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Re: Be the Booker Showcase Thread

Here's some of an Impact Wrestling I wrote a while back. Storyline was that Kurt Angle was the new kayfabe owner of the company after Dixie & Bob Carter left TNA, thus ending the contract with them. Never really got into it much, just felt like experimenting with it and since I know I'll never return to it, I'll post what I got written for the first show.

| January 2nd, 2012 | Nashville Asylum | Nashville, Tennessee|

We open up this special 3 hour edition of TNA Impact Wrestling with a video package documenting what was thought to be TNA's last ever televised event, that being Bound For Glory. The main event had Bobby Roode finally win the big one as he defeated Kurt Angle. We are shown some backstage clips following the event of the TNA Wrestlers wondering around the arena, not knowing what the future may hold as it was announced the day before Bound For Glory that Bob Carter had terminated the deal Panda Energy had with TNA Impact Wrestling. We see many wrestlers saying their goodbye's, assuming that this is the end of the road for TNA. That is, until we cut to a month later and find out that TNA has a new owner. (Kayfabe) Kurt Angle but in reality it is an undisclosed company. We then see Kurt Angle in multiple meetings with TNA Wrestlers and Spike TV Executives. The voice over man tells us that now we find ourselves here tonight, January 2nd 2012, a new dawn for TNA is on the horizon. We then cut back to highlights of Bound For Glory with the video ending with Bobby Roode winning the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and the voice over man says that starting from tonight, TNA embarks on a new era in the wrestling industry.

From here, we fade into a brand new TNA Impact Wrestling introduction video which is set to new theme music, a song called 'Spotlight' by Saliva. The video comes to a close and we look at the arena before a flurry of pyrotechnics explode, the crowd in Nashville on their feet in anticipation for the return of Impact Wrestling. We look at some signs, many of them in support of Bobby Roode before we cut to the announce tam which consists of Mike Tenay & the returning Don West.

Mike Tenay: Ladies & Gentlemen, welcome back to TNA Impact Wrestling! After nearly three months off air, we are back and back with a bang! And folks, joining me tonight on commentary is the one and only Don West! Don, how does it feel to be back here in TNA?!

Don West: My goodness, Professor! I can't remember the last time I felt this feeling in my stomach! It makes me wonder why I even went away in the first place! This crowd is electric and I can't wait for tonight's show and the shows following tonight!

Mike Tenay: And what an explosive night we have for these great TNA fans, a three hour extravaganza, a three hour blockbuster event! Tonight, we embark on TNA's rise back to glory! Tonight we are the alternative and tonight we become great again!

Don West: But, we only have two matches confirmed for tonight folks. We see the X-Division Championship defended in a rematch from Bound For Glory as Austin Aries defends against Brian Kendrick and the TNA Tag Team Championships are put on the line as the champions, Brother Devon & D'Angelo Dinero square off against Ink Inc.

Mike Tenay: But, as well as that, we are scheduled to hear from a man who hasn't been able to speak on winning the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Bound For Glory, I'm of course talking about, Bobby Roode.

Don West: Everyone has been waiting to hear from Bobby Roode ever since he reached for the brass ring and took it from our new owner, Kurt Angle. What will Bobby Roode have to say to these great Impact Wrestling fans? That's one I'm sure looking forward to seeing later on tonight, Professor.

Gold Medal now hits the PA system and the new TNA Owner, Kurt Angle steps out to a positive reaction. Kurt wears a charcoal suit with a white shirt and tops it all off with a pair of sunglasses.

Christy Hemme: Ladies & Gentlemen, please welcome the new TNA Impact Wrestling Owner, Kurt Angle!

Immediately following the introduction of Kurt Angle, the crowd begin to chant 'Thank You Kurt' With the chant getting louder and louder as Angle makes it to the ring steps.

Mike Tenay: Will you just listen to these fans, Don? Showing their appreciation for Kurt Angle saving TNA from going under. Showing their appreciation for Kurt Angle keeping the wrestling industry thriving.

Don West: Basically, if it wasn't for Kurt Angle, we wouldn't be sitting here right now, heck, even if Bob Carter still owned TNA, I wouldn't be sitting here but that's not the point. It's thanks to Kurt Angle that I have my old job back and it's thanks to Kurt Angle that this great company is still alive baby!

Kurt Angle stands in the middle of the ring with an Impact Wrestling microphone. The crowd continue to chant at him as he stands and takes it all in, loving every second of this moment. The chant does eventually die down enough for Kurt to begin to speak.

Kurt Angle: Y'know, if someone had said to me three months ago that I would be the owner of the company I helped build for the five years I'd been in it, I'd have told you, you were off your rocker.

Mixed reaction.

Kurt Angle: If someone had come up to me and said 'Hey, Kurt. That money you saved up over all the years, in a few months you can use it to buy the company you love, to buy the company you got out of bed for every day of the five years you've been in it.' I'd have said to get out of my face and stop wasting my time.

Another mixed reaction here.

Kurt Angle: Fast forward three months from Bound For Glory, the night I lost the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and here I stand with a prize just as sweet as all of my world title victories. I stand here, in front of all of you people sitting in this arena tonight and the people watching live at home the new owner of TNA Impact Wrestling!

There we go, Kurt gets his big pop from the crowd.

Kurt Angle: I used that cash I saved over the years and I actually bought the company I tried to help build by wrestling day in, day out for five years and now, the wrestling world still has two companies!

Pops here.

Kurt Angle: Now, before I became owner of TNA, I was a wrestler who had just lost the TNA World Heavyweight Championship to Bobby Roode at our biggest event of the year; Bound For Glory.

Big cheer here for Bobby Roode!

Kurt Angle: And that means I'm the one who is entitled to a rematch with Bobby for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

Heat, no one wants to see that again, Kurt.

Kurt Angle: But, but... That rematch is not going to happen. Since I now own TNA, I will no longer be competing in this ring, I will no longer get out of bed to wrestle day in and week out, from now on, I get out of bed each day to run this company and take it to an all new level!

