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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

The first image we have on our screens isn’t an introduction vignette, but instead, we see the image of Gregory Helms walking down a hallway in the Hammerstein. He’s got what looks to be a DVD in his hand. He bursts into an room labeled “Mick Foley”, where we can indeed see Mick Foley sitting at his desk, computer up, taking notice of Helms stepping in.

Gregory Helms:
Mr. Foley, when I said I had something you need t’see immediately, I meant right away, not later on tonight.

Mick Foley:
I’d appreciate it if you knocked, dude, but what’s this about?

Gregory Helms:
I have exclusive footage of proof that I should be Cruiserweight Champion and not Bryan Danielson. At the very least, he should be stripped of that title he doesn’t deserve!

Mick Foley:
Oh, you mean that whole ‘my foot was under the ropes’ gig…? Yeah, I saw it when you did it last week, Greg. I’m not convinced.

Gregory Helms:
Not convinced…? Not convinced that I thoroughly deserve a rematch for a title he never deserved to win? A guy I never deserved to lose to? This is a corrupt administration, ain’t it?

Mick Foley:
(cell phone seems to go off, holds it in his hand)
Look, Greg, we’ll go over this some other time, alright? And I’m not ‘corrupt’. I’m doin’ exactly what I need to do. Hello?
~As Foley exits the room to take his phone call, Helms is left with a nasty scowl on his face. He does, however, take note of Mick’s computer screen still being left up

Gregory Helms:
Who’re you e-mailin’, Mr. Foley…? Oh, Paul Heyman. Well let’s see what Mr. Heyman has to say about my rematch…

~Helms inserts his DVD of footage and starts ticking away at the computer, a very satisfied grin on his face. It only takes a second for a response, with Foley not having been returned. Helms’ eyes seem to pan the page before becoming a sinister grin. Helms quickly takes his disk and walks out of the room, giving Foley a quick unhappy look before continuing on down the hall, still grinning from ear to ear…


The Hammerstein Ballroom – Manhattan, New York City, New York
“Decieve the Heavens to Cross the Ocean...”

“The Fight Song” by Marilyn Manson vignette



RVD leaps for a Frog Splash…


HBK cocks back, Sweet Chin Music ready…


Finlay and Joe go at it on the balcony…


Paul Wright lets his fist fly…

*Opening guitar riff*

You'll never grow up to be a big rock star

The camera goes from the ground up to the face of Paul Wright in his debut Week 3

Celebrated victim of your fame

Shawn Michaels comes down the ramp, pumped up from the main event of Week 1

Just cut our wrists like cheap coupons

Christian searches for his peeps from Week 5

And say that "death was on sale today"

Bryan Danielson raises his hand, singing his theme from Week 4

*Upped tempo, heavier sound*

And when we were good

Jack Evans’ double moonsault from Week 1

You just close your eyes

Joe leaps through the ropes onto Kenny from Week 3

So when we are bad

Paul Wright chokeslams Michaels through the table from the Supershow

We'll scar your minds

A replayed shot of Shelton Benjamin German suplexing Paul London off the ladder from Week 4

















*Final cymbal crash*

Chris Jericho holds the AOW World title high in the air


We’re introduced to a yet again completely filled Hammerstein, with the crowd going nuts. The pop is sustained, but pauses for a second to listen to the sound system explode with “Don’t call it a comeback!”, as “MAMA SAID KNOCK YOU OUT”, which introduces us to the serious and intense Samoa Joe, filling the arena with his stoicness. He’s in competition attire, looking a tad more pissed off than usual, his right knee still in bandages from the assault he suffered a week ago. He gets to the ring, mike in hand, obviously prepared to say what’s on the mind of a man who loves knockin’ people out.

Two weeks ago, I walked through those double doors to the locker room with only one thing on my mind. And that was beat Finlay to a pulp. And see, I’m a real goal-oriented guy. I think of something, I do it, and then it’s on to the next thing. So I had ‘beat Finlay to a pulp’ on my mind. And then I did it. I did it pretty damn well, might I add.
~The Hammerstein gives a damn good pop, the smartass side to Joe showing a bit

So it was on to the next thing on my mind, the next goal…and that was shut Chris Jericho the hell up by taking that AOW Championship from him.

~Another solid pop


So I got to the arena last week, just walking through those double doors when Chris Jericho said that there was ‘no one left’ to defend his title against. And before I could walk on through that curtain and shut him up then and there, RVD walks on out and tells us that he’s got the shot at our first ever Pay-Per-View, World Ablaze.

~Joe pauses, a bit disappointed about that, wipes his mouth


So when Rob came up to me and said ‘I want you to face Jericho’, he did me a damn big favor. Not only did everyone see that I can go toe-to-toe with the champ, but I can beat him to a pulp, too.

~Another solid ovation


So I had a new goal in mind...but Finlay couldn’t let me beating him go. Now I’m not a whiner or a complainer, I’m a straight shootin’ guy. I didn’t come out here to tell Finlay to back off, I didn’t come out here to demand a rematch with Jericho, no, I came out here to look Finlay in the eyes and tell him to bring it on if he wants to do this again.

Joe lowers the microphone, getting into a squatting, lowered position, ready to tackle Finlay should he make his way to the ring. Joe’s ready! The crowd is popping for what might be another arena-wide brawl here, but their pop turns into a sour patch of heat when “BREAK DOWN THE WALLS” hits the speakers, as AOW Champion Chris Jericho makes his way to the entrance stage, but he’s not leading the way. Instead, he’s got Paul “The Great” Wright walking in front of him, obviously for protection. With the rabid display Joe showed on both men last week, he has good reason. Wright steps into the ring in front of Jericho, who’s got a mike in his hands.

Chris Jericho:
Now, Joe, I know somewhere underneath that savage shell, there’s a reasonable man who knows what’s good for him and what isn’t. And I strongly suggest you stay out of my way if you do know what’s best.

~The crowd delivers heat for this, as Jericho is saying this while keeping Wright as a wall

Chris Jericho:
If I’m understood correctly, you and Rob Van Dam have been friends for as long as both of you have been wrestling, correct?

Samoa Joe:
What d’you want, Jericho? Yeah, so me and Rob go a-ways back. What’s that t’you?

Chris Jericho:
Well, it just occurred to me that people who are ‘friends’ tend to get in each other’s business, even if it doesn’t concern them. Now Joe, I will be the first person to admit you put on a great match with me last week. But see the thing is facing me for the AOW Championship is none of your concern, nor should it be your friend Rob’s because he doesn’t deserve it.

~The last sentence is said while drowning in heat, still from behind Wright

Samoa Joe
Funny you should mention that friends get in each other’s business, Jericho. It just so happens that I got attacked last week while I was dealing with you and your business…you wouldn’t know anything about that, would you Jericho?

