in a long long time. There’s no diva on Raw or in the whole W-W-E like her. She’s exactly what we need t’ shake things up, but right now Melina there’s something else you may need t’ worry about. See later on t’night there’s going t’ be a number one contender match for your women’s title. Now before you ask, Kong’s not involved. As tempted as I was I thought it wouldn’t exactly be fair to give her a title shot so soon. I’m sure her time will come but t’night it’ll be Gail Kim an’ Mia Rain battling it out t’ take you on for that title of yours in two weeks. That’s not going t’ be a problem as well is it?

Melina: No I guess that’s fine.

Eric Bischoff: Good, I’m glad t’ hear it. You have a good night.

Bischoff taps her on the shoulder before walking off down the hall giving the Women’s Champion a fair bit to think about.

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

Christopher Daniels & Kaval
are standing in the middle of the ring with their music playing but it stops. Both men are dressed casually looking pretty pissed off and Daniels is holding a microphone while the fans boo them.

Christopher Daniels:
You can boo all you want but the fact of the matter is there’s only two people who have the right to be angry right now an’ that’s us. See at about the same time as we arrived in this company this show had no tag team champions. The titles had been vacated due to an injury to one of the champions an’ that’s fine. What was even better about that was Eric Bischoff, the man who brought us here by the way came up with what Kaval an’ I agreed was a great decision by making an eight team elimination tournament to crowd new World Tag Team Champions.


Christopher Daniels: Exactly. What better way t’ crown new champions? Take eight teams and the last team standing become the new tag team champions. . . Now it seemed like a flawless idea. You take eight teams, put them in matches until there are just two left t’ battle it out for the titles. That seems quite straight forward, however as you just saw that’s not the case, because last week there was one spot left in the final for one of those remaining teams t’ challenge us at the Survivor Series with us having earned our place in the final. Now the key word there was earned. We earned our place because we won both our matches, as are the traditional rules of an elimination tournament. Those rules don’t state that two teams can just be given a free pass to the next round like we saw last week. What was the point of even having the match in the first place? To put it simply, we’re not happy.

“Live for the Moment

A big pop greets Matt Hardy & Gregory Helms as they walk out to the stage with Shannon Moore, all wearing ‘Team Omega’ T-shirts. They’re in a more relaxed mood as they walk down the ramp with the angry duo of Daniels & Kaval looking on, and as Hardy, Helms & Moore step in the ring, Matt goes to get a microphone. He walks back to join his Team Omega buddies and his music stops with cheers still ringing round the TEE Center.

Matt Hardy:
Y’know what? Maybe it’s not but you know what you’ve gotta do guys? You’ve just gotta deal with it.

Christopher Daniels: Well with no disrespect, you would say that.

Matt Hardy: Well yeah, maybe I would but reality is that’s the way it is. This ain’t exactly how we wan’ed it t’ pan out either. Before the match last week we were hopin’ it’d be you an’ us at Survivor Series, but hey that’s not how it’s played out.

Christopher Daniels: We’re the victims here. You two, Rey Mysterio an’ his mini me are the lucky ones in all this. You’ve already won without even winning, an’ to us that’s criminal. That’s why we’re out here, t’ make sure that something’s done about this. You can say we just have t’ deal with it as much as you want, you have to accept that we simply won’t just deal with it.

Helms takes the stick from Matt.

Gregory Helms:
Hey, Daniels, we heard you already. They heard you too. You’ve won your matches, yeah you’re undefeated, we get it. If you’re that good, what’s your problem? You’ll have no problem beatin’ us plus Rey an’ his rookie if you’re as good as you make out.

Christopher Daniels: That’s not the point. We shouldn’t have to beat you both. We. . .

“Booyaka 619”

A massive pop breaks out in the arena along with a pyro explosion as Rey Mysterio & Mystico, his rookie walk out to the stage. Mysterio has a microphone in hand and Daniels & Kaval look even angrier now at the further interruption though. Matt, Helms & Moore all give their friends a brief round of applause.

Rey Mysterio:
What’s up with you guys huh? Not you Matt, Greg, you two. I’ve been around here long enough t’ know that you can’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Look at this way; you’re still in the final an’ you’ve still got a shot at being the new World Tag Team Champions. That’s the only thing that matters. We all want the titles an’ we’ve all got a shot.

Christopher Daniels: In any other tournament you’d be out an’ the opponents waiting for you in the next round would get a bye, a free pass if y’will. If that was the case here we’d be the new champions as we speak which is why Rey we’re not all that happy about having t’ face not just you an’ Mystico but these undeserving southern hippies too.

Gregory Helms: You better watch that mouth o’ yours before I shut it for ya.

Christopher Daniels: I’d love nothing more than t’ see you try but we both know that’s not going t’ happen. Even you aren’t that stupid. Well maybe you are but I wouldn’t advise it. If you’ve not seen what we’ve done in short space of time here you wouldn’t be making such stupid threats. We’re superior to any team on this show, in this company and any other team in the world t’day which is why whatever does or doesn’t happen before Survivor Series we’ll still be the next World Tag Team Champions.

Helms gets right in Daniels’ face with Matt & Moore trying to hold him back with Daniels & Kaval standing firm, not looking in the least bit intimidated.

Rey Mysterio:
Hey, guys, up here. What’s goin’ on? We’re all fightin’ t’ be tag team champions. This is crazy. We’ve all got a shot, but if we’re layin’ it all out on the line t’night, there’s only gonna be one of us walkin’ out of Survivor Series with the titles. Y’might not agree with me but that’s not gonna either of you, it’s gonna be us.

“Booyaka 619” hits again to another pop as Mysterio & Mystico stare down all serious at the tension filled ring with Helms & Daniels staring daggers at each other, all talking smack at each other. Daniels then directs his frustration up at Rey as the Mexicans mentor & rookie combination stand there defiantly staring back at them all.

*Cut to the Arena*

*Match #3*
Gregory Helms w/Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore
vs. Christopher Daniels w/Kaval

Rey Mysterio & Mystico joined J.R. & Cole at the announce table to a big pop before their Survivor Series opponents made their entrances, and their presence certainly didn’t go down well with Daniels & Kaval as they made their way down to the ring. It didn’t seem to bother Helms or his Team Omega buddies at ringside with Matt & Moore keeping their branded T-shirts on while Helms took his off for the match. It was an exciting & competitive match with both men looking extremely determined from start to finish. It was Daniels who started the match the better and found himself on top.

It didn’t take long for Helms to work his way in to it though, and as we got to the closing stages it was still nip & tuck. The momentum was with Helms having dodged the BME by bringing his knees up in to the gut of his opponent, and as both men picked themselves up he hit a northern lights suplex, but Daniels kicked out at two. Helms looked to finish the job and went for the Nightmare on Helms Street, but as he spun round, Daniels pushed him in to the ropes. Helms came back and slid through his opponent’s legs before racing up to his feet and ducking a wild clothesline to explode with a super kick, what he calls the Sugarsmack.

