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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

WWE Judgment Day 2004 Preview
May 16, 2004
Los Angeles, California at the Staples Center

WWE Championship Title Triple Threat Match
Eddie Guerrero (c) vs Kane vs The Undertaker

Eddie Guerrero has been WWE Champion ever since No Way Out 2004 when he defeated Brock Lesnar and he went on to retain at WrestleMania defeating Kurt Angle. Now at Judgment Day it is a classic story of Eddie Guerrero trying to overcome the odds yet again but by overcoming not just one monster but overcoming two monsters in Kane and The Undertaker. Eddie has shown both Undertaker and Kane that he will do whatever it takes to still remain the WWE Champion and also Eddie has shown that he won't be intimidated by either Kane or The Undertaker. While Kane has proven to be even more sadistic than ever before tormenting not just his brother The Undertaker but also tormenting Eddie Guerrero's family. Kane now has Paul Bearer back at his side with Paul Bearer turning his back on The Undertaker and aligning himself with his son Kane once again. Tis twisted family saga has turned another corner with the debut of Kane's cousin and Paul Bearer's nephew Mordecai. The Undertaker still proves that he is the master of the mind games by pulling Kane down into the depths of Hell and also Eddie pulling that kidnapping stunt by taking Paul Bearer hostage. At Judgment Day it will all come to a head. Will The Big Red Machine win the gold and become the most powerful entity in the WWE? Or will The Undertaker take the gold back with him over to the dark side? Or will Eddie Guerrero overcome the odds once again and still remain the WWE Champion?

Falls Count Anywhere
Edge vs Rey Mysterio

A friendship now turned into a bitter rivalry as these two former partners, these two former friends Edge and Rey Mysterio will do battle in a Falls Count Anywhere Match at Judgment Day. Their feud will finally be coming on to a collision course. A feud born out of betrayal and Edge's obsession with being WWE Champion but with Rey trying to stop Edge from being something that he has always wanted to be. After it is said and done, which man will walk out of Judgment Day in one piece and which man will walk out of Judgment Day broken?

Booker T vs RVD

Once good friends, once former tag-team partners now bitter enemies as this rivalry has now been born out of greed, born out of betrayal. Now at Judgment Day it will all come to a bitter end. Booker T has proven that he has RVD's number. Recently RVD has pinned Booker T twice in tag team competition but now in singles competition they go finally one on one. Will RVD beat his now bitter rival also proving that he should be in line for a future WWE Championship match? Or will Booker T prove that he is once and for all better than his ex-partner. Will he also prove that he is in line for a future WWE Championship match. We will find out when they clash at Judgment Day.

WWE United States Championship Match
John Cena (c) vs Val Venis

A rivalry of the present vs the future of this company, with Val Venis proving that he deserves to be the #1 Contender for the WWE United States Championship. Ever since he was traded to Smackdown, Val has been constantly bashing the WWE United States Champion the Dr. of Thuganomics, the street thug John Cena. Cena right back in retaliation has proven that he won't let Val Venis intimidate him. Cena has mocked Val by coming up with raps knocking Val down saying how Val is nothing more than the past and that John Cena is the future. With Dawn Marie by Val's side, she believes Val still has it and wants to revive Val's career. Since coming to Smackdown, Val's career has taken off again as he defeated The mighty Big Show in a stretcher match. A man who John Cena also defeated for the United States Championship at WrestleMania 20. Will Val Venis prove without a shadow of a doubt that he deserves to be the WWE United States Champion by beating Cena? Or will Cena prove all the critics wrong yet again by beating Val Venis?

Also The Hurricane and Shannon Moore defend the tag team titles against Billy Kidman and Paul London in a ladder match. Tajiri will defend his cruiserweight title against Johnny Nitro. Also Matt Hardy takes on Rhyno. JBL will be running the gaunlet against 4 of Smackdown's international cruiserweights as JBL takes on the world.

Predictions Template
1)Predict the Match order for Judgment Day? (5 points)
2)Predict the Winners? (2 points)
3)Who will be pinned/submit in the main event triple threat match? (5 points)
3)Which match will have the shortest time? (2 points)
4)How many championships will change hands? (2 points)
5)Will Mordecai interfere in the main event? (2 points)
6)Will anyone return/debut at Judgment Day? (2 points)

Predictions would be more than welcome and all feedback for the PPV will be returned

WWE 2004: The Road to WrestleMania 21
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