~The crowd begins to buzz a bit…

Chris Jericho:
No. As I matter of fact I wouldn’t know anything about that. But he might.

The crowd buzz is resolved when Samoa Joe is pelted from behind with a hard shillelagh shot to the back of the head!! It’s Finlay yet again!!! A great deal of heat is delivered once again, as the staff of Finlay comes into play once again, downing the Samoan Submission Machine. Finlay is quick to capitalize yet again, delivering another hard shot to the taped and injured left knee!! Joe grits his teeth in agony and holds his injured appendage while Jericho orders Wright to “go guard the ramp” while he and Finlay jump on Joe like rabid dogs, stomping away all over Joe’s body. Wright leaves the ring to guard the entrance ramp, but his attention is soon back to the ring. With the boots being lain into, Joe manages to get to one knee and pushes Finlay away, grabbing Jericho’s leg and turning it into an Ankle Lock attempt! Jericho knows he’s in trouble and tries to scurry away, but Joe pulls him back. Jericho thinks on his foot and nails Joe in the already battered head with an enzeguiri. Joe falls again, potentially concussed, with Finlay again approaching Joe to beat him down when suddenly…

“WALK” hits over the speakers, as Rob Van Dam charges down the ramp to a grand pop yet again, full force. Wright is his obstacle in the middle of the ramp, getting ready for him, but as he lowers his head to maybe ram into Van Dam, but RVD ROLLS OVER THE BACK OF THE BIG MAN, never breaking stride on the way to the ring. Van Dam slides in and immediately causes Jericho and Finlay to scatter, although when Jericho scurries, he heads right back up the ramp with Wright, while Finlay is left at ringside, staring a hole in Van Dam. Joe is pissed beyond belief, on his feet now, forcing Finlay to find a new target to stare through. Van Dam takes the microphone that Joe was holding a few moments ago…

I don’t deserve a title shot, Jericho? If anyone around here doesn’t deserve anything, it’s you! You don’t deserve that AOW Championship, that’s for sure, dude!

~The Hammerstein agrees tenfold


And maybe you forgot a little somethin’, Chris. I still have the power to pick all your opponents from now until World Ablaze. So I’ve got a match for you…and you. TONIGHT.

~RVD points to Jericho and Finlay with each respective ‘you’


Jericho, your bodyguard is banned from ringside when you and Finlay take on Samoa Joe…and ME – R…V…D!!

~The crowd delivers a huge pop for this main event announcement tonight, all joining in on RVD’s thumbs. Joe has a look of pure and sheer intensity staring back at Finlay around the announce table, while RVD is caught in the same image as last week, and that’s staring up the ramp, guns blazing, looking back at his cowardly world title opponent in five weeks.


As we return from the break, we immediately are greeted to the sound of “MISERE CANTARE” hitting the speakers, as CM Punk bursts on through the curtain to a very nice ovation. Punk storms onto the stage, reminding everyone that “Its clobberin’ time!” on his way to the ring, we hear JBL and Styles for the first time in tonight’s broadcast.

Joey Styles:
Greetings ladies and gentlemen, to this edition of Wednesday Night Oblivion. I’m Joey Styles here with my colleague John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield, where just a few moments ago, we got the special announcement of our main event – Rob Van Dam and Samoa Joe will tag up to face the team of Finlay and the AOW Champion and RVD’s opponent in five weeks at World Ablaze, Chris Jericho.

Y’know, I’ve said it over an’ over again – Mick Foley is a complete idiot. He’s givin’ his power to Rob Van Dam to solve some sort of power dilemma with Chris Jericho, an’ it’s makin’ him look like the dumbest sumbitch on the planet.

Joey Styles:
This match was indeed confirmed by Rob Van Dam, who has the power to choose Chris Jericho’s opponents from now until World Ablaze. And of course the no holds barred rivalry between Samoa Joe and Finlay continues to rage, as Finlay blindsided Joe yet again earlier tonight.

Blindside nothin’. If Joe was as great a fighter as he thinks he is, he’d a’ seen that one comin’.

Joey Styles:
Typical Bradshaw banter there…

The hell is that supposed to mean?

Joey Styles:
Oh, nothing. Onto the task at hand here, where we’re set to kick off with big six-man tag action with this brigade being led it seems by this man – JBL’s favorite AOW star, CM Punk.

The day CM Punk becomes a guy I remotely even like will be the day the New York Yankees never win another World Series, the Chicago Cubs do, and I go broke. I can’t stand anything from Chicago, but there is somethin’ special about this kid that just makes me hate his guts.

As Styles facepalms out of frustration and JBL dryly delivers that hate spiel, CM Punk finishes warming up a bit before “STORM LANCING” greets us to a welcome and warm reaction to Lance Storm. Storm does indeed storm on down to the ring and shares a very emphatic handshake with CM Punk, both men seemingly being very trusting of each other tonight.

As both men talk some things over, “619 ESTA VIVO” blares over the sound system now, getting the biggest pop out of all in attendance, as Rey Mysterio Jr. lets his presence be known. Mysterio makes his way on down the aisle, pumped as can be, although he is still tending to his left knee, which we saw him bracing last week.

There is an intense whiplash when “MAD MAN” meets the threshold, as Muhammad Hassan comes on through, AOW Dynasty Championship in hand. He waits on the entrance stage, not daring to go anywhere near three men who have their issues with them, Punk staring him down the hardest. He stays with a scowl on his face until “WELCOME TO WHITECHAPEL” hits, as the team who have labeled themselves The Mercenaries, Paul Burchill and Brent Albright, make their way to the entrance with Hassan, all three men walking on down the ramp together, no context, just a mission.

CM Punk, Rey Mysterio, & Lance Storm v. AOW Dynasty Champion Muhammad Hassan & The Mercenaries

Starting the contest are the real two hottest prospects in wrestling in CM Punk and Brent Albright, with all due respect to Ken Doane. Both men circle on another until they lock-up, Albright getting ahead with a rabid looking headlock, which prompts Punk to throw him off of him and into the ropes. On the rebound, Albright immediately surprises everyone by crunching Punk’s midsection with a hard, momentous knee. Punk immediately doubles over, almost goes flipping into himself. Albright stomps on his head for good measure before tagging in Burchill.

Burchill steps in and starts pounding on the grounded Punk, Hassan rooting him on, telling him to ‘break his jaw’ so that Punk can’t ever mouth off at him again. Burchill finally lets Punk get to his feet, only to stalk him for a clothesline, which Punk dodges and counters with a back kick to the gut followed quickly by several elbows. This allows Punk to get the tag in to Lance Storm, who climbs in delivers his own kick to the midsection of Burchill before throwing him into the ropes, catches him in what looks to be a hip toss, but Burchill leaps to the side and avoids it and tries to flip Storm himself, but Storm counters this also with a kick to the gut followed quickly by a DDT. The first cover - 1…2…NO!

