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Re: Abortion

Originally Posted by Catalanotto View Post
If someone is raped and gets pregnant, fuck yeah, I am for abortion. I sure as hell don't want to carry the child of a fucking rapist. It isn't the child's fault but, fuck, think about that scenario. To think that asshole's kid is growing inside of me....fuck that shit.

I get the adoption thing but if I am not ready to have a kid, let alone have a kid that was conceived by rape, I wont go through 9 months of that and if I did keep the kid, I would see the rapist father each time I looked at him. Just can't do it.

It is a lot harder to give it up for adoption than people think. Once you have the kid and look into it's eyes, it isn't always easy to just sign it away to other people, but if you are not ready for a kid, it will end up having a shitty life because you can't properly provide for it, but the biggest thing is that you will forever be haunted by the rape just by looking at the kid and having to tell people 'his father is a rapist' and if you have a partner, how the fuck would it feel to have you both bring up a child that was the result of some dude raping your chick?

I am against abortion when people abuse it. If you are a fucking idiot who has sex without protection and gets pregnant, you deserve to have the kid as a reminder of how stupid you are.
On a serious note, this.

Originally Posted by UnDeFeatedKing View Post
The fact he said he was going to troll to make this thread more entertaining and yet you responded to him seriously is what makes you the dumbass of the thread.
On a not so serious note, I didn't read far back enough to see that he said he would be trolling. I'm not a dumbass, I prefer ass butt, hmph.

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