Daniels fell flat on his back with the crowd cheering and Hardy & Moore getting excited on the outside, watching as Helms threw himself down on top of Daniels to make the cover, but Daniels got his shoulder up at the count of two to the absolute shock of the fans, Helms and his Team Omega buddies. Kaval breathed a sigh of relief of the outside as the disappointed Helms picked himself back up and walked in to the corner where he watched intently as Daniels tried to sit back up. The focus was there for all to see as Helms glared impatiently towards the groggy Daniels, and as he sat up he charged at him, looking for the Shining Wizard.

Daniels though ducked his head and rolled Helms up, only getting a two count as Helms powered out. They both rushed up to their feet with Helms up the quickest and striking the first blow with a kick to the gut. He then lifted Daniels up on to his shoulders for the Topspin Facebuster, but Daniels quickly wriggled down and spun him round to kick him in the gut and followed it up with a spin-out powerbomb. Helms was down & out but kicked out of Daniels’ cover at two, not surprising him all that much. Daniels went back to work straight away and set him up for the Angel’s Wings, but with the crowd behind him, Helms countered with a back body drop.

That got them cheering again and Hardy & Moore were also encouraging him with Kaval doing the same for his partner. Helms turned round and pulled Daniels up, this time connecting with the Nightmare on Helms Street, and with the fans cheering he went for the cover, but again Daniels just about got his shoulder up in the nick of time. This time Helms’ frustration was there for all to see, and even Hardy & Moore were looking deflated as they looked on. Rey & Mystico were looking impressed and Rey said so on commentary as Helms calmly stood up and watched the groggy Daniels lifted his head up off the mat.

Helms looked over at his buddies before going back to work, urging Daniels back up, and as he clawed his way back up, Helms turned back and ran the ropes. As he came racing back, Daniels exploded in to life and levelled him with a hellacious enzuigiri. The fans fell flat, absolutely stunned by Daniels’ counter, as were Hardy & Helms. They could only look on helplessly as the starry eyed Daniels clawed his way back up to his feet and then reached down to bring the dead weight of Helms up off the mat and in to place for the Angel’s Wings. This time Helms couldn’t counter and was driven head first in to the canvas with Daniels wasting no time in making the cover.

He got the three count to the disappointment of the crowd and the rest of Team Omega and then slipped out of the ring to join Kaval on the outside with the ref following to raise his hand, as did Kaval with Hardy & Moore looking on while kneeling over Helms who was starting to come round with Rey saying on commentary how impressed he was and how tough it’s going to be at Survivor Series. Daniels & Kaval then headed back up the ramp before turning back with Daniels throwing his arms up in the air, then signalling the titles will be theirs with a big smirk on his face, frustrating Team Omega in the ring as they then watched the smug duo walk to the back.

Winner: Christopher Daniels by pinfall.

*Video Promo*

We’re shown a split screen of Mia Rain on one side and Gail Kim with her rookie, Shantelle Taylor on the other making their way through the back as Kim & Rain go head-to-head for a shot at Melina’s Women’s Championship when we come back after the break.

*Commercial Break*

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

Gail Kim & Shantelle Taylor vs. The Bella Twins

Just as the bell rung and Shantelle walked towards one of the Bellas, boos broke out in the stands and some of the fans stood up looking towards the stage. All four divas didn’t know what was going on and they turned to see the same huge black woman who attacked Kelly last week walking menacingly down the ramp. The behemoth entered the ring with all four divas fearing for their lives. Nikki & Brie fled to safety, pulling at each other to get out of the firing line. Poor Shantelle looked petrified, but her mentor entered the ring and stood up for her rookie. The mystery woman just stared coldly at them, unsettling Taylor mainly. Kim decided to fight fire with fire and threw a right forearm shot at her, not doing a single bit of damage except anger the monster who fired back with a shot of her own, knocking Kim down.

She then blocked a right from Taylor and sent her down to the mat with a headbutt. Gail unwisely made her way back up to her feet only to get fired in to the corner, then the monster charged in at her, crushing her with a ferocious splash, and as Gail staggered out in to her path, she was tossed about like a rag doll with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Taylor also picked herself back up, and she too regretted it as the dominant beast charged at her too, nailing her with a thunderous lariat to send the young blonde diva back down. She was then dragged up with ease before falling victim to a lifting double underhook facebuster.

Taylor lay there motionless as the behemoth stood up glaring down at her with no remorse whatsoever. She then glanced at Gail who was barely moving before staring menacingly in to the crowd with J.R. & King still questioning who the hell she is, and the camera then quickly cut to the back to show John Morrison and the stunned WWE Women’s Champion, Melina who caught sight of her first hand last week watching on a TV in the locker room. The shot went back to the ring as the monster left the ring to a ton of heat, walking back up the ramp without looking back while both Kim & Taylor squirming around on the canvas.

*Cut to the Arena*

*Match #4*
Number One Contenders Match for the WWE Women’s Championship
Gail Kim w/Shantelle Taylor
vs. Mia Rain

Melina came out to watch the two divas battle it out for the right to face her from the stage, and she saw both Gail & Rain give it their all. The fans were right behind Kim, much to the frustration of the very focused Rain. She started off on the back foot but came back firing, catching Gail with a dropkick when she hit a springboard off the ropes looking for a crossbody. She went on to dominate and kept glancing at the crowd & Melina, making sure they were watching her, and Melina was for sure. The Women’s Champion looked concerned at points for Kim, especially when it looked as if Rain had it in the bag after a double knee back-breaker.

Somehow Kim got her shoulder up, and even her rookie on the outside looked surprised. As did Melina, but especially Rain. She took it hard and frustration got the better of her. She stood right back up and dragged Kim up with her, wasting no time in firing her in to the corner before racing in. Kim caught her off guard by driving her elbow in to Rain’s face. The crowd were liking that as Rain was sent staggering away from the corner, and Gail looked to take full advantage by heading to the top rope. The fans cheered as Gail reached the summit and then jumped off as Rain turned round, right in to a missile dropkick.

Gail scurried across right away to make the cover but Rain kicked out with Melina watching on with interest on the stage. Rain was showing some resilience and made her way back up as quickly as she could. Gail wasted no time in doing the same and jumped up in the air, on to Rain’s shoulders for a hurricanrana, getting a big pop as she held on for the cover. Again Rain kicked out and they made their way back up to their feet, battling it out back & forth right to the very end where Gail was on the edge of victory, almost locking in the Flying Dragon, a tilt-a-whirl headscissors armbar.

