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Re: ROH on SBG Discussion Thread

This was the first week where I felt like ROH was just trying to do too much. I realized it halfway through. McGuinness did his normal "interview the crowd" thing and the guy yelled about Kevin Steen. On an otherwise straightforward show, that might have been neat. I don't see how a new audience would care, but still, could be neat.

But the show opened with highlights of Lethal Vs. Generico. Then there was promo about the Briscoes Vs WGTT, and threw in stuff about ANX, with history nobody would know about (and that made the ANX sound like losers). Then they mentioned the current champion and challenger, Richards and Strong. Then they hyped Ciampa and Nana. During Ciampa's match, they discussed Ciampa, Ridge, Nana, and distracted with commentary about Corino's story, which hinted at still more guys. Then McGuinness interviewed a guy about Richards and Strong, and it ended up with screaming about Steen, a guy who isn't even on this show yet. That was all in about twenty minutes, and none of it was particularly good. Beyond not being particularly high quality, it was just so many characters and plot points to try to get across, and mostly through telling rather than showing. I don't see how anyone new could follow this.

I like Ciampa, the guy has some upside. His match was pretty unimpressive. The hype video was actually rad, with all his training exercises. But then, he barely lifted Ridge up to dump him on the apron, and when he tossed him into the barricades it was significantly less impressive than anyone in WWE has done that spot this month. To have the "tweet of the week" be about us being deprived of real wrestling during this match, the same week as that awesome multi-man tag on Raw and Roode Vs. Storm on TNA, felt really bush league.

I love the company, but this is stuff they've got to temper as they go along.

The second half of the show was much more sensible. The hype package for the main event was good. The two characters were distinct, and Richards embellished the title. Then you got a darned good match. Not every quarter-hour has to be paced like that, but it's something anybody can follow.
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