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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Friday Night Smackdown
Friday 24th October 2008
Live from the Mississippi Coast Coliseum
Biloxi, Mississippi

*Opening Video*
“If You Rock Like Me”

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

We’re taken to the locker room of the World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk where he sits on the bench alongside his smartly dressed rookie, Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez with the Mexican looking a bit angry. Punk on the other hand seems fairly relaxed.

CM Punk:
Hey, look I know you’re not happy you lost t’ Cena last week but the reality of all what went down was you did something not many people here have had the guts t’ do f’ years. You didn’t just stand up t’ John Cena. You challenged him to a match and you’ve gotta know like I’m sure you already do, you did a good job in there.

Del Rio turns to his mentor and nods his head at him, picking up on what he’s been told.

Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez:
You’re right. Thank you and I promise you this. . .

Del Rio-Ramirez looks up distracted, and then so does Punk as we hear the door out of shot close. ‘The Gold Standard’ Shelton Benjamin then walks towards them, looking kind of serious tonight, surprising the World Champion and his rookie.

CM Punk:
Shelton, hey. Are we in the wrong dressing room ‘cause. . .

Shelton Benjamin: . . . No you’re not an’ neither am I.

CM Punk: Huh, so are you going to explain what it is you’re doing here only I’m kind of at a loss right now. Maybe you can help me out.

Shelton Benjamin: That’s exactly what I came here t’ do Punk. I came here to offer you my help at the Survivor Series against John Cena. I want a spot on your team.

Punk turns to Del Rio smirking, and even the Mexican seems amused by that. Punk stands up and Shelton remains very serious.

CM Punk:
Look, I appreciate you coming here with your generous offer, really I do, it’s just, an’ don’t take this personally Shelton, what I need on my team is winners. This might be a little close t’ home but it seems all you’ve done lately is lose lose an’ lose some more, all t’ one guy who just by chance I’ll be facing later on t’night and at the Survivor Series. You can kind of see my problem right ‘cause if you were in my shoes even you’d have problem picking yourself the way things have been f’ you this year.

Shelton Benjamin: With respect Punk you don’t have t’ tell me about what the last few months have been like. No one knows about that more than me. What I do know is this. What’s happened has happened an’ I wanna move past it like you wouldn’t believe, an’ Punk, you know talent when you see it.

CM Punk: Yeah I do, lose a lot t’ Matt Sydal, an’ if that happens again at Survivor Series I’m down a guy an’ I can’t afford to let that happen. . . Listen this isn’t personal Shelton. Like you said you do have talent but you can understand my concerns right?

Shelton Benjamin: Alright fine, just let me give you one piece of advice, don’t underestimate Sydal, ‘cause if y’do it might just come back an’ bite you in the ass.

CM Punk: Thanks for the concern but I’ve got it covered believe me.

A slightly disappointed yet not so surprised looking Shelton turns round and leaves the room, prompting Punk to turn round and look at his rookie. The Mexican stands up and smiles at the World Champion.


Non-Title Champion vs. Champion Match
Matt Sydal w/Mickie James & John Cena vs. CM Punk w/Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez

Cena was looking worried as Punk watched on, and as Sydal made it to his feet, the World Champion struck, once again lifting him on to his shoulders for the GTS. Sydal wriggled around right away and fought his way down to Punk’s anger once more. Punk turned round and Sydal caught him with a feint enzuigiri in to a head scissors takedown. Del Rio-Ramirez was panicking big time, and as Sydal got back up, the Mexican jumped up on to the apron, getting the ref’s attention. He walked over to Del Rio-Ramirez and told him to get down but he wouldn’t. Sydal watched on, unbeknown to him Punk was getting back up.

Cena was looking concerned but decided to fight fire with fire, slipping in to the ring as Punk spun Sydal round and up in to place for the GTS again. Del Rio-Ramirez saw Cena and tried to point it out to the ref, but he was having none of it. Cena pulled Sydal down to the shock of Punk, who then turned round to see Cena there and was then lifted up off his feet and fell victim to the F-U to a huge roar. The crowd were going nuts as Cena then directed Sydal to go to the top rope as Punk’s rookie was going mental at the oblivious ref. Cena then dragged Punk closer to the corner as Sydal then raced up to the top and looked in to the crowd with Punk laying motionless beneath him.

The United States Champion then connected with the Shooting Star Press to a huge cheer and hooked the leg for the cover. Mickie pointed it out to the ref who turned round and raced across the mat to make the count, all the way to three to give Sydal the huge win, setting off an enormous pop inside the Norfolk Scope. Cena joined him in the ring to raise his hand along with Mickie who gave her delighted boyfriend a hug. As Cena looked down at Punk with a smirk on his face, Shelton Benjamin stormed the ring out of nowhere and took Cena down with the Paydirt, bringing Sydal’s music to a halt. Sydal let go of Mickie and went at Shelton, walking right in to a super kick from the incredibly serious Gold Standard.

Benjamin looked down at the carnage as the confused Del Rio-Ramirez watched from the outside. Punk was sitting up, also confused but smirked as he saw Cena & Sydal on the mat with Mickie by her boyfriend’s side. Del Rio-Ramirez then entered the ring with Punk’s title, handing it over to him as he stood up. Punk gave it back to him though and watched Cena squirming around on the mat, then directed his rookie & Benjamin to step back. Mickie tried to stop him but he ignored her and Shelton pulled her away. Just as Cena got to his knees, “Hell Will be Callin’ Your Name” and Bobby Lashley & Charlie Haas walked out to the stage to a big pop.

Punk & Co were confused in the ring as they looked up at the serious looking duo who then charged down the ramp and in to the ring. As they entered, Punk panicked and along with Benjamin & Del Rio-Ramirez, they fled to safety, much to the anger of Lashley & Haas. Haas then helped Cena up as Punk & Co backed away from the ring and up the ramp, watching on angrily as Cena, Lashley & Haas stared back at them with their game faces on. Sydal then sat up and looked up towards the stage too with angry glances being exchanged all around as the show came to a close.

*Cut to the Arena*

“My Time is Now”
is playing to a huge pop with John Cena stood in the middle of the ring in front of the United States Champion, Matt Sydal, the team of Bobby Lashley & Charlie Haas and a very serious looking Christian. Captain Charisma doesn’t look at all happy, somewhat distracted while Sydal, Lashley & Haas all stand happily behind Cena who’s got a microphone in hand as his music cuts, bringing out a strong mixed reception, mainly positive from the capacity crowd here in Biloxi, Mississippi.

John Cena:
Man you sound pumped t’night.


John Cena:
Well you’re not the only ones guys. In just two weeks it’s the Survivor Series, an’ that means I’ll be leadin’ a team, this team, this group of superstars standin’ behind me t’night t’ take on another team, a team who’ll be led by none other than our World Heavyweight Champion, C-M Punk.


John Cena: That’s right. . . C-M Punk. Now I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but it seems he’s got a fairly low opinion of me, but y’know what? I couldn’t care less. It ain’t anythin’ I’ve not heard already. He can say what he wants about me, it don’t make a blind bit o’ diff’rence, but Punk let me tell y’somethin’ ‘cause this is somethin’ y’need t’ hear champ’. You said a couple o’ weeks ago there wasn’t a single person in that locker room who wan’ed me here, who’d wanna help me out against you at Survivor Series, well guess what? Take a look behind me Punk. What d’ y’see? Let me answer that for ya. That’s my team, the guys who are more than happy t’ help me out against you an’ whoever else helps you out, an’ I want you t’ know Punk you better be ready. You thought I wouldn’t get a team t’gether well take a look. There they are an’ I couldn’t be happier. I’ve got the hottest team in the W-W-E t’day in Bobby Lashley an’ Charlie Haas.


John Cena: Oh wait, that ain’t all. Take another look ‘cause standin’ right there is Captain Charisma himself, CHRISTIAN.

With the crowd cheering, the camera zooms in on a still extremely serious look Christian who doesn’t acknowledge the crowd or Cena.

*Big Pop*

John Cena: An’ this man needs no mention. Not only is he the United States Champion an’ the two thousand an’ eight King of the Ring. He’s the man who last week in this ring beat C-M Punk. I give you MATT SYDAL.

*Big Pop*

John Cena: These are the guys that are gonna make sure Team Punk’s goin’ down at Survivor Series, an’ Punk as much as you wanna bitch about it an’ maybe rightly so, after we’re done goin’ through you an each o’ your guys, you’ll be lookin’ at the number one contender for the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP.

*Large Pop*

John Cena: Y’can talk about how I’ve been handed this shot just f’ walkin’ on over here from Raw but the fact is I’ve not got a shot at the title yet but at Survivor Series I’m sure as hell gonna earn it.


John Cena: After ev’rythin’ you Edge an’ that rookie of yours ‘ave said you sure as hell can bet on me bustin’ my ass t’ prove I deserve a shot at the world title, then at Night of Champions it’ll come down t’ the two of us. There’ll be no more time f’ talkin’ then Punk. It’ll be me an’ you in this ring for the richest prize in the business, the one thing we do have in common, the world heavyweight title, but make no mistake about it Punk I know how much you an’ your guys wanna make sure that doesn’t happen. I know it’s gonna be a fight t’ the end an’ so d’ these guys, an’ believe me I’ve got a team ready t’ fight. Like me Punk they’re ready f’ a battle, we’re ready f’ war ‘cause in two weeks that’s exactly what it’s gonna be.

*More Cheers*

John Cena: The fact is champ’ as much as you don’t believe it or wanna believe it these guys are behind me one hundred percent. Right now this shot at the world title’s irrelevant. It doesn’t matter. I didn’t ask f’ it but I sure as hell ain’t dumb enough t’ turn it down, but at Survivor Series Punk f’ us it’s all about. . .

“This Fire Burns”

To a barrage of boos the World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk strolls out to the stage in his ring gear and a T-shirt along with his rookie, Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez by his side. The Mexican looks in a fairly bad mood while Punk with a microphone appears to be quite calm, amused even, looking down at Cena with a smirk on his face. Team Cena with the exception of Christian turn and look up at the World Champion and his music is cut by the guys in the truck.

CM Punk:
Wow, where do I start?. . . John, the crap that comes out of your mouth astounds me more an’ more with ev’ry passing week. What I will say is you are right about one thing. Yeah it sure is gonna be a war at Survivor Series, of that I assure you but before I get t’ Survivor Series an’ the whole charade of a contest I have to address what happened last week when in that ring you an’ your team are in right now I lost t’ Matt Sydal.

*Big Pop*

Punk smiles, as does the United States Champion.

CM Punk:
Now I’m not looking t’ take anything away from you Matt ‘cause you did a heck of a job. It’s just we both know why I lost that match. It’s because yet again ev’ryone’s favourite superhero just had t’ steal the limelight an’ get involved didn’t y’John? You just couldn’t stand by an’ watch could ya? But y’know what? I understand. I understand it must be hard for you t’ watch two actual talented wrestlers show you for what you are, a talentless, selfish. . .