Rain managed to pull her arm free at the last second, surprising everyone. She raced up on to her feet with Kim right behind her and tried to take her down with a neck-breaker. Gail though pulled back and rolled Rain up with Rain kicking out. They both raced up to their feet and Gail ran back off the ropes, coming back looking for a bulldog but Rain threw her off and down to the mat. Gail landed on her face but bravely dragged herself back up, but Rain was focused big time and was right on her, helping her up and in to place for Acid Rain, a bridging straightjacket electric chair drop, and she hit it, sending Gail crashing in to the canvas.

Gail was out of it with Shantelle looking on dejectedly as Rain coolly hooked her leg and made the cover, getting the win and earning herself a shot at Melina’s women’s title in two weeks. Melina herself looked somewhat impressed as Rain stood up and got her arm raised, staring right up at Melina. The Women’s Champion was then in for a shook as Queen Kong emerged behind her and hammered her down to the floor. Rain was stunned and could only look on in shock as the behemoth made her way menacingly down the ramp with Taylor turning round and panicking.

Kong wasted no time and effortlessly shoved her down to the floor before climbing on to the apron and entering the ring. Gail was sitting up while Rain began to panic, then made a wise choice in high tailing it before Kong could get her hands on her. The fans booed as Rain jumped down to the floor with Kong’s scary eyes locked on her until they then turned in a flash to Kim who was rapidly dragged up to her feet before being on the received end of a sit-out powerbomb. Rain watched the intense Kong slowly standing up and staring right at her with Melina getting back up on the stage also looking on in awe of the behemoth while JR & King speculated as to whether anyone could stop her.

Winner: Mia Rain by pinall.

*Commercial Break*

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

The Big Show in his casual clothes is pacing back & forth in the parking lot with a face like thunder with his rookie, Justin Gabriel looking concerned.

Justin Gabriel:
Come on Show, let’s just go inside.

Show stops and just stares at his rookie.

The Big Show:
I know you’ve not been in this business long J but last week Vince spat in my face. He spat in my face. No one, an’ I mean no one spits in my face, you got that? I’m not going anywhere until that son of a bitch gets here, steps out of his limo, an’ then. . . then I’m gonna make what I did t’ Shane look like nothing. Then an’ only then am I goin’ anywhere.

Gabriel doesn’t know what to do, looking very worried by his mentor who turns round and paces back & forth again.


The Big Show is still in the parking lot, standing still with his arms crossed, eyes focused straight ahead. His rookie, Justin Gabriel comes out to meet him along with Eric Bischoff also with him.

Eric Bischoff:
Show I know you’re not happy after last week and I get that but you’re wasting y’time. You can wait out here all night, it won’t make any diff’rence, they’re not here an’ they’re not coming.

Show shakes his head, not happy.


Big Show, Gabriel & Bischoff turn round and see a backstage worker run towards them. He gets there and stops to take in some air for a couple of seconds.

The Big Show:
You want something?

Still gasping for air, the young looking man stands up straight with all eyes & ears on him.

Yeah, we just got a call from your father-in-law. Your wife’s been taken t’ hospital. She’s been involved in some kind of accident. . .

The Big Show: What? Is she is okay?

Worker: We don’t know. All we know is she’s been taken to the hospital.

The Big Show: I’ve gotta get there.

Worker: Look we’ve changed your flight. It leaves in about half an hour an’ the airline knows what’s happened.

Eric Bischoff: You heard ‘im Show, just go.

He doesn’t need telling and runs towards his car in a panic, pulling it out his keys from his pockets.


There’s some trouble in the parking lot as we see Vince McMahon & John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield stomping all over someone on the floor by a car with the trunk open and a travel bag beside it. It looks to be Justin Gabriel and the father & son combination are really putting the boots to the South African rookie.

Vince McMahon:
That’s it son, stomp the crap out of him.

All of a sudden we see a group of security officers & officials storm out towards with them, shouting at them to stop what they’re doing, followed by Eric Bischoff, who marches over to them as they stop the attack reluctantly. The officials check on Gabriel as he remains laid out on the floor with Bischoff fuming at the remorseless Corporation.

Eric Bischoff:
What in the hell are you doing? You’re not even supposed t’ be here?. . . Wait, you planned all this didn’t you. There’s nothing wrong with Big Show’s wife is there?

J.B.L. & Vince turn & smirk at each other.

Eric Bischoff:
You guys are just sick. Get ‘em out of here.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: HEY, we’ll go of our own accord thank you very much.

Father & son step away but Layfield stops and turns back.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield:
It’s just a pity his mentor wasn’t here to look out for ‘im. What a shame.

Vince McMahon: Tragic.

They walk away laughing amongst themselves with Bischoff absolutely disgusted by them. His attention then turns to Gabriel who’s barely moving on the floor with officials already checking on him.

Eric Bischoff:
Is he okay?

*Video Promo*

Cheers break out in the arena as The Big Show, looking extremely pissed off is shown entering the arena with his travel bag, dragging it behind him with no Justin Gabriel in sight.

*Cut Backstage*

The WWE Champion, Batista is sat on the bench in his street clothes looking very anxious and there’s a knock on his door. He looks up and watches as Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley walks in. They look awkwardly at each other for a couple of seconds and The Animal stands up to greet her.

Hey Steph. Thanks f’ comin’.

Looking very tense, Steph walks towards him.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley:
I got your call Dave, what’s wrong?

Batista looks down, obviously bothered by something before looking back up at her.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley:
Come on Dave, you know you can talk t’ me.

Batista: Yeah I know that but this whole thing Steph, it’s got way out of hand.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: What do you mean? There’s nothing going on t’ get out of hand.

Batista: I know that an’ you know that, but Hun’er, he doesn’t. As much as I tell ‘im he still doesn’t buy it. That’s why I need you t’ tell ‘im Steph.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: I have, more than once. Don’t you think I’ve tried?

Batista: That’s the thing Steph, I don’t know if. . .

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: . . . You’ve got t’ be kidding me? You’re still letting what Randy Orton said get t’ you? Come on Dave, w. . .

Batista: . . . That’s not important right now. What’s important is my family, an’ last week my daughter was in danger ‘cause of Hun’er. That’s got nothing t’ do with what Randy said. It was all down t’ Hun’er an’ how he won’t stop until he gets his hands on me an’ the W-W-E title. Unlike him Steph my family’s more important than any title. I don’t want my daughter put in harm’s way again, ever. That’s why you need t’ talk t’ him, not because of something Randy’s said.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: Okay Dave, I’ll try talking to him again, not that it’ll make any diff’rence, but just so you know, this isn’t some conspiracy me an’ Hunter have put t’gether so he can become the W-W-E Champion.

Batista: Thanks, I appreciate it.