The crowd begin a TNA chant here, Kurt nods and smiles before moving on.

Kurt Angle: But with that, we are left without a number one contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship which is a bit unfortunate but as my first public decision regarding who the number one contender for the Championship is that tonight, we will have four men battle it out, three one on one matches. We will have two matches where four competitors fight it out to advance to face the winner of the other respective match from tonight in tonights main event with the winner becoming the new number one contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

The crowd love that announcement! Big pop for it as Angle paces the ring.

Kurt Angle: I hear you asking, who exactly will be given the privilege of being in that match, Kurt? I'll tell you who exactly will be in that match. Four of TNA's original stars, no one from Vince McMahon's company will be competing for that honor tonight. Those four men will be... AJ Styles, Alex Shelley, Samoa Joe & Bobby Roode's good friend and tag team partner, James Storm!

Another big pop from the crowd, more specifically for AJ Styles than the rest but still a big pop nonetheless.

Kurt Angle: And that's not all we have in store for tonight, we will also have the TNA Knockouts in action as Winter defends the title against Mickie James & Tara in a 3-Way Elimination Tables Match!

Another match added to Impact Wrestling makes that six matches thus far announced! Are there any more?

Kurt Angle: And my final announcement for now is one that may upset quite a number of you fans sitting here in this very arena, it may upset you fans sitting watching at home. Tonight, a man has requested some time to address the fans and make an announcement about retirement. I'm talking about the man who beat Hulk Hogan at Bound For Glory, I'm talking about The Icon Sting.

The crowd boo like shit here for that announcement, not expecting it at all.

Kurt Angle: I'd say more about Sting but I think I'll just leave that up to him to do a little later on tonight. This is a new era for TNA Impact Wrestling. Starting from tonight, we climb back to the top of the mountain and this time, we stay there. Enjoy the show!

Kurt drops the microphone and exits the ring to cheers from the crowd. He walks around the ring and slaps the fans hands before heading up the ramp and putting his sunglasses back on.

Mike Tenay: Oh my, Don! Kurt Angle just shook TNA Impact Wrestling with those announced matches! We have what should be an epic encounter between three of the best Knockouts in TNA history as Winter defends in a 3-Way Tables match! We have a new mini tournament to decide the new number one contender for Bobby Roode's TNA World Heavyweight Championship!

Don West: And also announced, the end of an era, the end of the road for The Icon Sting. That will be a tearjerker, Professor. A moment these fans will never forget, mark my words.

We keep the focus on Kurt Angle as he disappears behind the curtain and we fade on out to a

Commercial Break

We return to Impact Wrestling in the backstage area as Jeremy Borash stands by with Samoa Joe.

Jeremy Borash: Ladies & Gentlemen, what a series of announcements from Kurt Angle moments ago but for this man here, it could be the opportunity of a lifetime, Samoa Joe, after months of not picking up a win in Impact Wrestling, how does it feel to know Kurt Angle still has some faith in you to reach the top of the food chain?

Samoa Joe: How does it feel? Yeah, you're right, I haven't won a single match in Impact Wrestling for months and I could say that is my fault but it isn't, it was Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff who caused me to lose every match I was in.

Joe pauses, allowing us to take in his confusing statement.

Samoa Joe: But tonight, I'm going to avenge those losses. Tonight, I'm no longer the Fox, I'm the huntin' dog. I'm the one who is going to face Bobby Roode at Genesis! And I'm the next TNA World Heavyweight Champion! From here on out, I decide my future, from here on out, I'm the Judge, I'm the Jury & I'm the Executioner!

Joe turns and heads off.

Jeremy Borash: Well, good luck, Joe.

Short but sweet segment here, we cut back to the ring area, looking at the stage as The Greatest Man That Ever Lived hits the PA System to heat. Aries has the X-Division Championship wrapped around his waist and makes his way down the ramp.

Christy Hemme: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the TNA X-Division Championship. Introducing first, he is the reigning and defending X-Division Champion, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin weighing 209 pounds; A Double Austin Aries!

Mike Tenay: Don, I know you watched Bound For Glory, how about the last time we seen Austin Aries defend that coveted X-Division Championship.

Don West: Austin Aries hasn't been in TNA for very long yet he has already mapped out his legacy, Professor. His match with Brian Kendrick in Ultimate X was off the charts, tonight in this regular wrestling match, I expect the same phenomenal match!

Mike Tenay: Brian Kendrick gave Austin Aries his toughest battle yet at Bound For Glory and tonight should be no different, Don. Brian Kendrick is one of the most improved TNA Wrestlers in recent memory.

We then hear the music of one Brian Kendrick hit, he has new music, the music sounds like a butchered instrumental of his former WWE theme 'Man With A Plan' Kendrick gets mainly cheers but some fans are getting a bit bored of seeing Aries & Kendrick going at it in the ring again.

Christy Hemme: And introducing the challenger, from Orlando, Florida, weighing 182 pounds; Brian Kendrick!

Mike Tenay: Brian Kendrick certainly looks focused on the task at hand, Don. Brian Kendrick's eyes tells the story. The passion is oh so obvious, tonight he wants to take back the TNA X-Division Championship!

Don West: And honestly, Professor. I wouldn't mind if either of these men walked away with the belt. Sure, Aries might be a cocky S.O.B, but he backs it up in the ring and when Brian Kendrick was the X-Division Champion, he fought off some tremendous competitors, most notably Abyss at Destination X in two thousand and eleven.

Both men are in the ring and everything is set to get going.

