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Re: Your 5 Star Match Lists

Originally Posted by starship.paint View Post
ah thanks. I want moar shoot style five star stuff! Care to recommend?
Yeah1993 covered a lot of it very well but you can't go wrong with any of Sano, Fujiwara, Ishikawa, Ikeda, Tamura, Volk Han etc.

Fujiwara vs Yamazuki 24/07/1989
Fujiwara vs Super Tiger series- all on youtube now under the channel Crazy Luke 111
Yoji Anjoh vs Masakatsu Funaki
Backlund vs Takada UWF
Masakatsu Funaki vs Nakano 24/07/1989
Ishikawa vs Greco 2008
Ishikawa vs Ikeda FUTEN 2005
Wayne Shamrock vs Naoki Sano PWFG (still trying to track this down but people who I largely agree with on most things wrestling related swear by this as a classic match)
Volk Han vs Tamura 1, 2 and 3- number 2 is the best and the one you saw from my youtube link
Tamura vs Sakuraba trilogy- they do one sequence in the first or second match that is literally mind boggling
Tamura vs Kohsaka- goes 30 minutes and is one of the greatest shoot fights ever. Obviously for the more fanatical fan especially if you find 15 minute shoot style matches are too much.

Originally Posted by Cactus View Post

Segunda Caida seems to flip his shit over this match. I haven't seen it but he said it's the best match he's ever seen. That must mean something because he's a major wrestling freak. He knows his shit, so I reckon you'll love it. I on the other hand, ...got bored after 5 minutes though.
I wouldn't say its the best match I've ever seen, I dig give it the full ***** though. Everything from Ishikawa's selling, to both men's differing takedown style mixed with rope breaks culminating in both men giving away their final rope break voluntarily and then taking the fight to the mat for the final time just makes for an enthralling spectacle. There's still plenty of ***** matches I'd place above it like Lawler/Dundee and Flair/Steamboat COTC and Flair/Windhm BOTB II 1986 but its a damn amazing match. Won't be for everyone though.

Originally Posted by starship.paint View Post
Watched this, and I preferred the Han match by some margin really, I guess the tiny crowd played a significant part in that... I'd give it **** at first watch.. Watched the Han match twice already and it's ****3/4 for me. There're some shoot style rules I have to get used to.. I guess they have some sort of rule where at some point the ropes can't be used any more to break a hold...?
I'm pretty sure RINGS differed from UWF and other shoot style promotions in the rules regarding rope breaks but it usually featured something like each rope break was worth two points or something and each break got you closer to your limit. It was the same with how many times you could get knocked down in a match before the ref stopped the match.

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