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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

WWE Monday Night Raw Preview May 17th, 2004

This week Monday Night Raw stops at San Diego, California. And if the last few weeks are anything to go by, the Californians are in for one hell of a show.

Just as all the arm chair experts predicted things couldn’t get any bigger, the finish to last weeks Raw raised the bar yet again. As Sheriff Austin came to the rescue of Bill Goldberg, seemingly ending their issues, Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff made his presence felt, announcing that he had picked his representative for the high stakes match at Vengeance. (The stipulation for the contest is as follows: Bischoff picks a representative, Austin picks a representative, and the winner gets full control of Raw, whilst the loser will be fired on the spot.) All of a sudden, the mood in the ring changed, as Goldberg Speared Austin, revealing himself to be Bischoff’s representative. We know Goldberg and Austin have had some issues, but Goldberg seemed more intent on chasing the World Heavyweight Championship, yet now that’s not the case. Surely this sudden change has something to do with Bischoff giving Goldberg some sort of promise… but what could it possible be? On the other side of the ledge, Austin has promised that tonight on Raw he’ll go a long way in deciding who his representative will be.

Unlike the previously mentioned situation, the World Heavyweight Championship situation seems to be a lot clearer. Chris Benoit has continued to hold back all challengers, and is actually proving to be quite the champion. It is clear that he will be defending the World Heavyweight Championship at Vengeance. The only question remaining is who his challenger will be, and even this question seems dense. The only realistic challenger remaining is Triple H, and he already has a guaranteed one on one championship rematch clause in his contract. It almost seems like a matter of time before the inevitable is announced, and perhaps time will be up tonight.

Two weeks ago on Raw, both Kane and Scott Steiner almost lost their careers. The two brawled for what seemed like an eternity, and ended with Kane sending himself and Steiner off of the stage with a Chokeslam. Both superstars will be returning tonight, and both are now even less likely to take a step back from each other.

Ever since winning the Intercontinental Championship, Maven has had one constant thorn in his side, Matt Hardy. After defeating the Sensei of Mattitude at Backlash, Maven would have thought he would be clear to pursue other options, but that hasn’t been the case. Take last week for example, when Matt Hardy cost Maven his match with Batista. Obviously not being happy with Hardy’s interference, Maven requested a match with Matt Hardy and it has been given for tonight. Finally, after months of annoyance, just maybe, Maven can finally rid himself of the one they call Matt Hardy.

Since WrestleMania, the World Tag Team Champions Booker T and Rob Van Dam have been the standout team on Raw. That’s not to say there isn’t competition in the ranks, as there are two teams not to far behind, The Dudley Boyz and Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak. The Dudleyz just fell short on their quest for gold at Backlash, yet they are far from finished. Last week there was a confrontation between these two teams where the youngsters slapped The Dudleyz. Now with a little bit of bad blood brewing, this tag team match is set to be a big one, especially considering the winners will most likely get a shot at the World Tag Team Titles come Vengeance.

In what could quite possibly be the biggest shock of the year so far, last week Lance Storm joined Christian, Trish Stratus and Tyson Tomko. The newly found quartet seems to have only one goal on their minds, and that is to force Chris Jericho into exile. This week Storm will be going one on one with Rosey, and after Storm’s sneak attack last week, you know Chris Jericho will have some form of retaliation in mind.

The WWE Women’s Champion is unable to attend tonight’s edition of Raw, however the Divas division will not be forgotten. The woman most likely to get a shot at Victoria at Vengeance, Jazz will be in action, as she goes one on one with Jacqueline. Jazz holds several victories over Jackie, yet they’ve never been easy, and there’s definitely a high level of hatred between the two women. It’s also worth mentioning that Trish Stratus is just about healed and ready to return to the ring, and she’ll be hell bent on making an impact some time soon.

All this and much, much more, on an episode of Raw that is promised to be one to remember…

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