Match One | X-Division Championship
Austin Aries vs. Brian Kendrick
Senior referee, Earl Hebner raises the X-Division Championship up, reminding us what is at stake in this match and he then shows the title to Brian Kendrick who pats it. Hebner passes the Championship out to Christy Hemme and then signals for the bell to sound. Both men get going with the typical collar and elbow tie up, Aries quickly pulls Kendrick into a side headlock takedown, Kendrick is able to force his legs up and kip up out of the headlock, Aries gets back to his feet but is sent back down as Kendrick grabs him and hits an armdrag, Kendrick pops back to his feet and Aries quickly follows only for Kendrick to hit the same move again, Kendrick once again pops back to his feet and so does Austin Aries, Kendrick attempts the armdrag again but this time is unsuccessful as Aries blocked it and sent a right hand towards his midsection. Aries now grabs the arm of Kendrick and pulls him down with an arm-breaker!

Aries doesn't waste any time in picking his targeted body part to work on for this one, quickly going on the attack to Kendrick's right arm. Aries drops a few knee's right to the forearm of Kendrick and then locks in an armbar, wrenching at Kendrick's arm as much as he can. Aries doesn't keep the hold on for long, though; knowing that it wont be enough to defeat Kendrick this early on. Aries pulls Kendrick to his feet and grabs his right arm, Aries walks over with Kendrick to the ropes and gets a good grip of the arm and then proceeds to jump over the top rope and down to the floor, forcing Kendrick's arm to hit off the ropes and almost out of it's socket! Kendrick instantly falls to the canvas, rolling around in pain, almost as if the arm was pulled out of the socket.

Earl Hebner steps in to check on Kendrick as Aries hops back onto the apron. Aries mocks Kendrick as he waits for him to get back to his feet, the crowd start an 'Aries Sucks' chant, which pisses him off so he shouts at them 'I don't suck, you suck!' Kendrick has now made it back to his feet and Aries hops up onto the top rope, springboarding towards Kendrick and nailing him in the right arm with a springboard missile dropkick! The crowd can't help but applaud Aries for his picture perfect high flying ability. Aries then asks 'Do I suck now?!' and then makes the first cover of the match, keeping Kendrick's left shoulder pinned down. 1............ 2............Kendrick was able to just lift his right shoulder up. The damage may have been done to his shoulder early on. Don West says this one might not last much longer if Aries continues to work on the weakened arm of Brian Kendrick.

Aries gets back to his feet and stands over Kendrick who continues to hold his arm. Aries grabs Kendrick and pulls him to his feet. Instead of going on the attack of the arm again, Aries pushes Kendrick off the ropes and as Kendrick runs off them, Aries leaps in the air, attempting a dropkick but he misses his target! Kendrick used his good arm to put on the brakes and hold onto the top rope. Kendrick seizes an opportunity and quickly runs into an Oklahoma Roll! 1............ 2............Aries manages to avoid an upset victory!

Kendrick gets back to his feet and falls against the ropes, Aries is just as quick to get back up and he looks at Kendrick and charges for him but Kendrick drops down, pulling the top rope with him and causes Aries to fly over and out of the ring, crashing down to the padded floor. The crowd begin to come alive when Kendrick scales to the top turnbuckle as Aries finds his feet. Kendrick looks hesitant but in the end he jumps off and nails Aries with a diving somersault! A mini 'Holy Shit' chant starts here, Kendrick is first back to his feet as referee Earl Hebner demands he get the action back in the ring. Kendrick grabs Aries with his good arm and rolls him under the bottom rope. Kendrick doesn't enter the ring the same way, however. He instead decides to hop onto the apron and once again scale to the top turnbuckle and as Aries finds his feet again, he dives off with a crossbody! HE HITS IT! Kendrick makes the cover. 1............ARIES ROLLS THROUGH! 1............ 2............Kendrick kicks out!

Aries isn't happy with Kendrick and looks to go back to work on him as he pulls him back to his feet but Kendrick shoves Aries off and then hits him with a wheel kick! The crowd let out a big pop here for Kendrick. Kendrick doesn't go for the cover, he instead grabs Aries and yanks him to his feet and rocks him with a series of forearm smashes, backing him into the corner. Kendrick then whips Aries into the opposite corner and then charges at him. Aries leaps out of the corner and Kendrick charges shoulder first into the turnbuckle, further injuring his right arm! Kendrick stumbles out of the corner backwards and Aries grabs Kendrick, forcing his right arm behind his back and delivering a back suplex with the result being Kendrick's back crushed his right arm! Aries forces Kendrick down with another pin attempt. 1............ 2............Kendrick still kicks out! Aries is clearly getting pissed off with Kendrick's refusal to just stay down.

Aries is now the one looking to go high risk as he climbs to the top rope as Kendrick lays, still clutching his right arm. Aries straightens himself up and it looks like he's going for the Macho Man Elbow Drop. HE IS! Aries dives off the top with the elbow but Kendrick gets his knee up! Aries now clutches his arm and Kendrick has some time to recover.

Kendrick uses the ropes to pull himself back up, at the same time, Aries has wobbled back to his feet and is clutching at his elbow, he isn't weak enough to lose focus though and he spots Kendrick against the turnbuckle and looks to go back on the offensive. Aries approaches the corner but Kendrick sends his boot into his sternum and hops up onto the middle turnbuckle and dives off and pulls Aries into a Sunset Flip! 1............ 2............3?! NO! It's not over yet, Aries used his body strength to kick out of that one. Aries is back up first and has grabbed Kendrick's legs in a slingshot position and it looks like that's what he is going for as he positions himself at the corner and falls back, sending Kendrick towards it but, Kendrick just leaps up onto the second rope and then climbs up the extra step and Moonsaults off, hitting a standing Austin Aries, Kendrick's knee bashed Aries in the face and blood almost instantly begins to trickle out of Aries' nose. Kendrick has the legs hooked, though. 1............ 2............ARIES KICKS OUT!