John Cena: . . . Hey Punk you got anythin’ new t’ say or are you just gonna keep comin’ out with all these tired lines ‘cause we’ve heard ‘em all already? We heard ‘em last week, the week before that, the week b. . .

CM Punk: . . . As tired as they may be John, they’re true. You ask anyone in the crowd who’s not under the age of eleven or some middle aged woman going through a mid-life crisis an’ they’ll tell you the same thing I have, but you know what? I’ve got a better idea. Why don’t you go ask anyone in the back? In fact why don’t you ask anyone of those guys in the ring with you right now how they feel about you waltzing on over here with a title shot just handed t’ y’like that?

Cena smirks and there’s a slight awkwardness in the ring with Christian still not a happy bunny, not paying much attention to what’s been said.

CM Punk:
The fact of the matter is John you can make out you don’t care about the title shot right now or how you didn’t ask for it but it doesn’t change the fact you’ve got it like you’ve gotten opportunity after opportunity, main event after main event for the last three years, handed to you on a plate just because for some reason the people who run this company an’ run this show believe you’re what these people want t’ see when the fact is like me, the majority of this locker room despise you.


CM Punk: An’ y’know what John? I wouldn’t be surprised if all four of those guys there now you’re relying on at Survivor Series felt the same way. I mean why wouldn’t they? Look guys I’ve got nothing against you. I don’t blame you for being part of Team Cena. Let’s face it, it’s about time the roles were reversed an’ someone took the chance t’ steal some of your spotlight. That’s why John I’m not worried about my team’s chances at Survivor Series because they all wanna be a part of my team for one reason, not just t’ ride my coat tails for an opportunity in a match like this at an event like the Survivor Series. I just hope guys that no matter how great a performance you put in, you won’t get any of the credit. It’ll be him. Just like always, all the attention will be heaped on the amazing John Cena, however you don’t have t’ worry about that. Why you ask? Well there’s a very straight forward answer t’ that question. That being because your team won’t come away with any credit. You won’t come out with any credit for the simple reason that my team will emerge victorious at your expense. Disagree with me all you want that doesn’t change the fact it’s gonna happen.

Cena smirks again, seemingly amused by Punk’s confidence.

CM Punk:
John if I were you I’d listen carefully ‘cause as invincible as I’m sure you an’ your deluded fans may be you need a reality check. There’s a ton of people back there, in that audience an’ sat at home who want nothing more than t’ see you disappear. I might not have my whole team settled yet John but I’ve had a queue of guys begging me t’ be on my team an’ get you off of this show ever since Tazz broke the bank an’ the respect of the locker room t’ make you come here. I’m sure it’s hard for you t’ understand John in the cloud of ignorance you live in but at Survivor Series you’re gonna find out first hand just how much hate there is for you. You’re gonna find out how much those guys back there who actually have talent and are willing t’ work their asses off to earn their stripes despise you an’ want you gone f’ good.


CM Punk: Then John a statement will be made. When we’ve defeated you, the spotlight in which you’ve stolen from ev’ryone in this company will shift t’ those who actually deserve it, people like me. See you wouldn’t think it but John Cena isn’t the World Heavyweight Champion, I am. I’m the real star of this show, not you. At Survivor Series I have the chance to expose you John and I assure you along with the rest of my team whoever that might include will do just that. You an’ Tazz might think this was a great idea, bring you over here, give you a warm up for a title shot then become World Champion at Night of Champions, well John it wasn’t. In fact it was a really bad idea. See ev’rything I’ve said about you is right there for all t’ see. The only thing is, an’ Tazz I hope you’re hearing this too. When you were on Raw we didn’t really care about you hogging the limelight but when you came over here we all sat up an’ said we’re not gonna let that happen here. What Tazz did when he made you that offer was start a movement, a movement against you John. Guys like Shelton Benjamin have stepped up, an’ last week we saw something from him we’ve never seen, something we’ve certainly not seen in the last few months if ever.

Punk stares intently down at Cena, and he too now is taking Punk’s words seriously.

CM Punk:
Tazz might’ve thought this was all going to work out with you becoming the World Champion, well he couldn’t be more wrong. You described this as a war, you’re right. It’s an all out war, a war we’ll win John t’ get you off of our show.


John Cena: You wan’ a war Punk? You got it!

Christian steps forward and takes the stick off Cena, surprising his team captain.

Punk I think it’s about time you shut your mouth.

*Big Pop*

Christian: I think it’s about time we all shut the hell up an’ get down t’ business, which brings me t’ my big brother Edge.

*Major Heat*

Christian: You might wanna be a coward Adam, but last week you jumped me f’ the last time. It turns out screwing me out of the world title at No Mercy, which for the record Punk I’ve not forgot about by the way, last week he jumped Tomko in the back then attacked me like the gutless son of a bitch he is as I was walking down t’ the ring.

*More Boos*

Christian: That might be your style Adam but it’s not mine. T’night we’re doin’ things my way. That’s why I’m callin’ you out right now, if you’ve got the guts t’ fight man t’ man that is.

*Big Pop*

Christian: I’m not gonna wait ‘til Survivor Series bro’. I’ll walk back there an’ fight y’right there if I have to.

Cena doesn’t like the idea and tries to calm Christian down, blocking him off by the ropes.


The camera cuts to a shot of Tazz walking out to the stage all business with a microphone hand, and there’s some serious tension between him, Punk & Del Rio-Ramirez. Christian backs down but still doesn’t look happy. Tazz & Punk take a long look at each other.

Y’know I think we all need t’ calm down. There’s a whole lot o’ things been said, Punk that are way out o’ line. As f’ you C’, f’ obvious reasons there’s no way I’m lettin’ you an’ Edge anywhere near each other t’night.


Christian doesn’t look happy at all but Tazz means business.

With that said I have made a few matches f’ t’night that I think some o’ you are gonna be int’rested in. Now just ‘cause you’re not gonna be in action t’night C’ doesn’t mean Edge won’t. Later on he’ll be goin’ one on one with the United States Champion an’ King of the Ring, Matt Sydal.

*Big Pop*

Sydal looks happy with that, nodding his head in the ring while Christian shakes his head.

As f’ you Punk an’ your rookie, you’re gonna get the chance t’ get some experience as a team f’ Survivor Series ‘cause you’re gonna be takin’ on the team of Bobby Lashley an’ Charlie Haas.

*More Cheers*

Lashley & Haas nod their heads defiantly, clearly up for the challenge with Punk & Del Rio-Ramirez unsure how to react.

Now that leaves me with you John but maybe you’ll wanna make this decision huh Punk or maybe I should just check if it’s okay first before I go an’ make it just in case y’think I’ve got some sort of agenda.

CM Punk: Y’know what boss? You go ahead, do what you want, you always do anyway. Thinking about it though both me an’ Sydal have got matches t’night, an’ Cena’s not a cruiserweight. That means there’s only one title left. Why don’t you go ahead an’ give him a match with Beth Phoenix?

Tazz: You’re a funny guy y’know Punk? Actually I’ve got another idea. See earlier Punk y’talked ‘bout how Shelton Benjamin stepped up as y’put it, well t’night he’s really gonna get a chance t’ step up when he goes one on one with JOHN CENA.

*Big Pop*

Christian: Wait, that’s these guys taken care of, what y’got lined up f’ me?

Tazz: C’, you’re not in the right frame o’ mind dog. I think it’s best you stay out o’ the ring t’night. In fact I think it’s f’ the best if you just take the night off an’ take some time t’ chill.

Christian sn-iggers and shakes his head.

Fine. If that’s the way you wanna play it, fine by me, but I promise y’this boss, one way or another Edge is gonna get what’s comin’ to ‘im.

Tazz: Maybe but that ain’t gonna be t’night. As for the rest of ya, good luck.

“13” plays and Tazz takes his leave. Christian barges his way past Cena and leaves the ring as he and the rest of the team look up at Punk & Del Rio-Ramirez with game faces on all around.

*Video Promo*

We’re shown of a split screen with the Cruiserweight Champion, a smug Johnny Jeter on one side with his rookie, Yoshi Tatsu and in the other is the very focused looking J-Red with his seemingly unhappy mentor, Chavo Guerrero, all of which are making their way through the back with the Cruiserweight Championship on the line when we come back.

*Commercial Break*

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

Number One Contendership Battle Royal for the Cruiserweight Championship
Featuring: Santino Marella, J-Red, Yoshi Tatsu, Super Crazy, Paul London, Jimmy Yang, Sonjay Dutt, Chavo Guerrero, Jamie Noble, Kid Kash & Brian Kendrick

Johnny Jeter was sitting quite comfortably at the announce table with his Cruiserweight title resting on it as the thick & fast action went on in front of him while he told Striker & Cole how he couldn’t care less who won the Battle Royal as he’d beat whoever the winner was next week anyway.

As the action went on, Santino helped out Red against his mentor, but after putting Chavo down, Marella caught Red off guard and tried to eliminate him, grabbing him and tossing him over the ropes. Red held on to the top rope, dangling against the apron, much to Santino’s surprise when he turned round, thinking he’d eliminated him. He went right back to end Red’s chances but the rookie wasn’t done, using his upper body weight to flip back and kick the Italian in the face.

It sent Santino away in a daze as Red steadied himself on the apron, then hit a springboard to hit the Red Alert to a huge pop. The crowd loved it and cheered for a fair few seconds. Red went back after his mentor, but he found himself in some pain when he went for standing shooting star press only to see Chavo raise his knees up in to his stomach. After doing a number on his rookie, Chavo’s attention was directed to Santino as the Italian recovered after the modified Red Alert. Chavo was in complete control and connected with a Brainbuster only then to see Santino roll to safety and dodge a subsequent attempt for a Frog Splash.

Marella rolled to the ropes in front of Jeter and used them to help himself back up to his feet. Jeter all of a sudden stood up and walked over to him with his title. He held it up with one hand and pointed to it, telling Santino it was his as Chavo & Red were getting back own their feet. Jeter carried on having a go at Santino, giving Chavo the chance to sneak up behind the Italian and lift him up off his feet and over the top, eliminating him to a ton of heat and the amusement of the Cruiserweight Champion. He was laughing at Santino by his feet and then took his title with him as he walked round to the ramp.

He watched on from the stage as Chavo & Red at went at it for the right to face him next week. The crowd were firmly behind the rookie but he was given a lesson by his mentor, falling foul of a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker followed by the Three Amigo’s. J-Red was in deep trouble as Chavo then went to the dizzy heights of the top rope again, pointing to the heavens before jumping off to a chorus of boos to this time hit the Frog Splash. Red was all but done as he rolled to the ropes with Jeter looking on awkwardly now with Chavo looking up at him gesturing the title would be his. Red slowly used the ropes to help get himself back up to his feet with the crowd watching nervously.