Storm takes advantage now, staying on Burchill, who tries to make room with hard elbow shots, allowing him to bounce off the ropes, but on this rebound, Storm gets up high with a leg lariat, surprising Burchill yet again, covering yet again – 1…2…3-NO! Burchill rabidly makes his way out of the pin, with Storm looking to set up for a superkick of sorts, but Burchill captures the kick and throws Storm around, forcing his back to him, which he quick grapples and nails a Regal plex that looks legitimately stiff, with Storm’s neck hitting the canvas as though he wasn’t prepared for it. Burchill keeps the cradle locked in – 1…2…3-NO!! Storm throws his legs up, but he’s noticeably gripping the back of his neck, as it looks like the Mercenaries have a target.

With an open wound now, Burchill takes the face-down Storm and forces his knee into his neck, holding onto his head and legs, making some sort of Bow-and-Arrow hold, but with the knee focused on the neck. Storm is trying to yell in agony, but Burchill is using his chin as a grip, keeping his mouth shut. The crowd, Punk, and Mysterio are all trying to get Storm back into things, which finally pays off with Storm swinging wildly behind him and nailing Burchill with another back elbow, forcing Burch to let go. When he finally gets to his feet, Storm immediately goes back down with a decapitating clothesline, his targeted neck whiplashing nastily. At this point, Hassan finally wants in on a damaged opponent.

Hassan jumps on the downed Storm, stomping on his targeted neck before looking into his opposing corner, taunting both Punk and Mysterio before taking Storm and locking in the Camel Clutch. The work on the neck of Storm is causing him to fade incredibly quickly, but Punk nor Mysterio can really do anything….but this doesn’t stop Punk from flying into the frame out of nowhere with a springboard clothesline, knocking Hassan off of Storm. Punk has emphatically broken the hold, but he’s not done. Hassan is forced to roll out of the ring, but Punk follows him, catching him against a steel post with the knee to the face before potentially setting up for the finishing combo bulldog, which he promptly turns into throwing Hassan into and displacing some steel ring steps!!

Inside the ring, the referee is ordering Punk to get back in with Hassan, but while his back is turned, chaos begins to reign in the ring, with Mysterio coming in to fend off both members of the Mercenaries from beating on a prone Storm. Mysterio gives out several forearm shots to Albright before delivering some calf kicks to Burchill, but the referee regains some control when he orders Mysterio back to his corner when Punk rolls Hassan back in. By the time this happens, however, Lance Storm has taken a nasty beating, but he’s able to reach his corner with order restored to get Mysterio in.

Hassan, who was trying to crawl to his corner as well, is stopped when Mysterio leaps on top of Hassan. Once he prevents this, Mysterio takes Hassan and brings him to his feet, only for Hassan to immediately go for the same strategy he had two weeks ago and starts kicking at the injured knee. Mysterio winces in pain, but recovers to deliver a calf kick to Hassan. This gets him some space to rebound off the ropes, ducking underneath a Hassan clothesline…springboard crossbody!! Mysterio with a cover – 1…2…3-NO!! Both men are quick to get back on their feet, but Mysterio greets Hassan immediately with the inverted bodyscissors bulldog!! Another cover – 1…2…NO!! Hassan won’t go down!! As Hassan struggles to get to his feet, Mysterio has something else prepared, rushing into the ropes yet again, but while Rey’s back is turned on the rush, Hassan bows out of the ring, with Brent Albright entering but very close to his corner. As Rey rushes back, expecting to see Hassan, instead, he gets A DIVING SHOULDER BLOCK TO THE INJURED KNEE AT AN ANGLE FROM ALBRIGHT, sending Mysterio flipping!!

The referee is now on Albright’s case, but he’s got a satisfied grin on his face. While the ref’s back is turned this time, Hassan roams over to the neck-weakened Storm and yanks him off the apron, neck whiplashing off the floor. Punk, not going to stand for this, goes to aid partner and friend, but winds up drawing the ref’s attention himself, his back now to the ring again. While Punk argues that Hassan knocked Storm off, inside the ring, Albright has Mysterio in a catapult ready position…as he catapults Mysterio right into a Paul Burchill second-rope diving clothesline!!! Mysterio is absolutely beheaded, as the Mercenaries quickly clear the scene for Hassan to come back in. As if this were all premeditated, Paul Burchill takes the still arguing Punk on the outside and bounces his head off a ring post! Hassan and a dead Mysterio are left in the ring now, as Hassan covers the scraps – 1…2…3…!!!

Winners: Muhammad Hassan & The Mercenaries at (10:03)

Hassan leaps off the body of Mysterio and gets handed his Dynasty Championship, both Mercenaries beside him. They lift both of Hassan’s arms in victory, their own going into the air as well. They all seem very proud of the destruction they’ve caused all around them, with Punk being the only one to be fully aware of the evils committed here, gripping his head, while Storm is still down gripping his neck and Mysterio has yet to move. Hassan stares at Punk and motions towards the title over his shoulder, saying “You’ll never touch this, Punk! You hear me! My business is too good!”. All Punk can do is lick his wounds and stare into the ring in anger and frustration.


We fade backstage now, where we’re shown the office of the General Manager, Mick Foley. Someone suddenly bursts into the room and the frame, and it’s a pair of guys we haven’t seen in quite a while – Ken Doane and Chris Masters. They look pissed, but Foley ignores them for a good while until Doane, the closer man, pounds a fist on his desk, forcing Foley to look up from whatever he was doing.

Mick Foley:
Can I help you with something, gentlemen?

As a matter of fact, you can, ‘Matchmaker Mick’. See, Chris Jericho’s been saying for weeks now that you’re part of a terrible administration. And me and Masters here…we whole heartedly agree.

Mick Foley:
Well that’s nice guys. Glad to see you’ve been doing something while you’ve been here.

No, see, that’s the thing, Foley. We haven’t been doing anything since we’ve been here. You’ve got the two hottest prospects in the entire wrestling world at your disposal, but you have time to give people like RVD power like that?

Yeah, and even when you do use your hottest prospects, you do things like put them in matches against monsters like Samoa Joe!

And we DEMAND that you treat us like the treasures we are! We are here to make an IMPACT!

~Foley gets up from his desk and looks both of these complainers in the eyes

Mick Foley:
Okay, look…you guys wanna be in on this together, fine. I get it. But don’t come barging in here and tellin’ me how to do my job, alright? You wanna make an impact, fine. Masters, you’re on tonight. Doane, you’re up next week. One on one matches for the both o’ya.

~Doane and Masters seem satisfied by this

Yeah…we’ll show you impact, old man. Come on, Chris.

