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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Smackdown: Night of Champions Special: Night of Champions Special- 17/6/05

Michael Cole: We welcome you to a very special edition of Friday Night Smackdown. I’m Michael Cole, joined as ever by Tazz and we come to you from San Diego on what is quite simply a ‘Night of Champions’.

Tazz: Cole I am punped for this one!! All the championships on Smackdown will be defended right here tonight baby. What a night this is gonna be!

Michael Cole: No doubt about it folks. The Cruiserweight championship will be defended as the champion Paul London puts his title on the line against a man who’s had his problems of late, The Hurricane! Will Chavo Guerrero keep to his word and stay out of The Hurricane’s business?

Tazz: I ain’t sure about that one Cole. But check this one out, the WWE Tag Team championships are up for grabs man, MNM put the gold on the line against Mr.Friday Night himself, Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio!

Michael Cole: Yet another huge encounter right there folks and make no mistake about it, this is another. The United States title will be on the line as Orlando Jordan defends against Matt Hardy!

Tazz: Big opportunity right there for Hardy. Orlando dodged the bullet at Judgment Day, can he do it again here tonight? That’s the question on everybody’s mind.

Michael Cole: And how about this one? Our main event, the WWE championship will be defended here tonight as John Cena puts his title on the line, one on one with the Legend Killer, Randy Orton.

Tazz: That match is quite simply gonna be off the charts Cole. Cena and Orton, two of the best young guys on the roster doin’ battle for the biggest prize in the game. I cannot wait.


To the surprise of everyone it is not a champion who opens the show as out steps the Wrestling Machine, Kurt Angle to immediate heat.

Michael Cole: Well here’s a man who believes that he should be facing John Cena for the WWE championship here tonight. Kurt Angle was a part of the triple threat number one contender’s match a few weeks back that included JBL and Randy Orton as well as John Cena being the special guest referee. Angle had the match won, making Randy Orton tap out but John Cena did NOT see it, after JBL‘s distraction. Angle then celebrated, thinking the match was over, only for Randy Orton to RKO Angle from behind and pick up the victory. Since then, Angle has been absolutely relentless in getting his hands on John Cena.

Tazz: Relentless is an understatement Cole. He has been hell bent on getting’ his hands on Cena. I just gotta wonder what Kurt’s out here for tonight.

Angle has a mic in hand to ‘You Suck’ chants from the fans.

Kurt Angle: Well, well, well, here we are then. The very first Smackdown: Night of Champions special. What an occasion right?

Pop from the fans.

Kurt Angle: Wrong. Tonight is an absolute FREAKING JOKE!!

Big heat for Angle there.

Kurt Angle: You people should be agreeing with every word I’m saying here because you should be just as disappointed as I am. See, tonight’s main event is gonna be John Cena versus Randy Orton for the WWE championship.

Pop for the mention of the main event.

Kurt Angle: That is NOT something to be happy about. No, the ONLY match worthy of cheering would’ve been John Cena one on one with Kurt Angle for the WWE championship.

Boos from the crowd with a few cheers in the mix.

Kurt Angle: And that is exactly what should be the main event tonight but we all know the reason why it’s not right? The reason I’m not getting a WWE title opportunity tonight is because of one man and that man is John Cena.

Big pop for the mention of the champion again.

Kurt Angle: John Cena should be ashamed to carry around the WWE title the way that he does. Y’see Cena is a DISGRACE of a champion. John Cena tarnishes, yeah you heard me right, John Cena TARNISHES the name of the WWE championship.

Big heat again for Angle.

Kurt Angle: A few weeks back I was involved in a triple threat number one contender’s match involving Randy Orton, JBL and a certain special guest ‘referee‘. Cena was entrusted with calling that match down the middle and doing the right thing. Did that happen? Let’s take a look shall we?

We see highlights on the titantron of what went down as Kurt Angle made Randy Orton tap out, believing he had the match won only for John Cena to not have seen it, having been dealing with JBL on the outside. As Cena returns, Angle gets Cena to raise his hand only for Cena to tell him it’s not over. The two then argue and Angle is turned round into a thunderous RKO from Randy Orton and pinned for the three count.

Cheers from the fans as the camera returns to the shot of Angle in the

Kurt Angle: You people can seriously cheer that?

More cheers as Angle laughs a little.

Kurt Angle: Pathetic. As you can ALL see, I was screwed out of a WWE championship opportunity by John Cena and we all know the reason why that is.

Angle scratches his head before continuing.

Kurt Angle: John Cena wants absolutely NOTHING to do with me. Cena knows full well that if I face him, one on one inside this ring with the WWE championship on the line then there will only be ONE winner and his name is Kurt Angle.

Heat again for the Olympic Gold Medalist.

Kurt Angle: That is simply a fact but believe me when I tell you this and Cena I sure hope you’re listenin’ too. It is only a matter of time before I get the opportunity that I deserve. It is only a matter of time before I get a WWE title shot and it is only a FREAKING MATTER OF TIME BEFORE I GET MY HANDS on John Cena.

Mega heat for Angle now as he gets himself worked up.

Kurt Angle: And as far as tonight goes and this whole Night of Champions deal, this complete joke of a main event. Let me tell you that the ONLY real winner come the end of tonight will be me. Oh it’s true, it’s DAMN TRUE!!

‘Medal’ hits again to heat as Angle exit’s the ring looking focused and intense as ever.

Michael Cole: Statement made from Kurt Angle here tonight folks. The Wrestling Machine is not gonna sit back and allow John Cena to supposedly get away with what he’s done. But Tazz I gotta ask, is Kurt Angle going too far with this? After all, John Cena did NOT see what happened in that triple threat match.

Tazz: Ya can look at it both ways Cole. Angle’s got every right to feel aggrieved man, I don’t blame him. But with Cena, you’re right man he didn’t see what went down in that match and he can’t be blamed for it either. Ya gotta believe that this ain’t gonna end until Kurt Angle and John Cena tear each other apart.


‘Stand Back, there’s a Hurricane comin’ thru’

We return to the music of The Hurricane which is met with a decent pop as we get set for our first championship match of the night.