Chavo was licking his lips looking as if he was going to explode any minute, and as Red stood up, his mentor charged at him for a clothesline but Red lifted him up over his shoulder and over the ropes. The fans were cheering but Chavo landed on his feet on the apron somewhat awkwardly. Red turned round and blocked a right hand attempt before nailing Chavo with one of his own, putting the Mexican on one knee, still on the apron. As Chavo then tried to stand up, Red ran in to the corner, jumped up to the top rope and used it as a springboard to dropkick his mentor off the apron to win the match and earn himself a shot at the Cruiserweight title next week.

The crowd exploded as Red dropped his head in to his hands in shock with Jeter smirking on the stage, not seeming too impressed. Red stood up to a big pop to get his arm raised as his shocked mentor sat up in horror on the floor. Red looked at him with a smile on his face before looking up at Jeter, and the Cruiserweight Champion lifted his title up in the air and nodded back defiantly at his opponent for next week with Chavo furious on the floor.

*Cut to the Arena*

*The Opening Match*
WWE Cruiserweight Championship
J-Red w/Chavo Guerrero
vs. Johnny Jeter (c) w/Yoshi Tatsu

Chavo was looking on anxiously as his rookie took it right to the Cruiserweight Champion with the Biloxi crowd right behind the challenger. Red was on fire, coming close to winning the title on a couple of occasions, but just as he looked all set to finish the job with the Red Alert, Jeter sidestepped it and drilled him out of nowhere with a tornado DDT. The groggy champion couldn’t take advantage straight away, giving Red just about enough time to get his shoulder up at the count of two. Jeter couldn’t believe it as he lifted his head up off the mat and looked over at the ref full of anguish & disappointment.

Chavo wasn’t happy either, clearly not supporting his rookie with the same said for Yoshi Tatsu, smiling at seeing his mentor not so full of himself for a change. Jeter though quickly shrugged off the disappointment and looked to put his challenger to bed, standing up and going for a springboard moonsault. Red though lifted his knees up in to his opponent’s chest, getting a pop from the crowd. As both men then picked themselves up, Red ducked a right hand, ran the ropes and came running back to send Jeter down courtesy of a 360 spinning heel kick.

The crowd & Jeter enjoyed that. Chavo didn’t and could only look on as Red then pulled Jeter up and fired him hard in to the corner. He ran in at him in a flash, but Jeter lifted his boot up in to the challenger’s face, sending him staggering away from the corner. Jeter then pulled himself up to the second rope before leaping off for a diving crossbody, but Red caught him and rolled through for a cover of his own. Jeter kicked out and once again they picked themselves up with the Cruiserweight Champion firing his opponent in the ropes, but Red came back with an incredible counter, a tilt-a-whirl headscissors in to a DDT, a satellite DDT.

The crowd were loving it and the challenger chose not to go for a cover and went to the apron, seemingly getting ready for the Red Alert. Tatsu was all smiles again while Chavo was seething, watching on as Red watched the struggling, dazed Jeter try to get up on to his knees. He struggled up to his feet, trying to find his balance as Red then hit the springboard on the top rope only for Chavo to jump up and push him down to a ton of heat from the crowd as the ref called for the bell, giving Red the win by DQ.

The crowd were livid as Chavo entered the ring with a face like thunder and dragged Red up to his feet to drill him with a brainbuster. Jeter couldn’t believe it and just stared in shock at Guerrero who glared back remorselessly at him. Chavo then left the ring and didn’t look back as Jeter was then passed the title by the referee to a ton of heat. The champion took a look down at the squirming challenger with a smirk on his face with Tatsu so not happy, and the camera then cut to Chavo walking to the back before going back to a shot of a Jeter holding his title aloft, much to the disgust of the Biloxi crowd.

Winner: J-Red by DQ, but still WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Johnny Jeter.

*Commercial Break*

A smug Chavo Guerrero is walking through the back and towards Josh Matthews who just by chance has a microphone ready & waiting.

Josh Matthews:
Chavo, could I get a word with you?

Chavo Guerrero: You wanna a word Josh? I’ll give you more than one. How’s this? Did you just see what happened t’ my rookie just then? Maybe if he listened t’ me he’d be the Cruiserweight Champion right now.

Josh Matthews: Wait, you’re the reason he’s not. Why did you do that?

Chavo Guerrero: Alright Josh. You wanna know why I just did what I did? It’s real simple. He’s done nothing but get lucky an’ disrespect me since he came here. I wasn’t going t’ let him get any luckier. I’m not gonna sit back an’ watch someone like him come off the streets, walk in here disrespect me, my family an’ what we stand for an’ become the Cruiserweight Champion. Do you know how many great names have held that title? He doesn’t deserve t’ join that list. He needs t’ learn some respect, an’ after t’night he will.

All of a sudden Chavo’s knocked down to his knees and there we see a furious J-Red stomp all over his mentor.


A group of officials hit the scene and pull Red off but he tries to fight free but he can’t as Chavo squirms about on the floor trying to get up to his knees, fuming as he stares at his pissed off rookie glaring at him with nothing but contempt.

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

Number One Contendership Battle Royal for the Cruiserweight Championship
Featuring: Santino Marella, J-Red, Yoshi Tatsu, Super Crazy, Paul London, Jimmy Yang, Sonjay Dutt, Chavo Guerrero, Jamie Noble, Kid Kash & Brian Kendrick

Red was on fire and came close to eliminating Kendrick before Chavo pulled him away and caught him with a Brainbsuter. Chavo loved every second if it too, laughing at his motionless rookie. Kendrick didn’t last much longer though as he was sent tumbling over the ropes by a cross body from his former partner, Paul London. However the momentum sent London over too and they hit the floor together, and as they made it to their feet on the floor, Kendrick got in London’s face, leading to them brawling all the way to the back with officials trying to pull them apart.


There’s some trouble in the back between former partners Paul London & Brian Kendrick, pushing & shoving each other when Tazz walks in to the shot and in-between them.


London & Kendrick stare at each other, still angry.

Do you guys have any idea how much I used t’ love sittin’ out there watchin’ you dominate the tag division? What the hell happened? You weren’t just one of the best teams I’ve ever seen but one of the best champions I’ve been lucky enough t’ watch. It was an honour t’ sit out there an’ watch you do what you did better than any other team in the company an’ still could be.

Brian Kendrick: Yeah well that ain’t gonna happen boss.

*Cut to the Arena*

*Match #2*
Paul London vs. Brian Kendrick

The former tag team partners put on quite the show, both well & truly fired up for this one with a very interested Tazz shown at the start watching the contest from the comfort of his office. He wasn’t disappointed either like the fans as London & Kendrick threw everything they had at each other. It was Kendrick who started off the match better but London came back in to it, and as the match went on he was the one in the ascendency. After a trademark dropsault he followed it up in a flash with a standing shooting star press, only to see his former partner get his shoulder up at two.

London took it on the chin and tried to wrap up the win, dragging his opponent towards the corner before scaling the dizzy heights of the top rope. Kendrick though put up a roadblock, sitting up and throwing himself in to the ropes, resulting in London falling in to a seated position on the turnbuckle pads. Kendrick took the time to recover before climbing up to the second rope, then the top before setting off a big cheer in the crowd courtesy of a superplex. He couldn’t take advantage immediately and when he did manage to stretch his arm out across London, he was denied by a split second as London just about managed to get his shoulder up.

Kendrick was gutted as he slowly lifted his head up off the mat and looked over in desperation at the referee. Having given it their all they were both feeling the effects, but Kendrick could see the finishing line. As London started to show signs of movement, he too tried to pick his way back up. He gave London a helping hand, pulling him in to position for the Sliced Bread. The fans were mainly booing as he then ran the ropes, but London countered and threw him down to the mat after running off the ropes. London took some brief respite as he watched his former friend & partner struggle back up to his feet, and as Kendrick turned round, London exploded out of the corner with a super kick.

Again the fans were cheering and London fell on top of his partner for a tired cover, reaching to the side and barely hooking the leg, and somehow someway Kendrick just about managed to lift his shoulder up before the ref could count to three. London was devastated, and so were the fans. He shrugged off the disappointment, standing up but showing the effects of the match as he did so to again drag Kendrick towards the corner. Again there was no resistance from Kendrick, but this time he wasn’t moving. He was in a bad way with London climbing up to the top above him, and with the crowd cheering, London felt the moment and went for a 450 splash, and as he came down through the air, Kendrick denied him again by lifting his knees up in to his opponent’s gut.

The fans were disappointed and again the shot went back to a shocked Tazz in the back, getting caught up in the match. As both men back in the rang came round and tried to make their way back up to their feet, looking exhausted mentally & physically, Kendrick went for an irish whip only to see London reverse it and fire him in to the opposite corner. London followed in and ran in to a double boot lift to the face, sending him staggering out of the corner. Kendrick then pulled himself up to the second rope but didn’t count on London turning round and running right at him. Kendrick quickly leapfrogged over him, and as both men turned round, London once again went for a super kick.

Kendrick ducked it though and wasted no time in nailing him with a super kick of his own. London was out and Kendrick knew it. He could see it was all but over and chose to make sure of it, reaching down to drag his former partner up, immediately setting him up for the Sliced Bread. He held on tight this time and ran in to the corner, hit off the ropes and drove London’s head in to the mat. London was out and Kendrick wasted no time in turning him over to go for the cover and getting the three count to pick up an incredibly hard fought victory.

“Man With a Plan” played to largely heat with some cheers as he stood up looking tired but relived to have won that one while a starry eyed London lifted his head up off the mat behind him. Kendrick threw both his arms up in the air and walked over to the ropes with Tazz shown again in his office, nodding his head, clearly impressed at what he saw. As Kendrick then turned round, he saw his former friend sitting up, obviously suffering. They both looked at each other, not sure what to make of what just went down.

Kendrick stepped away from the ropes, and London watched him step closer towards him. He then shocked Kendrick by offering him his hand as he made it up to one knee. Kendrick didn’t know what to make of it and looked at the crowd in shock. As he turned back, London still had his hand out, and to the shock of everyone including Kendrick, he shook it to a decent pop. Kendrick then left the ring, still surprised as London then pulled himself up with Tazz again shown looking on, smiling & nodding now as the shot went back to Kendrick, turning round on the ramp and looking back all confused at London.

Winner: Brian Kendrick by pinfall.

*Commercial Break*

Josh Matthews is standing by in the divas locker room where he’s joined by Michelle McCool and her rookies, Alicia Fox & Rosa Mendes, all of whom are looking in a very relaxed mood this evening.

Josh Matthews:
At this time I’m joined by the number one contender for the W-W-E Diva’s Championship, Michelle McCool who last week beat Beth Phoenix’s rookie Nikki Roxx to earn herself a shot at the title, but t’night in just a matter of moments in fact Michelle the Diva’s Champion is in action herself and I hear that she’s out to send you a message after how you went about getting that shot last week.