~Masters and Doane exit the frame, leaving Foley to his uncharacteristically serious manner tonight. Foley quickly changes back to his teddy-bear persona a second later, however, as the next face to enter the scene is that of the gorgeous Torrie Wilson.

Torrie Wilson
Hi Mick.

~She greets the teddy-like Foley with a warm hug

Mick Foley:
Hey…hey Torrie! Is uh everything okay with you and your…situation.

Torrie Wilson:
Um…I kinda feel bad about having to make you listen to my situation, Mick. I kinda wanted to talk to you about your situation.

Mick Foley:
My situation…? There’s no problems right here – in the Hammerstein Ballroom, New York!

~Foley flashes a toothy grin and a thumbs up towards the camera, the crowd giving him his cheap pop

Torrie Wilson
Your situation. With RVD and Jericho.

Mick Foley:
Oh…oh oh oh. That’s no problem for you to be concerned with, Tor. That’s a business matter. And I’m more concerned about your personal matter.

Torrie Wilson:
But Mick uh…don’t you think it’s kind of ridiculous to give one guy complete control of another? I mean, isn’t that a bit hypocritical? And it doesn’t make you look like the greatest General Manager, if you don’t mind me saying. Friend to a friend.

Mick Foley:
I’m just trying to teach Jericho a lesson, Tor. Ease up on this power trip he’s so obsessed with.

Torrie Wilson:
But Mick…why counter the ‘power trip’ of one man with that of another…? What if you trying to stop Jericho’s ‘power trip’ only makes RVD want more power himself….?

~Foley actually takes a second to run his fingers through his beard on that one

Mick Foley:
…you might be onto somethin’ there…thank you, Torrie, for your input. Friend to a friend.

~Foley walks back to his desk, potentially to lull over his new revelation. Wilson turns and begins to walk out of his office. The camera follows Torrie on the way out, where each steps she takes her face goes from being friendly to being disgusted…most likely at herself. She leaves the room and closes the door behind her, where she stops and looks as though she’s about to be sick…as the camera pans a tad to the left to see Chris Jericho standing right beside her and the door, having heard the entire conversation.

Chris Jericho:
Hmm…I think you could’ve done better. But I think he gets the drift. Well done –

~As Jericho reaches to put a hand through Torrie’s hair, she angrily turns her head and walks away from the sinisterly smirking Worthy Champion

Chris Jericho:
Well done…puppet.

~Jericho smirks yet again, crossing his arms, before the camera slowly gets closer to his face and sinister grin as we fade away…

**Video Package**

We’re brought to what appears to be the center of “The Dungeon”, two shadowed figures standing tall

Flashes go by of both men nailing the Hart Attack on two other figures, quickly followed by both men locking in Sharpshooters on their opponents. This is all done in an extremely quick flash, as the figures of the two men who executed the maneuvers stand center ring in the shadows. A brief strobe of light hits, revealing them for only mere seconds at a time. While the strobe hits, Bret Hart’s world famous guitar rift is heard while flashing, before we see words on the screen…


But yet again, this video package is cut and interrupted by two men we now recognize as Nick Nameth and Jack Hagar.

So the final ‘Sons’ of some dungeon in Nowhere, No-one Cares, Canada are debuting next week. Whaddya make of that, Hagar?

I think we need to keep an eye on them. An American Eagle eye, if you will, Nick.

That sounds like a great idea, Hagar. So go ahead and make your mark in AOW, ‘Sons’. Because we’ll be watching you. And maybe we’ll make our mark on you. The American way.


**End Package**


We return from the break to the sound of crickets chirping, a camera angle rising from the floor and working its way up. We’re brought to a scene that looks to be on the roof of a building, a gentle breeze going through the night sky, with the moon in beautiful view – completely full. As the camera pans to get a beautiful shot of the lunar spectacle, we hear a voice off screen start to speak to us…

The moon. It watches us each and every day. Knows more about us than we do. It has vital information about the sun’s constant rises and downs. But no one stops to listen to the lonely, wise moon.

~The camera pans farther back, focusing off the moon, but keeping it in the shot. The focus now is on that of the man speaking, Christian Cage, who’s wearing street clothes and what looks like his old ‘Captain Charisma’ hood, but this time, instead of being completely flashy, it’s a shade of sleek black. His hood is up, staring at the moon as he speaks, his voice very soft, but commanding.

Christian Cage:
It stares down each and every day, taking notes on us, the sun, the stars. It knows so much more than we do. Yet all anyone can do is stare at the sun and say ‘what a pleasant day the sun’s brought us’. ‘The sun warms the crops. The sun makes the grass grow. The sun is the giver of life’. But the moon? All anyone can say about the moon is ‘oh, how beautiful it looks tonight’. It holds so much more value than the vain sun, but people only look at it in vanity.

~Christian turns towards the camera finally, his eyes still looking very much crazed from a few weeks ago

Christian Cage:
Just like people look at me and think ‘Christian is just jealous. He’s just jealous and crazy.’ Christian Cage’ll be the first person to admit that he may be losing his mind, but you people ignoring him and telling him constantly who he is and what’s going on with him solves nothing. You were all too busy staring at the sun that was Bobby Lashley. When in fact you should’ve listened to Christian Cage, like you need to listen to the moon. Until Christian Cage decided to solve that problem himself.
~The camera is inching closer to Christian’s now intense face, his voice getting harsher and more aggressive with each word

Christian Cage:
The moon never tries to step on anyone’s toes, just tries to get his message across the overshadowing rays of the sun. Christian Cage would have no more of that. Christian made sure you people took notice. He eclipsed the sun. To the point where it will never rise again in AOW. He was forced to so this because no one stopped to listen to Christian. You all just cast your judgmental gazes before opening your ears.

~The camera has almost completely come in for an extreme close-up on Christian, the moon fading from the image bit by bit

Christian Cage:
This world may physically revolve around the sun. But it is the moon that gives it true light. So how do you repay the moon for shedding his true light upon this? You suspend him. You remove him from your atmosphere. In doing so, you have put your entire roster and your entire audience in inevitable jeopardy. Because the light is no longer there to guide them through the thick of the dark.

~Christian’s stoic face ends that phrase twisted into a scowl that soon subsides into his emotionless stare

Christian Cage:
Christian tried to show you all the way. He tried to show you that there is a much bigger picture than you’re all realizing. And you rejected him when he tried to enlighten and save you. But unlike the sun…the moon shall rise again. I am Christian Cage. And I…am the man…on the moon…

~The camera view is locked in on Christian’s stoic, psychotic, yet calm stare, as he turns his head back towards the moon, the camera shot backing away and following him, putting its focus back on the full moon. The camera slowly zooms in on the moon as we fade away…

~Back at ringside…

Joey Styles:
Wow…um…a very strong message we seem to have received there from the suspended Christian Cage. Personally, I really don’t know what to say in regards to that man. He’s completely lost his mind, but maybe, just maybe, Christian did see something that none of us saw.