Kendrick is shocked, the crowd are getting into it and Aries has blood over his chin. Kendrick gets back to his feet and invites Aries to do the same. Aries does but he is met with a kick to the midsection and now Kendrick hooks the head! Kendrick is using the right arm as he attempts Slice Bread #2! NO! Aries grabbed the right arm and quickly pulled Kendrick into an armdrag and followed up by locking him in an armbar. Aries isn't looking for Kendrick to submit here, he just wants to inflict as much punishment as he can as he wrenches on the arm constantly, sitting up and falling back down time after time. The crowd 'Ohh' after each one, almost as if they can feel Kendrick's pain. Aries finishes with the arm killing and then gets back to his feet and now forces Kendrick to his and pulls him into a front facelock and lifts him in the air, keeping him there. HE DROPS KENDRICK WITH A BRAINBUSTER! It's over here now, Don West is sure of that. Aries makes the cocky cover. 1............ 2............3-NO! Kendrick got his foot on the bottom rope!

Austin Aries can't believe it, he's ticked off here, he doesn't even bother going back to work on Kendrick, he just leaves the ring and heads over to where Christy is and grabs a steel chair. Kendrick is in the ring, getting back to his feet. Aries enters the ring with the chair but Hebner tries to stop him, Aries threatens him with the chair so Hebner nosedives out of the way and now Aries smacks Kendrick's shoulder with the steel chair! Earl Hebner calls for the bell!

Winner: Brian Kendrick via Disqualification.

Christy Hemme: Here is your winner as a result of a Disqualification Brian-

Christy doesn't get to finish as Austin Aries continues to attack Kendrick with the steel chair, bashing his shoulder time and time again and then focusing on the forearm. Earl Hebner tries to stop him but Aries chases him off and just continues to assault Brian Kendrick. We hear the crowd cheer and it quickly becomes apparent as to why, Christopher Daniels is making the save! Aries turns around and see's Daniels just before he enters the ring. Daniels gets up and Aries swings the chair for his head but Daniels dodges it, ducking under and getting behind Aries. Aries turns around and is met with a stiff kick to the midsection which forces Aries to drop the steel chair. Daniels pulls Aries in and tries to hook the arms but Aries is able to battle out of it and quickly exit the ring. Aries grabs his X-Division Championship and backs slowly up the ramp as Daniels tends to Kendrick and watches as Aries continues to back up the ramp.

We cut to the parking lot as a car is parking up. Jeremy Borash is there and he approaches the car.

Jeremy Borash: I think this is it, I think the TNA World Heavyweight Champion is in that car. C'mon lets get a closer look.

Borash and the camera guy approach the car as the door opens and out steps James Storm! The crowd can be heard cheering in the background but there's no sign of Bobby Roode.

Jeremy Borash: James Storm, where, where is the TNA World Heavyweight Champion? Where is Bobby Roode? Are you guys no longer friends because Roode is the World Champion?

Storm smirks, and doesn't need to say anything, it's obvious he's thinking 'What the fuck did you just ask me?'

James Storm: No, JB, that's not it, nothing like that at all. Bobby got caught up at the airport because he was carrying the TNA Championship belt. Security have to do some checks on him, he just told me to go on to the show and he'll catch me up. He'll be here in about half an hour or so.

Jeremy Borash: I see. James, did you hear that tonight you are competing in a mini-tournament with a shot at the TNA World Heavyweight Championship on the line?

James Storm: Yeah, JB. I got a text from Kazarian not so long ago saying I was in a match tonight with the possibility of competing in another one for a shot at the TNA Belt.

Jeremy Borash: James, what would winning tonight mean for the future of you and Bobby Roode? If you two had to face each other over the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, would you guys stay friends and tag team partners?

Storm again gives JB the look.

James Storm: Why do people keep asking me that? Everyone has been asking me if the TNA World Heavyweight Championship is going to do anything to cause me and Bobby to have a falling out. The answer is simply no, it doesn't matter if he is champion or if I am champion, we are friends and will always be friends. you can't put a price on friendship, not even with the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. And if me & Bobby do end up going at it in the ring for the title, it wont do anything to break us apart. It will be simply another day at the office.

Jeremy Borash: Well, thanks James Storm. I'll stay out here a little longer to see if I can catch Bobby Roode a little later on tonight when he arrives.

James Storm has walked off and the last thing we see of this segment is of Jeremy Borash's ugly mug as we fade to a...

Commercial Break


***Video Package***

We see Jeff Hardy return to Impact Wrestling on the 8th of September 2011, the fans chanting and cheering for him as he walks down the ramp.

Jeff Hardy: Thank you, I do not deserve that.

The video cuts to the Victory Road 2011 Pay-Per-View with Jeff Hardy making his entrance, we hear Jeff talking over the video.

Jeff Hardy: The last time I was saw in this ring, I was pathetic...

We now see close ups of Jeff Hardy's face from Victory Road.

Jeff Hardy: ...I was messed up...

We cut back to the September 8th Impact Wrestling show to see Jeff Hardy standing in the ring.

Jeff Hardy: I can't change what happened at Victory Road but I can admit that at Victory Road, I had hit rock bottom.

Quick flashes of Jeff Hardy falling about before the match.

Jeff Hardy: I can't expect you to forgive me and give me another chance...

We see close up of disappointed fans from Victory Road...

Jeff Hardy: All I can ask is, give me one more shot.

We see the fans chanting One More Shot whilst we flash between clips of Jeff Hardy's more successful times in TNA.

Jeff Hardy: All I can do, is ask...

The video comes to a close with Jeff Hardy walking up the ramp with the crowd cheering him on. We now cut to a graphic to bring the video full circle.


***End Video***


Mike Tenay: Welcome back to Impact Wrestling folks, we are live on Spike TV and coming up right now is our first match to determine who will be the one to face Bobby Roode for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Genesis.

And right as Tenay finishes, we hear Motorcity hit and out comes Alex Shelley to a decent pop from the Nashville crowd. Shelley wears his usual Motor City attire.

Christy Hemme: The following contest is scheduled for one fall where the winner will go on to the main event tonight. Introducing first, weighing 215 pounds; Alex Shelley!

