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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Monday Night Raw Preview
Monday 27th October 2008
Live from the Allstate Arena
Rosemont, Illinois

The Survivor Series is now less than two weeks away and as we get even closer, it seems that things are getting even more heated on both Raw & Smackdown.

We saw Triple H attack the WWE Champion, Batista and the man both he & Randy Orton will meet for The Animal’s title in 13 days, however The Game’s assault was in front of his rival’s daughter. It looked as if Triple H was susprised when he realised it was her, maybe thinking it was his wife, Stephanie as the rumours of a relationship between her & Batista continue to do the rounds of the Raw locker room. Thankfully for the WWE Champion, Orton and his rookie, Darren Young weren’t too far away and made sure The Game didn’t do any more damage. It does indeed look as if The Legend Killer has Batista’s back, but is Triple H right to believe there is something going on behind his between Batista & Stephanie? Either way it’s safe to assume neither Batista or Triple H are going to be too happy when they arrive in Rosemont for Raw this week, and how will The Game react to Orton’s actions?

If Batista & Triple H are angry and rightly so after the events of last week, then god only knows how angry The Big Show is going to be this week after what appears to be a despicable setup by Vince McMahon and his son, John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield. Having been spat on by Mr. McMahon a week earlier, The World’s Largest Athlete was waiting for them in the parking lot, but they didn’t come. That was until Show had already left after being told his wife had been taken to the hospital. Just before the show came to a close they arrived, doing a number on Justin Gabriel, Big Show’s rookie in the parking lot until Eric Bischoff arrived on the scene with event security to put a stop to the mugging. After poking fun at Show not being there, it would seem that they were responsible for the information given to The Big Show. You have to wonder how he’s going to react this week and just how Gabriel is. Tune in to find out just how he does react live this Monday night.

After shouting his mouth off the last few weeks about how he’s going to defeat The Undertaker at Survivor Series, Ted DiBiase got a wake up call last week, reminding him of the challenge that faces him. Just moments after defeating Finlay in an open challenge to anyone in the locker room, the lights went out as DiBiase and his rookie, Ezekiel Jackson looked to send a message to The Dead-Man via Finlay. When they came back on the second time, DiBiase wasn’t expecting what was waiting for him. He & Jackson felt the wrath of the phenom, and Maryse would have also if it wasn’t for her boyfriend’s superb timing to save her bacon. He found himself on the wrong end of a big boot that sent him rolling to the floor while Jackson was chokeslammed in to the canvas, giving the cocky young superstar a lot to think about. We’ve since learned that DiBiase’s rookie will in fact go one-on-one with The Dead-Man this coming week live on Raw. What better way for Taker to give Ted Jr another reminder of what he’ll be up against in 13 days?!

Last week live on Raw, The Miz unveiled his team to take on Team H.B.K. at Survivor Series moments before falling in to a trap set by Kofi Kingston & ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels that saw Kofi challenge Miz and his rookie, Heath Slater to a match before announcing Michaels as his partner. Kofi also announced his decision to be a part of Team H.B.K. at Survivor Series, and having gotten the better of Miz & Slater on Raw, Michaels unveiled the remaining two members of his team on Smackdown Friday night. They are Elijah Burke who overcame Team Miz member, Jack Swagger and a newcomer to the WWE who apparently has been trained by The Heartbreak Kid and was described by the man himself as one of the best in the world today. He goes by the name of Bryan Danielson and we’ve been told by Eric Bischoff that Kofi will be back in action this week when he goes up against Slater in one-on-one action. The Miz is bound to be by his rookie’s side, but will he be able to get some momentum back for his mentor’s team as we get closer to Survivor Series?

Also in action this week will be Gregory Helms when he takes on Christopher Daniels. We heard last week just how frustrated Daniels and his tag team partner, Kaval feel about having to take on Helms & Matt Hardy as well as Rey Mysterio & Mystico in a triple threat match at Survivor Series for the World Tag Team titles given how their two opposing teams drew in their semi final tournament match. It looked like Daniels & Helms were about to go at it, but they will this Monday night in active competition. Will we get an indication of who may leave Survivor Series as the new World Tag Team Champions?

Cody Rhodes & Joe Hennig last week went to Raw’s team captain for the Battle of the Brands at Survivor Series, Sheamus asking him for a spot on Team Raw. The Intercontinental Champion let them know he’d be inundated with other superstars asking for the same spot and told them to give him a reason to pick them, and they may well have done that after their actions on Smackdown last Friday night. Just as M.V.P. was talking about how he & Ron Killings sent Sheamus & Raw a statement of intent following their appearance on Raw last week, Rhodes & Hennig attacked Killings, quickly getting the attention of Team Smackdown’s captain who was less than pleased as you would expect. He quickly got the young duo to back away before Cody then struck him with a sucker punch. Have they made an impression on Sheamus, or even on M.V.P.? Given how M.V.P. & Killings had no problem coming to Raw last week, they surely have to be considering coming back for some retribution this week in Rosemont.

For all this & more make sure you tune in to this week’s Raw with less than two weeks to go before Survivor Series. You won’t want to miss all the action love from the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois!

>Confirmed for Raw This Week<

The Undertaker vs. Ezekiel Jackson

Gregory Helms vs. Christopher Daniels

Kofi Kingston
vs. Heath Slater

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