Steph grabs hold of his arm and they both take a look at each other, still tension in the air.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley:
Don’t mention it. I just wish my girls had a dad who cared about them like the way you care about yours.

Batista smirks as Steph lets go of his arm and turns round to leave the room. The Animal sits back down on the bench, still looking fairly anxious.

*Cut to the Arena*

*Match #5*
John Morrison & Carlito
vs. Cody Rhodes & Joe Hennig

Rhodes & Hennig entered the ring looking very smug having been given a place on Team Raw, and just as Carlito’s music hit and he walked out to the stage, a big cheer broke out in the crowd. The camera then cut to ringside and Smackdown’s M.V.P. & Ron Killings were sliding in the ring having jumped the security wall. The Team Smackdown members returned the favour and attacked Rhodes & Hennig, hammering away at them and then stomping the hell out of them. Carlito stormed down the ramp, then followed by John Morrison, and M.V.P. & Killings welcomed them in to the ring with Cody & Joe down on the mat.

They slugged it out and then Sheamus came charging down the ramp and so did security led by Eric Bischoff, who ordered them to get rid of the Smackdown duo. The security workers stormed past Sheamus and hit the ring, pulling them away from Morrison & Carlito, dragging them out of the ring with Sheamus trying to get at them desperately. He was held back as the fans booed with the intense Smackdown duo furious, trying to wriggle free and talking smack back at Sheamus and the security guys. Bischoff was angry too and stepped aside on the stage as security dragged them backstage with the Raw guys watching on looking extremely pissed.

Result: Non-Starter.

*Video Promo*

‘The Legend Killer’ Randy Orton
and his rookie, Darren Young, both in their street clothes are shown walking through the back, seemingly headed towards the ring.

*Commercial Break*

There’s a lot of commotion in the back as the security officers we saw before the break drag M.V.P. & Ron Killings to the door to the parking lot with a fuming Sheamus following them.

If it’s a war you want at Survivor Series fellas, den dat’s what you’ve got, I promise y’dat.


Sheamus: Oh I will, don’t y’worry bout dat fella. I’ll bring it dis Friday night on Smackdown.

M.V.P.: Let go o’ us.

The security officers loosen their grip on both M.V.P. & Killings.

Y’wanna show up Friday night? Y’heard ‘im dog, y’all can bring it. We ain’t gonna ‘ave y’kicked out like a bunch o’ cowards.

Sheamus: Who d’ y’think you’re callin’ a coward?

The Celtic Warrior goes right after them but security drag M.V.P. & Killings away again and open the door as John Morrison & Carlito appear behind Sheamus and hold him back, catching him totally by surprise.

What de hell d’ y’think y’doin’?

Carlito: Look man, we might not see eye t’ eye right now, but t’night you had our backs. F’ now, the only thing that matters is beatin’ Smackdown at Survivor Series. Anything else, that can wait.

John Morrison: He’s right. We’ve gotta stick t’gether. We might not all get along but we don’t want those guys coming over here like they did t’night. You going after them like that chasing them in t’ the parking lot, that’s not gonna help. We need t’ do this our way.

Sheamus looks at them both, still livid.

Whatever fellas. Dare’s only one way we’re gonna do dis an’ dat’s my way.

The Celtic Warrior barges past them both heading in the opposite direction of the parking lot, leaving them looking at each other and shaking their heads.

*Cut to the Arena*

“I hear voices in my head. . .”

‘The Legend Killer’ Randy Orton
walks out to the stage to a largely negative reception with some cheers mixed in as he and his rookie, Darren Young look in to the crowd and then walk down the ramp and in to the ring. Orton walks over to the apron and asks for a microphone. His music cuts and frees him to speak with some of the fans still booing, not seeming to bother Orton in the slightest.

Randy Orton:
It appears that right now there are people back there in the locker room questioning my actions of late as far as Batista is concerned. I hear that people are saying I can’t be trusted and that I’m trying to manipulate him. I’ve come out here t’night t’ set the record straight. I’ve been completely honest from the moment I lost the W-W-E Championship at WrestleMania. Since then I’ve said all I want is t’ get back the W-W-E title. I don’t care an’ never have about what people say about me.


Randy Orton: All I’m doing is covering my back. I know an’ Dave knows what Triple H is capable of more than anyone. We know that he’ll do whatever it takes an’ more t’ get his hands on the W-W-E title. I know from experience when he stabbed me in the back when I became the youngest world champion in hist’ry. Within twen’y four hours he turned on me an’ all I’ve done is make sure he doesn’t get that chance again because I know he’ll take it. Any chance he’d get t’ take me out, he’d do it in a flash. He wouldn’t think twice. That’s why I went t’ Batista, not t’ cover his back but t’ cover mine, an’ last week Triple H went after ‘im. Who’s t’ know I wasn’t next? I wasn’t gonna let him take me out before Survivor Series. It’s his fault I’m not the W-W-E Champion right now. He blindsided me at Unf’given when I had the title in the bag. I had it won. I had Batista beat.


Randy Orton: People back there have been saying he needs to apologise for what he did t’ Batista last week in front of his daughter but the real apology he owes is t’ me. He needs t’ apologise t’ me f’ what he did at Unf’given, but if he doesn’t I’ll be more than happy in two weeks at Survivor Series t’ beat it out of ‘im.


Randy Orton: He might’ve cost me the title that night but he won’t cost me it again. Nothing is gonna stop me this time. Me, Hun’er an’ Batista all know why he stabbed me in the back all those years ago, for no other reason that he knew I was better than him, that I was going t’ go on an’ dominate this company f’ years t’ come. That’s why I. . .


A very serious looking Triple H walks out to the stage to a ton of heat from the Biloxi crowd. He stops & stares at Orton who’s now staring right back at him, and The Game heads off down the ramp with his eyes solely fixed on Orton who watches Triple H step through the ropes and walk right up to him. They go eye-to-eye with Young watching closely in case anything kicks off but they just stare at each other and The Game backs off to walk past him and get a microphone. Boos echo around the arena as the music cuts and Triple H stands by the ropes staring over at The Legend Killer with a huge amount of tension between them, and The Game walks closer towards his former Evolution team-mate.

Triple H:
Randy, you’re right. will do whatever I have to t’ get my hands on the W-W-E title. Don’t f’get it. If I felt I had t’ take you an’ Dave out before Survivor Series, I’d ‘ave done it by now. The fact is I don’t need to. I don’t need to for one simple reason, that I know I can beat the both of you. That’s exactly what I’m going t’ do at Survivor Series when I once again become the W-W-E Champion.

*Major Heat*

Triple H: As f’ all this crap about whether people trust you, talking about how I owe you an’ him an apology, I couldn’t care less an’ you can both shove your apologies up your asses.