Well he didn’t see himself gettin’ suspended, that’s fer sure.

Joey Styles:
That aside, John, even you have to feel sorry for the guy.

But I don’t feel sorry for Christian, Joey. ‘matterfact – I’m proud of him. Not many people can say they’ve beaten Bobby Lashley so bad, he hasn’t so much moved a muscle since gettin’ those Con-Chair-Tos.

That grim message’s meaning will have to be absorbed amid a match, as “MASTERPIECE” begins to play, minus his WWE theatrics, as Chris Masters is a man on a mission tonight. Coming onto the stage with him is Ken Doane, to whom he gives a handshake and a head nod to before Doane heads back to the back. Master is going this mission alone, but against whom?

This is quickly answered when synthesizer keys strike the sound system, as the Hammerstein immediately recognizes this as “FINAL COUNTDOWN” by Europe, meaning this is the leitmotif for none other than AOW Cruiserweight Champion, Bryan Danielson. The crowd very much approves of Danielson, singing along his music’s chorus as he ascends to a top rope. Unfortunately for Danielson, his opponent doesn’t share his enthusiasm, as Masters reaches up and grabs Danielson by the tights off the top rope, forcing Danielson to hit the mat hard.

AOW Cruiserweight Champion Bryan Danielson v. Chris Masters

Masters takes the downed Danielson and starts pummeling him with hard right hands before starting to stomp on him to keep him down. After the boots are lain into several times, Masters actually backs away and extends his arms, looking for Danielson to get to his feet. As Danielson does indeed stand up, he’s immediately caught from behind by The Masterlock! Masterlock! But before he can lock it in properly, Danielson forces his momentum forward, causing Masters to roll over his shoulder and across the ring. Danielson tries to get back to his feet and recover a little bit, but as he tries to knock those cobwebs out, Masters comes charging at him with hopes of a clothesline, but Danielson quickly grapples the arm and turns it…into the LeBell Lock! But Danielson doesn’t have it locked in completely either, allowing Masters to squiggle away.

Both men now appear somewhat stalemated, but after a moment of breather, Masters steps center ring and offers the smaller, weaker Danielson a strength test. Danielson stares at him for a second, wondering whether to accept the bait, but does anyway, locking fingers with Masters with one arm before doing it yet again with the other arm. Masters, predictably, starts overwhelming the Cruiserweight Champion before using his strength to hoist him into a military press, showing off his strength before flipping Danielson all the way over, Danielson selling very much. Masters takes the spine-gripping Danielson by the skull and bashes it into a corner before whipping him hard into the opposite corner and meeting him with a strongman stinger splash on the other side, forcing Danielson to collapse on the canvas. Masters covers – 1…2…NO! Danielson won’t go down.

Masters pulls Danielson to his feet but Danielson shows resiliency by nailing several kicks to Masters’ midsection, getting him room to run into the ropes. On the rebound, Danielson dodges a boot attempt and rebounds again, looking for something, but Masters catches him in a nasty sitout spinebuster!!! Another cover from Masters – 1…2…3-NO!! Danielson won’t be powered down! Masters’ frustration is only added to at this point, taking his cruiserweight opponent and bringing him into a bearhug, squeezing the life out of Danielson. The crowd starts getting into Danielson, prompting him to break the hold that’s continuing to wear down his spine. As the crowd starts their rhythmic clapping, Danielson starts delivering repeat elbow shots to Masters’ skull, breaking the hold. Danielson attempts to gain a head of steam, but Masters lets loose with a Polish hammer, but Danielson ducks under it and rebounds, shooting back with a dropkick-style knee to the face of Masters!!! Danielson is able to get back to his feet and quickly scale to the top rope, downing Masters yet again with a flying front dropkick from the top rope!! Danielson with a high-octane cover – 1…2…3-NO!! Masters has some fight in him!

Danielson gets to his feet, his back still ailing from its punishment earlier, and starts to size Masters up. As Masters gets back to a vertical base, Danielson swings with the roundhouse, but Masters ducks and winds up behind him, tries to execute a backdrop, but Danielson backflips out of it, gripping Masters around the waist and nails a flawless German suplex on the big man! Danielson doesn’t keep the bridge, however, unable to keep the hold on the bigger man and just covers him – 1…2…the crowd’s buzzing for some reason…Danielson steps off…? Rushing down the ramp it appears to be…Gregory Helms!! Helms is still here! Danielson is completely distracted by the man he defeated for the title two weeks ago, staring him down from the ring. Helms just stares up from the floor with confident poise, with a sinister little grin on his face. His back turned to Masters, Danielson soon finds himself in the Masterlock, this time fully locked in and Masters swinging him around like a rag doll. After a moment or so, Danielson has almost completely faded, his body motionless, but Masters keeping the hold in. The referee has no choice but to stop the match.

Winner: Chris Masters at (7:11)

Masters won’t let go of his hold, even at the referee’s admonishing. Outside the ring, Helms roams over to the timekeeper’s table and grabs the AOW Cruiserweight title and a microphone, sliding into the ring with both objects. Helms takes the mike and gets into the face of the already faded Danielson, who’s still trapped in the Masterlock, completely defenseless.

Gregory Helms:
Y’see Danielson, people always learn th’ truth. That goof of a General Manager of ours didn’t believe me, so I showed my proof to Paul Heyman that I was robbed of my Cruiserweight Championship and he accepted my proposal of a rematch
~A good bit of heat for this one

Gregory Helms:
In two weeks, on the final night that Oblivion goes for an hour, you an’ me are goin’ at it for this title. And I will show you exactly why Gregory Helms is the ‘Best in the World’…not you!

With that, Helms throws down the mike, grips the title in both hands, and bashes it against the face of the defenseless Danielson!! Masters has a smile at the damage he’s indadvertedly assisted in, but Helms has a very angry look in his eye when he veers close to the now downed body of Danielson, screaming at him ‘Y’see that? Huh? This is mine! I was robbed, so I’m takin’ it back!”. Helms then walks out of the ring, taking the physical championship belt with him.

Joey Styles:
What the - …? Where the hell is Gregory Helms taking that title with him?

I love it! He should’a been doin’ this from th’ beginnin’! He should be the rightful Cruiserweight Champion an’ not some accountant in wrestlin’ boots!

Joey Styles:
Now what’re you on about, Bradshaw?

All I’m sayin’ is it’s about damn time someone else noticed that this kid is the best in the world and that he was clearly robbed two weeks ago. Good on Paul Heyman t’finally do somethin’ right for this company.

Joey Styles:
Well what about Chris Masters? You think he made the impact he had hoped for?