Michael Cole: It’s been a rollercoaster ride for Friday Night’s superhero since he got drafted to Smackdown. Hurricane has been on a roll in recent weeks but it has been in part, thanks to the help of Chavo Guerrero.

Tazz: Exactly Cole. Chavo wants to help change The Hurricane’s ways. Chavo believes that the man under the mask, Gregory Helms is one of the best Cruiserweights in the world but whilst he’s the Hurricane he’s in Chavo’s eyes anyway, a joke.

Michael Cole: Well you’ve gotta wonder what Chavo’s motive is folks. Chavo endured a heated rivalry with Paul London, could it be that Chavo is simply trying to get the Cruiserweight championship out of Paul London’s reach? Or does Chavo honestly want to in his eyes, help Hurricane shine again?

Tazz: I don’t know man, but what we do know is Hurricane’s requested Chavo NOT be out here tonight. Lets just see how Hurricane does wit’out Chavo here tonight.

‘Sliced Bread’

The Cruiserweight champion then makes his way out to a nice pop as Paul London runs down the ramp.

Michael Cole: The high flying daredevil that is our Cruiserweight champion Paul London! And Tazz Paul London has caught on to the recent games if you like between Chavo and Hurricane.

Tazz: For sure Cole. Paul London’s gotta be careful when it involves his Cruiserweight title, that championship means the world to him and if you got a couple dudes takin’ him for a ride, he’s gonna wanna take action. This one should be a treat.

Match One: Cruiserweight Championship

Paul London© vs. The Hurricane

London and Hurricane lock up to get things going and trade turns taking each other down in the early goings as two of the finest Cruiserweights around get to grips with one another. The champion then takes control as the two men look to one up each other once more as London delivers a beautiful standing dropkick, taking down his opponent, early cover from London..



Shoulder up from Hurricane as London allows Hurricane back to his feet before going back to work on the challenger. London delivers a right hand, sending Hurricane back, followed by another and another before whipping Hurricane across the ring. Hurricane bounces back and flies through the sky, knocking London down! Pop for the challenger there as the crowd remain split on the two men here. Hurricane grabs the leg of London and lifts it up before slamming it back down to the mat before repeating again and again as Hurricane shows off an aggressive side here, working away at the left leg of the champion. The superhero heads towards the turnbuckle and for the first time in the match we get some top rope action as Hurricane springs up there, waiting for London to get back to his feet. London slowly does as Hurricane panders to the crowd and flies through the sky as London gets to his feet, knocking London down with a cross body! But NO! London rolls him through into a cover!



Hurricane gets the shoulder up and the two immediately go back at one another, both quick to their feet and Hurricane swings for the champion, misses, London with a kick to the mid section, elbow to the back of the head and grabs the neck of Hurricane before delivering a vicious looking DDT! London looks to go straight for a cover but Hurricane smartly, perhaps luckily rolls out of the ring and looks for a breather as London works up the crowd. Hurricane picks himself up on the outside as London looks around the arena, the crowd seem to know what he’s planning and London wastes little time in running the ropes and hurling himself over the top, SUICIDE DIVE connecting with Hurricane! The fans pop big for the style of the champion as both men now lay down on the outside and the referee begins to countout both superstars.

London is first to his feet but Hurricane isn’t far behind him as the referee’s count is up to 7 now. London immediately rushes into the ring, breaking up the count and waiting for Hurricane to follow. The superhero does so and London doesn’t pounce, allowing his opponent a chance and the two go right back at one another and this time it’s the challenger who gets the momentum, delivering a kick to the midsection before whipping London into the ropes and as the champion rebounds Hurricane connects to the head with the point of his elbow, knocking London down. Hurricane follows it up by instantly locking London into a sleeper hold.

Hurricane has London struggling here but as the champion grasps for the ropes or for anything to try and drag himself up but it’s to no avail as Hurricane just seems to lock it in harder. The crowd rally round London, trying to draw him back into the match and it seems to spur the high flier on as London uses all his strength to draw himself up to his knees before managing to get to his feet. Elbow to the gut of Hurricane, followed by another as London manages to break the hold before delivering a strong right hand, knocking Hurricane back. London now in control as he delivers another right hand, followed by another as the champion seems in contr…DROPKICK!! London seemed in control but from out of nowhere Hurricane levels the champion with a dropkick. He crawls towards his fallen opponent, into a pinfall..



Shoulder up from London as Hurricane wipes his forehead before getting back to his feet and stumbling to the corner, taking a breath momentarily as London returns upright. As soon as London does Hurricane heads after him delivering a strong uppercut before an irish whip. London bounces back at Helms who ducks looking for a back body drop, London lands on his feet though showing great athleticism and both men turn around, London drops Hurricane with a vicious looking move as he grabs the back of Hurricane’s neck and forces it down onto his knees, using all his momentum(code breaker). London goes for a cover now as the fans sense victory..



Kick out from Hurricane!! Somehow the challenger stays in it as the fans cheer, wanting more of the action from these two. London decides he’s had enough and heads over to the top rope as Hurricane begins to stir. London is poised as Hurricane gets up, London goes flying, MISSILE DROPKICK!! Hurricane is floored as London scurries over for another cover, has he finished it this time??




It’s Over!! NO!! Hurricane’s foot’s on the bottom rope as London looks on desperately disappointed with the referee diverting his attention to it. London seems to mouth the word ‘Stupid’ before picking himself up as London now surprisingly looks to lock in a submission manoeuvre on the left leg of Helms. London twists the knee of his opponent as Hurricane yells out in pain with the referee asking if he wants to tap. Hurricane shakes his head before pounding the mat as some sections of the crowd will him on. Hurricane uses his right leg to try and drag himself up with London still holding onto the left leg. Hurricane scores with a massive ENZIGURI!! London’s head is almost taken off as Hurricane hobbles but falls to the mat, clearly in pain here.

Hurricane leans against the ropes looking to bring himself up to his feet and does so but still limping as London is on his knees holding his head. Hurricane charges at London, looking to take his head off, SHINING WIZARD!! London ducks it!! ROLL UP!!