Triple H: What does piss me off though Randy is you an’ Dave getting involved in my business, an’ when I mean business I mean my wife.

Randy Orton: With respect Hun’er, I think you’re talking t’ the wrong person. The only business I care about is getting back the W-W-E title. I couldn’t care less what your wife gets up to unless you’re the ones playing Dave. See I know I’m not playing ‘im. How do we know you’ve not been planning t’ stab him in the back? It’s not like you’ve not done it before an’ we know you’ll do anything like you just said y’self, whatever it takes t’ get what you want.

Triple H: You don’t know Randy. I don’t care what you wanna believe. You can believe whatever you want, it makes no diff’rence t’ me. All you need t’ know is that when me you an’ Dave get in this ring at Survivor Series with the W-W-E Championship on the line, I don’t need Steph or anyone else on my side. I’ll win that title all by myself. You can talk about what happened however many years ago it was, an’ yeah you might’ve been the youngest world champion of all time, but how did that work out for y’Randy? How long did you have the title before I took it away from you? That was a lesson back then, now it’s a reminder. Back then I owned your ass an’ I still do. The same goes f’ Dave. You can both f’get about walking out of Survivor Series as champion.


Triple H: Randy you’ve had more than enough chances t’ get it back, wh. . .

Randy Orton: . . . Like I said, if it wasn’t f’ you I wouldn’t need another chance. I’d. . .

Triple H: . . . Keep telling yourself that, bottom line is. . .


“In The End”

An enormous roar goes off inside the Allstate Arena as the fired up WWE Champion, Batista walks out to the stage with a microphone in hand and his title draped over his shoulder. He stops & stares down at Orton, Triple H & Young in the ring for a couple of seconds and then heads down the ramp without looking in to the crowd, attention firmly on his rivals. He walks up the steps and in to the ring, again staring at both men, mainly Triple H as the music is cut in the truck, bringing out the cheers and chants of “Batista”.

Y’know what? I’m sick of all this talk. What happened all those years ago in Evolution, it’s in the past. If the guys in the back are talkin’ about me an’ Steph, I couldn’t care less. I’ve said all I have to on that, but Hun’er one last time, there’s nothin’ goin’ on.

The Game glares other at The Animal, obviously not believing him.

As f’ you Randy, you wanna set the record straight? I’ll set you straight right now. I appreciate you coverin’ your back an’ mine at the same time but I don’t trust you. Saying that I trust you a hell of a lot more than I trust you Hun’er.


Batista: I know you’ll both do whatever it takes t’ get this title off me but let me tell y’somethin’. I’m gonna fight like crazy t’ keep this around my waist at Survivor Series an’ you’re both gonna be in the fight of your lives.

*Big Pop*

Batista: Like I said though, I’m not here t’ talk t’night. I’m here f’ one thing an’ that’s payback. Payback f’ what happened last week.

The Animal glares right over intensely at Triple H.

Last week you attacked me in front of my daughter. She almost got hurt too an’ NO ONE HURTS MY FAMILY YOU GOT THAT?

Triple H: Y’know what Dave? That’s too bad.

Batista: TOO BAD?. . . Screw it.

Batista snaps, drops the microphone and his title belt to charge at Triple and tackle him down to the mat to a massive pop. Orton & Young step back in shock and just watch as Batista pummels The Game with a series of right hands. The WWE Champion lets go and stands up, bringing Triple H with him and firing him in to the ropes. The Game hits them but holds on to them, infuriating Batista. The Animal runs right at him, not waiting around, but he runs right in to an extended elbow and Triple H runs out as he turns round to nail him with a high knee lift.

The Game stares down at him but Orton & Young run up from behind him and club him down to the mat, then put the boots to him. The Legend Killer means business now and instructs his rookie to pull Triple H up and he does, letting go for his mentor to leap up and plant him with the RKO to a mixed reception but mainly cheers. As Orton stands up, so does Batista and they look awkwardly at each other with the crowd cheering. Orton turns his head in to the crowd for a split second before turning back to catch the WWE Champion off guard with an RKO, this time to a ton of heat.

The fans boo the hell out of The Viper as he stands back up and stares down remorselessly at both the fallen Batista & Triple H as “Voices” plays. He then turns his head and sees the WWE title lying there. He walks over to it and picks it up, taking a long look at it before looking back at Batista and dropping it on his chest. He then goes to leave the ring with Young as the fans continue to boo him with Batista & Triple H both coming round slowly.

*Video Promo*

Looking in one fierce mood tonight, The Big Show makes his way through the back as he prepares for action when we come back.

*Commercial Break*

*Match #5*
The Big Show vs. Orlando Jordan

Show was an angry giant from the moment he stepped out in to the arena. He didn’t give Jordan a look in, making quick work of the former United States Champion. Jordan was helpless as the world’s largest athlete threw him around like a rag doll at times. He had Jordan in agony, especially after a reverse thrown powerbomb in to the turnbuckle pads. Jordan was defenceless as Show dragged him up to his feet and sent him right back down, crashing in to the canvas courtesy of a thunderous chokeslam that earned him the victory, not that he was satisfied with it as he walked over to the apron and asked for a microphone.

Winner: The Big Show by pinfall.

The Big Show: VINCE, J-B-L, if you’re back there an’ had the guts t’ show up t’night, I want you t’ drag your sorry asses down here right now.

*Big Pop*

The Big Show: Come on, I’m not goin’ anywhere ‘til y. . .

A barrage of boos breaks out as Vince McMahon & John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield casually walk out to the stage with J-B-L holding a microphone and looking down at the furious Big Show.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield:
Show, we don’t resort t’ threats, and if you think I’d allow my father to walk on down t’ that ring t’night you’re even dumber than we gave you credit for.


John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: To put it simply there’s no way in hell either of us are stepping in that ring with you. We just came out here t’ wish that rookie of yours well. We just hope he’s not too hurt after last week.

J.B.L. & Vince turn to each other smirking with Show livid in the ring.

The Big Show:
I’m not surprised. You guys proved last week just how gutless you are attacking Gabriel like that but it wasn’t a threat. I swear I’m not leaving here ‘til I get my hands on you, but John I’ve got a deal for ya. If you wanna leave Vince out of this, I’m happy t’ leave him out of it an’ just kick your ass.


John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I’m sure you are Show but like I said, neither of us are stepping a foot in that ring.

The Big Show: Well, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The Big Show drops the stick and steps over the ropes, taking Vince & J.B.L by surprise. The giant jumps down on to the floor and makes his way up the ramp to a big pop.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield:
You’re really gonna do this are y’Show? Fine, (turns to Vince) but dad you stay there, I’ll take care of this.