As happy I am about Gregory Helms, yes, Chris Masters definitely made an impact throwin’ that nobody champion around an’ forcin’ him to submit to that Masterlock. That’s just raw, unbridled power Bryan Danielson can only dream he can have.

Joey Styles:
Are you kiddin’ me, Bradshaw? Did you not see what I saw? I saw a guy fight tooth and nail with a guy who was stronger than him, but he took him to the limit and even had him in his own submission hold at one point, the LeBell Lock, and Masters had to squirm away like a cockroach!

How many times do I have t’ tell you, Joey? This is AOW, Art of War Wrestling. It’s all about th’ wins and loss column here, son. War is about whether you won or lost, not whether you made a good showin’. An’ that Chris Masters has power and even more power t’ keep makin’ impacts.

Joey Styles:
Well, ladies and gentlemen, on that note of ‘power’, we still have our main event on the horizon where it may indeed be a power struggle – Rob Van Dam has chosen Samoa Joe as his partner to take on the team of Finlay and Chris Jericho, in a match that was set up by the power invested in Van Dam himself! Will any of these rivals be able to control themselves? That’s right after the break!

**Video Package**

We see the image of a book, made of papyrus or some sort of medieval material, but it is written in English. We then hear a narrator; the same narrator from the Supershow, that being of a wise, old, but strong man. Oriental strings are again playing in the background.

In the inception of a war, one must first make their cautious and calculated preparations.

A wind blows by the book, forcing it open to a page headlined “Chapter 1: Initial Estimations”

But a great strategist knows when the winds of change blow, one must adjust and prepare for the war ahead…

The camera view fades in to the page, highlighting the phrase “Prepare and you shall succeed. Do not and you shall be destroyed…”

So on October Thirty-First, a long Halloween, the preparations are over and it is time for the true fight to begin…

The wind blows once again, sending pages flipping towards a new page, headlined “Chapter 2: Waging War”

Now is the time to move to the next chapter. Now is time for the art to be perfected. Now is the time for WAR.

The oriental strings suddenly echo into a heavy metal guitar rift, which is followed quickly by a rapid reel of AOW wrestlers flashing, a flurry of punches and kicks coming towards the screen, before a graphic of final, emphatic words busts onto the screen –

October 31st
Until the next chapter…

~Backstage now, where Mike “The Miz” Mizanin is standing by with a mike in the Green Zone…

The Miz:
The Miz here, once again, doing Torrie Wilson’s pathetic little job for her, but then again, what can women do for themselves, amirite?

~Miz puts his arm around the shoulder of who appears to one of his guests at this time in Low Ki. Opposite Ki is his tag team partner, Jack Evans, who has a smile on his face looking at Low Ki’s completely emotionless and intense stare at a ‘can I get a laugh’ Miz face

The Miz:
Okay…uh…so guys, you’ve recently taken the AOW tag team division by storm with your very uh…interesting team dynamics as “Low Jack”. So who exactly is the head honcho of this team? Is it you, Low Ki?

~Miz puts the mike to Low Ki, who just stares back at him with the same intense stare

The Miz:
Okay, well, maybe you Jack Evans?

Jack Evans: (Gives himself a beat, rapping)
Well y’see Miz dawg, we know what we’re doin’, son
So trust me when I say both of us are number one
Ki’s a little serious, and I’m a little loose
We may be apples and oranges, but united, we got the juice
We know that separate we got our appeal
But we’re Low Jack, future champs, and together we’re for real!

~Crowd gives a nice reaction to that, as Ki, still as serious as ever, offers a fist that Evans casually bumps with his own fist. Crowd chuckles a bit at that. Both Evans and Ki quickly cross their arms (~WITH AUTHORITY!), leaving Miz dumbfounded.

The Miz:
Wait…so one of you doesn’t talk at all and the other talks like Dr. Seuss…?

~Before either of them can respond, we hear a voice off-screen, getting the attention of all three men, also prompting Ki to move over to the same side as Evans.


Yo, that was actually pretty rad, Jack.

~The voice enters the frame, being that of Paul London, accompanied by Brian Kendrick. They both seem to have been legitimately entertained by that jingle.

Paul London
That really was pretty sweet, but there’s one small problem with it.

Brian Kendrick:
Yeah, with all due respect guys, we think we deserve another shot at those tag team championships.

Jack Evans:
(Not rapping)
You guys had an absolutely sick Ladder match with the World’s Greatest Tag Team, I’m not gonna lie. But uh…we think we’re next in line.
~Slight awkward tense silence, broken by a person no one expected…

Low Ki:
Then it’s a match. Low Jack….London and Kendrick. Let our actions decide who gets that title shot for us.

~”The Warrior” finally speaks up! But of course, it's to propose a fight...

Paul London
Make it in two weeks…and you got it.

~The crowd gives a very generous pop to both teams shaking hands and accepting a match in two weeks-time. Unfortunately, this is also interrupted by another duo, who just walk into the frame, much to the chagrin on The Miz. These men are The Mercenaries, Burchill and Albright.

Paul Burchill:
I know good and well you blokes weren’t here making arrangements to see who gets that tag team championship title shot, were you? See, we’ve just gotten word that our top client, Mr. Hassan, has already secured us a match with the World’s Greatest Tag Team at World Ablaze. Your little squabble here is null, void, and useless.

Paul London:
That can’t be true.

Paul Burchill:
For sure, mate. If you play the game the right way, you’ll always win. And we’ve already won.

Jack Evans:
Oh yeah? Guess you guys’ll be disappointed in two weeks then, won’t you?

~At this point, The Hooliganz and Low Jack close the space between them and the center-screen Mercenaries, staring them down. Burchill and Albright laugh.

Go ahead. Put on your little show together in two weeks. We’ll be glad to watch you four kill each other for nothing.

~The Mercenaries walk off, leaving the other four men in a bit of a bitter disposition.

~Back at ringside…

“LAMBEG” begins to play, as the man who loves to fight, Finlay, makes his way to the ring to a good bit of heat, shillelagh in hand. He’s got a sour look on his face, but most people have just accepted that he looks that angry all the time. Tonight is no different, although there’s an extra heir of toughness in his walk after already beating down Joe tonight.

“BREAK DOWN THE WALLS” soon follows, as AOW Champion Chris Jericho comes down to the ring without his gargantuan bodyguard, but still with the same rain of heat. Jericho’s got his holier-than-thou expression and walk in full stroke here tonight, wanting absolutely no part of either Van Dam or Joe. And judging from his actions earlier in the program, one wonders where his attention really is…?

His attention had better be on his monster of a foe tonight in Samoa Joe, who comes down the ramp to his upbeat leitmotif “MAMA SAID KNOCK YOU OUT”. Joe shows the intensity he’s always shown here in AOW on his way down the ramp, although he stops and mouths some words when he stops at the base of the ramp, pointing towards Finlay as the chorus of the song tells us “I’m gonna knock you out!”.

