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Re: ROH on SBG Discussion Thread

Ladycroft Seabs has anything and everything you could need from ROH, as does SuperduperSonic in their respective megaposts. Danielson, Punk and Nigel (Desmond Wolfe) are 3 of the best wrestlers the promotion has ever had, Joe's title run in late 2003 through 2004 also produced a ton of great shit including a Jay Briscoe cage match where Jay bleeds buckets, and I'm talking approaching Eddie at Judgement Day bad.

Danielson's title run in the summer of 2005 (the conclusion of the summer of punk angle) through all of 2006 is IMO the best title run in terms of character and matches, with the McGuinness and Strong series producing some incredible matches as well as great stuff against Lance Storm, Austin Aries, Cabana, Joe, Shelley, Hero during the CZW feud in 2006.

The likes of Seabs, Crabtree, -Mystery-, McQueen and Jawbreaker all know their ROH history and will be able to pimp a variety of matches/wrestlers worth your time, though expect McQueen and Crabtree to be 'divided' on how much Davey Richards they pimp you and I can help with any Danielson queries since he, Nigel and Punk are by far the three favourite wrestlers I've seen in ROH.

Also I want your thoughts on that memphis stuff, more Jerry Lawler talk across the board please

A lot of ROH stuff is on dailymotion IIRC though if you prefer, someone linked me to a video of a rare Danielson/Strong match I hadn't seen and from memory there was a lot of ROH stuff in the 'suggested videos' tab at the side of the page.

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