Michelle McCool: Josh do I look like I care how I got my title shot? No I don’t do I, an’ why should I? Beth’s just upset that I outsmarted her, not that that’s difficult. She might be the Diva’s Champion f’ now an’ she might be this big scary Glamazon we’re all supposed t’ be afraid of, but Josh as tough as she may be I’m intelligent. I’m very intelligent. Last week I found a way t’ get what I wan’ed an’ I got it. That’s just the first step. Now I’ve got a shot at the diva’s title Beth should be the one who’s scared f’ a change ‘cause she knows intellectually she can’t compete with me. Those losers out there might not see that as bein’ important Josh but trust me it is. But hey, that’s just gonna make it sweeter when I do become the Diva’s Champion, an’ believe me I will. It’s just a matter of time.

McCool turns and laughs along with her rookies before turning back to Josh.

Michelle McCool:
Y’know Josh I think I’m gonna go do some homework on Beth, see what she’s got, not that it’s gonna be enough when she gets in the ring with me an’ I become the new Diva’s Champion.

McCool & Co laugh again amongst themselves as they walk past a somewhat surprised Josh Matthews and out of the room.

*Cut to the Arena*

*Match #3*
Non-Title Match
Beth Phoenix w/Nikki Roxx
vs. Jillian Hall

The Diva’s Champion entered the arena to a big pop but she wasn’t in a good mood at all, meaning bad news for Jillian. Her mood worsened as before the bell was rung she saw Michelle McCool stroll out to the stage along with her rookie, Alicia Fox & Rosa Mendes. Beth and her rookie, Nikki Foxx were both clearly still smarting from last week, and that just made Beth even angrier, so much so she made light work of Jillian. After trying to catch Beth out when the bell did ring, Jillian found herself in deep trouble.

She ran at her from behind and barged her down to the mat. However when she pulled Beth up and went for an irish whip, she found out why she’s called The Glamazon. Beth reversed it with ease and nailed her with a double axe handle to the chest, and as Jillian then picked herself back up, the intense Diva’s Champion stomped her ferociously in the stomach before slamming her down in to the canvas courtesy of a gut-wrench suplex. Jillian was in all kinds of trouble and the angry Phoenix wasn’t about to let her catch her breath.

McCool was even surprised as she watched Beth apply a cloverleaf to her opponent, making Jillian scream out in agony as she bravely fought her way to the ropes. Beth was in no mood to mess around and didn’t let her make her own way up, dragging her up and away from the ropes before lifting her up high above her head to a big pop, concerning McCool even more on the stage. Without hesitation, The Glamazon dropped Jillian harshly down in to the mat.

While Jillian was still chewing the canvas, Beth went right back to work, dragging her up and finishing the match with the Grand Slam, sending a strong warning to her now worried number one contender at the top of the stage. The dominant champion was then passed her title and rose it high up in the air in McCool and her rookies’ direction with the crowd cheering on, and McCool’s smile was all gone as she stared back at the defiant champion and Nikki Roxx in the ring.

Winner: Beth Phoenix by pinfall.

*Cut Backstage*

“Captain Charisma” Christian is roaming the halls, still looking very serious indeed, and as he walks up the hallway he bumps up to his fellow Canadians, Petey Williams & Johnny Devine, interrupting their conversation.

Hey, you seen Edge?

Petey Williams: So what if we have?

Christian: Don’t mess with me I ain’t in the mood. You seen him or not?

Petey Williams: Not.

Christian’s not happy with the answer he gets and reluctantly turns to walk away.

Petey Williams:
What a loser.

Christian snaps and turns round, nailing Petey to the floor and blocks a right hand from Devine to send him down to the floor too alongside his partner. Captain Charisma glares down intensely at the both of them when Tazz walks in to the scene, not looking happy at all.

Hey, what did I tell you earlier huh?

Christian: The question is boss, what did I tell you earlier? I said Edge was gonna pay f’ what he did last week an’ I meant it.

Tazz: Yeah an’ I said that ain’t gonna be t’night an’ you were gonna get the hell out o’ here in case somethin’ like this happened. Now I’m not askin’ ya C’, I’m tellin’ ya, go home.

Christian’s not happy about it one bit and just stares back at the defiant Tazz.

You’re gonna play it like this huh?

Tazz: That’s how I’ve gotta play it. I ain’t happy ‘bout it either but I’ve gotta do what’s best f’ the show. I can’t afford any trouble t’night wit’ Survivor Series in just a couple o’ weeks. You t’night, as long as you’re here, you’re trouble.

Christian: I’m trouble huh? What Adam did last week, that’s alright is it? That’s bull an’ you know it. One way or another, an’ yeah it might not be t’night, he’s gonna get what’s comin’ to ‘im, mark my words.

A very angry Christian turns round and heads back up the hall, shoving some metal pipes leaning against the wall down to the floor, creating quite the racket as Petey & Devine sit up with Tazz not looking happy either.

*Video Promo*

We cut to the back and we see a fired up Team Miz (The Miz, Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler & Heath Slater) walking through the halls as Swagger gets ready for action against Elijah Burke, and the camera switches to a shot of Elijah Burke along with his fiancée, Layla, both looking calm as they too head towards the ring as action awaits after the break!

*Commercial Break*

*Match #4*
Elijah Burke w/Layla
vs. Jack Swagger w/The Miz, Dolph Ziggler & Heath Slater

Team Miz was looking very confident of Swagger’s chances as they made their way down to the ring, but Burke too was all smiles as he entered the arena with his fiancée, Layla who was also smiling brightly. In what was an entertaining and even contest for the most part, Team Miz made their presence felt as Burke gained the upper hand in the closing stages. He was getting on top of Swagger and came within milliseconds of victory after a reversing an irish whip and connecting with a lifting spinning sit down spine-buster. The Miz, Ziggler & Slater were relieved men as they saw Swagger get his shoulder up to the surprise of the crowd and especially Burke.

With Layla willing him on, Burke shrugged off the disappointment and went right back to work, trying to finish his opponent off. He went for the big finish, pulling Swagger up and firing him in to the turnbuckle pads before pulling down his own pads, the ones protecting his knees for the Elijah Express. The fans were cheering but The Miz panicked and jumped up on to the apron, coming to his team-mates aid, distracting Burke. He turned and saw Miz on the apron, but Ziggler reached inside and grabbed his left boot, sweeping Burke’s feet from under him while the ref was attempting to deal with The Miz.

The fans booed as the ref continued remonstrating with Mr. Hollywood, to no affect. Layla wasn’t happy and tried yelling from where she was standing at the ref, but all she could do was look on as her fiancée picked himself back up to see Swagger running at him to take him down with a running knee lift. Burke clawed his way back up as the focused Swagger gave him a helping hand before planting him with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Boos rang round the arena as Swagger then smirked at his team-mates before going for the Ankle Lock, and he got it locked in. Burke was in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go.

He was in obvious pain but tried to fight it again with Layla encouraging him from the outside. The crowd too got behind him as he eventually dragged himself towards the ropes to grab them and hold on to them for dear life, getting a big pop from the crowd. Swagger & Co weren’t happy at all, Swagger especially. The All-American American was livid and tried to drag Burke away from the ropes, grabbing the leg again, but Burke turned himself and kicked Swagger back, putting him on one knee.

Swagger wasn’t down for long though and ran right back at Burke as he used the ropes to help him on to his knees, then for momentum as he rolled through, grabbed Swaggers legs and rolled him up, holding on to his tights as the ref made the count to three to the surprise of most people in the arena. The ref called for the bell and “Don’t Waste My Time” played to a decent sized pop with Team Miz looking stunned. The delighted & amused Burke slid out of the ring immediately as the pissed off All-American American stood up to see the ref join Burke on the outside and raise his arm in victory with Layla likewise.

The Miz drove his fists furiously in to the canvas and then slid in the ring to join Swagger in trying to complain to the ref, again to the amusement of Burke & Layla as they backed up the ramp. Ziggler & Slater then joined them in the ring as Burke just laughed back at them, but as he got to the top of the stage, “Sexy Boy” blasted out to a huge pop with Shawn Michaels & Kofi Kingston walking out to the stage, and The Heartbreak Kid had a microphone in hand, looking in a relaxed mood for a change, not that The Miz was in one now his rival and opposition team captain at Survivor Series had shown up.

Winner: Elijah Burke by pinfall.

Shawn Michaels: Miz my man it looks like you an’ your guys are fallin’ in to a losin’ habit goin’ in t’ Survivor Series an’ I gotta say I’m lovin’ it.

Team Miz aren’t enjoying being mocked by Michaels as he stands there with the also amused Kofi. Burke & Layla join them at the top of the stage and remain there with Michaels shaking Burke’s hand.

Shawn Michaels:
Now I’m gonna let you into a secret Miz. Earlier t’night I went t’ this man right here (grabbing Burke’s shoulder) an’ asked him t’ join me an’ Kofi in two weeks at Survivor Series.

Burke’s smiling & nodding alongside Michaels.

Shawn Michaels:
And it gives me great pleasure t’ say that he said yes.


Shawn Michaels: But Miz he’s not the only one. Last week I went t’ our general manager an’ I made him an offer, well more of a proposal, a proposal t’ sign one of the most talented athletes this business t’day. It turns out that Tazz hadn’t just heard of him but he jumped at the chance t’ sign ‘im. He’s a guy I’ve known for a long time. He’s a guy I trained back at Texas an’ he’s a guy I know’ll go an’ be one of the best t’ grace the W-W-E, an’ Miz, at Survivor Series he’s gonna join us three against you. And as luck would have it he’s here t’night. I want ev’ryone in this place t’ make some noise f’ not just the final piece of the jigsaw f’ Team Michaels at Survivor Series but a warm welcome f’ one of the best in the business right now. I give t’ you BRYAN DANIELSON.

‘The American Dragon’ Bryan Danielson walks out to a pretty decent pop with a lot of the crowd knowing who he is or just doing what Shawn told them to. He shakes hands with Kofi & Burke before giving Michaels a hug while Team Miz look on with Slater not even sure who he is.

Shawn Michaels:
Boys, you have a good night.

“Sexy Boy” blasts out as a happy looking Team Michaels & Layla all share a joke or two as they turn round and walk to the back with Team Miz still not happy one bit in the ring.

*Video Promo*

It’s time for a split screen with Mickie Sydal and his girlfriend, Mickie James on one side and Edge on the other as they all make their way through the back, both with game faces on (Edge especially) as we prepare for Sydal versus Edge when we come back.

*Commercial Break*

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

There’s some commotion and the camera pans to the right where we see a group of officials standing over Tyson Tomko who’s lying almost out cold on the floor when Christian in his ring gear runs in to the shot.

What the hell happened?

Tazz walks over to the scene.

What’s goin’ on?

Christian: Y’know I think I’ve got a pretty good idea, an’ guess what? I’m gonna deal with it right now.

The furious Christian goes to walk away when Tazz grabs his arm.

Wait, your match is next, what are you doin’?

Christian: You wanna know what I’m doin’? Fine. I’m goin’ out there an’ I’m gonna call Adam out, then I’m gonna make him pay f’ what he’s just done.

