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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Back again here with some comments, skimmed through the shows I missed and sat down with a cuppa to fully read the latest Oblivion. I gotta say, I love the way you peice together the opening video. Adds a nice element to the show. Now, you've got Chris Jericho and Rob Van Dam in the opening segment. Got me hooked again, dude. These two are two of my favourite all time workers, and love reading them. You do a good job of portraying each, especially Jericho's "worthy man" gimmick. It's something I haven't seen done before and fits Jericho down to a tee. Tip of the beanie hat to you, sir. Looking forward to the first PPV, Jericho and Van Dam headlining gets a thumbs up for me. Might be a bit early to take the title of Jericho, though... He is the man here in AOW. Should stay that way until company finds it's feet.

I know you drop the WWE bomb here with Torrie, but man, I just don't like it. It wouldn't be done so casually on a show and just... irks me to see the name dropped so lightly. But holy crap, if Torrie Wilson could actually cut a promo like that? She might still be on our television sets. Good job there, broseph. Good cut in from Jericho, again -- you're writing of him is immense. Love reading it and it seems so in character. Same for Foley, exactly job. He's a little... less assertive than what I've come to expect from GM's in the way he speaks, but at least his desicions aren't so lacking. Again, more hype for the Jericho/RVD fued has me licking my lips. And it's not this cup of tea, either.

Meh, no time for Jamie Noble... but good to see Aero Star make his debut. Researched him when I reviewed your show the first time, looks.. a little weak on the offense side of things, but he's amazing in the air. If you're looking for more guys to fill out the division, I suggest taking a look at UK worker Pac -- he workes for Dragon Gate, and DGUSA occasionally.

Love the cruiserweight division as it stands, mind you. Not much to note on the Mysterio and Danielson segment, bar the fact I love what you're doing with Helms. Might not be main event shit, but it's nice to see he has a place. Don't know much about him as a person, but despite what I've heard, I love his work. I wanna see Danielson/Helms fight for that title again. GOSH I LOVE CRUISERWEIGHT WRESTLING.

Decent tag match, good to see Mexicools around, 'aint seen much of them BTB wise. Low Ki and Evans seems like a brilliant team -- I don't know if that team is of your creation or actually happened in real life, but whatever the case, I love it and it was a good match. Can't have Evans without the 630, so I hear, which effectively ended the match and topped off a good outing from them. Use both of these teams more and I'll be a happy camper.

JBL is an absolute dick in this thread, btw. Niiicee. Not interested in "The Mercanaries" or whatever it is their called. I like Burchill as a signles competitor, maybe you can try give him a run on his own somewhere down the line. I do enjoy a good WGTT match, mind you. One of my favourtie tag's of all time right there.

Unless my head randomly falls off, I'll be here waiting for "The Sons of the Dungeon". That little video package thing was immense, dude. You write hype/video packages so well... but wait, are Swagger and Ziggler the sons of the dungeon? Or were they two seperate videos. That may seems like a silly question, but this tea is making me feel dumb. Help a fella out here.

The Jericho/Torrie segment only further my point that Chris Jericho, is indeed, as you write him -- the best asshole in the whole world. I love what you do with him in this thread. It's refereshing to see his character portrayed like this, opposed to the usual WWE crap we're handed out. This is why I love created promotions. So much room to do what you wish. Ah now, Hassan? I can't escape that lad. He's everywhere I go. Literally... so sick of hearing his name in BTB. HE'S NOT THAT GOOD. Give Punk the title, man -- get this shit outta the way.

An immense main event Joe and Jericho. Btw, what the hell is a chickenwing crossface? I like the way you do run-ins, far from TNA style and you don't over-book them. I love (only, of course, 'cause I'm Irish) that you're using good 'aul Dave in a main event role, especially getting to work with Joe, Something I'd pay hard bucks for, for sure.

Keep up the work, bro. It's shit hot.
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