J.B.L. hands Vince the microphone and takes off his jacket, then passes it to his dad too and heads off down the ramp, stomping his way down as Show stops at the bottom, urging J.B.L. to get on down, ready & waiting for him. Layfield has his eyes locked on Show and means business too, and as he gets towards him at the foot of the ramp, he starts talking smack, getting some back from Show when there’s a loud pop. Show smirks and the cheers force J.B.L. to turn round and see Justin Gabriel battering Vince with a series of right hands, knocking him to the floor.

Gabriel looks like a man possessed as he puts the boots to Vince, infuriating Layfield who turns round to go & help him out, but Show grabs him by the shoulder and then with his other hand to send him crashing in to the barricade. Gabriel at the top of the ramp picks Vince up and sends him face first in to the stage. The South African turns his attention elsewhere and paces down the ramp as his mentor drags J.B.L. back up and tosses him down on the ramp, sending him rolling down to the floor by the apron.

Show & Gabriel follow with the seven footer dragging him right back up to send him flying in to the steel steps to an almighty crash, getting another big pop from the crowd. Show doesn’t look satisfied though with Gabriel staring down coldly at the helpless J.B.L. Big Show now sees the steps on the floor and takes a glance back at the fallen J.B.L., then picks them up to a huge roar. Unwittingly, Layfield claws his way back up on the floor with Vince shown writhing around at the top of the stage.

J.B.L. looks in a bad way as he picks himself back up, totally oblivious to the crazed seven footer behind him, and as he turns round, Show hammers him with the steps, putting J.B.L. right back down on the floor with the fans cheering like mad. Gabriel and his mentor look at each other and Show nods towards the ring, then drags Layfield up again to toss him in to the ring, not that J.B.L. is moving. They then climb on to the apron and Show stops to give his rookie some instructions, pointing to the top rope. Gabriel nods his head emphatically and climbs up to the summit with J.B.L. lying beneath him while the fans continue to cheer.

The South African stares down intently at Layfield and then leaps up in to the air and comes crashing down on him with a 450 splash to a huge pop. Gabriel stands up, still staring down remorselessly at his attacker from last week. Show though doesn’t look satisfied enough and steps down off the apron to pick up the steps again, and he tosses them inside the ring, setting off another massive cheer from the capacity crowd. Gabriel turns his head as his mentor steps over the ropes and in to the ring with his eyes firmly focused on the weary J.B.L. as he tries to sit up.

Show positions the steps away from the ropes and goes after his rival, once again pulling him up to his feet. He drags him up to his feet and grabs him around the throat for a chokeslam to another big pop, then shifts round to the steps. Gabriel doesn’t look in the least bit shocked and watches on intently as Vince sits up on the stage, looking on in horror & helplessly. The Big Show looks possessed and stares in to the petrified eyes of Layfield, then lifts him up off the feet and chokeslams him down on to the steps with his back being slammed right on to the steel.

Vince looks shell shocked and the intense Big Show turns his head to see Vince there on the stage, and the giant stares right at him. He then turns round and climbs over the ropes again, provoking panic for the Chairman of the Board. Gabriel looks surprised now and follows his mentor who walks menacingly up the ramp with Vince desperately trying to make it up to his feet. Show gets closer towards him and then walks right up to his feet, imposing a big shadow over Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

He begs for mercy as Show glares down at him with evil intentions, then reaches down and pulls him up to his feet. Gabriel looks slightly concerned now as his mentor pulls Vince towards the edge of the stage with Vince really starting to panic. He pleads for his life as Show grabs him around the throat, getting ready for a chokeslam with the fans going nuts. Vince is freaking out and begs Show not to do it, and even Gabriel watches on nervously with Show not showing any signs of showing him mercy.

It looks like Vince is going to cry, desperately pleading with Show to let him go, and the seven footer for some reason pulls back and lets him go to a ton of heat with Vince dropping to his knees and breathing a huge sigh of relief. Show stares down at him with Vince looking up at him, still relieved and breathing heavily as J.B.L. comes round in the ring, completely oblivious to what’s going on with Show still glaring down at Vince and Gabriel looking on behind his merciless mentor.

*Video Promo*

The very serious trio of Ted DiBiase, his girlfriend, Maryse & rookie, Ezekiel Jackson who’s dressed to compete are shown walking through the back with Jackson all set to take on The Undertaker when we come back after the break.

*Commercial Break*

*Video Promo*

>13 Days To Go!<

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

“Priceless, baby I’m priceless. . .”

The super cocky Ted DiBiase strolls out to the stage in his ring gear in confident stride with his girlfriend, Maryse and his rookie, Ezekiel Jackson by his side to a barrage of boos. Maryse too is smiling like a cat that’s got the cream while Jackson is as intense as ever as they all walk down the ramp with the smug DiBiase as he takes pleasure in shrugging off the deafening heat being thrown at him. Jackson heads up the steps and holds the ropes down for Maryse and then his mentor who enters the ring. Jackson joins them and DiBiase walks over to the other side of the ring to demand a microphone, getting one before joining his girlfriend & rookie in the middle of the ring as his music cuts. The boos ring round the arena, not that they bother DiBiase at all.

Ted DiBiase:
Two weeks ago I told you I wasn’t afraid of taking on The Undertaker at the Survivor Series, then later that night I left him flat on his back in the middle of this very ring. Last week I said that I was going to the Survivor Series to beat The Undertaker and called him out where again I left him flat on his back. Hopefully now you an’ the dead man have got the message that I’m not afraid of him and that when we meet at the Survivor Series in less than three weeks I can and will beat him.


Ted DiBiase: As f’ t’night that’s a diff’rent story. What I’m here for right now is to extend an open challenge to anyone in the back, anyone back there just to prove to those who still naively doubt me that I am more than up to any challenge.

DiBiase turns to the stage, as do Maryse & Jackson.

Ted DiBiase:
I think I’ve made myself pretty clear. All I need is just one of you back there to come on down here. Let’s go.

Ted hands the microphone over to Maryse and looks up at the stage waiting for an opponent.


DiBiase looks a little surprised initially as Finlay, a former rival walks out to the stage with his shillelagh in hand to a decent pop. The fighting Irishman looks very serious indeed, looking somewhat pleased to have the opportunity to get in the ring with a former foe. He heads off down the ramp followed by a referee as Jackson & Maryse leave the ring with DiBiase getting himself ready for his opponent.

Finlay vs. Ted DiBiase w/Ezekiel Jackson & Maryse
DiBiase was in confident mood and started off well, but that didn’t stop Finlay coming back at him and giving the crowd as well as himself some satisfaction in roughing up the arrogant young superstar. The fighting Irishman had him screaming out for the bottom rope in an elevated Boston crab, and fortunately for Ted he managed to drag himself to safety. He was in a bad way though and as the match entered the closing stages he was again on the back foot. Finlay came within milliseconds of victory after a single arm DDT only to see Ted get his shoulder up when the ref’s hand was about to strike the mat for the third time. Even Finlay couldn’t believe it, but he went back to work to seal the deal. He pulled Ted up by the ropes and tried to get him up for the Celtic Cross. DiBiase didn’t let him though and held on to the top ropes before Finlay could get even close to it.