“WALK” hits the stage now, as Rob Van Dam brings the Hammerstein to its feet yet again. Van Dam’s thumbs electrify the arena upon his introduction, As when he approaches the base of the ramp, he and Joe seem to have a plan going, for as soon as they get even at the ramp, they nod towards each other and slide into the ring simultaneously, and immediately burst towards both Jericho and Finlay with hard fists, prompting an all-out brawl!!!

AOW Champion Chris Jericho & Finlay v. Rob Van Dam & Samoa Joe

The match can’t even begin properly, as Van Dam is all over Jericho and Joe is all over Finlay. The referee has absolutely no control over what the hell is going on, with a little bit of clarity restoring once RVD spins and nails a spinning crescent kick to Jericho that sends the AOW Champion toppling over the top rope and to the floor! Finlay and Joe have one of their by-now trademark AOW brawls, going back and forth with hard blows until Joe backs Finlay into a corner and keeps pummeling him, hard kick to the gut after kick to the gut. Finlay eventually falls down onto the lower level of the turnbuckle, forcing the referee to get into the middle of the brawl to stop it and just begin the actual match. The crowd is deafly hot at this point, but as soon as the referee pulls Joe back into what looks to be his corner, Finlay shoots up and out and starts his own pummeling on Joe!! Van Dam looks to help and separate the two along with the ref, but he’s stopped when Jericho pulls the very referee under the bottom rope and onto the floor!

Jericho then climbs into the ring and yanks off RVD, prompting yet another brawl with him! The match hasn’t even started yet and now it can’t thanks to Jericho, who promptly takes Van Dam and bounces his head off a corner, going outside again. He ventures over to the timekeeper’s table to grab hold of the ring bell. Jericho, who seems to actually want to fight tonight, wrestles it away from the timekeeper, rolling into the ring and awaiting Van Dam’s recuperation. Beside him, Finlay is bashing away at Joe before roaming away himself and taking his shillelagh in hand. Both Jericho and Finlay await the recovery of their respective rivals, with Joe getting up first, Finlay going for the shillelagh shot…NO!! Joe catches it and pushes Finlay over to the ropes, clotheslining clean over them. While that happens Jericho bursts towards Van Dam with the ring bell…NOBODY HOME!! Jericho goes crashing with the bell chest-first into a corner, but as he gets set to turn around again, Van Dam leaps with the kick…Jericho bails!! Dodges the Van Daminator!! Both heels are venturing outside the ring now, referee still incapacitated when suddenly, we hear “WRECK” hit the speakers, as Mick Foley makes his third appearance of the night, this time actually coming out to the entrance stage, microphone in hand.

Mick Foley:
As much as I enjoy you gentlemen’s…how should I say…‘hardcore’ behavior towards each other, I can’t have you beating the hell out of each other and no main event.

~Crowd pops on the ‘hardcore’ line, but is disappointed on the last part

Mick Foley:
So instead, I’m just gonna make our main event all of you beating the hell out of each other!

~A nice pop, with the look on Jericho’s face going from pissed to confused to straight frightened

Mick Foley:
There’s no need to tag in and out, gentlemen. Because this main event is now a NO DISQUALIFICATION TAG TEAM MATCH!!

No sooner do those words leave Foley’s lips, the crowd pops immensely, as both Van Dam and Joe shoot through the ropes with suicidas onto Jericho and Finlay!!

Joey Styles:
It looks like we’ve got a whole new main event to work with here! No Disqualifications, everything’s legal!

The hell is wrong with Mick Foley? That crazy bastard’s gonna make’em kill each other!

Joey Styles:
We may have to wait and see what the death toll may be in just a few moments! We’ll be back!


AOW Champion Chris Jericho & Finlay v. Rob Van Dam & Samoa Joe

Upon our return from the break, we have a new referee, who’s in the ring keeping tabs on who is brawling in the ring, which right now, is RVD trying to fend off both Jericho and Finlay. We get a look at what occurred during the break, with Joe missing an Ole Kick and taking himself out, getting Jericho and Finlay to double team the #1 Contender in Van Dam. They pound on him a bit before they both whip him hard into a corner, causing him to fall. Jericho steps aside and produces a ‘be my guest’ gesture towards Finlay, prompting the Fighting Irishman to make his way towards Van Dam and beat the tar out of him in the corner. He then invites Jericho to join him for something, prompting both men to hoist Van Dam on the top rope, looking to go for a potential double superplex. Both men set up for it, but they’re stopped when Samoa Joe bursts back into the ring, clubbing both men on the spine before tossing Jericho over to the rope and bringing Finlay down with a nasty powerbomb!

But Joe doesn’t stop there. Once he’s got Finlay in the prone powerbombed position, he instantly turns it into a half Boston crab! Finlay is crawling away, knowing his ring presence, but Joe soon turns into an STF!! Finlay now can’t move with the weight of Joe on his back!! With what could be the end, Chris Jericho makes the sudden save, flying back into the ring, steel chair to the spine of Joe!! Joe has no choice but to release the hold, but Jericho seeks to add even more injury, lifting the chair for another round…VAN DAM SIDE KICK FROM OFF THE TOP ROPE, SHOVING THE CHAIR IN JERICHO’S FACE!!! AN IMPROMPTU VAN DAMINATOR!!! Jericho goes down hard, with Van Dam throwing himself on top of Jericho – 1…2…3…NO!!! Finlay with the save!! The Fighting Irishman was down, but not out of it, throwing his weight behind a push and knocks RVD off the body of his tag team partner!!

RVD rolls to his feet, Finlay now as an acceptable target. He roams over to the man who loves to fight, hitting him with hard hands before beginning a flurry of educated kicks, completed by what looks like a step-up enzeguiri, but Finlay dodges the move only to get hit by a reverse enzeguri from Van Dam! Finlay is still obviously rocked from the powerbomb moments before by Joe, but now is quite possibly out of it now, with Van Dam looking to venture to the top rope, perhaps looking for a finishing Five Star Frog Splash. The crowd is all on its feet, looking for what might be the finish…NO!!! Somehow, Finlay wasn’t as dead as he lead on to be, aware enough to grab his shillelagh and bash RVD right in the thigh with it in a last ditch effort! Van Dam falls and leans off of the top rope, where Finlay’s clutches are still waiting, causing him to nail an elevated DDT, Van Dam dangling from the top!!! Finlay with a desperate cover for his team – 1…2…3…NO!!! VAN DAM KICKS OUT!!! HE KICKS OUT!!!