Mike Tenay: What an opportunity for the twenty eight year old Alex Shelley. Tonight, he could step closer to his dream, step closer to getting that shot he has wanted his whole life. Alex Shelley could earn the right to face Bobby Roode for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

Don West: Alex Shelley is no stranger to success though, Professor. He's a former Tag Team Champion, an X-Division Champion, he won the TNA World X Cup with three other guys, Tag Team of the Year with Chris Sabin and add to that all his accomplishments from elsewhere and you have one accomplished young athlete but, there is none bigger than the big one, none bigger than winning the prestigious TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Shelley gets himself in the ring and hits the ropes with some last minute preparation. We suddenly hear Nation of Violence hit which the crowd gives a mostly negative reaction to and out steps Samoa Joe!

Mike Tenay: You talk about accomplishments in TNA. Samoa Joe is a former four time X-Division Champion, a Tag Team Champion, King of the Mountain, accomplishments in other promotions such as Ring of Honor and unlike Alex Shelley, Samoa Joe has also been TNA World Heavyweight Champion before.

Don West: But, lets not forget that Samoa Joe hasn't won a match in TNA for months, Professor. For months he has been trying to change his luck and nothing has worked for him but, for Alex Shelley's sake, I hope he walks out of here victorious, if Joe loses I have a feeling there will be hell to pay and Shelley will be the target.

Match Two | Winner Advance To The Main Event
Alex Shelley vs. Samoa Joe
Both men know each other relatively well, having faced on multiple occasions in the past. Joe looks dead set on destroying Shelley here and Shelley can see this. Both men circle the ring, waiting for the right moment to go in for the attack. Joe gets tired of waiting and starts to back Shelley against the corner. Joe smiles like a sinister bastard as Shelley has nowhere to go. Joe swings his arm for Shelley but Shelley uses his size and quickness ability to his advantage and rolls under Joe, getting out of the predicament. Joe turns around and see's Shelley at the opposite corner. Joe moves quickly towards him and lunges his arm at him again, only for Shelley to once again roll through, Joe turn around and is met with a series of kicks to the leg and the ribs. Shelley then hits a spin kick, nailing Joe in the gut and runs off the ropes, only to run right into a huge Samoan Drop!

The pace has certainly just suffered a big blow there as Alex Shelley was damn near flattened by that Samoan Drop. Joe looks possessed with destroying Shelley as he yanks him back to his feet. Joe lifts Shelley up and rams him into the corner! Joe then drives his shoulder into Shelley's gut several times and then backs off for a brief moment. Shelley falls to his knees but, Joe grabs his head and forces him back up and into the corner. Joe grabs Shelley's jaw and looks him dead in the eye and rocks him with a huge knife edged chop! Joe pulls Shelley nearer to the center of the ring and hits him with a snapmare and then hits Shelley with a chop to the back, following up with a kick to the chest and then dropping a big knee across Shelley's neck! Joe hooks the leg. 1............ 2............Shelley lifts his shoulder up off the canvas!

Things aren't looking good for Shelley here. Joe wastes a bit of time as Shelley crawls to the corner, only to stay in the seated position and no longer move. Joe charges towards Shelley and damn near takes his head off with the Facewash! Joe hit Shelley with such force that Shelley fell out the ring to the floor. Mike Tenay says this does in fact seem like an all new Samoa Joe. Alex Shelley uses the apron to pull himself up but he is only back to his feet for about three seconds as when he looks back in the ring, he see's Samoa Joe charging towards him. Joe connects with a hard baseball slide that sends Shelley flying into the guard rail hard. Joe looks unstoppable right now as he exits the ring and heads over to Shelley. Shelley sends a kick Joe's way but it does little to hurt Joe. Joe clubs Shelley across the face and Shelley falls to his knee's. Joe stands over Shelley as the fans give him heat and he eventually picks him up but instead of getting the action back in the ring, he lifts Shelley up in a bearhug position and rams his lower back off the ring apron and then turns and smashes Shelley's back off the guard rail! The referee gives up trying to reason with Joe and starts the count. Joe isn't done on the outside yet, however. Joe pulls Shelley back to his feet and once again lifts him into a bearhug position, Joe turns his attention to the ring post and charges at it, Shelley's back is shattered as he smashes off the post! The crowd are in disbelief at the beating Joe is dishing out. Joe rolls in the ring and then back out to break the count.

Joe pulls Shelley up to the ramp and hits a suplex on it! Shelley is in agony here, writhing in pain. Joe doesn't care, he couldn't give a shit, he just wants to destroy Shelley and finally win a match. the referee exits the ring and warns Joe that if he doesn't get it back in the ring then he is calling for a Disqualification. Joe teases hitting the ref but it doesn't come to anything, Joe obliges and finally rolls Shelley back into the ring. Shelley rolls to the other side of the ring, trying to get away from Joe to bide himself some time but Joe is surprisingly quick to get over to Shelley and yank him back to a vertical base. Joe slams Shelley down with a simple Scoop Slam and makes a cover. 1............ 2............NO! Shelley fights on! Kicking out to everyone's surprise!

Joe actually doesn't look pissed off here, he instead has a sick, sinister smile slapped across his chubby face, Joe remains on his knees for a moment, no idea why, but then once again, picks Shelley up. Joe hits Shelley with an Inverted Atomic Drop and then runs off the ropes, SHELLEY AT THE RIGHT SECOND HITS A HURRICANRANA! Joe ran right into it! Joe was sent flying out of the ring there and now Shelley has some time!

Shelley gets back to his feet but he falls against the turnbuckle due to the damage done to his back. Joe is getting back to his feet but he isn't facing the ring. Shelley stupidly see's this and positions himself at the ropes opposite Joe and he then runs towards Joe and just as Joe turns around he see's Shelley diving over the top with a Somersault! JOE MOVED! The thud of Shelley hitting nothing but the floor was enough to make a bunch of fans (mainly women but some men) scream in shock! Joe now has the smile on his face again and just when you thought Shelley was getting back into things, he doesn't. This match seems like Shelley is being punished for something since he's hardly done anything but be fed to Joe. Oh well. Joe picks Shelley up and rolls him back into the ring.

