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Re: Dark Souls - October 4th, 2011

So I'm just fucking around running around the forests grinding and shit. I reach these giant stone soldiers and they weren't that hard, but it took me a little while to kill all 3. So I thought they were minibosses or at least wouldn't respawn again...nope. They respawned. So I said fuck, fled right past them and entered a tower and ended up finding myself facing a boss that is mostly ranged. Fuck that was annoying. No big deal tho. I ascend to the top of the tower, get a key, then I look over the edge and I see this weird thing sitting in the river in the next area where I haven't explored yet. It kind of looked like a giant dragon. I want to avoid it for now while I farm for souls. So I try and explore a different area and I realize I've been there before but for only a minute because the enemies were overpowered. They aren't that bad now. So I lure some away and take a few down when all of a sudden I get hit by this huge magic spell. I was like "WTF just took half of my health." I turn around and see it wasn't magic...it was water...being thrown at me by this...



And I thought the red dragon on the bridge was huge.

I took a break to rewatch Fast Five, so I'll tackle it later tonight. I also need to get back to the Valley of the Drakes where there are like 5-6 blue dragons. I killed the first, wanted to skip the second so I just rushed across the bridge and was ambushed by 3 of them. That sucked.

Hiplop, what class did you start with? Also, what gift did you take?

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