Kick out by Helms!! The fans ooooh as London almost pulls it off. The two men are giving it everything here and rise back to their feet immediately as London now goes for a super kick!! Hurricane ducks it this time, reverse DDT!! NO! London reverses and connects with a backbreaker! Hurricane looks in a world of trouble here as the champion heads to the top rope!! London looks around the crowd before going through the sky, 450 splash connecting!! Cover..




London retains!!

Winner: Paul London(13:57)

Michael Cole: That is what the Cruiserweights are all about Tazz!! What a match and what a victory for Paul London!!

Tazz: Heck of a match up Cole. Paul London pulled it off big time here tonight but ya gotta hand it to Hurricane too man, he pulled out all the stops tonight but just came up a fraction short. He can be proud of that effort, both of these guys can.

Hurricane sits in the ring dejected as London heads up the ramp, elated to still be holding onto his championship.

We then cut backstage to see Chavo Guerrero watching what’s gone down on a monitor, applauding what he just saw before shaking his head saying, ‘What did I tell him?’


We return and head backstage and join Josh Matthews who is ready and waiting to speak to us.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentleman, my guest at this time, John Bradshaw Layfield.

Heat immediately as the ‘Wrestling God’ enters the picture.

Josh Matthews: John last week you attacked John Cena during his match with Orlando Jordan. Could you explain exactly why you did what you did last week?

JBL: Do I really need to explain my actions Josh? Are you and all these idiot ‘fans’ too stupid to understand my motives?

Matthews stares blankly back.

JBL: Good God, I’m gonna take that as a yes. Well I’ll spell it out loud and clear so that everybody can understand. John Cena cost me another WWE championship opportunity. Forget Kurt Angle’s pathetic concerns, I am the one who was robbed back in that triple threat match.


JBL: John Cena was meant to act and represent the WWE as an official in that match. But what did he do? He put his hands on me. John Cena abused his power during that match and what action does Teddy Long take? What action do the Board of Directors take? They don’t do a DAMN THING!!

Big heat now for Layfield who takes a second to calm down.

JBL: They don’t do a damn thing so I took matters into my own hands. I decided last week that it was the perfect opportunity for me to leave my mark, to take action against John Cena and his wrongdoings around here. If I could’ve taken John Cena out last week then I would be in that main event tonight for the WWE championship, for my WWE championship.

JBL removes his hat.

JBL: So what happens? Well I uh, I do exactly what I had in mind and that is take it to that fraud of a champion but then suddenly the powers that be stop me in my tracks like they always seem to do right about now. Out of freakin’ nowhere that moron Matt Hardy appears and viciously assaults me from behind, like the punk that he is.

Pop for the mention of Hardy’s attack.

JBL: What right does Matt Hardy have getting involved in my business huh? YOU TELL ME JOSH!

Josh Matthews: I..I..guess it was to do with his..uh recent dealings with your ch..chief of staff Orlando Jordan.

JBL: There we go, right on the money. This was yet AGAIN something that I’m not involved with, something that is out of my control. Everything that’s happenin’ right about now in this stinkin’ place is adversely affecting me and I am SICK TO DEATH OF IT!

JBL is getting pretty whiny now.

JBL: So tonight there’s a couple of things on my agenda and they need to be taken care of. First off, Matt Hardy. That no good, talentless sack of crap needs to be taught some respect, so I want, no.. no.. I expect, wait.. I DEMAND Orlando Jordan to do exactly that out there tonight. And secondly in tonight’s main event, I want John Cena to go out there and in the back of his mind I want him to realise that I am right.. on.. his tail, I am breathing down his neck and for once around here it is going to be him, not me, who is powerless as to what’s going to happen.

Big heat again for Layfield who leaves as we cut back to ringside.


We’re joined back at ringside by the music of Rey Mysterio who makes his way out to a HUGE pop in his hometown, set for a tag title opportunity.

Michael Cole: Listen to this ovation for Rey Mysterioooooo!!

Tazz: This place is on their feet Cole! Mysterio back in his hometown and chasing some gold, major opportunity for Rey Rey and Van Dam here tonight.

Michael Cole: But can they overcome the antics of MNM? Melina has proved to be the ace up their sleeve and despite Van Dam and Mysterio’s pleas for them to keep her out things, I can’t see it happening.

Tazz: We just gotta sit back, enjoy this thing and wait and see Cole.

‘One of a Kind’

A big pop also for Mr.Friday Night as Rob Van Dam steps out to join his tag team partner.

Michael Cole: This whole issue arose because this man believed that MNM needed to be taught some respect, because RVD wanted to teach them a lesson. Do you believe Van Dam is any closer to that partner?

Tazz: I gotta be honest and say no Cole. I think the only way Van Dam’s gonna be able to do that is if he and Rey Mysterio take the tag team championships away from ‘em.


Instant heat for the Hollywood ‘stars’ as Mercury, Nitro and Melina all step out to their usual red carpet entrance.

Michael Cole: They’re confident, they’re cocky and they’re the WWE Tag team champions. MNM have been on a real roll since debuting just after Wrestlemania, defeating Van Dam and Mysterio for the vacant tag team titles back at Judgment Day. How impressive have MNM been since they arrived here on Smackdown?

Tazz: Oh they’ve been real impressive Cole. These two may have Melina in their corner but they can go it alone, believe me, these two dudes have got it inside that ring. This match should be a rocket buster.

Match Two: WWE Tag Team Championships

MNM© vs. Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam

Mercury and Mysterio kick off the match with the crowd getting right behind their home town hero from the get go as ‘619’ chants echo through the arena. Mercury gets the early upper hand, using his size advantage over Rey to take control, grabbing Rey in a waistlock before pushing Mysterio into the ropes and knocking the little man down with a shoulder block. Mercury then looked to really do some damage to the ribs of Mysterio, stomping away with kick after kick, looking to take all the wind out of Mysterio’s sail early on here.