Joe gets back in the ring and takes his time going on the attack. He positions Shelley on the top turnbuckle and pulls him into position, it's clear what he's going for here, MUSCLE BUSTER! Shelley was flattened there! Joe isn't finished yet, though; he now gets behind Shelley and locks him in the Coquina Clutch! The referee check on Shelley and he's faded out, instead of dropping his hand for the three times, the referee just calls for the bell.

Winner: Samoa Joe via pinfall

Joe keeps the Clutch held for a few moments longer and then releases and gets to his feet and has his hand raised by the referee.

Christy Hemme: Here is your winner and advancing to tonight's Main Event match; Samoa Joe!

Joe brings out the sick grin once again as he stares over at a lifeless Alex Shelley. Joe demands a microphone and is handed one. Joe pants heavily, presumably because he's a fat bastard because he never did much in the match to be fair.

Samoa Joe: Just like I said earlier tonight, from now on, I control my future! Tonight, I Judged Alex Shelley, I was the Jury for Alex Shelley & I was the Executioner for Alex Shelley!


Samoa Joe: And later on tonight, I don't care if your AJ Styles or James Storm, I will do to you what I did to that pathetic Motor City scumbag and I will be facing Roode for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship!

Joe throws the microphone down and makes a quick exit from the ring.

Mike Tenay: Oh my, I wouldn't want to be James Storm or AJ Styles, Don. Samoa Joe has found a new mean streak and I have a gut feeling that he will be the one to face Bobby Roode at Genesis, no matter who he faces in tonight's Main Event.

Don West: I cannot believe the beating Alex Shelley just took at the hands of Samoa Joe, Professor! And you see referee's coming down to check on Shelley who has not moved at all. Man, I'm with you, Professor; I'd hate to be the one facing Samoa Joe in the main event tonight.

We have one last glance at Shelley who is still being attended to by referee's but he's moving so things look alright. Yay.

Backstage, we see Bully Ray walking down a corridor in the usual attire. Mike Tenay notes that it seems he is walking out to the ring area!


**Video Package**

The package opens with a dark, damp and puddle infested cellar, the sound of dripping can be heard, a light flickers on and off constantly until we hear a voice.

???: We, are the Fathers of Hell whose eyes burn bright in the mist of the darkness...

Suddenly, a drawing of a face appears on the screen, flickering in front of the cellar, the eyes are a bright, crimson red and an evil laugh can be heard.

???: We have been locked up for a long, long time, left to rot for eternity...

Suddenly, we flicker between the cellar and a skeleton, shackled up against a wall. The laugh can still be heard...

???: But now, we are free, free to roam the world and free to bring pain and suffering to all of humanity...

The dripping stops and we begin to flicker between a dark, stormy night and the cellar and then suddenly the TNA logo appears on the screen, with bolts of lightning striking it.

???: We are The Nightmare, and we are coming to TNA.

***End Package***


In the ring, we see Bully Ray with a microphone already in hand.

Bully Ray: You dipshits in the truck better cut my music right now because I wanna get something off my chest!

The music cuts and as a result, we can hear the crowd giving Bully Ray more heat. Ray shakes his head.

Bully Ray: I don't give a damn what you people think, sit down, shut up and pay attention because Bully Ray has something to say!

Yeah, that doesn't work at all. The crowd just get more into it, giving him a heap of heat.

Bully Ray: Y'know what, forget it, I'm not out here for you stupid people to hear what I have to say, I'm out here to demand answers...

{Mike Tenay: Answers?}

Bully Ray: Three months ago, when TNA's biggest event of the year, Bound For Glory, came to a close, I was told that TNA was closing it's doors.

The crowd boo at the fact that TNA had to close it's doors, they start a 'TNA' chant which pisses Bully Ray off.

Bully Ray: Aw, shut it, I'm not upset about TNA possibly having to shut down, I couldn't give a crap, if this company closes I go elsewhere to showcase my talents.

More heat for Bully.

Bully Ray: And then I find out that Kurt Angle bought the company from Bob Carter. I find out that the great Kurt Angle is now the sole owner of this company and he is the one who will shape the future of it.

Mixed reaction.

Bully Ray: When I heard Kurt had bought TNA, I was happy, I wouldn't have to pack my bags and go elsewhere to showcase just how fricken' good I am, I could stay here in TNA and continue my quest to become World Champion!


Bully Ray: So when Kurt came out here earlier tonight and announced this mini tournament where the winner faces Bobby Roode for the title, I was excited, pumped, ready to go but, but... (Changes tone) It turns out Kurt Angle didn't include me in the god damn tournament!


Bully Ray: And not only do I not get a chance at earning a TNA World Heavyweight Championship shot, I'm not even scheduled to wrestle on the entire show! I ask Kurt, what the hell is wrong with you? Don't you remember the code in Immortal? Don't you remember bro's before companies? Don't you remember who had your back when you were TNA Champion?

More heat here for Bully Ray.

Bully Ray: But it gets worse, far worse. You put in four men, two of which fought against us in Immortal, Kurt. The other two, one hadn't won a match in months and the other, what the hell did he do to deserve being in the tournament?! Kurt, I want answers and I want them now. I'll wait out here all night if I have to!

Nothing happens, Ray just stares up at the stage but no one appears. He begins pacing the ring.

Bully Ray: Kurt, I swear to-

???: Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, friggen' blah!

We see Mr. Anderson on the stage! Mr. Anderson is out to confront Bully Ray!

Bully Ray: Who the hell do you think you are, interrupting me?!

Anderson stays on the stage, looking at Bully Ray with a smirk.

Mr. Anderson: Oh, I'm sorry. Didn't I introduce myself? In that case...

Anderson drops the regular microphone he had in his hand on the stage and the lights dim as he reaches up and the trademark Mr. Anderson microphone falls from the ceiling.

