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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Oblivion Feedback

Nice start to the show, always good to see different routes and this was certainly different. I love the whole Hacked by Helms thing and him sending an e-mail to Heyman is a great way of keeping that whole thing going, interested to see where it heads.

Joe promo time to ‘officially’ start the show was unexpected but it made sense after what he had to say. Thought you did a pretty good job here before bringing Jericho out which certainly added to the segment. Loved the ‘No. As a matter of fact I wouldn’t. But he might’ line from Jericho. Good stuff and nice action in the aftermath of it. Tag match later should be a good one.

Very good opening match up here. Fits all the recent feuds going on and there was some nice action throughout, particularly enjoyed the Storm/Burchill stuff. Good ending to the match also with the Mercenaries showing what they’re there for in doing the dirty work for Hassan.

Not a whole lot to say on the Doane.Masters stuff. Hopefully they take their chances in their respective matches. Liked the little ‘impact’ mention there, intentional jab at TNA or not, still brought a laugh lol.

Great stuff with Torrie/Foley and Jericho here. Really loved the puppet line, Jericho on a roll tonight. Jericho using Torrie to manipulate Foley is a nice twist and I like how Foley did recognise he may be making a mistake with this ‘power trip’.

Absolutely terrific promo from Christian here. Fantastic stuff honestly. The whole moon metaphor was great and it’s a side to Christian nobody has ever seen, which makes it all the more gripping. I loved the way this was written and I can’t wait til Christian comes back into the fold as well as when the ‘sun’ comes back, in Bobby Lashley. The man on the moon, hell of a lot of potential with that title given to him. Top stuff.

Danielson/Masters was a nice contest here and glad to see Helms showing his face again tonight, thought that may’ve been it until next week. Big win for Masters so he certainly did make the right impact. Glad to see that there will be a rematch take place and I’ve no doubts you’ll pull off a cracker.
Stealing the title is never a bad angle to go with and should be interesting to see what Danielson does next week to take it back.

Very good segment again here with LowJack. Love the whole Low Ki not saying anything whilst Evans is just a clown. LowJack/Londrick in two weeks should be another very nice contest. Big twist here though with the Mercenaries already securing a shot. Very well joined segment on the whole and glad to see the tag ranks getting a bit heated.

Some very nice, brutal action in the main event and very much enjoyed the added factor of Foley staying to watch. The whole Jericho/Foley rivalry is building well and makes me think that a possible match may be on the cards down the line. Good win for Van Dam here and I hope the two feuds, Finlay/Joe and Van Dam/Jericho continue to build.

A.O.KO? Certainly different and should be absolutely brutal when that occurs. Contract signing will no doubt bring some controversy also so good announcements to send the fans home happy in closing the show.

Overall I felt this was a better show than last week so I don’t agree with you saying it’s not great. Christian promo was tremendous and Jericho was in top form. Tag ranks are looking solid and next week with the A.O.K.O and Sons of Dungeon debut as well as Van Dam/Jericho/Foley escalating it should be another great show. Keep it up.
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