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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

I was wondering when the next one was gonna be up! Anyways, let's get into it!

Having Helms start the show off by talking to Mick and, by the seems of it, hacking his shit, was a solid beginning. Man, I can only imagine what the outcome of this is gonna be! Foley's been Hacked by Helms!

The opening segment was pretty good. It succeeds in setting Joe up to be a main event player in the very near future, which I am in favor of! The RVD rolling off Show's back thing was really damn cool! Looking forward to the main event already!

First match of the night was pretty good. While I'm kind of upset that the extent of the Mercenaries work has been with Hassan, I can't think of anyone other then Jericho that they would be doing work for, so it makes sense. It's looking like you're building up Punk and Hassan at the next Pay Per View, which could be a really good match!

The Doane-Masters segment was pretty good. Having the two kind of drink Jericho's Kool Aid makes sense. I can see the two becoming a tag team in the future, but that's besides the point. Kinda wondering whose gonna end up facing who. More importantly, my favorite angle you have going on! The way Torrie presented the RVD thing to Mick was brilliant, and actually makes a lot of sense! Having Jericho there to gloat right afterward was the icing on the cake! I really am in love with this angle!

Really looking forward to seeing the Sons of the Dungeon debut next week! You've definitely gotten me excited about AOW's two newest teams!

By god, that Christian segment was sheer brilliance! Like, the angle just got SO much better now that he's becoming this super dark character! Having him talk in third person actually added quite a bit to the promo, really gives you the belief that he's losing his damn mind! This is THE angle you have right now, and the number one reason I keep "tuning in" to AOW!

Having Masters win the match, Helms involvement or otherwise, was a major shock for me! It might have been a "Fluke Win", but it still helps Masters out quite a bit! Speakings of Helms, I figured that that's what he was doing on Foley's computer. I have to say, I'm surprised that you're giving the match away on the last one-hour Oblivion instead of having it on PPV, or even as the main event of the 90 minute AOW debut! Either or, I'm excited to see that match!

The 90 minute Oblivion promo was pretty good! Nothin' more to say there, really.

The tag segment was great! Evans' freestyle was actually pretty damn good, and the fist bump was funny. Having the Hooliganz hop in and Low Ki make the challenge was great, and the Mercenaries announcing that they have a match for the belts really makes me interested in what's going to happen! You're definitely taking very good care of your tag division which, admittedly, I overlook some times, but I appreciate the care that you have been putting toward it!

Man, that was a pretty good main event! Right amount of carnage, and having Foley come out at the beginning to make it a no dq match really does reinforce that, despite what RVD might do or say, he's still the one calling the shots! The contract signing should be entertaining, but you're AOKO match... man, that's actually a pretty good combination of matches! And you're giving it away next week? Man, if you're giving all of these matches away like that on regular TV, I'm really psyched to see what you have in store for the pay per view!

All in all, another good show! The Christian-Torrie-Jericho-Foley angle is still the one that has my undivided attention, but the Tag Team and Cruiserweight situations have me pumped as well! Hoping that your next update is sooner rather then later!
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