Mr. Anderson: Ladies & Gentlemen, children of all ages, and that fat bastard in the ring, allow me to introduce myself...

Bully Ray doesn't speak, which is strange, he could easily just interrupt Anderson and shut him up rather than raging at him silently.


Anderson prepares himself.


Anderson pauses for a moment, allowing it all to soak in.

Mr. Anderson: AN-DER-SON!

Anderson throws the microphone away and it goes back to the ceiling and he picks up the regular microphone as the lights come back on.

Mr. Anderson: How was that for ya?

Bully Ray: Very funny, Anderson. I suggest you turn your ass around and get to the back with the rest of those losers because I have answers to get from Kurt!

Mr. Anderson: Now, if anyone has a right to complain about this whole situation regarding the guys chosen for the matches tonight, it's me... Seeing as I did kick your ass at Bound For Glory in the Falls Count Anywhere match. Actually, if I remember correctly, I kicked your ass all over the building!

Bully Ray gets pissed by Anderson's smugness. Anderson mocks Bully off the microphone and Bully snaps.

Bully Ray: You wanna prove you can still kick my ass? How about you get your stupid, skinny little injury prone ass down to this ring and see which one of us wins in a bare knuckled fight!

Anderson moves his mouth away from the microphone and doesn't say anything, he just looks at Bully Ray with a sarcastic look of worry. Bully invites him to come down and Anderson, without saying a word, drops his microphone and begins walking down the ramp.

Mike Tenay: Oh my goodness, are we about to see an all out street fight between these two, Don?!

Don West: Bully Ray sent Anderson the challenge and Anderson looks to have accepted!

The crowd are going nuts as Anderson approaches the ring. Bully Ray steps back to allow Anderson to get in and as soon as Anderson does, HE CHARGES AT BULLY RAY! Both men brawl with each other with no one getting the clear advantage. They roll around the ring, trading blows for a very little amount of time as Security rush the ring and try to break them apart. After a struggle, Security manage to separate them, forcing Bully Ray into on corner and Anderson into the other. Anderson is trying to break free but Security have him tightly held. Suddenly, Kurt Angle appears on the tron, standing in front of his table in his office.

Kurt Angle: Enough! ENOUGH! I'll be damned if I let two men fight in an unsanctioned battle on the first night of this companies return!


Kurt Angle: But, since you two seem so eager to tear each other apart, right now we are going to have a Street Fight which will feature both of you!

WOAH! Big pop from the crowd. Both Anderson & Ray look pleased with this decision.

Kurt Angle: But there's a catch, I'm sick to death of seeing you two facing each other and I'm sure these fans are too. Tonight, right now, in the match between you two... Whichever one of you loses... Will no longer be allowed to compete in Impact Wrestling anymore!

Don West: WHAT?!

Mike Tenay: Is he serious?!

Kurt Angle: Get them a referee and start the match.

Angle fades out and we look in the ring as Security let both men go but before we can see what's going to happen next, we cut to a...

Commercial Break

Match Three | Street Fight | Loser Can No Longer Compete In Impact Wrestling
Mr. Anderson vs. Bully Ray
We join the action with both men on the outside the ring, on the ramp to be exact. Bully Ray is the one in control at this point, mounted on top of Anderson, lunging several hard right hands right at Anderson's skull in an attempt to bust him open. We know this as Bully Ray shouts 'I'm gonna make you bleed, bitch!' Bully Ray steps off of Anderson and picks him up. Anderson stumbles to his feet as Ray assists him and Ray scoops him up and then smashes Anderson down on the ramp with a forceful scoop slam! Anderson writhes in pain, Bully Ray walks up to the top of the ramp as Anderson recovers. Ray looks out to the crowd and they give him quite a bit of heat here, Ray starts mocking Anderson and then out of nowhere, raises his hand up in the air and Anderson's microphone drops from the ceiling, right into Ray's hand.

Bully Ray has a hold of the microphone and as Anderson gets to his feet, he takes a few short steps towards him and forces the hand with the microphone Anderson's way, Anderson ducks under Ray and clubs him in the back of the head but this doesn't do much to affect Ray. Ray turns around to face Anderson and this time is hit with a toe kick to the sternum and now Anderson grabs the microphone and SMASHES IT OFF BULLY RAY's SKULL! Bully Ray is sent flying back, he falls down the ramp and back rolls towards the ring, overselling at it's finest here. Anderson throws his microphone away and it disappears back to the ceiling. Bully Ray gets back to his feet but as soon as h does, Anderson smashes his skull off the ring apron and rolls him under the bottom rope, taking the action to the ring for the first time.

Anderson however, doesn't get in the ring straight away, he decides to do a bit of hunting under the ring and pulls out a pair of trash can lids along with a Singapore cane, he throws all this in the ring but he isn't done, he continues to look under the ring and he finds a rather thick looking table. He pulls that out and pushes it under the bottom rope.

Anderson gets back in the ring and ignores the table for the time being and focuses on the trash can lid. Bully Ray is on his knees as Anderson has a hold of the lid, Ray looks up and he see's it coming but there's nothing he can do to prevent it and he is smacked over the head with the trash can lid! The lid bends severely but Anderson whacks Ray with it again, right over the skull! Bully Ray remains on his knees and from here, Anderson hits the ropes and boots Ray in the face with a variation of the facewash. This forces Bully Ray to fall back and Anderson hooks the inside leg. 1............ 2............NO! Bully Ray is no stranger to these types of matches and it's going to take a lot more than this to keep him down. Anderson realizes he has to keep on Bully Ray to prevent some sort of comeback from happening so Anderson decides to return the favor Bully Ray gave him earlier.