The veteran gave up and let go, putting him down on the mat. He tried to grab him but was raked in the eye by the quick thinking DiBiase who then ignored the ref’s warning and whipped Finlay in to the ropes. The Irishman held on to them though, pissing DiBiase off immediately. He ran right at his opponent and in to a raised boot that sent him staggering away from the ropes much to the satisfaction of the crowd. Finlay was as focused as ever as he watched his groggy opponent then spin round, prompting him to run right at Ted for a clothesline, but Ted ducked it and reacted in a flash to plant his opponent, Dream Street connected and earned Ted the hard fought victory. He stood up smirking as wide as ever with his music playing to be joined in the ring by Maryse & Jackson. He then looked down at the squirming Finlay, then at his rookie and back at Finlay like he had something in mind.

Jackson got the hint and dragged Finlay up to his feet, holding him up for the cocky Ted to talk smack to, angering Finlay no end as he tried to wriggle free. Finlay then shocked Ted by spitting at him, but with Jackson still holding on to him, the rookie spun him round and planted him with the urinage, Book of Ezekiel to a ton of heat. Ted was fuming and dropped to his knees, yelling right at the laid out Irishman when a gong hit to a huge pop. The lights went out for a couple of seconds, but when they came back on there was no sign of The Undertaker. DiBiase took a look around and was very relieved to see it was just him, Maryse, Jackson and the laid out Finlay in the ring. Then another gong hit and the lights went out again, this time for a bit longer, and as they came back on a huge cheer broke out as The Undertaker was standing in the ring right behind DiBiase & Co.

DiBiase though was laughing, shaking his head, completely oblivious to it. Maryse then turned round to realise the danger they were in and tapped her smug boyfriend on the shoulder. He turned round slowly and his grin was well & truly wiped off his face as he was sent down to the mat by a right uppercut. Jackson was then on the end of one too as the crowd went nuts. Maryse panicked big time as the phenom turned and stared right at her, and the crowd were loving it. She was begging for mercy, pleading with him not but to no avail as he grabbed her by the throat to a massive cheer inside the arena. He glared right at her looking as menacing as ever, only for DiBiase to save the day as he got to his feet and clubbed The Dead-Man in the ribs.

Maryse was free and DiBiase went for an irish whip only for it to be reversed, and as he came running back Taker nailed him with a huge boot. The fans were cheering again as DiBiase rolled under the apron and out to the floor. Jackson too was back on his feet and he spun Taker round, nailing him with a series of right hands, forcing him back in to the ropes. Jackson then successfully whipped Taker in to the ropes and ran at him for a clothesline, but Taker ducked it and ran through, coming back to nail Jackson with a flying clothesline to another huge cheer.

As both men made their way back up, Jackson back tracked to the ropes and Taker ran right at him to send him tumbling over them down to the floor below by DiBiase. The cheers echoed around the arena as “Rest in Peace” hit. Maryse wasted no time in escaping the ring to check on DiBiase & Jackson as they began to stir on the outside with Taker staring at all three of them. As Ted sat up, Taker’s eyes were locked on him and he dragged his arm across his throat, visibly concerning DiBiase. The Dead-Man kept staring at him & Maryse as Jackson too sat up, all realising that they do indeed have a huge fight on their hands at the Survivor Series.

*Cut to the Arena*

“Priceless, baby I’m priceless. . .”

Not looking to be in the best of moods tonight, Ted DiBiase walks out to the stage to a chorus of boos with Maryse & Ezekiel Jackson either side of him.

Lilian Garcia:
This bout is scheduled for one fall. Intr’ducing first from Guyana South America, weighing in at two hundred an’ eighty pounds, Ezekiel JACK-SON.

Jackson looks focused and Maryse appears to be in a bad mood too like her boyfriend as they walk down the ramp, staring daggers at the fans in the process. As they get in the ring, DiBiase walks over to Lilian and angrily demands the microphone from her, and she hands it over, although she doesn’t seem all that impressed by his attitude as his music cuts and stares in to the crowd with boos ringing round the arena.

Ted DiBiase:
Last week I stood in this ring and vowed to defeat The Undertaker at Survivor Series after leaving him flat on his back two weeks in a row.


Ted DiBiase: I think it’s safe t’ say that I got him spooked. He knows that he won’t be able t’ beat me in two weeks, an’ that’s why last week he jumped me like a no good coward.

*More Boos*

Ted DiBiase: Dead man. you know I’ll beat you at Survivor Series, well t’night you’ve gotta face this man (puts his hand on Jackson’s shoulder). Take a look at him Taker, he’s not afraid of you. He’s not afraid of anyone. He’s going t’ do things t’ you that no one’s ever done before, then if there’s anything left in two weeks, I’ll finish the job and beat you like I’ve said I would all along.

A ton of boos ring round the Allstate Arena as DiBiase stares intently in to the crowd.

?: Hey, up here.

DiBiase, Jackson & Maryse turn and look up at the tron where we see Eric Bischoff standing up in front of his desk in his office.

Eric Bischoff:
That’s a confident speech Ted. The worrying thing is I’m sure you actually believe that but I couldn’t help but hear what you said about The Undertaker. Did you really call him a coward? You of all people? I f’ one no better than anyone that when it comes to being a coward and attacking people from behind, you’re quite the expert. You’re a hypocrite Ted plain an’ simple. That’s why I’m concerned about this match we’re about t’ see with you being ringside, so I’m going t’ do something t’ make sure our main event goes smoothly. I think we all want t’ see a fair fight, and as long as you’re out there, that’s not going t’ happen.

Ted DiBiase: What are you saying Bischoff?

Eric Bischoff: Well that’s quite simple, but if you need me t’ spell it out for you, I’m barring you from ringside.

*Big Pop*


Eric Bischoff: Oh I think we both know I can. Now unless you want me to send a dozen heavy handed angry security guys down there t’ drag you back here, maybe you should just walk on back yourself with that girlfriend of yours.

DiBiase & Maryse are livid, shaking their heads in disgust with the menacing Jackson not all that bothered.

Ted DiBiase:
Alright Bischoff, have it your way. It still doesn’t change what he’s about t’ do t’ The Undertaker.

Eric Bischoff: Great, then you won’t have a problem then.

DiBiase isn’t at all happy and throws his microphone down before having a quick word with Jackson and then leaving the ring with Maryse, getting a ton of heat as he walks back up the ramp and through the curtain. The menacing figure of Jackson is left all alone, not that he looks in the least bit worried as Lilian is passed the microphone by the referee with the fans awaiting the arrival of The Dead-Man.