Captain Charisma storms off with Tazz not happy, but he turns round to see how Tomko’s doing. The officials too check on him as he comes to looking all starry eyed.


“If you close your eyes your life. . .”

Here comes one angry ‘Captain Charisma’ Christian, stomping out to the stage to a huge pop with The Empire looking on from the ring. He stops and looks in to the crowd with a face like thunder and he’s holding a microphone.

Cut the music.

The music stops and the fans cheer, but Christian’s clearly in no mood after what happened moments ago in the back.

Sorry fellas but you’re just gonna have t’ wait f’ a second ‘cause there’s somethin’ I’ve gotta do before I come down there by myself if I have to an’ beat both your asses. Maybe yours too Willy.

*Big Pop*

The Empire clearly aren’t worried and again laugh between themselves.

See it seems Tomko, my problem solver who just so you all know the deal, my partner for what’s supposed t’ be a match right now against those two tea sipping imbeciles won’t be able to compete t’night ‘cause someone just jumped him in the back, ironically giving me a problem.


Christian: But hey, f’ the rec’d guys I don’t think it was you. I’m sure as hell I know who it is. I’m sure as hell it’s the same bitter brother of my mine who cost me the World Heavyweight Championship at No Mercy, the guy you might know as Edge.

*Major Heat*

Christian: Stupidly I thought all the crap between us would’ve gone out of the window after I beat him at SummerSlam but I guess not. I should’ve known better, but Adam, listen up. . .

The man himself, ‘The Rated-R Superstar’ Edge bursts out from the back behind Christian and knocks him down to his knees with a forearm club to the back. The fans boo while The Empire laugh as they look on from the ring. Edge means business as he puts the boots to his brother, one after another and Christian can’t defend himself. He backs away to more boos from the crowd as Christian struggles up to his knees with Edge watching on sadistically. Captain Charisma picks himself back up, looking in real pain, and as he turns round, Edge charges at him and takes him down with a spear on the stage to a barrage of heat from the capacity crowd.

On his knees he stares at his brother and Christian isn’t moving as Edge tells him “it’s not over bro’, not even close.” There’s no remorse whatsoever from The Rated-R Superstar as he coldly gazes at his brother with Barrett & McIntyre laughing away in the ring. “Metalingus” blasts out and the twisted Edge stands back up as officials along with Tazz come out to check on Christian, and the Smackdown General Manager orders Edge to the back, which he does after giving his boss a very worrying look.

*Cut to the Arena*

*Match #5*
Non-Title Match
Matt Sydal w/Mickie James
vs. Edge

The crowd were very much in to this one, and so were Sydal & Edge. The Rated-R Superstar was especially fired up, and only as the match went on did the laid back United States Champion get in to the same mindset. He shocked Edge in the early minutes, only angering the Canadian even more. The Rated-R Superstar seemed desperate to make the youngster suffer, and he gave him a real battering, but he still found him coming back for more. The King of the Ring frustrated the hell out of Edge, especially when he came diving off the ropes looking for a cross body, only to be met with a dropkick.

The crowd loved that and Sydal was finally able to get some momentum going as both he & Edge then picked themselves back up. The King of the Ring had an irish whip reversed but caught the oncoming Edge with an extended elbow as he held on to the ropes. As Edge was sent back pedalling away, Sydal ran past him in to the opposite set of ropes to springboard and catch him with a cross body of his own. It worked as he forced Edge back down to the mat, but he kicked out. Sydal was back on his feet first and caught Edge with a series of stiff kicks to the gut, putting him down to the mat.

The struggling Canadian crawled to the corner, gasping for breath, but as he stood up, Sydal charged in at him and nailed him with a hard elbow to the face, sending Edge slumping down the pads. With the crowd cheering, the United States Champion wasn’t done and went back to the opposite corner before racing back across the ring to level Edge right in the face with a sit down dropkick. That had to smart and the fans loved it! Sydal was feeling it and dragged Edge away from the ropes to go for a cover, but The Rated-R Superstar wasn’t done, getting his shoulder up to deny Sydal another impressive win.

With Mickie James getting behind him, her boyfriend tried to take full advantage of the situation he found himself in. He struggled to drag Edge back up but managed it, pulling him in to place for a tornado DDT, but Edge countered it, throwing Sydal down to the mat. Edge wisely used the time to shake off the cobwebs as Sydal clawed his way back up. As Sydal then turned round, the pissed off Canadian ran at him only to run in to a feint enzuigiri in to a head-scissors takedown. The crowd loved that and so did Mickie!

Sydal & Edge again clawed their way back up with Sydal in full swing, taking Edge down with a diving leg lariat, but as Edge picked himself back up again, Sydal hit the ropes and came running back in to a ferocious big boot that got rammed down his throat. That cut short the King of the Ring’s momentum, and as we drew towards the closing stages, he too looked in bad shape. Edge was well on top but furious having seen Sydal get his shoulder up at two after an Edgecution. The Rated-R Superstar was livid & desperate to put his opponent way, retreating to the corner and stalking him for a spear. The fans were booing and tried to warn Sydal, as did Mickie.

Edge was intense as hell, eyes glued on the struggling United States Champion. As soon as he made it back up and turned round, Edge stormed out the corner and tore him in half with the spear, but the momentum sent Sydal rolling under the bottom rope to the floor. Edge wasn’t happy initially as Mickie went round to check on her boyfriend, but he then urged the ref to count Sydal out with the cover not an option. The resilient youngster again frustrated him as he dragged himself back in to the ring just as the ref got to the count of nine. Edge was on the verge of losing it as he glared angrily at the suffering United States Champion.

Mickie was looking concerned as Edge again got ready for a spear, and as Sydal somehow made it back up, he saw Edge charging towards him and caught him with a roundhouse kick, met by a huge roar in the stands. Sydal was still struggling and dropped to his knees for several seconds before dragging Edge towards the corner and climbing up to the top rope with the Canadian motionless beneath him. The crowd were on their feet as Sydal looked in to the stands before leaping up in to the air and coming down for the Shooting Star Press, but Edge denied him by rolling to the side, resulting in Sydal crash landing in to the canvas.

Both men were in agony, and as they then tried to make it back up to their feet, a huge pop broke out in the crowd and we saw Christian charging down the ramp. He slid in to the ring and went right for the stunned Edge, nailing him with a right hand and then another as his brother got back up after the first one. Sydal was still on his knees as the ref called for the bell, but Christian was like a man possessed. He dropped to his knees and pummelled his brother with a series of right hands.

The referee was then helped out by another four of them as they ran down to help him pull Captain Charisma off of Edge, and they just managed it at a struggle as the stunned Sydal made it back up to his feet to hear Edge announced as the winner by DQ with an angry Christian being dragged back up the ramp while shouting down at Edge telling him he’s not done with him yet, not by a long shot. Edge sat up dazed and looked up at his brother like he didn’t know what had happened with Sydal & Mickie still shocked.

Winner: Matt Sydal by pinfall.

*Video Promo*

We’re shown a shot of one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions, Harry Smith (dressed casually and without his title belt) walking through the back in a fairly sombre mood along with his rookie & friend, TJ Wilson and his girlfriend, Natalya Neidhart. It looks as if Harry may be heading out to the ring. We’ll find out if that’s the case after the break!

*Commercial Break*

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

The UK Pack
and Harry Smith’s rookie, TJ Wilson along with his girlfriend, Natalya Neidhart are in their locker room with Wilson ready for action. Burchill doesn’t look too happy as he stands alone with Natalya & Smith by TJ’s side.

Harry Smith:
You’re gonna be fine t’night I promise. I know this is your first proper match here but I know just how good you are. Back when we were in Canada t’gether I saw what you could do an’ trust me you have nothing to worry about. You’ve got what it takes t’ do well here, an’ when you beat Dolph Ziggler t’night I’ll be there to raise your arm in victory.

TJ nods his head, believing what he’s hearing with Smith & Natalya clearly right behind him.

TJ Wilson:
Alright let’s do this.

Smith & Natalya give him a brief hug before going to leave the room, and after TJ & Natalya do so, Smith turns back to look at the isolated figure of Burchill.

Harry Smith:
You comin’?

Paul Burchill: Sorry are you talking to me for a change?

Smith goes steps back in the room and lets the door shut.

Harry Smith:
Is there something wrong?

Paul Burchill: Is there something wrong? Now what would give you that impression?

Harry Smith: Well last week for a start. You couldn’t wait to leave the ring after our match. What was all that about?

Paul Burchill: Seriously Harry? You remember you were the one who nearly didn’t turn up, meaning I would have been in a handicap match.

Harry Smith: I apologised for that an’ it’s not as if you had to go it alone.

Paul Burchill: You can apologise all you want, it wouldn’t have been enough if you didn’t turn up, which you nearly didn’t.

Harry Smith: But I did, we won I apologised an’ it’s done. Now are you coming?

Paul Burchill: Really? You can’t see what’s going on here can you?

Harry Smith: What are you talking about?

Smith’s confused as hell and stares at an angry Burchill when TJ & Natalya walk back in, both confused as to what’s going on.

TJ Wilson:
Is ev’rything okay guys?

Paul Burchill: Which one of us are you asking, not that it should be hard to work it out. . . well not f’ me.

Burchill walks past Smith and then shrugs past the shocked Wilson & Neidhart, surprising them even more.

Natalya Neidhart:
What’s going on?

Harry Smith: F’get about him. We’ve gotta get going f’ your match. Ev’rything else can wait. Come on, let’s go.

Smith walks out of the room followed by the uneasy looking Wilson & Natalya.

*Cut to the Arena*

“Rule Britannia”

Out to the stage walks Harry Smith to a decent pop, followed by his rookie, TJ Wilson and his girlfriend, Natalya Neidhart. Smith doesn’t appear to be himself tonight, seemingly having something on his mind. He doesn’t acknowledge the fans and as soon as he enters the ring he walks over to the opposite side to collect a microphone. Wilson & Neidhart are looking a bit concerned, not sure what exactly is going on as the music cuts and Smith walks back in to the centre of the ring.

Harry Smith:
Now I have to be careful how I put this is at might come out wrong but I’m not here t’night to compete, t’night I’m here because I have to straighten things out with my partner.

Smith walks up & down the ring, not looking at the crowd with TJ & Natalya talking amongst themselves, wondering what’s going on.

Harry Smith:
Over the last few weeks I’ve got the impression that there’s some issues or problems Paul has with me. I honestly don’t know what they are but Paul I’m asking you to come out here so we can sort this out before anything gets out of hand.

Smith walks over to the ropes and leans on them waiting for his partner & co-holder of the WWE Tag Team titles.

Harry Smith:
Come on Paul, we need to sort this ou. . .

Paul Burchill does indeed walk out to the stage to a pop, also not in the best of moods tonight as he walks down to the ring. Smith holds the ropes down and allows his partner in, nodding at him as he enters, but Burchill walks straight over to get another microphone before then joining Smith in the centre of the ring.