Mercury then bounces off the ropes before dropping to the mat and delivering a big elbow right to the ribs again of Mysterio. Early cover from Mercury, kick out at 2 from Rey though. Mercury then brought Rey back to his feet before whipping the former Cruiserweight champion across the ring into the turnbuckle as Mercury heads right after him. The champion begins delivering a series of right hands, knocking Rey backward but Rey responds with a kick to the jaw of Mercury, met with a big pop from the crowd! Mercury clutches his face and turns around infuriated before charging at Rey but Mysterio ducks it and delivers some more kicks, this time to the legs and then the mid section of Mercury who looks in pain. Mysterio then runs right at Mercury who sees him coming and lifts Rey up, but Mysterio uses all his leg strength and takes Mercury down with a hurricanrana!!

Mercury flies across the ring as RVD encourages his partner on the outside. Mysterio scurries across the ring, looking for a cover.



Shoulder up from Mercury, much to the relief of Melina on the outside who’s yelling words of encouragement to one half of her team. Mysterio allows for Mercury to get back to his feet before looking to strike once more but as Rey goes on the offense, he’s met with a massive clothesline from almost out of nowhere by Mercury. The two men both take a breather now as Mercury is on his knees looking at the fallen Rey before Mercury heads over to his corner and tags in Johnny Nitro to the match. Nitro doesn’t waste any time and immediately goes to work on Mysterio, clubbing away at the back of Rey’s neck before locking a sleeper in on the Ultimate Underdog.

The fans as well as Van Dam begin to clap, trying to help Rey out of this predicament but Nitro only seems to lock it in harder as Rey gasps for air. Mysterio claws at the mat, looking for a way out of things and somehow manages to nudge away at the ribs of Nitro with some elbows, wriggling his way out of the situation to the delight of the fans. Mysterio then runs the ropes as Nitro looks to take him down with a clothesline but Mysterio dodges it and runs the ropes once more before delivering a cross body to Nitro, into a cover…



Kick out from Nitro as Rey looks to be somewhat disappointed he didn’t finish it there. Mysterio immediately looks to bring Nitro to his feet and Rey delivers a double kick to the knees of Nitro who clutches them in pain as Rey leaps at Nitro, Nitro catches Rey by the foot though and tosses him overhead but Rey lands on his feet and tags in Rob Van Dam to a nice pop!! Van Dam immediately charges at Nitro but Nitro swings for him, Van Dam ducks it and delivers a few kicks to the mid section, knocking Nitro off balance before delivering a sweet roundhouse kick, almost taking Nitro’s head off! Cover from Van Dam…



Mercury breaks up the pin, smashing Van Dam with a kick to the head! The fans boo as Mercury immediately heads back to the corner, holding his hands out to the referee. With both men down now, it’s a case of who gets to their feet first and both seem to do so at the same time with Nitro perhaps up just quicker. Nitro kicks Van Dam in the gut before delivering a big uppercut but Van Dam responds with a right hand of his own. The two trade blows and Nitro then whips Van Dam across the ring before hurling himself at Nitro but Nitro catches him with a big dropkick from almost nowhere!! Cover from Nitro..



Kick out from Van Dam. Melina can’t believe it on the outside, thinking her boys had retained the gold but Van Dam keeps his and Mysterio’s hopes alive. Nitro seemingly frustrated tags back in Joey Mercury and Mercury brings Van Dam to his feet, also looking angered that they didn’t just put away Mr.Friday Night. The kick out looks to spark a revival for Van Dam as Mercury wastes no time bringing the former ECW star to his feet but Van Dam responds with an array of right hands followed by a spinning kick to the head of Mercury sending him back as Van Dam then nails Mercury with a nice snap suplex! The crowd rise as Van Dam then runs the ropes and comes back, connecting with the rolling thunder to Mercury!!

The crowd are egging Van Dam on but as Van Dam heads up to the top Nitro gets himself inside the ring and knocks Van Dam off to big heat from the crowd but the heat soon turns to loud cheers as Rey Mysterio evens it up and takes Nitro over the top rope, taking himself out in the process as Van Dam and Mercury are left to do battle inside the squared circle. Nitro and Mysterio are fallen on the outside but both begin to make their way up, as do Mercury and Van Dam inside. But the outside is where the drama unfolds as Melina eyes up Mysterio. The fans boo as the devilish Melina makes her way round and with the referee’s back turned Melina nails Mysterio with a low blow, kicking him right where it hurts before trotting off round to the other side of the ring!

Inside the ring Mercury and Van Dam are up and it’s Van Dam who gets the upper hand knocking Mercury down with a big clothesline! Van Dam then heads up to the top, is it five star frog splash time?? Van Dam signals for it, as the crowd join in with a ‘R-V-D’ chant as Van Dam gets set to fly but Nitro pushes him off the top!! Nitro re-enters the ring and kicks Van Dam in the gut as Mercury gets to his feet, the crowd know what’s in store, SNAPSHOT!! Cover from Mercury…




It’s Over!!

Winners and still WWE Tag Team Champions: MNM(10:02)

Michael Cole: MNM steal one yet AGAIN here tonight. What have Van Dam and Mysterio gotta do to get a fair shot at the titles?! That damn Melina had to get involved didn’t she?!

Tazz: I feel for Rey and Rob Cole, I really do. But ya gotta hand it to Mercury and Nitro, these two dudes pulled it off again here tonight. Sure they had Melina hel ‘em out but they’re her guys, that’s what she’s there to do, big win for MNM tonight man.

Michael Cole: How long can MNM keep this up though? Sooner or later, Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio will get their fair shot and when that comes around, you better believe they’ll come up with the goods.


We return and are immediately taken backstage to find Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio walking through the halls, when Josh Matthews appears.

Josh Matthews: Rob, Rey, commiserations, how do you guys feel after what transpired here tonight in your Tag team title match?

Rob Van Dam: Y’know Josh I think I speak for both me and Rey Rey when I say that we’re just about done with MNM pullin’ one over us. Judgment Day, yeah I could take it, a one off, they got lucky. Tonight though? Tonight’s a whole different story.

Van Dam breathes a sigh of disappointment.

Rob Van Dam: Tonight they got us AGAIN. Melina got us AGAIN and let me tell ya, I didn’t believe that those guys could get me this worked up but dude they did, and I’m startin’ to really lose my cool now Josh.

