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Re: General Gaming Discussion

Originally Posted by Kun10 View Post
I just started playing this on Friday and agree about being far too late to the party. Currently getting my arse kicked off the boss in 4-1. Only fought it two or three times but the arsekicking was such that I decided to take a break for tonight. It's going back THROUGH the level again which gets me. I don't even mind losing the souls as much.

Also hoping there isn't some later stage where magic is rendered useless or something... because my character is brittle as fuck and melee fighting is usually a last resort or against weaker enemies.
I've only been playing in short spurts, which probably isn't going to get you very far with a game like this, but I started 1-2 last night. Got close to where the boss battle is and one of the blue-eyed knights stabbed the shit out of me. Went all the way back through (almost got roasted by that dragon on the bridge a few times)...and got murdered by the exact same cunt. Shut it off before I hurled it out the window. I'll take another stab at it later.

My character is pure melee right now. I'm a hunter (started a game as a hunter; sucked at that; started over as a barbarian; wasn't quite as sucky; then got real sucky; went back to original game as hunter...only sort of sucky now, which is an improvement) so I'm all about the battle axe/scimitar and ranged weapons (usually the bow). I hear the 1-2 boss battle is a breeze for magic types, while melee characters will find it much tougher. GREAT news, there.

Originally Posted by McQueen View Post
I'm thinking Batman will get a temporary pass from me even though I know it will be amazing. Took me forever to even play the last one, so I think I can live until it drops in price.
We've talked about this elsewhere, but I would've been the same had I not picked up Arkham Asylum on PS3 last month (only ever played my brother's X-Box version when he'd crash at my place). After finishing Asylum I was all over City for sure. I'm nowhere close to being a big gamer, and I think the last game I pre-ordered was NBA 2k7, but I finished AA and pre-ordered AC later that night. I'm hopefully going to London for the Bucs/Bears game that week, so I doubt I'll get a chance to play it until I'm back, but I'm pretty pumped for it.
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