Paul Burchill:
Harry, I respect that you’re trying to sort things out but are you honestly telling me you don’t know what the problem is?

Harry Smith: I honestly don’t. That’s why I came out here so we can talk things over an’ move on. We’re the tag team champions Paul, we. . .

Paul Burchill: That’s exactly the problem. We are the tag team champions. I’m a tag team champion and so are you, only recently you’ve not been acting like a tag team partner.

Smith looks at Burchill in shock.

Paul Burchill:
I’d rather we weren’t talking about this but the reality is that as of late you’ve taken your eye off the ball.

Harry Smith: What are you talking about?

Paul Burchill: Look, this isn’t personal, it honestly isn’t, but ever since you became a mentor all your attention’s gone on him (pointing at TJ) and catching up with him. You’re old friends, partners even, and Natalya’s family, I get that. My issue is Harry, if it carries on like this we won’t be the tag team champions much longer.

Harry Smith: What? Seriously Paul, w. . .

Paul Burchill: . . . Okay, let me take you back a couple of weeks. We had a match, a match that you only just made it here in time for. . .

Harry Smith: . . . We’ve talked about this. I thought we were okay.

Paul Burchill: We might’ve talked but you didn’t listen. Yes you might just’ve made it in time but you should’ve been here already. This kind of thing didn’t happen until they came along.

Burchill turns to TJ & Natalya almost apologetically.

Paul Burchill:
I know this might sound personal but you have to believe me when I say it’s not. Admittedly I don’t know you all that well but it’s not that I have a problem with you all spending time t’gether, it’s just that it’s affecting us as champions, as a team.

He turns back to Smith who seems to be understanding his partner’s words now.

Paul Burchill:
Can’t you see that Harry? Just imagine that had been a title match and you didn’t show up in time. We could’ve lost the titles and I truly believe that’s not what you want either. That’s what makes what I have t’ say now really difficult.

Smith looks on, confused as to what Burchill’s about to say.

Paul Burchill:
Harry this can’t carry on. You’ve got to make a decision. Either you’re one hundred percent committed to being partners an’ champions or you can throw away the last year for nothing. As long as they’re here, you’re not committed. You can’t be both a tag team champion and a mentor. It just isn’t working, I’m sorry.


Smith looks over at TJ & Natalya, all looking extremely awkward & confused. TJ though walks over to his buddy and asks for the microphone, and Smith passes it to him.

TJ Wilson:
He’s right Harry. When I got the chance t’ come here, work with you again, it was a dream come true, but he’s right. I don’t wanna be responsible for you guys losing the tag titles. I couldn’t live with that. . . so. . .

“On A Mission”

The Tag Team Champions, Wilson & Natalya all look up at the stage and see The Empire (Wade Barrett, Drew McIntyre, William Regal & Katie Lee) strolling out to the stage to a chorus of boos. Katie’s carrying a Union Jack and the men are all shaking their heads looking appalled with the already frustrated champions as the music cuts.

Wade Barrett:
Just when I thought you two couldn’t be any more of an embarrassment to the U-K, here you are making a fool out of yourselves for the whole world t’ see, it’s pathetic. If you were just making a fool out of yourselves we wouldn’t have a problem, however it’s not just yourselves it’s you’re embarrassing, it’s the U-K and us.

Barrett’s words don’t go down well with the champs at all as they glare up in anger at The Empire.

Wade Barrett:
The best way to describe you is an embarrassment because that’s what you are. Take a look at yourselves. You’re exactly what we despise about this country. It’s like we’ve gone back in time ten years to an edition of Jerry Springer. Well it’s time for you to hear the truth. As embarrassing as you are to ev’ryone back home, my. . . our problem with you goes far deeper than that. From day one when we came to the W-W-E ev’ryone knows we’re British an’ damn proud t’ be. You on the other hand, you might be called The U-K Pack but all you’ve done is suck up to these ignorant American fans all across the country wherever you’ve been. That gentleman we find nothing short of despicable.


Wade Barrett: You’re either British or you’re not, which t’ me is so ironic as right now there’s three Canadians in that ring. You can call yourself The U-K Pack, you can call yourself tag team champions but you’re a disgrace to the people who matter to us, the people back home. They need people who are proud to be British, who’ll shout from the rooftops that they’re proud of where they come from, an’ that’s not you.

*More Heat*

Smith & Burchill are still glaring up at the defiant Barrett with Regal & McIntyre all business like agreeing with their fellow Empire member with Katie still holding the Union Jack.

Wade Barrett:
We’re the role models for the fans back home an’ soon enough we’ll have those titles too, just like we would’ve done back in the U-K had it not been for those two American punks we buried under this very flag at No Mercy a few weeks ago.


Wade Barrett: You know as well as we do that what I’m saying is true. What you need t’ know right now is that we’re putting you on notice that we’re going to do something about you two. We’ve stood back long enough, now it’s time we true Brits. . .

Harry Smith: . . . Hey, Barrett, I know it’ll be difficult for you, but for this once do you think you can shut that big mouth of yours for just a second?

*Big Pop*

Barrett doesn’t like that and neither do the rest of The Empire.

Harry Smith:
Just so we’re clear, I’m damn proud of my roots. . .

Wade Barrett: Yeah it sure looks like that way.

Harry Smith: Like I said, I’m proud of where I came from. Yeah I’ve been raised in Canada an’ the States but I’ve got British blood running through my veins believe me. If you’ve got a problem with that please feel free t’ come on down here an’ I’ll happily knock your teeth out.

Barrett smirks, clearly amused by that comment for some reason.

Wade Barrett:
You just made my point. That Harry was a typical American response, using violence an’ threats as an answer for ev’rything. We prefer t’ do our business in a more civilised manner, and our only business right now is giving the fans back home someone they can look up to, champions to look up too, an’ that’s not you two, that’s us.

*Major Heat*

Wade Barrett: Now I suggest you two kiss an’ make up if you have any int’rest in keeping those titles of yours or it’ll just make it even easier for us. Either way we’re going to take those titles an’ there’s nothing you or anyone can do t’ stop us.

Harry Smith: Yeah well I guess we’ll see about that won’t we?

Paul Burchill: If you don’t mind Harry I’d quite like to address Wade and his comments.

Smith stops talking as Barrett & Co look on from the stage at the serious figure that is Burchill with TJ & Natalya watching closely behind him & Smith in the ring.

Paul Burchill:
Whatever problems we’re going through right now I know as well as anyone how proud Harry is of his roots both back home and in Canada, and for you to come out here and question our loyalty is almost as laughable as you calling yourselves role models.


Paul Burchill: We’ve seen the way you do your business and there’s nothing civilised about it. You’re certainly not the role models you think are, and as low as your opinion of us is at least we have the tag team titles and have had for almost a year. F’ me that is something to be proud of.

Wade Barrett: The only reason you’re still champions is you’ve had no competition, until now. Like I said before, we had the titles won back home not so long ago as you well know until we were robbed. Next time you won’t be so lucky. Even if you work through these problems you’re having, you’ve got a real problem you need t’ worry about. . . us. We’re not going away an’ I promise you this gentleman, like it or not those titles won’t be yours for much longer. We will take them from you an’ then we’ll be the new W-W-E Tag Team Champions.

“On A Mission” plays again to more boos from the crowd as the confident Empire members look down at the angry UK Pack with even TJ & Natalya unhappy behind them.

*Video Recap*
From Raw (Monday Night)

“It’s a shame that they lost their head. . .”

Looking extremely pleased for himself, the Intercontinental Champion, Sheamus walks out to the stage to a chorus of boos. The heat amuses him and he just carries on down the ramp with his title draped proudly over his shoulder.

Lilian Garcia:
Please welcome the W-W-E Intercontinental Champion and the captain for Team Raw at the Survivor Series. . . SHEA-MUS.

The Celtic Warrior enters the ring with a wide smile on his face before going to collect a microphone from Lilian Garcia. He then walks back in to the centre of the ring and his music stops, bringing out the boos even more, but they still don’t bother him one bit.

Like she just said, whether you people like it or not you’re lookin’ at de captain of team Raw for de Survivor Series. If f’ some reason you’re actually havin’ trouble wit’ dat den jus’ t’ink it t’rough f’ a second. Who else could possibly do a better job dan me? Not only am I de Intercontinental Champion, I’m de undefeated Intercontinental Champion. Dat means I’ve never lost a match. No one’s ever beaten me. What more could y’want? How many people in de locker room can say dat? Dare’s only one man f’ dis job and you’re lookin’ at ‘im.

*More Boos*

Sheamus: An’ wit’ me in charge dare’s no doubt dat’s gonna happen, even wit’ Carlito we’re still gonna win, not dat we need ‘im or anyone else. I could beat Smackdown all by m’self. Don’t y’think it’s funny dat we don’t even know who’s on team Smackdown or anythin’ about dare team? Y’know, not dat I blame dem, I t’ink dare runnin’ scared of team Raw an’ more importantly me. Like Bischoff said last week, if. . .when we beat Smackdown, it means good t’ings are gonna happen, an’ let’s face it, I’m unstoppable. I’m. . .

“I’m comin. . . no one can stop me, no one can hold me. . .”

To the shock of everyone in the arena, especially Sheamus, Smackdown duo, M.V.P. & Ron Killings walk out to the stage to a big pop. Sheamus can’t believe his eyes as he watches them walk down the ramp in a good mood, joking amongst themselves before entering the ring with M.V.P. holding a microphone. His music cuts and Sheamus looks pissed off to hear the crowd cheering, much to the amusement of the Smackdown boys on tour.

I don’t know what de hell you fellas are doin’ but if you haven’t noticed I’m kind o’ in de middle of somethin’ here.

M.V.P.: Yeah we noticed, just like those people up there snorin’ away. Keep quiet an’ really listen dog, you’ll hear it.

Sheamus: Is dat some kind o’ joke? You tryin’ t’ be funny are y’fella? Well let me tell y’somethin’; you’re not. . .

M.V.P.: . . . I’m sorry y’didn’t like it but we’re actually here f’ a reason, an’ it ain’t t’ stop all these people fallin’ asleep listenin’ t’ you. See while we were tryin’ t’ stay awake back there we heard y’talkin’ ‘bout how Smackdown’s runnin’ scared of facin’ team Raw an’ of course you at Survivor Series, but in case you ain’t sure we ain’t Raw guys, we’re straight from Friday nights; we’re Smackdown guys. Now I can’t speak f’ the whole of Smackdown, but Sheamus we ain’t the least bit scared of you or Raw.

Sheamus: Well y’should be.

M.V.P.: Maybe but the deal’s this fella, you wanna know somethin’ bout what you’re up against at Survivor Series? Well look no further. An’ while we’re at it, you wanna know who our captain is? Here I am boys an’ girl. Look no further than M-V-P.

