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Re: Abusing Internet Slang - Shut the F**K up.

Originally Posted by Gebu19 View Post
"You mad Breh?"
If you're reading this then you have to be willing to admit that you're a bit of a nerd/dork/loser/have too much free time. It's a god damn internet wrestling forum! I play video games and watch WWE and get super excited when my favorite wreslter comes out; I'm 21 and I'm ok with that.

So, who the fuck thinks they are so fucking cool that they can come onto a wrestling forum and use stupid ass internet slang, plus use it incorrectly. I made a post saying why I didn't like Mark Henry (Smackdown), and the 4th comment down, so fag with like 2 posts puts up, "I like Mark Henry, you mad bro?" I don't know where or who the fuck started that shit, but what the fuck? I see that fucking line on every posts, it's so fucking over used and incorrectly placed it's pissing me off! It's because of assholes who think they are cool because they just make fun of peoples' posts that in the near future we're going to have people selling books on how to use internet slang appropiately.

You're not fucking cool because you insult peoples' posts! You're not fucking cool because you use lines that someone else has used!

People need to shut the fuck up, use internet slang correctly (otherwise it diminishes its use), and only write on a forum if they actually give a fuck about it; not just to fuck with some kid who wants to say they love John Cena. Go ahead and let them know you don't like John cena, but a "I like John cena, you mad Bro?" Is that gayyest shit since what what in the butt.
I think it's 'you mad breh?' as well, but assholes are assholes and don't care.

You are the perfect example of why people use these terms.



Meh, just ignore it.

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