Rey Mysterio: All we’re lookin’ for is a clean match up. I mean, is that so much to ask for? We wanna take on MNM for those Tag team titles, straight up, two on two, let the best team win. No Melina, no outside interference, no nothing. Just Joey Merucry, Johnny Nitro, Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio.

Pop from the fans who agree with Rey.

Rey Mysterio: So on behalf of myself and Rob, I wanna lay down the challenge right here, right now. MNM versus me and Rob, one more match at The Great American Bash. Only this time, NO Melina at ringside.

Pop again.

Rob Van Dam: Hell, I’ll go one better if Rey here doesn‘t mind. If those dudes leave Melina at home and they still manage to beat us, then we’ll walk away, no more opportunities, no more shots at the titles. Me and Rey Rey will head to the back of the line and walk away like men.

Pop from the fans for Van Dam’s comment.

Rob Van Dam: This is all about us wanting to teach them some respect Josh, that’s what this has come from and this ain’t gonna end until one of two things happen. One, we teach them that respect they need to be taught. And believe me, they do need to be taught it. Or two, they earn our repsect and the only way those dudes are gonna do that is by keeping Melina away from all this and taking us on straight up.

Van Dam and Mysterio then head off as Josh Matthews thanks them for their time and we head back ringside.

‘Can you dig it? Sucka’

We return to the music of the 5 time WCW champion, Booker T who’s greeted with a nice response from the San Diego crowd.

Michael Cole: Well on this very special edition of Smackdown, where it is all about the champions here tonight, here is one man who knows a thing or two about championships Tazz.

Tazz: Oh damn straight Cole. Booker T has won title after title throughout his career but lately it ain’t been about titles man. Booker T’s become involved in a heated issue wit’ Carlito AND his friend, the ‘Man Beast’ Rhyno.

Michael Cole: Well last week things took a turn for the worse in Booker and Rhyno’s relationship. Booker T came out to make the save for Hardcore Holly as Carlito looked set to tear apart the Alabama Slammer. Booker got his hands on Carlito, only for Rhyno to also come down, tossing Booker off Carlito, wanting a piece of Carlito himself. Booker became angry with this, grabbed Rhyno, asked him what he was doing, only for Rhyno to push Booker away and walk outta the ring. Are Booker and Rhyno’s issues with Carlito beginning to affect their own relationship Tazz?

Tazz: Absolutely Cole. Rhyno and Book both want a piece of Lito and it’s hurtin’ both men when it ain’t them who gets the job done. Tonight we get to find out just who’s gonna get their shot at Carlito.

Michael Cole: Well this night is all about championships, however Teddy Long signed this match up after constant demand from Both Booker T and Carlito with the winner getting the opportunity to face Carlito next week in what will be a No Disqualification match up! Finally one of these two men will get the opportunity to take out Carlito!

‘Man Beast’

Out next is Rhyno to a decent pop as the Man Beast steps out, set to take on his friend here tonight.

Michael Cole: Rhyno’s issues began with Carlito back at Judgment Day. Carlito was set to face Booker T and it was Rhyno who went to Carlito and told him that he’d be looking out for Booker, only for Carlito to savagely assault the ECW original.

Tazz: That was a brutal assault Cole and I don’t blame Rhyno for wantin’ a piece of Carlito. Heck, I know I would if that was me in his shoes.

Match Three: Winner gets a No Disqualifications match against Carlito next week on Smackdown.

Booker T vs. Rhyno

Booker and Rhyno shake hands to begin with before locking up and it’s the former ECW champion who gets the upper hand, shoving Booker back into the corner before delivering a couple of massive shoulders to the gut of Booker, winding the former WCW champion as Rhyno makes a great start to proceedings here. The Man Beast begins to stomp away at the fallen Booker, slumped in the corner before the referee brings Rhyno off of his opponent, with Rhyno apologising, clearly getting caught up in the importance of this match for both he and Booker.

Rhyno brings Booker up to his feet and whips him to the corner opposite. Booker bounces into the turnbuckle but as Rhyno charges at Book, he dodges it and Rhyno hit’s the turnbuckle with Booker grabbing Rhyno and delivering a reverse DDT to a nice pop. Cover from Booker..



Kick out. Booker brings Rhyno up and delivers some stern shots to the ribs of the Man Beast. Booker with an irish whip to his opponent, Rhyno rebounds, high knee from Booker taking Rhyno down. Cover again from Booker..



Shoulder up from Rhyno. Booker bangs his hand against the mat, disappointed he didn’t finish off his current rival, yet friend here. Booker wait’s a moment for Rhyno to get to his feet before bouncing slowly off the ropes and delivering an elbow to the head of Rhyno before grabbing the arm of Rhyno, stretching the arm out wide, Booker attempts a big kick to the jaw but Rhyno ducks it and instead Booker turns round and eats a clothesline! Rhyno immediately gets on top of Book and begins punding away with some right hands before locking Booker in with an abdominal stretch as Booker winces in pain.

Rhyno doesn’t let off, adding more pressure but eventually Booker manages to find some strength, perhaps thanks to the support of the fans who start a ‘Boo-ker-T’ chant. Booker manages to get up to his knees as Rhyno looks shaky now. Booker finally frees himself before delivering an elbow to the gut of Rhyno, followed by another before taking down Rhyno with a clothesline. Rhyno responds, right back to his feet as Booker drops him with a scoop slam. Booker encourages Rhyno to keep getting up and the fans are firmly behind Book here. But the cheers soon turn to jeers as we see Carlito stroll down to the ring with an apple in hand.

Neither man realises Lito is heading this way as Booker looks in control. Booker hoists Rhyno up into the air, really gathering some momentum here before dropping Rhyno with a huge suplex. Booker spins around, set to go into a cover but he sees Carlito on the ramp and immediately heads to the ropes, asking Lito ‘What the hell are you doin’ here?’ Lito simply holds his hands out as if to say ‘I’m doing anything’. Booker then turns to go back to work on Rhyno but Carlito distracts him, calling Booker’s name. Booker turns back around as Carlito offers him an apple to which Booker says ‘Da hell?’ Lito then smiles as , WAIT, ROLL UP FROM RHYNO!!