“Rest in Peace”

A massive pop breaks out as The Undertaker strolls out to the stage.

Lilian Garcia:
And his opponent, from Death Valley, weighing in at two hundred an’ ninety pounds, THE UNDER-TAKER.

The fans are going crazy as The Dead-Man slowly makes his way down to the ring and up the steps, bringing the lights back on to another huge roar from the Biloxi crowd and Jackson still isn’t intimidated in the slightest as Taker removes his hat to a big pop and enters the ring to remove his jacket, getting ready for action.

*The Main Event*
The Undertaker vs. Ezekiel Jackson

The Undertaker was in for a battle even without DiBiase at ringside who was shown watching on a monitor in the back with Maryse too. It didn’t seem to make any difference to Jackson at all who had the fans concerned. Despite starting the match the stronger, as the match went on Jackson was the one on top, showing no fear of The Dead-Man whatsoever. He showed off his sheer strength when he ducked a big boot from and drove Taker in to the mat thanks to a one handed spinebuster. DiBiase was shown looking impressed and slightly stunned in the back as his rookie took it to the legendary phenom. He wasn’t done there though, not by a long shot.

He went about hurting his opponent and pulled Taker up from his knees before firing him with serious force in to the opposite corner. With Taker winded and leaning against the pads, Jackson ran in and hit a body avalanche, crushing The Dead-Man in the corner. Jackson was so focused, so intense as he then stepped back, waiting for Taker to follow him out. Slowly and gasping for breath, Taker staggered out in to his path and was scooped up off the mat in to a bearhug. The rookie was making life & breathing extremely difficult for The Undertaker, who despite having the crowd shouting his name and willing him to fight the hold, he was fighting for breath and to stay in the match.

He struggled in a big way as the menacing Jackson kept a tight grip of him, squeezing the life out of him. It looked like he had done it with Taker’s lights wiped out and the ref looked to make sure, lifting his arm up on three occasions, but as he let go for the third time, Taker fought it and held it up, just to a big pop from the capacity crowd. They cheered even more as The Dead-Man fought the hold and escaped after a series of shots to the rookie. He landed on his feet and struck with a vicious blow, almost putting Jackson on one knee. Taker then turned back and ran the ropes, but as he came running back, Jackson took him down with one hell of a back-breaker slam.

JR & King were saying how impressive the rookie was and how he could upset The Dead-Man, and DiBiase was looking very confident, yet still very anxious as his rookie went for a cover, but Taker wasn’t done and got his shoulder before the count of three. Jackson was starting to get frustrated, clearly as he leaned back on his knees and he glared in to the crowd before dragging the phenom back up, getting him in place for the Book of Ezekiel (ura-nage). Taker fought it though, fighting his way out of it with a couple of vicious elbow shots to the side of the rookie’s head.

He then fired him in to the ropes and ducked a clothesline as Jackson came back before running the ropes himself, coming back at meeting Jackson again, this time taking him down with a flying clothesline to a big pop. The crowd were cheering now as both men made their way back up with Taker on a mission, grabbing Jackson’s arm and sending him in to the corner, following in with a hard clothesline. He didn’t waste any time in repeating the attack after firing him across in to the opposite corner, only this time he turned back and ran the ropes to come charging back and send his huge boot down his opponent’s face to a huge roar inside the Allstate Arena.

DiBiase was shown panicking in the back as Taker stood back and allowed his squirming opponent to sit up and then stand up of his own accord while he lifted his right arm up in the air. The fans were cheering big time as Taker then jumped on Jackson, grabbing the rookie around the throat and sending him crashing in to the mat courtesy of a big chokeslam. The crowd were feeling it and Taker himself saw the end was near, then made the famous signal in dragging his arm across his throat to another massive pop. Jackson was brave and tried to sit back up, clearly not sure of where he was.

The Dead-Man gave him a help up to his feet and then scooped him up off the mat and over his shoulder for the Tombstone Piledriver. It was deafening in the arena, but the rookie wasn’t done and somehow countered, pulling back all the way to get Taker in place for the Tombstone. The crowd were stunned, as were JR & King, but Taker came back and reversed it again, this time hitting it and sending Jackson’s head down in to the mat to a huge pop. The Dead-Man crossed his opponent’s arms for the cover and stared straight ahead as the ref then counted to three, leading to the timekeeper ringing the bell with the fans on their feet cheering & applauding The Undertaker as he stood up looking down at Jackson, somewhat respectful of his efforts.

DiBiase was fuming in the back and stormed off from the monitor with a concerned Maryse following him. With his music playing again, Taker then dropped on to one knee and posed for the crowd as the lights went out with just one spotlight shining down on the phenom. Some boos could then be heard as we saw the pissed DiBiase walking out to the stage with Maryse following him. She managed to get in front of her irate boyfriend as Taker turned his head to see him there directing some trash talk at him, but Maryse managed to hold him back with the unimpressed Taker looking on as the show came to a close.

Winner: The Undertaker by pinfall.


>Quick Results<

Kofi Kingston
df. Heath Slater
df. Eddie Colon
Christopher Daniels
df. Gregory Helms
Mia Rain
df. Gail Kim
The Big Show
df. Orlando Jordan
The Undertaker
df. Ezekiel Jackson

>Superstars Tapings<
Zack Ryder
df. Super Crazy
Rey Mysterio & Mystico
df. The Pitbulls

>Confirmed for Survivor Series<

Sunday 9th November 2008
Venue: Air Canada Center
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

WWE Championship
Batista (c) vs. Randy Orton vs. Triple H

World Tag Team Championship – Tournament Final
Matt Hardy & Gregory Helms vs. Rey Mysterio & Mystico vs. Christopher Daniels & Kaval

Hell in a Cell Loser Leaves Town Match
The Big Show vs. John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield

Traditional Elimination Match
If Team Cena wins, Cena will challenge CM Punk for the World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions

Team Cena (John Cena, Christian, Matt Sydal, Bobby Lashley & Charlie Haas)
vs. Team Punk (CM Punk, Edge, Chris Jericho, Shelton Benjamin & Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez)

Traditional Elimination Match
Team Michaels (Shawn Michaels, Kofi Kingston, Elijah Burke & Bryan Danielson)
vs. Team Miz (The Miz, Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler & Heath Slater)

Traditional Elimination Match
Battle of the Brands

Team Raw (Sheamus (cpt), Carlito, John Morrison, Cody Rhodes & Joe Hennig)
vs. Team Smackdown (M.V.P. (cpt), Ron Killings, Paul London & Brian Kendrick)
*More name(s) to be added*


The Undertaker vs. Ted DiBiase

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