Finlay has no time to be angry over what might have been, as right when he gets to his feet, he’s immediately taken off of them when Samoa Joe hits him from behind with a half-nelson suplex!! Finlay, shillelagh and all, go flying halfway across the ring until his momentum rolls him out of it. Joe is pumped to the brim now, exalting in sheer intensity. As he turns to look to where Jericho rolled out of the ring, he sees the Worthy Champion trying to sneak his way back in, but he’s having none of it, jumping towards Jericho and making him back away in cowardice. As Jericho does this, Joe taunts and spins, setting up for his Elbow Suicida…JERICHO SIDESTEPS THE MOVE, WHILE SIMULTANIOUSLY BASHING THE BY-FLYING JOE IN THE HEAD WITH THE AOW CHAMPIONSHIP BELT!!!! In one smooth motion, Joe misses, gets clocked in the head by gold, and becomes a missile into the announce table.

With the program going into overtime, Jericho looks to the ring now, where Van Dam is still not completely in things. Jericho takes this chance to roll into the ring, his championship belt thrown into a corner. He jumps on the still downed Van Dam…WALLS OF JERICHO!! Jericho’s got the man he’ll be facing in just over a month in his patented submission maneuver!! The crowd is all over this right now, prompting Van Dam to get out of the move! The ref is constantly taking peeks at Van Dam, asking him repeatedly if he wants to give up and end it now, but RVD refuses. Van Dam is gritting his teeth, refusing to give Jericho the satisfaction of letting him submit to him. Van Dam finally finds the strength to push himself up, sustaining himself on his palms and sheer guile, before finding a way to roll all the way over, putting him on top of Jericho in a tight surprise roll-up – 1…2…3…NO!!!

Jericho flies out of the grip and rushes to his feet, but upon rushing back at Van Dam, he finds that he too is on his feet and clocks Jericho in the skull with a roundhouse kick!! This causes Jericho to drop belly down near some ropes, prompting Van Dam to look for Rolling Thunder…NO!! Jericho bails out of the ring, grabbing his AOW Championship on the way out. He starts up the ramp, when he sees that Mick Foley hasn’t moved a muscle since the beginning of the match and is still on top of the entrance ramp. As Jericho begins to shout at Foley from the ring, the crowd suddenly reacts, as Joe and Finlay start brawling outside the ring yet again, only for Finlay to come out on top this time after clocking the ring bell over Joe’s skull!!! Joe’s got an injured knee, and now after so many hits to the head, might have a serious concussion! Joe falls, leaving Finlay to go in after Van Dam, who’s distracted by Jericho’s arguing with Foley. As Van Dam turns around, Finlay captures him in the Celtic Cross…NO!! Van Dam somehow escapes that as well, driving a knee into the side of Finlay’s head. As he drops off Finlay’s shoulders, he grabs one of Finlay’s legs before flipping over it with the step-over spinning wheel kick. Finlay finally goes down hard, leaving Van Dam to the top rope…FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH CONNECTING!! Jericho doesn’t seem to give a damn, simply staring at the ring from the outside in distain as the ref counts – 1…2…3….!!!

Winners: Rob Van Dam & Samoa Joe at (11:05) – total portion time: (16:20)

The crowd is going wild at this point, as Van Dam finally gets the upper hand after choosing to face Jericho in the same ring. Jericho is seething outside the ring, but Van Dam keeps his celebrating short, as he goes outside the ring to check on Joe, who’s just now rising to his feet. The crows applauses for this, as Van Dam raises both he and Joe’s hands, both men looking exhausted after a hard-fought, rough and tumble win. We hear what sounds like applause before Van Dam’s victory music is cut short in favor once again of Mick Foley

Mick Foley:
Congrats Rob, Joe. That was perhaps the most insane main event we’ve had here in AOW thus far!

~Cheap pop

Mick Foley:
But see…I’m just the kinda guy who looks to keep topping not only myself, but what can be done in that ring. But that doesn’t mean I need to get some business done. That’s why in two weeks, on the final one-hour edition of Wednesday Night Oblivion we’re gonna have the very first AOW Championship match contract signing for World Ablaze.

~RVD nods in agreement, while Jericho’s face looks just awful.

Mick Foley:
But as for topping myself and what can happen in that ring, I couldn’t help but notice that Joe, you and Finlay still have a great deal of bad blood between you. So that’s why next week, you two will end this spat in a match I’ve dubbed the ‘Art of the Knockout’ Match, or “A.O.KO.” if you will.

~A bit of buzz for intrigue, as the little Joe can comprehend is also curious

Mick Foley:
The rules are simple. You two will compete in a match with no pinfalls, no submissions. The only way to win is to knock your opponent around so much, they can’t answer a ten-count.

~The crowd pops for this, as these Last Man Standing rules seem to please everyone

Mick Foley:
However…and seeing as how if I keep letting you two beat the hell out of each other all over the arena, I might not have an arena left…the perk of the “A.O.K.O” match is that you have to knock your opponent out for that ten-count…INSIDE THAT FIFTEEN FOOT HIGH STEEL CAGE!!

~The crowd pops huge for the camera finally getting us to notice the steel cage that appears to have been hovering above the ring all night. The look on Joe’s face is one of smug, just at getting another chance at Finlay.

Joey Styles:
Oh my God!! Mick Foley, making some huge decisions tonight, capping it off with a contract signing AND next week, there will be an absolutely brutal debut of the Art of the Knockout match in AOW…Last Man Standing rules inside a steel cage!!

That’s it. I’m done with this loony bastard. He’s really, really, honest and truly lost all his damn marbles. I swear to all that is holy, I will not call that damn “A.O.K.” whatever match next week. I do not endorse of this madness. This is a blemish on the beautiful face of professional wrestling, and its name is Mick Foley!

Joey Styles:
John, you can’t be serious?

As much as I wanna see Joe an’ Finlay go at it one more time, I refuse to sit here an’ let this crazy drive this company into the ground!

Joey Styles:
Well, be any of that as it may, we’ve got an enormous match to headline an enormous show next week! And heck, the week after that too!! But you’ll have to tune in to catch all of it!! Good-night, all!





.:Confirmed For Next Week:.

The Sons of the Dungeon debut

~A.O.K.O. Match~
Samoa Joe v. Finlay

Boston, Massachusetts – TD Banknorth Garden
November 11, 2007
*Current Card*

~AOW World Heavyweight Championship~
Chris Jericho(c) w/Paul "The Great" Wright v. Rob Van Dam

Another quick note - many apologies for this show being a whole week late. Had a week from hell and this week doesn't look much better, but felt like getting this up. University and and all that jazz. It got kinda hard for me to keep any thought really straight, which might explain why the main event is the way it is. That said, this show doesn't fell as good to me as the last one, and that one didn't feel that good at all. Anyway, hope you folks enjoy, and apologies for not returning some of those reviews


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