Sheamus: You’re havin’ a laugh right fella? You’re tellin’ me you two are de best Smackdown has t’ offer? It was only a few weeks ago I was watchin’ No Mercy an’ you guys embarrassed America in dat flag match, an’ if you’re seriously tellin’ me you’re my opposition, dat embarrassment will be nothin’ compared t’ the embarrassment you’ll have after de Survivor Series.

Killings doesn’t look too happy and asks MVP for the microphone, and Smackdown’s team captain hands it to him.

Ron Killings:
Y’wanna talk bout No Mercy huh? Fine. Yeah we were embarrassed alright, not just f’ us but f’ them. It was one bad night but it’s a night we ain’t ever gonna let happen, but y’know what they say right Sheamus? What don’t kill y’makes y’stronger an’ at Survivor Series we’re sure as hell gonna be stronger. You might be all that champ but if y’think f’ a minute y’can beat us all by y’self you’re gonna be in f’ a whole world o’ hurt. You ain’t gonna beat us all by y’self punk. The only thing you’re gonna do if y’keep runnin’ y’mouth is piss off ev’ryone on y’team. Us, we’ve got each other’s back no matter what. . .

Sheamus: . . . Good f’ you. I’m happy for ya but de fact remains Ron, I’m undefeated an’ still will be after I beat you an whatever else Smackdown losers y’have at de Survivor Series. It’s nothin’ personal fellas, it’s jus’ de way it is.

Ron Killings: Not personal huh? Well neither’s this.

Killings snaps and smashes Sheamus in the face with the microphone to a big pop. M.V.P. looks stunned by it but smiles as he sees Sheamus rolling around on the mat with the ticked off Killings staring down at him. Smackdown’s captain likes what he sees and steps towards Sheamus as the Intercontinental Champion moves up on to his knees. M.V.P. pulls him up and stomps him in the gut then sends him spiralling down with the Playmaker to another decent pop. He & Killings slap hands laughing and “I’m Comin’” plays again when Carlito & Eddie Colon run down the ramp and slide in to the ring with Sheamus writhing about on the mat.

The Puerto Ricans stare right at the Smackdown superstars who hold their hands up and back off, leaving the ring to the surprise of The Celtic Warrior as he sits up. He’s shocked to see Carlito standing there and his tormentor in recent weeks turns round and offers him hand up. Sheamus just stares at him in shock and then grabs Carlito’s hand who pulls him up but quickly lets go and slips behind him, BACKSTABBER! The crowd cheer again as Sheamus hits the deck again. Carlito & Eddie smirk, as do M.V.P. & Killings on the ramp as “Cool” plays with Carlito enjoying seeing Sheamus on the mat.

*Cut Backstage*

Maria is standing by inside the locker room with the camera zooming in on her.

Right now I’m joined by the man who’ll lead Team Smackdown against Raw in two weeks at the Survivor Series. Please welcome M-V-P.

The fans cheer inside the arena as the camera zooms out to reveal a positively glowing M.V.P. dressed casually alongside Maria.

Hey Maria, how’s it goin’ girl?

Maria: Fine thanks. What I wanted to talk to you about was the Survivor Series. We found out on Raw that you an’ Ron Killings will be part of the Smackdown team that’ll take on Raw’s team led by Sheamus. After what you did to him Monday night, do you think. . .

M.V.P.: . . . Do I think what Maria? That we pissed off the big white Irish freak? You’re damn right, an’ I wouldn’t have it any other way. See this is gonna be a war, it’s what the Survivor Series is all about. It’s a battle f’ survival from start t’ finish. What we did on, well what Ron did Monday night ain’t nothin’. That’s just a message t’ Sheamus an’ the rest of the Raw guys that we’re ready f’ business. We went t’ their home turf an’ made a statement, but we ain’t done yet. Hell we ain’t even started yet.

M.V.P. means business and looks straight down the lens of the camera.

Sheamus, if you’re angry after Monday, get ready, ‘cause. . .

There’s some commotion out in the hall, distracting M.V.P.

What the?

He walks quickly towards the door and opens it to see Raw’s Cody Rhodes & Joe Hennig who aren’t even on Team Raw stomping the hell out of Ron Killings with The Truth defenceless on the floor and M.V.P. flips.


Rhodes & Hennig turn and see him charging towards him and they back off with M.V.P. turning his attention to his buddy who’s writhing around on the floor clutching his stomach.

You alright dog?

Maria walks out and looks surprised.

Oh my god, what happened?

M.V.P.: Y’wanna know what happened Maria? They happened. Ain’t that right?

Cody Rhodes: Hey, we simply returned the favour for the other night, but if you can’t handle that. . .

M.V.P.’s pissed off and jumps up to his feet, catching Cody off guard who immediately steps back again.

Y’wanna try handlin’ me tough guy or you want me t’ turn my back first, just the way y’like it?

Cody smirks with Hennig looking pissed.

Cody Rhodes:
Y’know, I think we’ll leave it. We did what we came here t’ do.

M.V.P.: Yeah go on, take both y’asses, turn round an’ get the hell out o’ here while y’still can.

MVP turns round and kneels down alongside Killings again but Cody runs the short distance towards him and kicks him in the side of the head, putting him down on the floor too. He didn’t catch him too hard and M.V.P. sits up with a face like thunder as a smug Cody & Hennig walk away laughing with battle lines well & truly drawn now between the two brands.

*Video Promo*

The mentor & rookie combination of the World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk & Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez are showing heading through the back in their ring gear and looking extremely focused for their upcoming match with Bobby Lashley & Charlie Haas, and the shot switches to them also looking fired up to the max and making their way through the backstage area with this tag team contest coming up next.

*Commercial Break*

*Match #6*
Bobby Lashley & Charlie Haas
vs. CM Punk & Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez

Lashley & Haas have been on a role as of late for sure, and that continued here as they went toe-to-toe with the World Champion and his impressive rookie. CM Punk was a worried man in the early moments as he watched Lashley put Del Rio-Ramirez through his paces. He gave the Mexican more of a lesson than Punk ever could, putting him through hell. The rookie was on the receiving end of a thunderous lariat and a hellacious T-Bone suplex that he just managed to kick out of before the ref’s count got to three.

However he showed some resolve and despite Haas putting on a clinic initially, Del Rio-Ramirez showed off some of the tremendous ability he has, escaping an attempted german suplex with a series of elbows to the head. As Haas then came back at him, the Mexican reacted quickly, connecting with a jawbreaker full of impact. That allowed the rookie to bring his mentor in to the action after Haas kicked out at two, and Punk entered the ring full of intent. He went right after Haas, pulling him up to his feet and firing him in to the corner before following up by running in at him with a high knee to the face.

The World Champion grabbed Haas by the head and ran out to drill him in to the canvas with a bulldog. Haas was in trouble and Punk sure meant business, but as the match went on Haas & Lashley showed they were no pushovers. Punk & Lashley were going at it and Lashley took control, ducking a roundhouse kick and sent him spiralling down thanks to a flipping release german suplex. Punk was in all kinds of trouble, and Lashley showed off his strength by pulling Punk up to his feet and lifting him up in to the air with one arm for a delayed vertical suplex. He kept him for up a good eight seconds before sending him crashing down in to the canvas.

Del Rio-Ramirez was the one showing concern for his partner at this stage, and Lashley could smell victory. He watched on intently as Punk struggled back up to his feet, and with the crowd getting right behind him, Lashley back tracked in to the corner, getting ready for a spear. The fans were on their feet, and as Punk turned round, Lashley came flying across the ring. Punk though reacted in a flash to leapfrog him, and as both men turned round Punk ducked his head and showed some incredible strength of his own to lift Lashley off his feet and on to his shoulders for the GTS.

Lashley though didn’t make it easy for him and escaped with a couple of shots to the back of the neck. He then spun Punk round and whipped him in to the ropes, but Punk held on tight and taunted Lashley. He didn’t appreciate that and ran right at Punk who caught him with a spin kick before nailing him with a thunderous roundhouse kick. The fans’ energy was killed by the World Champion who arrogantly went for a cover, only to see Lashley get the shoulder up at two, leaving Punk furious. He wasn’t having any of it and blamed the ref before going back to kill the match.

He urged the dazed Lashley to get up with Haas encouraging his partner and getting the crowd to do the same. Lashley unwittingly made it back up and turned round in to Punk’s path and the World Champion once again went for the GTS, and again Lashley slipped down to safety just as it looked like Punk was going to send him to sleep. Punk turned round in a flash but in to a stop to the gut. The former military man fired him in to the ropes and got the crowd rocking again after a huge spine-buster on The Straight-Edge Superstar. Del Rio-Ramirez couldn’t believe it as he saw the confident yet focused Lashley back on his feet and make the tag to Haas.

With the crowd willing him on, Haas pulled down the straps as the struggling World Champion tried to claw his way back up. Haas watched him every step of the way, and as Punk made it up, Haas went for the Olympic Slam, but Punk slipped own to safety this time and wasted no time in sending Haas down to the mat after a double underhook back breaker. It enabled him to tag in his rookie, eventually after crawling across the mat. Del Rio-Ramirez sure shared his mentor’s intensity and dragged Haas up to fire him in to the corner. Haas’s back hit the pads at some speed, not that the Mexican cared as he ran in at him and nailed him with a hard clothesline.

He back pedalled as Haas staggered out in to his path and a spinning neck-breaker. Del Rio-Ramirez wasn’t happy to see Haas get his foot on the rope at two and dragged him once more. Again he fired him in to the corner, but this time Haas stepped out to the side and saw Del Rio-Ramirez run in to the pads chest first. Haas went for a roll up there and then but the rookie kicked out. They raced back up to their feet and Haas ducked a wild right before connecting with the Olympic Slam to a huge pop. He scurried across to make the cover, and just as the ref was about to count to three, Punk dived on top of him to break up the count to a ton of heat.

Lashley though was furious and entered the ring with his eyes locked on the World Champion, and as Punk stood up with a smile on his face, he unwittingly turned round in to one hell of a spear from Lashley. The crowd were going nuts as Punk’s body rolled out of the ring down to the floor with Del Rio-Ramirez left all alone. Haas sat back up and saw the rookie still down & out, and he looked in to the cheering crowd before locking in the Haas of Pain, getting the crowd going even more, and despite a brave fight from Del Rio-Ramirez he couldn’t hold on and tapped out to give Lashley & Haas, as well as Team Cena a huge win going in to the Survivor Series.

Punk sat up on the outside just as Lashley gave his partner a big congratulatory hug, showing some real emotion between them for the first time as their role continued. The World Champion was furious, shaking his head as he saw their arms raised in victory with “Hell Will Be Callin’ Your Name” playing to a big pop. The crowd continued in their strong ovation for Lashley & Haas as Punk too watched on angrily on the arena floor with the members of Team Cena climbing the ropes and posing for the fans.

Winners: Bobby Lashley & Charlie Haas by submission.

*Cut Backstage*

In his ring gear, John Cena is walking through the halls and turns a corner, bumping right in to the freaky ODB who we’ve seen in recent weeks, once again drinking from a flask but he walks right in to her.