Anderson mounts Ray and now he is the one who sends his fists flying to the temple, Bully Ray is with it enough to try and cover up but the majority of the blows connect. Anderson pulls Ray up and now hits him with a series of right hands before hitting the ropes and hitting Ray with a running punch! NO! Bully Ray dodged and pulled Anderson into a reverse neckbreaker! Bully Ray is first back to his feet with Anderson closely following, Bully Ray invites Anderson to do something and Anderson tries to but, he is suckered in successfully by Bully Ray and is sent up in the air and falls down face first as he is hit with a flapjack! Anderson is winded here as he gets back to his feet, backing himself into the corner. Bully Ray charges at Anderson but is met with an elbow to the side of the head, this only temporarily stops Ray as he quickly regains his composure and again charges at Anderson, this time he is met with a boot to the face, Ray is sent off of Anderson again and Anderson looks to follow up quickly as he approaches Ray and tries to hit him with the Mic Check! NO! Bully Ray blocks it and sends his elbow Anderson's way, Anderson is forced off and Ray pulls him into a Bully Bomb! NO! Anderson uses his legs to block it, wrapping his legs around Ray's! Both men wrestle for supremacy here and it ends up looking quite scrappy, Anderson turns out of it and Ray looks to keep the advantage he has and hooks Anderson's head, he's going for the Cutter! HE HITS IT! NO! Anderson manages to avoid it and pulls Ray into an Inverted DDT! Anderson makes a quick cover. 1............ 2............NO!

Bully Ray popped his shoulder up, much to Anderson's dismay. Anderson looks to continue to punish Bully Ray from here as he grabs the Singapore Cane, Bully Ray gets on all fours and is whacked across the back with the cane! Bully Ray tries to fight through the pain but it's obvious it's hurting like hell. Ray turns over onto his back and now Anderson sends several shots down to Ray's midsection! Bully Ray tries to protect himself but it wont work, no matter where that cane hits, it's going to hurt like hell. Bully Ray tries to crawl away and he gets to his knees, begging Anderson not to hit him again. Anderson just continues to walk towards Ray and he raises the cane up, BULLY RAY HITS A LOW BLOW! Anderson wasted too much time and it cost him.

Bully Ray now grabs the cane off of Anderson and now he goes to work, smashing Anderson in the side of the legs and the ribs over and over again! He finally finishes off by hitting Anderson right int he face with it! The crowd all react to that uncomfortably! Bully Ray now hooks the leg. 1............ 2............ANDERSON KICKS OUT!

Ray isn't done with the Cane now, he has a grip of it again and waits for Anderson to find his feet, once he does, Ray lunges the cane right into Anderson's midsection and forces Anderson to bend over, now Ray lifts the cane and slams it across Anderson's back! Anderson's arches his back and then just falls down. Ray doesn't try to make a pin attempt, he turns his attention to something he used to be very familiar with, the table that Anderson brought into play.

Bully Ray sets the table up, right in front of the corner and then he grabs Anderson and drags him to the corner. Ray climbs up and sits down on the top turnbuckle and pulls Anderson up, he tries to lift Anderson up for a powerbomb! Anderson is doing everything he can to block it and luckily for him, he does. Anderson starts to jab Ray in the midsection and lifts him into a firemans carry! The crowd know what's going to happen here as Anderson lunges himself into a somersault with Bully Ray and hits him with The Plunge! THROUGH THE TABLE! Anderson makes the cover. 1............ 2............3! Anderson wins!

Winner: Mr. Anderson via pinfall

Christy Hemme: Here is your winner; Mr. Anderson! As a result, Bully Ray can no longer compete in Impact Wrestling!

The crowd explodes as they are finally rid of Bully Ray! Anderson doesn't call for his microphone to announce himself the winner, he just rolls out under the bottom rope and stumbles up the ramp, looking back at Bully Ray who is coming round and realizes what he has lost.

Mike Tenay: Oh my goodness, Don! Bully Ray has just been took out of commission by Mr. Anderson! Bully Ray cannot compete here anymore!

Don West: And how fitting is it that he goes out with what made him famous, through a table!

Mike Tenay: So what does this mean for Mr. Anderson? Can he move on to bigger and better things now Bully Ray isn't here to get in his way?

Bully Ray is in the ring and he looks like he is about to cry his eyes out. He yells up at the ceiling 'NO!' and stays in the ring for a good while before he gets up and finally exits it, the fans start to chant 'Na, na, na, na' to him and this pisses him off. Bully Ray gives them abuse as he walks up the ramp and we cut to the parking lot as a black stretch limousine pulls up.

It's the TNA World Heavyweight Champion; Bobby Roode! The crowd can be heard cheering for Roode's arrival and suddenly Jeremy Borash appears, so I guess he really has been waiting for Roode to arrive. Roode is dressed in a sharp charcoal suit with a white shirt and matching tie. He has the TNA World Heavyweight Championship draped over his shoulder.

Jeremy Borash: Bobby Roode, welcome back to Impact Wrestling and congratulations on becoming the TNA World Heavyweight Champion at Bound For Glory.

Bobby Roode: Thanks, JB.

Jeremy Borash: Now, I know you know about the mini tournament that Kurt Angle has made, what are your feelings about it and the participants?

Bobby Roode: Y'know. James asked me the same thing. I won this championship by scratching and clawing through a grueling Bound For Glory Series, at the end of the day, it doesn't matter who I face, I will do whatever it takes to stay TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Jeremy Borash: What are your thoughts on potentially facing James Storm for the title?

Bobby Roode: If I happen to face James, that's cool. We both know this sport, we know that sometimes tag team partners and best friends need to get it on in the ring so, if me & James do happen to battle it out for the TNA World title, let the best man win.

Jeremy Borash: Well, good luck to you.

Bobby Roode: Thanks, JB.

Roode walks off with the announcers hyping up him as the next generation of TNA. We cut to another area backstage and see AJ Styles talking with a random backstage guy when suddenly James Storm walks up behind him, AJ turns around and is startled and looks like he wants to protect himself.

James Storm: Woah, easy, AJ. Easy. I'm not here to do anything to you. I'm just here to wish you good luck in our match tonight.

AJ Styles:

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