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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

my Armageddon card in my 2011 scenario:

Hell In A Cell Match for WHC
CM Punk (c) defeated Triple H
Rating: 97%

The Rock and John Cena had a confrontation
Rating: 93%

WWE Championship Match
Alberto Del Rio (c) defeated Chris Jericho
Rating: 96%

Intercontinental Championship Match
Christian (c) defeated Drew McIntyre
Rating: 87%

Hardcore Grudge Match
Randy Orton defeated Kevin Nash
Rating: 81%

Ladder Match for US Championship
Jack Swagger (c) defeated Rey Mysterio
Rating: 92%

Grudge Match
Batista defeated Sheamus
Rating: 90%

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Ezekiel Jackson and Mark Henry (c) defeated Hart Dynasty
Rating: 88%

Cruiserweight Championship Match
Justin Gabriel (c) defeated Zack Ryder
Rating: 91%

Overall Rating: 90%

four feuds ended at this PPV: WSTT/Hart Dynasty, Gabriel/Ryder, Swagger/Mysterio and Christian/McIntyre. Gabriel is going on to feud with Sin Cara, Swagger is going on to feud with Danielson and Christian is going on to feud with Miz. WSTT will take on 3 other teams at Royal Rumble in a four way tag team match. Orton beat Raw GM, Kevin Nash to get reinstated. Punk and Triple H are going to continue their feud over the World Heavyweight Championship into Royal Rumble which will have a triple threat main event. Triple H, CM Punk and Triple H's buddy Shawn Michaels will return to the ring. So it will be more or less a handicap match for Punk. ADR and Jericho feud should culminate at Royal Rumble as will Batista/Sheamus in some sort of gimmick match. I think I know who's going to win the Rumble although lately I've been questioning my decision. Cena/Rock feud will also add another chapter at the Rumble somehow.

anyway I've also been playing a 2004 scenario. just did WM20, except after WM20 I'm keeping Brock and Goldberg around which should make the rest of the year a lot more interesting. also been messing with a 2011 TNA scenario. also here's the top 100 workers for 2011 in my WWE game as I just recently hit 2012:

a couple interesting things. Michaels only worked one match in 2011 and made #2 lol. Edge hasn't wrestled at all since I started the scnario (August) since I've remained true to his injury. he's the Smackdown GM in my scenario, but somehow he makes the top 100 too. Tyler Black (Seth Rollins) is number 5 and still in developmental. he's got insane stats and still hasn't given the whole "Seth Rollins is ready to be promoted to the main roster" alert yet. it's pretty crazy. Claudio, Orlov, Ambrose, Woods, Diavari and Manu are all also on the top 100 and in developmental.

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