John Cena:
Whoa, I’m really sorry. I didn’t see y’there, mam.

ODB takes a look at her top and sees there’s nothing spilt, then looks back at Cena with a strange look of satisfaction on her face.

Don’t worry ‘bout that. There ain’t no damage done baby. Y’can bump in t’ me anytime y’want.

Cena looks genuinely shocked & worried.

John Cena:
Wow, I honestly don’t know what t’say t’ that.

She moves her head right towards his, worrying him even more but she’s loving it.

Y’don’t need t’ say anythin’ baby boy.

She lays a smacker on him, catching him completely by surprise but she pulls back after a couple of seconds and Cena looks stunned.

John Cena:
Err. . .

ODB: That was good weren't it baby? How ‘bout we go finish this an’ get busy right about now?

John Cena: Well first, thanks f’ the offer. . . It’s not that I’m not grateful, it’s just I’ve got a match an. . .

ODB: . . . Don’t worry ‘bout that, I ain’t in no rush. I can wait around all night f’ you stud.

John Cena: Wow that’s real nice but I probably should’ve said before, not that I got chance, but I can’t, I’ve got a girlfriend back home, fiancée actually an’ I don’t think she’d like it that much, not that I’m not flattered.

She takes it on the chin, not looking too bothered and takes another swig from her flask.

Your loss, but you ain’t gonna get anythin’ like this at home.

She turns round and walks off up the hall with a still bemused Cena watching on.

John Cena:
I sure hope not.

He wipes his lips, shakes his head and walks back towards the production area with his match against Shelton Benjamin, the main event coming up next!

*Commercial Break*

*Video Promo*

>2 Weeks!<

*Cut to the Arena*


Boos ring out as a very focused Shelton Benjamin walks out to the stage and takes a long look in to the stands before heading down to the ring, pacing down the ramp, ignoring the fans’ reaction to him. He enters the ring up the steps and goes right in to the far corner, climbs up to the second rope and simply gazes in to the crowd, definitely up for this one.

“My Time is Now”

It’s deafening inside the arena as John Cena hits the stage, running out to both sides with both cheers & boos coming from the crowd, although it’s mostly positive for him. He’s got his game face on as he salutes the fans and heads down the ramp with the focused Benjamin still looking on in the ring, awaiting his opponent. Cena slides inside and walks straight over to the ropes, takes his cap off and tosses it in to the stands, then does the same with his T-shirt. He turns round and glances over at his opponent with his music coming to a halt.

“Break Down The Walls”

A ton of heat with some cheers thrown in break out in the stands as a suited & booted Chris Jericho strolls out to the stage with a microphone in hand, catching everyone especially Cena off guard. He turns and looks up at the very serious looking Canadian.

Chris Jericho:
Cut the music. . . I said cut the music.

His music cuts now, not that he looks any happier for it as he glares down at the confused Cena.

Chris Jericho:
What’s wrong Cena? Weren’t you expecting t’ see me again? Well I’m sorry t’ disappoint you but as you should know, we have some unfinished business t’ say the very least.

*Ton of Boos*

Chris Jericho: See John the reason no one’s seen or heard from me since No Mercy is for one very simple reason; it’s because of you. It’s because on that night almost three weeks ago you interfered in my match and cost me the World Heavyweight Championship.


Chris Jericho: I was just seconds away John from claiming what should be rightfully mine, only like so many people have pointed out since, you just had t’ be the centre of attention. You can stand there in that ring and deny it week after week, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s true. That’s why I couldn’t bare the thought of coming back. The thought of being on the same show as you makes me physically sick.


Chris Jericho: You’re nothing but a parasite John Cena but I’ve finally come to the conclusion that sitting at home isn’t going to change anything. It’s not going to achieve what needs to be accomplished. That being removing you from this show.

*More Heat*

Chris Jericho: I may not like C-M Punk, however when it comes t’ you I agree with him one hundred percent. That’s why I’m out here t’night publicly offering him my services for the Survivor Series to take on your team and ensure you don’t earn the completely unwarranted title shot that’s been thrown in your path.


Cena & Jericho stare at each other with Jericho showing total contempt for him.

Chris Jericho:
The fact you’ve been given that opportunity makes me even more sick to my stomach, but John I vow in front of all these worthless followers of yours that you won’t receive that shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. I’ll do ev’rything in my power to ensure that doesn’t happen, and when that shot becomes open to those who actually deserve it, I will grab it and become the new World Champion as I should be right now if it wasn’t f’ you.

*More Boos*

Jericho & Cena continue staring at each other and Jericho drops the microphone on the stage, then walks down the ramp, surprising Cena who watches Jericho walk round to the announce table and take up an empty seat alongside Michael Cole & Matt Striker and putting on a headset.

*The Main Event*
John Cena vs. Shelton Benjamin

With Jericho watching closely from the announce table, Cena was on edge throughout and the incredibly focused Benjamin sure took full advantage. The Gold Standard was out with a point to prove and went toe-to-toe with Cena all the way. Even when Cena was getting in to full swing as the match progressed to its later stages, he kept coming back at him. Just as it looked like Cena was in full swing, connecting with a flying shoulder tackle and sending Shelton in to the mat after a spin-out power-bomb, he watched on as the battling Benjamin picked himself back up.

Cena then turned back in to the ropes and came back looking for a bulldog, but Shelton caught him off guard, ducking under the outstretched arm and taking Cena down with a samoan drop. The crowd were shocked at that and Jericho loved it, talking up Shelton’s ability and how when he’s at his best he’s as good as any of the top stars including himself in the WWE. The Gold Standard quickly shrugged off the disappointment at Cena kicking out at two and went about earning himself an unlikely victory. He helped Cena up from his knees and fired him hard in to the corner, then charged in for a stinger splash, connecting and stunning Cena.

Benjamin stepped back and then watched as Cena staggered out in to his path, right in to place for the exploder suplex. Cena blocked it though and escaped after a couple of elbow shots to the side of the head. Cena was the one coming back this time and whipped Shelton in to the ropes, but as he hit the ropes he held on to them. Cena didn’t hang around and ran right at him, but Shelton reacted by extending his elbow up in to Cena’s face. As a dazed Cena then staggered back towards the centre of the ring, Benjamin stepped through the ropes and steadied himself on the apron.

As soon as Cena turned round, Benjamin had jumped up on to the top rope, spring-boarding to take Cena down with a clothesline. He was in the groove now and as he watched Cena claw his way back up, the focused Benjamin ran the ropes, hit another springboard and connected with an enzuigiri to put Cena right back on the canvas. Jericho was loving it, watching with a smug smile on his face but that all changed as he saw Cena get his shoulder up at two. The Gold Standard took it on the chin and stood back up, heading in to the corner as Cena struggled to get on to his knees, not knowing where he was at all.

The crowd were very anxious as they watched Cena struggle to his feet with Benjamin ready to pounce, and Shelton didn’t waste a second and charged across the ring going for the Paydirt. Cena though ducked it and as Shelton put on the breaks, Cena lifted him up on to his shoulders for the F-U. The crowd were going crazy but as Cena looked about to hit it, Shelton showed off his athleticism and landed on his feet. Cena was stunned and Shelton went for the dragon whip, kicking Cena tamely in the gut initially, but Cena countered, sweeping his standing leg to take him down and lock in the STFU.

The fans were going nuts again as the intense as hell Cena made Benjamin work for his life, and with Jericho screaming for Benjamin to fight it, The Gold Standard did just that, trying to drag himself to the safety of the ropes. Cena didn’t make it easy it all and Shelton looked like he was about to tap but fought on as Jericho took off his headset and went over to the apron, encouraging him from there. Benjamin gave it everything he could and battled & clawed his way to the ropes, grabbing it to the frustration of the Biloxi fans. There were cheers mixed in too as Jericho looked on with a smile on his face, staring at Cena who was visibly becoming angrier by the second.

He stood up and looked down at Jericho as if to ask why he was there, met by no response from the smug Canadian. Seeing Shelton trying to make it back up, Cena went back to work and tried to lift him up for the F-U one more time, but Benjamin held on to the ropes, giving Cena no choice but to put him down. Shelton then blocked a right hand but had an irish whip reversed. He came back though and slid through Cena’s legs before taking him down with an inverted facelock backbreaker.

Jericho was nodding in approval as Shelton went for a cover, but Cena kicked out at two. Again Shelton didn’t let frustration get the better of him and was right back on Cena. He went to help him up but Cena rose to life, surprising the hell out of him to lift him up again for the F-U. The fans were cheering again but not for long as Jericho panicked, jumping up on to the apron. Cena saw him and snapped, putting Shelton down before going right after Jericho, who jumped down in a flash and gave Cena a piece of his mind on the floor with Cena giving him a warning.

Before he could finish though, Benjamin ran up behind him and drove his knee in to Cena’s back, then rolled him up and put his feet on the ropes for extra leverage with Jericho grabbing them too as the oblivious ref then counted to three to give Shelton the shock victory. “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Me” hit to a ton of heat as Benjamin slipped out of the ring to get his arm raised by an overjoyed Jericho as Cena sat up looking on furiously. Benjamin wasn’t that emotional at all, looking more satisfied than pleased with his music blasting out inside the arena. Cena gestured towards Jericho who just laughed it off and again rose Benjamin’s hand as the show came to a close with him laughing at the extremely pissed off Cena.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin by pinfall.


>Quick Results<

df. Johnny Jeter
Brian Kendrick
df. Paul London
Beth Phoenix
df. Jillian Hall
Elijah Burke
df. Jack Swagger
df. Matt Sydal
Bobby Lashley & Charlie Haas
df. CM Punk & Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez
Shelton Benjamin
df. John Cena

>Superstars Tapings<
Michelle McCool
df. Maria

>Confirmed for Survivor Series<

Sunday 9th November 2008
Venue: Air Canada Center
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

WWE Championship
Batista (c) vs. Randy Orton vs. Triple H

World Tag Team Championship – Tournament Final
Matt Hardy & Gregory Helms vs. Rey Mysterio & Mystico vs. Christopher Daniels & Kaval

Hell in a Cell Loser Leaves Town Match
The Big Show vs. John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield

Traditional Elimination Match
If Team Cena wins, Cena will challenge CM Punk for the World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions

Team Cena (John Cena, Christian, Matt Sydal, Bobby Lashley & Charlie Haas)
vs. Team Punk (CM Punk, Edge & Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez)
*More names to be added*

Traditional Elimination Match
Team Michaels (Shawn Michaels, Kofi Kingston, Elijah Burke & Bryan Danielson)
vs. Team Miz (The Miz, Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler & Heath Slater)

Traditional Elimination Match
Team Raw (Sheamus (cpt), Carlito & John Morrison)
vs. Team Smackdown (M.V.P. (cpt) & Ron Killings)
*More names to be added*


The Undertaker vs. Ted DiBiase

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