Rhyno wins it!!

Winner: Rhyno(4:41)

Michael Cole: When is Booker T’s run of bad luck going to come to an end? Carlito has cost Booker in a BIG way here, clearly wanting nothing to do with the former WCW champion but Tazz, I gotta ask this, has Carlito underestimated Rhyno here?

Tazz: I don’t think Carlito’s underestimating anybody, I just think Carlito wants to get inside Booker T’s head yet again, hell, I’m sure he’s gotten inside Rhyno’s head here tonight. This is all a part of Carlito’s plan and I think it’s workin’ man.

Booker and Rhyno reluctantly shake hands as Carlito heads up the ramp tossing his apple and staring at the two men left inside the ring, but we now know it will be Carlito one on one with Rhyno next week in a No Disqualification match.

We then cut backstage and join Josh Matthews who is standing by with the WWE champion, John Cena.

Josh Matthews: John tonight you put your WWE championship on the line against the Legend Killer, Randy Orton. How are you feeling ahead of such a huge match and are you at all worried by outside interference here tonight from both Kurt Angle and JBL?

John Cena: Josh you’re right, tonight is a HUGE match in my career but I can honestly tell you straight up that I cannot wait to step inside that ring tonight and I cannot wait to beat Randy Orton for the WWE title.

Big pop for the champ.

John Cena: Nights like tonight are what I thrive on Josh and I know that a lot of people are doubting me here in San Diego tonight. I hate to admit it but be it some of the fans or be it some of the guys in the back, there are doubters.

Cena sighs before continuing.

John Cena: The past few weeks I’ll hold my hands up, Randy Orton’s gotten the better of me. Randy’s got the upper hand time and again but each and every single time it’s been because of people getting involved in my business.

Heat as the fans know what Cena means.

John Cena: Which leads me nicely to your next question and the grand old subject of John Bradshaw Layfield and Kurt Angle.

Heat once again for the mention of those two.

John Cena: Now I know that both of those guys want this(points at the WWE title). I know that I’m in their sights and that when they see me, they see an opportunity. If they can make their mark then they might, they might just get a look at this(again points at the title). And y’know what, I don’t blame ‘em.

Cena again pauses.

John Cena: If I was in their situation, if I wasn’t holding the gold right now, I’d wanna make a statement too. I would want whoever the champion was to know that I’m on their toes and that when I get a chance, I’m gonna take it. So as far as that goes, both JBL and Kurt Angle, I respect them wanting to come after this.

Josh Matthews nods his head, holding the mic, gazing at Cena like a sap.

John Cena: What I don’t respect is the way these guys are goin’ about makin’ their statements. See ever since I cost Kurt Angle a shot at the title and as accidental as it was, I admit, I did cost him. Ever since then Kurt Angle has made it his mission, he’s made it his purpose to not only send a message to me. He’s made it his purpose to beat me down and take..me..out.


John Cena: Now that ain’t something’ I’m gonna take liein’ down, believe me. If Kurt Angle wants to make a statement, he needs to do it the right way and he needs to do it to my face.

Pop for the champion

John Cena: As far as JBL goes, well me and Mr.Layfield have had our problems for a long time now and all I can say is that the facts don’t lie. I beat JBL to win this WWE title at Wrestlemania and I beat him AGAIN at Judgment Day.

Big pop there.

John Cena: I don’t get why he thinks he deserves another shot at this but if and it’s a BIG if. If JBL does get another shot at this, then I can, well I can as JBL himself likes to say, I can guarandamntee that it will NOT be third time lucky for the so called ‘Wrestling God’.

Cena smiles before continuing.

John Cena: So Kurt, John when I’m done with Randy Orton tonight, my statement to you is loud and clear. You want some, COME..GET..SOME!

Big pop for the champion who walks away as we cut back to ringside.

Michael Cole: Well John Cena is all fired up here tonight Tazz. But Cena, as much as he wants Kurt Angle to go face to face with him, as much as he wants JBL to do the same, he’s gonna have to be careful tonight cos both of those men don’t ever tend to do the right thing.

Tazz: Absolutely. When the WWE title is on the line, you gotta be wary of everythin’ that’s goin’ on and if that means keeping’ an eye out for interference, you do it.

‘Live for the Moment’

Nice pop as the number one contender to the United States title makes his way out, set for his title opportunity here tonight.

Michael Cole: Well tonight is a MASSIVE opportunity for this man Tazz. Matt Hardy has made a big impact since coming to Friday Night Smackdown and came up inches short of winning the U.S. title at Judgment Day, tonight he gets a well deserved rematch against Orlando Jordan.

Tazz: Cole I got a real feelin’ that tonight is the night for Ma…


Out of nowhere we see Orlando Jordan come down the ramp and SMASH Matt Hardy with the United States title belt. Orlando then begins a vicious assault of his rival, stomping away at the back of Hardy’s neck before delivering a series of right and left hands, clubbing away at the neck of his challenger.

Michael Cole: Orlando Jordan knows he can’t get it done inside the ring against Matt Hardy so he resorts to this? DISGUSTING actions from the United States champion. Matt Hardy is HELPLESS!!

Tazz: I’m in shock Cole. Complete shock and he don’t look like he’s sto..

Michael Cole: OH ENOUGH, COME ON!!

Jordan now brings Hardy up and whips him viciously into the ringpost, head first Hardy goes crashing into it before falling to the outside as Orlando now grabs the steel steps as the referee tries to stop him from doing any more damage but Orlando refuses. Hardy gets back to his feet gingerly and turns around, BAM!! Jordan smashes the steel steps off the head of Hardy!!

Michael Cole: We need some help out here. Matt Hardy is being decimated by Orlando Jordan.

Jordan then adds insult to injury as he tosses Hardy into the ring before following him inside. Jordan then demands that the referee rings the bell to start the match. The referee refuses but Orlando gets right in his face, shouting at him to do it before he takes matters into his own hands.

Michael Cole: You’ve gotta be kidding me! The damage is done, what does he need to do this for?

The referee rings the bell and this match, unbelievably begins.

