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Re: General Gaming Discussion

I put a shit load of time into Oblivion (about 60 hours, which is a shit load of time for me) and I don't remember being annoyed at any bugs or glitches. Loading screens popped up a fair bit...McQueen's point about the oblivion gates opening up all over the place is one I tend to agree with...that's about it. Those big spider things that shit out little spiders that bite you and temporarily turn you into a quadriplegic were kind of infuriating, but that's sort of the point, and they're going to be a lot less infuriating if you don't charge in like an idiot and basically ask for it (which is what I did).

Skyrim is one of two games I'm legit looking forward to from 2011. I'm not a remotely big gamer so I'm not expecting a masterpiece and I won't lose any sleep if it's just "good", but if I can get as much out of it as I got out of Oblivion then I'll be entirely happy. If it sucks then I'll be disappointed, sure...but I don't see it sucking.
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