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Re: ROH on SBG Discussion Thread

Episode 5(10/22) in the books, and once again, I enjoyed it. The venue change was nice, obviously The Davis Arena is much smaller and the ring also looked smaller, but I like it. I felt like I was watching WCW Saturday Night the whole time.

Perkins vs. Mondo was pretty good. I have no problem with them using Mondo on the tv tapings. He's a solid worker with a clear gimmick. Can't help but laugh at the guy either, especially when they interview him. Perkins only sampled some of the things he can do in this one, it's gonna be awesome to see him go balls out in the future. Solid match. **1/2

The Briscoes promo was fuckin crazy. They ended it by yelling in the mic and headbutting each other. Once again, we're gonna get Briscoes/ANX next week with the winner getting a Tag Title shot at Final Battle. So if ANX were to win at GBH X, and the Briscoes win next week, we get this all over again. But I don't see that happening anyway. After the promo, wouldn't it be really awesome if the Briscoes said, you know what, in order for us to prepare for the WGTT, we need to fight each other and at GBH X they just beat the shit out of each other to prepare themselves. Make it happen!

The Inside ROH segment was also really good. They started out with Roddy and Truth, who issued an open invitational challenge for anyone in the world to face him at Final Battle. I 145% think it's gonna be Nigel after what happened last week. Then they switched to Davey, who looks like a fag with mohawk. But besides that, he talked about his training and shit. The cool part was that they showed footage from New Japan. And that's that. Main event time.

Lethal vs. Bennett really surprised me. Real old school style match with Bennett controlling most of it and Lethal makin a comeback, only to be cut off by the time limit once again. The ending was really odd and not entirely all that exciting but I really enjoyed the match. Highlight spots were Lethal hitting an ace crusher off the handspring against the ropes and Bennett countering Lethal's top rope springboard into a spinebuster. I can't believe I'm saying this but Bennett's starting to grow on me. His moveset is expanding, obviously he's a great heel, and he can work a solid match. Lethal is really over with the crowd and I think this will down the line create some sort of a title rematch with Bennett claiming Lethal never beat him. Check this out if you have any Bennett doubts. ***1/4

Next week:

Roderick Strong vs. Kyle O'Reilly
The Briscoes vs. ANX

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