Match Four: United States Championship

Orlando Jordan© vs. Matt Hardy

Jordan doesn’t go for a pinfall as he looks to add further to Hardy’s woes here tonight as Orlando brings Hardy up and drops him back down once again with a dose of Orlando Magic(Swinging Neckbreaker). Jordan then smiles and poses to the fans briefly who shit all over him before going for a cover. 1..2..3. Jordan, unsurprisingly retains.

Winner and STILL United States Champion: Orlando Jordan(0:12)

Michael Cole: Sickening. Absolutely sickening folks. I for one don’t know how Orlando Jordan can walk out of here tonight proud of what he’s just done, proud of retaining the United States title in that fashion. Orlando Jordan is a DISGRACE.

Tazz: I gotta admit that Orlando Jordan just went down a notch in my book Cole. I’m speechless. I mean I get by any means necessary, but that weren’t necessary, not one bit man.

The referee calls for some help on a lifeless Matt Hardy as Jordan backs up the ramp smiling repeatedly as he looks back on the damage he’s done here tonight. Trainers and medics then rush down to tend to Hardy as the picture fades away.


We return and are taken to a replay from during the break of Matt Hardy being helped out of the ring by officials and trainers to a nice reception.

Michael Cole: Well as you can see folks Matt Hardy being helped to the back following a HEINOUS assault from Orlando Jordan. Jordan was scheduled to defend the United States title against Hardy here tonight and well..he did but it was after this assault had taken place and inevitably Jordan retained with Hardy not standing a chance.

Tazz: Big props to Hardy though Cole for making his way back to his feet here though. I mean I thought he was done for after that attack but the heart of Matt Hardy shinin’ through right there, not wanting all the medical help, wantin’ to walk out on his own two feet. If I were Orlando Jordan I’d be worried cos you know Matt Hardy is gonna be out for payback.

We cut backstage and see the ‘Real Deal’ Bobby Lashley passing through the hall. The dominant young superstar is met with a nice pop from the crowd but the cheers soon turn to heat as we see Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki appear from nowhere and take down Lashley!! Dupree and Suzuki have both been beaten in singles action the past couple of weeks but look to make their mark here. The duo stomp away at the arms of Lashley before Suzuki drops down and starts hammering away with right hands before Dupree holds him back and the two men laugh at the fallen Lashley before leaving to strong heat.

Michael Cole: Well what else is gonna happen here tonight?! First Matt Hardy is taken out and now Bobby Lashley! What the hell are Dupree and Suzuki thinking Tazz?!

Tazz: They’re thinking’ of makin’ an impact Cole but I gotta be honest with ya and say that I think they’re pickin’ the wrong dude to be messin’ with in Lashley. He is a machine and if I were Dupree and Suzuki I’d stay as far away as I can from Bobby Lashley.

The camera then pans to the office of Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long who is greeted with cheers from the Smackdown crowd. We hear a knock at the door and it’s Josh Matthews who seems interested in questioning the head of authority here on Friday nights.

Josh Matthews: Teddy can we just get your thoughts so far tonight on what’s gone down here on this special edition of Smackdown: Night of Champions?

Teddy Long: Josh I gotta admit that it’s been a rough night playa. Tonight was a night supposed to be ALL about champions, all about championships but it’s been far from it.

Long shakes his head before continuing.

Teddy Long: First off, what just happened wit’ Rene Dupree, Kenzo Suzuki and Bobby Lashley, I can’t have that happenin’ in the back like that, ya feel me? And secondly what Orlando Jordan did here tonight with Matt Hardy I can’t have happenin’ PERIOD.

Heat for the mention of Jordan’s attack.

Teddy Long: Now I don’t know what Orlando thinks he’s doing and if he honestly believes he can get away wit’ what he did tonight but if he does then he’s got another thing comin’.

Pop for the GM.

Teddy Long: Now Matt Hardy is in a bad way dawg. I don’t know when Matt’s gonna be ready to compete again but what I do know is that when he is ready to compete, I promise him and all the Smackdown fans that he WILL get another shot at the United States title.

BIG pop for that announcement.

Teddy Long: Now we still got some more action to come tonight when the WWE title is on the line Josh and I just gotta hope and pray that they don’t let this show down like Orlando Jordan has done tonight, like Dupree and Suzuki, hell even MNM let this show down tonight, stealin’ a victory in the tag title match up.

Boos for the mention of all those superstars.

Teddy Long: So John Cena, Randy Orton if ya listenin’ playas, go out there tonight and show EVERYBODY what Smackdown is all about.

Josh Matthews: Thanks for your time Teddy.

We cut back ringside, set to rejoin the action as….

‘Burn in my Light’

The music of Randy Orton hits and the Legend Killer gets set for his big chance here tonight.

Michael Cole: Well it is indeed time for our main event folks and what a roll this man has been on since Judgment Day. Randy Orton defeated The Undertaker back at Judgment Day and following on from then Orton earned himself a championship opportunity, defeating both Kurt Angle and John Bradshaw Layfield as well as time and again getting the upper hand over John Cena.

Tazz: Orton’s been on a heck of a roll, no doubt about it but it don’t count for anything unless Randy Orton leaves San Diego with the WWE title.

‘My Time is Now’

Big pop as the champion John Cena makes his way out, looking more than ready for this big showdown tonight.

Michael Cole: John Cena has had quite the opposite in fortune to Randy Orton since Judgment Day. Cena’s been put in a really tough situation following his decision in that triple threat number one contenders match and since that point Cena has not only had Randy Orton breathing down his neck, but Kurt Angle AND JBL also.

Tazz: It’s been a rough ride for Cena as of late but when you’re the WWE champion, when you’re the man around this joint, ya gotta be prepared for all of this. Cena’s got a HUGE test here tonight Cole and he’s gonna need a hell of a performance to walk outta here still wit’ that WWE title.

Match Five: WWE Championship

John Cena© vs. Randy Orton

Strong ‘Cena’ chants run through the crowd as the referee rings the bell and the two men circle the ring, not taking their eyes off one another as they recognise just how important this match is here tonight. The two eventually lock up and it’s Cena who overpowers Orton to begin with, throwing him off of him as Orton tries to compose himself again. The Legend Killer slaps himself, trying to psych himself up clearly as he goes at it with Cena again, this time putting the champ in a headlock but Cena again uses his strength to push the challenger off of him as Orton bounces into the ropes and rebounds back right into a shoulder block from Cena. Cena picks Orton back up immediately and clubs him with a couple of right hands before whipping Orton into the turnbuckle. Cena charges down Orton but the Legend Killer gets a boot up, connecting with Cena’s face as the leader of the Chain Gang falls backward.

Orton immediately heads after Cena and as Cena turns around, Orton drops him with a clothesline. Cena immediately gets back up but Orton again takes him down with a big clothesline to which Cena stays floored from this time. Orton then begins to stomp away at the back of Cena’s neck which draws him some heat from the crowd before dropping down to the mat and applying a chinlock to Cena. Cena looks in trouble momentarily but Orton may’ve attempted the hold too early in the contest as Cena uses his elbow to dig away at Orton and break the hold as the champion begins to look strong again. Cena delivers a few right hands to the Legend Killer but Orton responds with some of his own and these two go toe to toe. It’s Cena though who comes out on top, forcing Orton backward before an irish whip to the challenger. Orton comes flying back at Cena who drops the challenger with a big back body drop. Early cover by Cena.


Kick out from Orton with ease. Cena now on the offensive as he drags Orton up to his feet before kicking his chllenger in the gut, grabbing the back of his neck, Cena hoists Orton up and drops him with a big suplex as the crowd roars!! Cena into another cover..



Orton gets the shoulder up as Cena dusts himself down and allows Orton some time to get back to his feet. The Legend Killer does so and Cena heads right back to work, throwing a right hand at Orton before whipping him into the ropes but Orton doesn’t bounce back, holding onto the ropes instead. Cena charges at him but Orton brings the ropes down and sends Cena flying over and on to the outside!! Orton takes a breather as Cena is now recovering on the outside and the referee begins to countout the champion. Cena staggers to his feet and with the count slowly rising, Orton heads to the outside, realising he can’t win the championship via countout. Orton meets Cena on the outside but the champion delivers a shot to the ribs of Orton, seemingly winding the challenger. Orton is struck again with a right hand before Cena grabs the arm of Orton, whipping Orton towards the ringpost but Orton reverses it! Cena goes flying shoulder first into the ringpost as a loud thud echoes round the arena. Cena yells out in pain as Orton picks him back up and tosses him in the ring, breaking up the count at 7 and a half. Orton immediately rolls Cena over into a cover, looking to finish things..



Shoulder up from Cena just about as the champion holds onto his title there. Orton grits his teeth, clearly disappointed he couldn’t put Cena away with that. Orton surprisingly heads towards the corner and plants himself on the turnbuckle, sitting on the second rope as Cena steadies himself and turns around, Orton looks to deliver a clothesline from the ropes but Cena ducks it and Orton rolls through. Cena now charges at Orton and lifts him up before dropping Orton with a front slam. Cena then runs the ropes before pandering to the crowd before doing his infamous, ‘You can’t see me’, Five knuckle Shuffle connects with Orton!! The fans are on their feet as Cena waits patiently for Orton to rise, he does slowly but surely and turns around, Cena lifts him up high, FU!! NO!! Orton escapes out of it and turns Cena around, RKO!! NO!! Cena reverses this time and pushes Orton away into the ropes, Orton rebounds, roll up from Cena!!



Kick out just from Orton much to the disapproval of the San Diego faithful. Cena looks frustrated that he couldn’t out away Orton there and both men get to their feet and it’s Orton who’s quickest to react, taking advantage of Cena’s clear disappointment. Orton grabs Cena, belly to belly suplex, a new side to Orton there. Orton straight into a cover, looking to put away the champion..



Shoulder up from Cena as Orton pounds the mat in anger. Orton now poises himself, looking to finish Cena off as the champion gets back to his feet, Orton is primed for an RKO, Cena turns around, RKO!! AGAIN Cena counters, Cena lifts Orton up, FU!! BAM!! WHAT THE HELL?! CENA IS AMBUSHED FROM BEHIND BY KURT ANGLE AND JBL!!

Angle and Layfield begin to stomp away at Cena as Orton drops to the mat with Angle now unloading right hands on the champion whilst Layfield stomps the hell out of Cena. The referee calls for the bell as Angle and JBL continue to assault the champion here

Winner: No Contest(9:13); Therefore John Cena remains WWE champion

Michael Cole: Absolute CHAOS ensuing in San Diego!! John Cena is being DECIMATED here. Cena is defenceless as Kurt Angle and JBL pick apart the WWE champion!

Tazz: What the hell is goin’ on here Cole?! HEY LOOK! RANDY ORTON!!

Randy Orton now gets himself involved, clearly pissed at his title shot going down the drain here tonight and he takes down JBL to a nice pop from the fans!! Orton seems irate that Angle and JBL ruined this match up here tonight and the Legend Killer hammers away at Layfield as Angle continues his assault on Cena. Angle though, out the corner of his eye sees Orton laying into JBL and heads after Orton!!


Orton and Angle tear into each other with Angle seemingly getting the upper hand knocking Orton aback as the fans are split on who to cheer for. The Wrestling Machine sends Orton almost tumbling but Orton rocks forward, RKO!! RKO attempt from Orton but Angle pushes the Legend Killer away, right into a CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!! JBL knocks Orton’s head off as the fans shit all over the former WWE champion but the jeers soon become cheers as we see an ANGLE SLAM!! Kurt Angle takes out JBL from behind!!

Michael Cole: Kurt Angle is on a RAMPAGE here tonight!! Randy Orton is down, JBL is down, John Cena is down and OUT. Ladies and gentleman, are we looking at the next WWE champion? Is Kurt Angle primed and waiting to take John Cena’s WWE title? On a night that was meant to be all about champions, it is infact a challenger, it is Kurt Angle who leaves San Diego with his name on everybody’s lips!

All feedback will as ever be massively appreciated and returned.
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